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The Peer Bulletin is an independent, international, subscriber-funded, advertising- and promotion-free magazine. We believe in nurturing the human spirit by drawing upon the wisdom and practices of many traditions, our subscribers and other contributors, all of whom are making a difference in the fields of peer assistance, mentoring and coaching.

The content of our magazine bridges the gap between science and art as well as the gap between thinking and doing, We offer our readers the opportunity to connect with an international network of practitioners, writers and researchers who are dedicated to inspiration, cooperation, respect, positive regard, hope, compassion, and equality throughout the world.

Magazine Facts

The Peer Bulletin is published monthly online until July 2016; from then on publication frequency will change.

The Peer Bulletin is typically 50-55 pages in length for each issue.

The Peer Bullletin is distributed in online formats, including flipbook, pdf, and a version suitable for smart phones and other hand held devices.

Each issue typically contains 4-6 feature articles; a section on funding and employment opportunities; a section highlighting champions for peer assistance, coaching and mentoring; a section on new programs, activities, and resources associated with peer assistance, mentoring, and coaching; a section on the latest research studies (with brief summaries); a section of professional development conferences, trainings and workshops; a section on famous mentoring relationships; and a section on special offers that are exclusive to subcribers.

The Peer Bulletin does not include advertising, commercials, or promotions.

The Peer Bulletin is the only magazine that focuses on all three disciplines of coaching, mentoring and peer assistance.

The Peer Bulletin has been published longer than any magazine in the fields of coaching, mentoring, or peer assistance.

The Editorial Advisory Board of the Peer Bulletin is composed of the most accomplished and experienced leaders and experts in the fields of coaching, mentoring, and peer assistance All back issues of the Peer Bulletin are available to subscribers.


Subscriber Services

The Peer Bulletin (ISSN 1488-6774) is published monthly to assist business, community, education and agency personnel to achieve balance, well-being, and prosperity in heart, mind and soul. Subscriptions are available online (payment by credit card of PayPal) or by calling 1.250.480.9698, or by email: Discounts are available for two-year subscriptions.

Previous issues of the Peer Bulletin as well as a variety of exclusive documents and resources are available in the subscribers-only area at Subscribers have access to our entire website including more than 1000 pages of resources, research and documents.

Current Fees: For individual subscribers: $99.00/year or $178.00 for two years. Institutional subscribers (allows up to five people from the same organization to share a subscription: $185.00/year or $333.00 for two-years.


We encourage the submission of manuscripts that match our intention and do not focus on the promotion of products or services. Our guidelines for manuscripts are published online at

Unique Features

The Peer Bulletin only includes articles written by the top experts, practitioners, and academics in the fields of coaching, mentoring, and peer assistance.

Each issue of the Peer Bulletin includes dozens of inspirational quotes, and the authors are clearly identified and credited.

Each issue typically contains a section where the latest books from the fields of peer assistance, mentoring, and coaching are listed and subscribers can receive a copy of the book at no cost in exchange for providing a publishable review.

Subscribers never pay a fee increase beyond their initial subscription fee as long as they maintain a continuous subscription.

Subscribers who maintain a subscription for 10 years become Emeritus subscribers and no longer pay a subscription fee to receive the magazine.

Subscribers can win an additional month to their subscription every month by playing a Quiz included iin each issue of the magazine.

Subcribers who submit an article for pubiication that becomes publlished in the magazine receive an additional three momths added to their subscription.

Subscibers who refer another person who becomes a subscriber receive three months added to their subscription.

Subscribers are eliigible for discounts on a variety of resources. Subscribers receive free updates to any publications produced by Peer Resources and are eligible for discounts on workshops/trainings/ resources provided by other subscribers.

Benefits of Subscribing

Access to the largest and most comprehensive peer, coach and mentor database in the world;

Publications which provide the latest information in an unbiased and objective format about trends, practices, and issues in the coaching, peer and mentor fields;

Book, video, and audio tape reviews of the most recent publications in the field written to pinpoint which ones are worth your time and money;

The latest books, videos, and audio tapes at no cost in exchange for submitting a review for other members;

Instant consultation services with experts in coach, peer and mentor work via e-mail and toll-free telephone;

Up-to-date research documents to support coach, peer and mentor program proposals;

Analysis and feedback from coach, peer and mentor experts about program proposals, plans, or ideas;

Free feedback from expert writing coaches about your proposals, documents, or research dissertations;

Free use of our coaching school placement service coaches;

Support from coaches, peer and mentor program leaders throughout the world

Speedy responses from our staff to your email or telephone enquiries, in most cases within a maximum of one-day;

Field-tested forms, surveys, and instruments used to recruit, select, supervise, and evaluate coaching, peer and mentor programs;

Opportunities to participate in pilot projects, trying out new materials, techniques, and resources; and An individualized, unique password giving access to all our Internet services.

You Will Be Able To:

Retrieve with the click of a button the latest coach, peer and mentor training curriculum modules from the internet;

Suggest topics that our training experts can turn into customized training modules for use in your program;

Consult with experts in how to recruit, select, train, supervise, and evaluate in peer and mentor programs;

Learn from peer and mentor program leaders and coaches around the world how they resolved difficulties and issues;

Contact coaches, peer and mentor leaders in your geographic region or in regions you want to visit for professional development;

Receive state-of-the-art information on trends, techniques, and practices in coaching and the peer and mentor fields;

Improve the quality of written materials used in coaching, mentorship or peer work;

Decide which coaching school or service best meets your needs; Receive reviews of up-to-date books, articles, and other relevant resources associated with coaching, peer and mentor work;

Obtain summaries and annotated bibliographic information of all the latest published coach, peer and mentor research;

Free membership if you maintain your membership for 10 consecutive years (no other organization provides this feature); and

You Will Gain:

Extra time while we do the search for the right materials for your peer or mentor program or coaching interests;

Knowledge on how to establish a successful peer or mentor program or find an appropriate coach;

Confidence in peer and mentor program delivery through discussion with the world's leading authorities;

Skill as a peer and mentor program leader by participating in on-line discussions or in-person workshops;

Reduced fee access to train-the-trainer workshops and discounts on professional training and support resources;

Abilities to help students, employees, clients, or colleagues benefit from relationships with coaches, mentors and peers;

Free support from experts to assist in resolving coach, peer and mentor program concerns through collaboration with experts;

Expert, confidential advice at minimal cost and in many cases without taking time off from your job; and

Additional productivity in your work by involving coaches, peers and mentors in areas such as dispute resolution, career development, health and safety education, goal-setting, problem-solving, decision- making, cultural understanding, and performance appraisal.

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