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The PRN connected me to the Internet and now I know what I've been missing. ~ Lynda Q.

The practical and informal style of the articles in the Peer Bulletin is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest theory and training ideas. It keeps me connected with colleagues across Canada and the world. Their workshops are among the best any where. They have really helped me in my work and practice. ~ Gerard N.

We have found many useful articles to support the ongoing needs of the volunteer family guides. ~ Shirley H.

I really enjoy the articles in the Peer Bulletin, and thank you for sending me the latest edition, even though my subscription had lapsed. ~ Helen C.

Another excellent issue. Interesting articles. I learned a fair bit about Canada too. ~ Stephen P.

Just a quick note to direct you to this high quality attached virtual magazine (Peer-Bulletin). I believe it is a 'must' for an executive coach. Please have a look. There are also many other useful resources for subscribers, including consulting offers, RFQs, conventions, great quotes, a huge collection of latest articles and research, and much more... ~ Anneli D.

Over thirty years ago I became involved in Peer Resources taking a week long training course in Toronto. I have never looked back. In the following years I began a Peer Help Training credit course for secondary schools in Ontario. I wasn't the first to do this; however, I wrote and published a Peer Help Training manual that is now being used in many secondary schools. Through a number of committees and many years of persistence, I was able to influence the Provincial guidelines to include Peer Help as a credit course offering for all secondary schools under the Guidance guidelines. Peer Resources has been the source of most of the principles used. Eventually, I found myself running more courses for Peer Resources with Rey's support. Rey Carr, in particular, has been most helpful over this time period with more support training in Victoria BC and with numerous phone calls and emails. Each time he quietly reminds me of the skills required by the kinds of questions he asks that further support me to sort out the issues and to make decisions for myself. He has empowered me consistently to become the best that I can be. For all of that support I will be eternally grateful. ~ Wayne D.

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