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Coaching 101 - An Introduction to Coaching

This one-day session is designed for persons who are considering coaching as a career or would like to add coaching to an existing helping service, such as counselling, psychotherapy, or social work.

The course is intended to provide an overview or "big picture" approach to coaching. The majority of topics covered in this course have been identified from our list of the questions most frequently asked by people interested in coaching. However, participants will have opportunities to generate an agenda of questions and concerns and also have opportunities to share what they have learned from other sources.

At various points within this course, demonstrations of coaching will be provided to illustrate various points or to clarify learning. Participants will be asked to volunteer.

This seminar typically includes the following key topics:

  • why coaching is gaining in popularity
  • models and types of coaching;
  • the origins of coaching;
  • what coaching, mentoring, consulting, psychotherapy, sports coaching and other forms of helping have in common and what makes them different from each other;
  • whether certification is worthwhile or necessary and various approaches to certification;
  • what coaches do to earn revenue;
  • the pros and cons of the professionalization of coaching;
  • what coaching associations have to offer;
  • what other coach training schools provide;
  • determining the relevance of coaching to current interests and practices;
  • a coaching code of ethics
  • resources for further learning about coaching; and
  • other topics as identified by course participants.

Workshop Format
For the most part this session will be in a question and answer format with the instructor providing considerable input. From time to time, the group will be divided into small groups or dyads in order to generate additional topics or demonstrate a particular learning.

Course Fee for 2001:


The fee for this workshop includes all instructional costs, resource materials, nutrition breaks, and post-session consultation for peer program implementation issues.



Our Seminar Leaders

Each of our workshop leaders is a certified Level III Coach Trainer. This system of certification is competecy-based and each person who has been certified has had to submit a formal portfolio for assessment by the National Review Panel, a group of Level III coach trainer peers. Our leaders typically have extensive backgrounds in human development, personal coaching, adult learning, metaphysics, and consulting. They typically have established learning programs and services for major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and public organizations and associations. All our seminar leaders are available for discussion regarding their courses.

Goal Attainment Scale Service

If this is the first course you will be taking from Peer Resources or you have not created a goal scale, then we encourage you to talk with one of our course coaches to identify professional goals, favored outcomes, potential strategies to achieve the outcomes, and personal measures of progress. This discussion will yield a practical chart used as a coaching tool. The fee for this service is $150.00.

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