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In my view certification is (select one and please just vote once):

Absolutely Essential (AE)
Very Important (VI)
Important (IM)
Somewhat Important (SW)
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None of the Above

These polls are not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those visitors who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of coaches in general, nor the public as a whole. (Research on Internet surveys.)

If you feel confined by the polling choices or you want to provide more details about your vote, please feel free to email Rey Carr.

We use to have a section where you could leave your comment without sending it to Rey. However, junk or fake email senders flooded our comment section with inappropriate and offensive offers, so we have switched to this send-a-comment-to-us-and-we-will-post-it-system. We will post your comment here and others will be able to read what you provide. How much information you want to provide about yourself is up to you.

(The legitimate comments that were previously posted here have been summarized in the article by Rey Carr, titled: A Guide to Credentials in Coaching: Types, Issues and Sources. View this article.

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  • Thanks for providing this poll. The results to date certainly surprised me. (B. Braden from Toronto, Ontario)

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