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Cover Compass: The Magazine of Peer Assistance, Coaching, and Mentoring, was published by Peer Resources, a national non-profit, educational corporation located in Victoria, British Columbia. Compass integrates two two periodicals previously published by Peer Resources, The Peer Counsellor Journal and Oddysey: The Mentor News.

Each issue of Compass shares insights and information about issues, innovations, research, resources, and practices related to mentorship, peer assistance, and coaching. Articles are selected or prepared for each issue based on their relevance to business, education, and community settings. Contributors to Compass are the leading experts in their field, and each article is reviewed by peers prior to acceptance for publication.

The Winter, 1999 issue of Compass, which is also the premier issue of the magazine, focuses on:

  • Editorial: A Venture for the New Millennium
  • Dancing with Roles: Differences Between a Coach, A Mentor and a Therapist
  • Tracking Trends and Issues in Mentoring
  • The Status of Mentoring Corporate Canada
  • Risk Handlers: Common Ground for Coaches, Peer Assistants and Mentors
  • Tracking Trends and Issues in Coaching
  • Mapping the Issues: A Coaching Tip
  • Peer Assistance: A Moniker for All Peer Programs
  • The Mentoring Cycle: Giving What You Received
  • Research Corner: Peer Mediation and Violence Prevention
  • Bookstore
  • National Certification

The Winter, 2002 issue of Compass, which is also the second issue of the magazine, focuses on:

  • Editorial: The Search for Our New Leaders
  • Finding the Ideal Coach for Any Purpose: Is This Possible?
  • Takin' It to the Streets: Peer Assistance for Out-of-the-Mainstream Youth
  • Creating Destiny: Six Coaching Experts Reveal the Future
  • Transforming Monarchs to Mentors: A Book Review of Daring to Be Different
  • When Love and Skill Work Together: The Spiritual Power of Peers
  • Using Standards to Evaluate a Mentoring Programme
  • Coaches and Virtual Assistants: A Winning Combination
  • TeleLeaders Have the World at their Fingers
  • Mentoring for Diversity: What You Mean is What You Get
  • Gemstones: The Latest Research, Practice Tips and Key Resources
  • Training Opportunities Around the World
  • National Certification
  • The Mentor's Spirit

The Spring, 2004 issue of Compass, which is also the third issue of the magazine, focuses on:

  • Editorial: Natural Behavior Theory
  • Life Transitions: A Primary Role for Peer Coaches
  • The Brain Behind Coaching
  • Difficult Conversations: The Heart of Mentoring
  • Challenging School Bullying with Peer Support
  • Conflict Coaching in the Workplace
  • The Seven Layers of Mentoring
  • The Impact of Coaching on Executive Development: A Case Study
  • Telementoring: Unleashing Student Potential
  • Gemstones: Tips, Ideas, Cautions and Boundaries
  • National Certification
  • The Mentor's Spirit
The Spring, 2006 issue of Compass, which is also the fourth issue of the magazine, focuses on:
  • Editorial: A TV-Reality Show Provides Good Examples of the Worst Business Practices
  • Peer Helping in Higher Education: The South Africa-Sweden Higher Education Peer Helper Training Project
  • Making Use of Humour in Coaching and Mentorin
  • Coaching Opportunities in China
  • A Coach Approach for Conflict Management Training
  • The Spiritual Journey: A Path to Self Awareness for Mentors
  • Peer Mentor Roles in a Collaborative On-line Research and Learning (CORAL) Course
  • Coaching Enriches Lives at Butterball Farms
  • Narrative Mediation: An Exercise In Question Asking
  • Peer Mediation: Standards that Can Save a Life
  • The Mentor's Spirit or How Being Exiled to Canada Became the Source for a Mentor to Bring an End to the Cold War.
Previous issues of Compass are available in PDF format only. As of 2006, Compass has been replaced by the monthly, online magazine, The Peer Buletin.

Members of the Peer Resources Network can download any of the back issues of Compass or the Peer Bulletin by visiting the password protected area of our website. Access is limited to Peer Resources Network members only.

Membership in the Peer Resources Network is $99.00/year for an individual membership, $185.00/year for an institutional or organizational membership, and $50.00 for a full-time student membership. An institutional membership allows up to five people with the same postal address, but different e-mail addresses to hold a joint membership. Membership includes a subscription to the monthly, e-mailed Peer Bulletin, discounts on publications, toll-free technical assistance for peer and mentor programs, and access to a variety of articles in the password protected area of the website.

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