Field-Test of a Peer Educator Workbook
for the Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
and Fetal Alcohol Effects

Rey A. Carr
Peer Resources

Abstract. This report describes the results of a project jointly funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Health and Health and Welfare Canada to field-test a workbook for peer educators working to reduce FAS/FAE amongst high-risk women. The workbook used for this project was created as the result of a previous project supervised by the Alcohol and Drug Education Service of British Columbia. In order to field-test the workbook, it was necessary to recruit and train volunteers willing to act as FAS/FAE Peer Educators. Nineteen participants were recruited for a volunteer training program in Nanaimo, British Columbia in the spring of 1994. The training took place over a thirteen week period and followed a standard peer education curriculum. Participants assessed the workbook as being a valuable supplement to their training experience and the degree to which they appreciated the workbook changed as they gained more skill in the training program. Participants provided considerable feedback regarding the workbook as well as the training experience, and in general rated the training more highly than the workbook. Recommendations are provided which include specific revisions to the workbook as well as a recommendation for a more comprehensive project which includes not only revisions to the workbook, but the inclusion of the workbook within the context of the development of a more formalized peer education program.