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Peer Resources' List of Reciprocal Links

Our Internet pages have been linked to a number of other pages around the world. As a way of developing a sense of community through the Internet, here is a list of known links to our page.

If you would like to link you own pages to ours and want to let us know, use the form at the bottom of this page to provide your URL and we will add it to this Link information page.

The last update to this page was: May 19, 2019.

Our list of links is divided into 10 categories:

  • Peer Helping and Peer Mediation Links, which include links to a variety of peer programs, provincial, state, and national peer organizations, and resources for peer conflict resolution and mediation, peer education, and peer ministry.

  • Youth and Adult Links, which focus on resources which lend support to peer programs, ideas, and philosophy.

  • Mentor Program Links, which provide connections to virtually every possible source of mentorship information on the internet.

  • Growth and Development Links, which are highly-rated products or services that maximize personal or professional growth and development.

  • Counselling and Professional Links, which focus on professional organizations, information resources and counselling services that provide support for peer, mentor, and coach programs.

  • Leadership Links, which focus on organizations that specialize in management effectiveness, leadership development, team-building, and organizational development.

  • Coach Links, which provide information about coaches, coaching services, and coach organizations, and coaching literature.

  • Training Links, which provide training resources, materials and support for master trainers.

  • Internet and Business Links, which provide links to businesses, corporations, and Internet services that link to Peer Resources.

  • Other Links, which provide details about other organizations that are interested in peer, mentor, or coach programs and services or provide useful information that can aid such programs and have provided a link to our pages.

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Peer Helping and Peer Mediation Links

  • For additional peer links, including peer education, peer counselling, peer mediation, peer tutoring, and peer support in schools, colleges, university, community and business settings use the Peer Resources Peer Pages

  • Abilene Christian Universities Master of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation - This accredited university provides a master's degree program to develop professional skills and personal leadership strategies to thrive in the conflict resolution industry. The program is a 36-credit, nine course residency program with a practicum. There are six start dates per year.

  • Peirce Educational Consulting - Since being established in 1995, Peirce Educational Consulting has been supporting students and educational professionals with educational decision making through their publications and consulting services. Peirce Educational Consulting also provides training services for educators and other professionals wanting to learn more about Peer Counselling as a support for students and community members. With an extensive background in independent school administration, Peirce Educational Consulting also provided consulting advice to school executives and administrative teams.

  • Communication and Conflict - Sharing insights from the practice of mediation—a process designed to promote effective communication and conflict resolution.

  • Taking the Bully by the Horns - A book and web page dedicated to helping children and young teens deal with bullies. Created and written by Kathy Noll, this self-help book explores different ways children and teenagers are bullied (both mentally and physically), how the bully becomes a bully, how the victim becomes a victim (sometimes there's a fine line between the two!), and what can be done about it. Links to other anti-bullying resources are provided.

  • Trueman Hight & Associates - Run by the former President of the Missouri Peer Helping Association, Trueman Hight, this organization provides training and consulting in the area of ATOD prevention, peer helping, conflict mediation, team building, and action planning for students and staff. Located at 465 W. 2nd St., PO Box 3, Peculiar, Missouri, 64078.

  • Mediation Training Institute International - Resources for managing conflict in the workplace, including peer mediation skills training for teams and workgroups.

  • Triune Arts - A non-profit organization which includes a permanent ensemble of actors and directors that produce educational resources on a variety of subjects, including international development issues, youth employment training, cross-cultural communication and, more recently, alternative dispute and conflict resolution. One of their series, "Resolving Conflict Creatively in the School Community" includes two videos and on one of the videos peer mediators demonstrate in detail a four phase mediation process and encounter two circumstances where the process breaks down - when dealing with issues of alleged sexual harassment and racism. The entire set is available as a box set priced at $595 (Cdn) or $425 (US).

  • Educational Media Corporation - Publishers of some of the most popular peer training manuals, peer videos, and ice-breaker/warm-up activity books. Located in Minneapolis, MN, call toll-free: 1.800.966.3382 or fax: 1.612.781.7753.

Growth and Development Links

  • The Tidal Wave Leader - A service that helps people develop their goals and provides motivation to help individuals return to work after cancer.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Self-Esteem - Created by Carmen Jacob, this website provides the most in-depth guide to improving self-esteem. It is filled with books, video courses, and free articles.

  • How to Meditate - If you want to learn how to quiet your mind, release painful emotions, connect with your authentic self, receive inner guidance and direction, and feel more peace, love, and joy in your life, The Voice for Love, a nonprofit organization, provides meditation techniques and resources.

  • Daily Inspirational Quotes - Browse inspirational quotes and motivational articles. Subscribe for free Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote email.

  • Wilderness Therapy - Since 2004, Pacific Quest has offered a unique approach to wilderness therapy by replacing hiking and survival skills with work on an organic farm and sustainable life skills.

  • Social Transformation - For the past 35 years Werner Erhard has been the creator of innovative ideas and models of individual, organizational, and social transformation.

  • Motivational Magic - Motivational speaker, Richard Saldan, rivets attention, produces change, and magically creates lasting results.

  • Success Manifesto for Students - Get a free copy of the best selling book, The Student Success Manifesto: How to Create a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity. It has received rave reviews from students, teachers, professionals and best selling authors.

  • Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

  • - The most complete guide to information about self -improvement, personal growth and self help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other sites. The publish what is undoubtedly one of the best free newsletters on these topics.

  • Practical Development Ideas from Nick Heap - Tools to help people listen to each other and work together better. The site also contains articles on co-consulting and co-counselling.

  • Wings of Destiny - A personal improvement resource for information on accepted concepts and methods of how to improve aspect's of one's personality. Includes information about overcoming fear, modeling, overcoming stress, goal setting, self esteem, improving sleep, and other areas.

  • The Lefkoe Institute - They offer an unconditional guarantee to eliminate fear of public speaking permanently in four or less one-hour phone sessions. Additional contact information: Morty Lefkoe, The Lefkoe Institute, 180 Forrest Avenue, Fairfax, CA 94930; email:

  • Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center of NY - Overcome public speaking and social anxiety in manageable steps in a supportive environment.

  • Anxiety and Phobia Center of White Plains Hospital - This site focuses not just on the Center itself, but also has useful information about the treatment of phobias with questions and answers written by the Center's doctors and other staff. Contact: Anxiety and Phobia Center of White Plains Hospital, Davis Ave. at East Post Rd., White Plains, NY 10601.

Training Resources and Services Links

  • Train-The-Trainer Program - TrainSmart's Train-the-Trainer programs prepare participants to leverage the essential skills needed to transfer knowledge and skills to adult learners in a way that is reflective, educational, interesting and interactive.

  • Strategic Thinking (CMOE) - Improves company performance through strategic thinking and teamwork. They offer workshops, custom training solutions, and products.


  • Trainer Active: Online Training Resources - This well-organized and sharp-looking site provides hundreds of online training resources on-demand aimed at organisations, managers and trainers. Training activities include leadership training, communication skills training, team building and change management training.

Youth and Adult Services Links

  • The Shifting Path - A consultation service that provides assistance in transitioning into a life of caregiving because of  the aging or illness of a family member. They help people adjust and take control of their lives and provide confidence and empowerment. They serve all Santa Clara County (California) in person and other areas via phone and web service.

  • Home Helpers - Home Helpers personal senior care services are tailored to meet the needs of each and every individually unique client.

  • The Alberta Association of Services for Children and Families - This organization works to strengthen member agencies and promotes attitudes, practices and conditions that contribute to quality services for vulnerable children and families. They provide access to a broad range of current resources for human service agencies including an extensive training section, provincial, national and international workshops, seminars and conferences, current articles and reports, and one of the most comprehensive list of grants available in addition to many other valuable resources.

  • Boy Scout Trail - Resources for scouting.

  • Prevention First: Illinois' Drug Prevention Resource - A statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse and related issues such as teen pregnancy, violence, HIV/AIDS and juvenile delinquency. They provide leadership, training and resources to professionals and citizens concerned with the science and practice of prevention.

  • Teens Now Talk - A new Canadian teen magazine launched in Halifax, Nova Scotia written by and for teens.
  • Report Bullying Professional motivational speaker, Jim Jordan and his team provide programs and information that focuses on stopping bullying. He speaks to groups, assemblies, and lunch and learn groups on school and workplace bullying as well as cyberbullying.

  • Anti-Bullying Events for Young People - A list of conferences for young people on bullying as well as a great list of links, programs, and services associated with bullying.

  • ActionWork - This group tackles bullying, makes films, videos and tours as well as shows for young people to focus on anti-bullying strategies and programs.

  • Triad Publishing Co. - Publishers of "If There's Anything I Can Do: A Helpful Guide to Showing You Care," a book that helps people help others when misfortune of any kind hits them. The book shows how to reach out and offer help when friends need you most. This book can be purchased through (for Canadian orders) or (for US or international orders).

  • The Virtues Project - Created in 1991 the Project inspires individuals and families to live by the qualities of character which are common to all cultures called virtues. The project provides multi-cultural products and programs to help develop and support character and self-esteem. Location: PO Box 240, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia V8K 2V9; Tel: (250) 537-1978; Fax: (250) 537-4647; e-mail:

  • Character Education Report - The place to find resource of character education, character lessons, character development for kids with the help of fun, innovative, toys, games and ideas that speed up the process by making opportunities for kids to practice virtues and see them in action.

  • Voices for Children - A not-for-profit leadership organization promoting healthy lives for children and their families. Consists of a network of academics, citizens, parents, and practitioners who share a vision of children thriving and participating in society. Children's issues forward through email bulletins, commentaries, and resources informed by research and practice. Contact: Voices for Children, 197 Euclid Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6J 2J8; Tel: (416) 489-5485; Fax: (416) 489-5204; e-mail:

  • Youth Works - A comprehensive site for everyone who works with youth and for youth themselves. A great source of ideas and many connections to youthwork resources on the Internet. You can also submit your own best ideas, access print resources, and use interactive learning opportunities to your knowledge and skills. Stories will give you some insight into how youth, and those who care for them, see their lives.

Counselling and Professional Links

  • Garden City Therapy: Michelle Ambalu, LCSW - roviding counseling to children and adults in Garden City, New York of Nassau County for help with anxiety, relationships issues, and personal growth.

  • Online Counseling Therapy - Online counseling, online therapy, e-therapy for personal, relationshp, marriage counseling issues like stress, depression, anxiety, breaking up and rejection online.

  • Find a Counselor - Portal to find a therapist or counselor for a variety of difficulties or life situations. Provides a free five-minute consultation.

  • Teacher Wellness - The mission of this site is to provide users, especially teachers, with information and a variety of resources that assist in the enhancement and maintenance of their personal wellness.

  • Distress Education Center - Since 1978 the Stress Education Center has provided coaching, training, and products for stress management.

  • PedagoNet - A service for exchanging learning materials and resources. This service rated the Peer Resources Website as an outstanding example of its kind on the web.

  • Ken Fierheller Marriage Counselling Calgary - Ken Fierheller is a Calgary, Alberta therapist, coach and relationship expert who helps couples regain control of their life again by teaching them valuable tools to repair damaged communication patterns. Ken uses a combination of strategic and mindfulness based tools to teach couples how to love again. Services include: marriage counselling, life coaching, anxiety counselling, depression counselling, anger management, and counselling.

Mentor Links

  • Mentors Peer Resources - The most complete resource available on the Interent for mentoring information, links, and services.

  • Business in Bare Feet- Provides mentors and support for mentoring initiatives in businesses around the world. They provide face-to-face group and individual sessions. Fees are involved for mentoring, and there is a free membership option. Located in Queensland, Australia and experienced in providing mentoring at a distance. Founders are members of Institute of Chartered Accountants and affliated with foundations, universities and business incubators.

  • - A site with many links to various uses of the terms "mentor" and "mentoring." At present this is just a set of links to other sites, and should not be confused with, which provides a variety of services and resources associated with mentoring for children, youth, and adults.

  • Ordinary People Can Win - Created by author and speaker, David DeFord, this site includes a list of famous role models who through their works have served as success mentors for thousands. The site also contains articles, inspirational quotes, personal development products, and a free newsletter.


Leadership Links

  • Leadership Development - Leadership development, executive coaching, team coaching, and consultancy by Starr Performance.

  • Building leadership skills | Online Learning Leadership | Effective leadership coaching - Learning Leadership provides online leadership development programs, effective leadership skills, customer service training, team building activities, business communication training, and motivational techniques.

  • Thurman Group - An organizational development firm that provides business leadership coaching for executives to business growth.

  • Leadership Training and Development - Sam Slay is a Florida based certified motivational and keynote speaker with over 20 years of experience of providing employee development programs and leadership training seminars in Panama City, Florida and across the US.

  • Xponents - A leadership development program strategy, corporate training, team building and business coaching in Denver, Colorado.

  • Business Performance, Pty Ltd - A range of practical resources for human resource and training and development professionals. Resources include eBooks, software, guides, templates, experts forum and resource directory.

  • Human Resources Alignment Consulting, Inc. - HRA industrial psychologists are specialists in talent management, executive assessment, executive coaching, HR architecture and HR metrics.

  • Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) - CMOE empowers organizations by providing research, consulting, and customized training. Their dynamic, interactive and results-based workshops are successful because of a high level of teamwork, research experience, academic qualifications, and practical organization experience.


Coach Links

  • For additional coaching links use the Peer Resources Coach Information and Referral Services

  • Divorce and Grief Coaching - Helping you transition through divorce, grief or loss.

  • Curso de PNL - Instituto Psique We are a Centre of Excellence in Human Development, which offers courses and trainings in NLP and Coaching focused on the personal and professional development as well as executive education programs and consulting business.

  • Coaching with NLP Led by Wayne Farrell, Coaching with NLP is dedicated to client and student success. They provide training courses in NLP, life coaching, hypnosis, speed reading, train the trainer and other personal development courses. They also work with private and business clients for one to one and group coaching. Their program is accredited by the ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, and COMENSA. Course length varies from four days for hypnosis, six days for coaching practitioner and 13 days for the coaching master practitioner course. Courses are delivered around South Africa and the United Kingdom, and costs vary depending on the course. Check their website for the most up-to-date information about costs and locations as well as testimonials from previous students.

  • Peter J. Foster Christian Life Coach This is my Faith-Based Coaching Website and Blog. As a qualified UK Life Coach I work with folk who are passionate to see their calling and life purpose fulfilled, and who want to express their gifts and talents profitably. I provide on-line training, coaching and mentoring. It is my passion to see their own lives and the lives of others prosper.

  • Nathan Tarrant Coaching - Provides life coaching, strategic intervention and NLP coaching.

  • BCF Group Limited - ILM accredited business coaching programmes and qualifications from the BCF Group.

  • Geof Laughton: Relationships Recovery Coach - A coach that helps people find what their spirit is missing; often re-discovering the path of love and joy through coaching and consultation. Geoff provides retreats and couple’s therapy sessions.

  • Executive Life Coach - An executive career and life coach and the founder of Success Wizard, a personal development and online life coaching program. Working with individuals in midlife transition and those who are looking to get the most out of themselves and their life.

  • Great Life Coach - A London, U.K. based experienced life coach offering one to one life coaching and support for clients in the U.K. and worldwide.

  • Mark E. Gibson Stress Relief and Relaxation Coaching - As a certified life coach for stress relief and relaxation, Mark E. Gibson is an expert problem solver who stimulates motivated people to creatively move through their conflicts and worries and into a life full of personal rewards.

  • Life Coach Advice - Motivational speaker and life plan leader Daryl Wizelman explains the importance of balance in your life.

  • The Growth Coach - Described as a fast-growing and respected business coaching organization, they use a Strategic Mindset® coaching process that they guarantee.

  • Personal Coaching Information - Online coaching advice, tips and information for business growth, executive careers, personal life and sports performance together with how to start a coaching business.

  • Charles Bentley - A life coach based in London, England who provides personal and professional life coaching and the author of "Journey by Coach," a description of the "Unitive" approach to coaching which instead of focusing on goal-orientation is way to work in the here and now.

  • Dr. Leopold Faltin - Offers executive coaching to develop leadership, business coaching to make the best out of yourself, and career coaching to get you on the right professional track.

  • - NLP CDs & online coaching 24 hours a day. Over 100 personal development articles & products. New technology multimedia. Coaching available now on over 120 subjects. Try it at no cost.

  • The Rainmaker Group - The Rainmaker Group provides customized and scientifically based coaching and employee development services that will maximize possibility in an organization and its people.

  • Coaching for Business - Business coaching that focuses on developing and achieving potential, helping to enhance productivity and quality, building strong relationships with both employees and customers, and consolidating the strength of an organisation as a whole.

  • Cracking Confidence Coach - Offers specialist coaching for confidence and self-esteem issues. Resources include articles and free mini course.

  • Youngblood Coaching - A coaching website dedicated to entrepreneurs interested in applying eastern philosophies and thinking (karma, emptiness, kindness, and more) to the western world business.

  • Corrporate Governance Resources - Experts on board development, CEO coaching, executive team development and executive coaching.

  • Coach My Life - Life and business coach Darren Engstrom works with business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to maximize their income and quality of life. Career and personality assessments are also available.

  • Australian Business Coaching and Consulting - A service for small and medium businesses (SMEs) that provides practical advice from business coaches who have started and run successful small businesses themselves.

  • Coach Steve Mitten, CPCC, MCC - Former president of the International Coach Federation and provides business coaching, mentoring and experienced professional support for life, career, or business. He works with clients to help them make changes they cannot make on their own. Contact Steve at (604) 538-8318 or by Email.

  • LifeDreams Coaching - I specialize in relationship coaching and leadership development. People who are looking to take their relationships to a higher level or who want to develop leadership skills can benefit from coaching.

  • Customer Service Coaching and Intuitive Consulting For CEOs - Life coaching helps individuals reach their maximum potential.

  • Eli Davidson - A transformational life coach, Eli Davidson has built a business from $17 to 1.5 million. She consistently assists her clients with creating success in their own business.

  • Life Coach - Sally Ann Law, a life coach based in London, UK who works with her clients face-to-face on clarity and focus and assists them to determine strategies for positive change.

  • Charmed Life Coaching - Learn how to attract what you want instead of chase it away. Free articles and other tools for increasing success and life satisfaction.

  • Coach Don Harris - I work with (1) Independent professionals who recognize that communicating clearly is their most indispensable asset; (2) Foreign-born English speakers wanting to speak in a more standard American English style; (3) Men and women whose speaking skills are preventing them from advancing at work; and (4) Coaches who want to improve their speech pronunciation and voice skills. Additional contact information: 508 North Ruby, Ellensburg, Washington 98926

  • Optimal - This is a global community for personal and professional optimization. Optimal Thinking can empower you to maximize your life with minimal effort and discover the simple mental resource to maximize your personal and business life. Their award-winning website provides articles, seminars, products, consultations, and writing services to optimize your life.

  • Executive Life Coaching - Dr. Om Prakash is an experienced executive and business coach.

  • Greg Ward Media Training - A New Zealand media trainer and BBC correspondent, Greg Ward, offers website tips and coaching workshops - ideal for anyone preparing for a news interview or presentation.

  • Embrace the Internet - Online coaching and holistic business solutions for professional coaches. Free business building tools and programs, personalized website site, complete back office management system, client creation, unique self and interactive coaching programs. Created, designed and supported by coaches for coaches.

  • Coaching Sites That Work - This organization helps business, career and life coaches build client-attracting websites. They provide a free newsletter and free report to help build a full practice. Visitors can learn more about website design for coaches.

  • JMC Consulting Sdn. Bhd. - Build a coaching culture using their proprietary C.O.A.Ch software which enables management and coaches to monitor and track coaching development and progress in the organization.

Other Internet/Business Links

  • The Bubble Planner - A great way to work smarter and plan visually by matching up with what your brain is actually doing.

  • Staff Performance Improvement - Accumulate is a complete solution specialist for staff performance improvement programs.

  • Student International - International Student Advisor is a free information resource for international students considering studying abroad. There are free 100 page guides covering every aspect of the student international life.

  • Online Universities - Search for top accredited universities to earn a required degree. Gain all information about online colleges and universities.

  • Top Online Colleges - Information about the top online colleges in America from where students can earn accredited degrees online.

  • Online Colleges - Provides information about online education, online degrees, online colleges, blogs, newsletter and other education and career resources. Advance your career skills by earning a degree.

  • Online Accounting Degree - An accounting degree can be earned online as weill as on campus. This site has listed the best accounting colleges and universities in America. Email:

  • Building Jobs - Register your CV at Humres and get a perfect job in the construction field like building, quantity surveyor, recycling, cladding and more.

  • Jobs - The easiest way to find the latest UK vacancies.

  • Career Education: Your Key to Success - Do the research and discover all the valuable information regarding career education. Choose the career that will help you to achieve professional and financial success in your future life.

  • Online University - Find the best accredited online university offering distance learning and adult education towards an online degree or certification.

  • Job Centre Vacancies - Guidance and advice for United Kingdom job seekers.

  • Small Business Mavericks - Offers information for small business owners on how they can leverage the power of the Internet to find new local customers and increase their sales by marketing within their local areas on the web.

  • Online Background Check - Clarifacts offers human resource professionals and business owners a wide array of employment background screening, drug testing and legal worker verification services.

  • Employment Background Checks - Pre-employment background screening services and criminal background checks.

  • Java Developers - Aegis is one of the leaders in delivering Java development services in India. Their expertise is in building complex, database-driven applications as per user's requirements. A full-time dedicated resource for 1600 US$ per month.

  • Infolink E-business and Outsourcing Solutions - Domains and web hosting, e-commerce Internet solution and data center outsourcing provider service. IT department outsourcing consultants, e-marketing plan and e-commerce Internet hosting solutions.

  • TAXI - Sell My Music - The leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows. Learn how to sell your music with TAXI; resources, tips, and articles that show you how to make money from your music.

  • Austin Business Consultants - Increase business profits and create wealth for you and your family.

  • Business Presentation Training UK - Offers business presentation skills training for presentations and public speaking.

Other Resources

  • SR22 Insurance Compendium - Useful SR22 insurance guides and resources.

  • 0800 Numbers - Top supplier of 0800, 0845, 03, virtual numbers and audio conferencing.

  • Small Business Consulting - Business consultants that turn around small companies and help businesses increase profits

  • Austin Marketing Agency - Spoonbend, a full service Austin marketing agency that blends engaging design with innovative strategy to produce compelling marketing collateral. Through traditional and non-traditional communications, they enhance customers' brand experience.

  • Inspirational Words of Wisdom - An inspirational collection of words of wisdom in the form of poems, quotes, stories, proverbs, thoughts, and motivation. Also, enjoy our free inspirational quote calendar.

  • Mailing Lists Direct - This organization specializes in providing business and consumer mailing lists that are privacy-compliant, accurate and affordable. Their continuously updated direct mail lists allow you to target a market, grow sales and increase profits.

  • Paid Survey Success- Personal Survey Blog - Created by Steve Walters this blog teaches others how to make money online through paid surveys. Includes a free directory of paying survey sites.

  • Relationship Dating Advice - Extensive resource for relationship advice, romantic ideas, creative gifts, poetry, and interactive problem solving.

  • Love Poems and Quotes - A collection of romantic love poems and quotes, as well as a free monthly contest.

  • Eating Disorders Guide - An exclusive resource guide about eating disorders, causes of eating disorders, symptoms, treatment methods, anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorders, bulimia, pica eating disorder, etc.

  • Worksheet Library - Home to over 5,000 printable K-6 worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. Many of their worksheets are available at no charge.

  • Sites for Teachers - Hundreds of educational web sites rated by popularity and usefulness to educators.

  • A Senior Haven - Provides articles, directories, and other resources for seniors over 50 and their families, including information on health, finances, shopping, entertainment, sports, and travel.

  • Starla's Teach Tips - Offers an array of lesson plans and different teaching strategies for subjects including science, body systems, anatomy and more.

  • Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger Hunt Anywhere is the leading provider of corporate team building scavenger hunts.

  • Memory Techniques - Unique memory improvement book and memory game software combo. Remember things to do or buy without written lists. Recall complex directions step-by-step.

  • The Foundation for P2P Alternatives - This site is dedicated to the research, documentation and promotion of peer-based participatory practices such as peer production, peer governance, and peer property modes.

  • Career and Higher Education Degrees Online This site is designed for aspiring professionals working with adults and academics.

  • Computer Training Perth Executive Tuition -Provides tailored one-to-one computer training in Perth, Australia.

  • Professional Business Communications - Improve business communications, public speaking. Communicate convincingly. Develop public speaking communications style with communication expert.

  • Seishindo - This site is dedicated to accessing the body's wisdom as a resource for personal transformation, including somatic life coaching. Designed by Charlie Badenhop focuses on the concepts of Aikido, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and will help visitors benefit from self hypnosis and other Seishindo Practices. A complimentary newsletter for individuals and professionals is also available.

  • Guitar Scale - Learning guitar the easy way.

  • Plantronics Headset - Peer Resources uses Plantronics, and you can save on Plantronics headsets. This organization offers same day shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • VOIP Office Phone Systems by NCC Dallas - NCC Dallas provides quallity VOIP business and office phone systems and other telecommunications services.

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