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National Peer Trainer Certification

A Certified Peer Trainer is an individual who has been certified as being competent to train peer helpers, peer mentors, peer mediators, and peer educators, and to design and implement peer assistance programs. (Note: "Peer assistance" is an umbrella term that represents a variety of peer-based roles, including "peer helper," "peer counsellor," "peer mentor," "peer educator," "peer leader," "peer mediator," "peer support worker," and peer facilitator.")

Peer Resources is the only organization to coordinate this type of certification. All decisions regarding certification are made by the National Certification Review Panel, and while Peer Resources acts as the administrative body for this group, they are not involved in decisions regarding individual certification applications. The National Certification Review Panel is the only organization in North America to provide this type of certification.

Certification is based on the quality and extent of experience as a trainer as well as the degree of involvement in effective peer programs. Three levels of Certification are available:

Each Level requires demonstration of competency in four areas:

Certified Trainers' names are listed in a National Registry of Certified Peer Trainers. This list was previously published in each issue of the Peer Counsellor Journal, and the Compass: The Magazine for Peer Assistance, Mentorship, and Coaching, however, the list is now only available online.

National Certification Provides:

The Peer Trainer Certification System was originally established in
1987 by the Peer Counselling Project at the University of Victoria.

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View the Criteria for Level II
View the Criteria for Level III
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