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Best Sites on the Internet for Services to Coaches and The Coaching Community

The rapid expansion of coaching has been accompanied by a significant increase in websites devoted to coaching. However, most of these newer sites are primarily focused on advocating for a particular coaching service, school or organization. Up to the beginning of the Year 2000 only one other website besides ours provided educational or general information about coaching. The websites listed in this section typically are focused on coaching in general or provide value added services for coaches and do not reflect the individual services of particular coaches.

Each site is thoroughly reviewed and assessed by our web team. Only those sites which meet our standards for (1) ease of navigation; (2) quality of content; and (3) degree to which the site has value for coaches or the coaching community are included. Most coaching schools, coach training organizations, and professional associations for coaches have their own web sites and are listed and described in our Coaching Directory. And many coaches have their own excellent web sites. The listings provided here have been selected on the basis of services provided to or for coaches.

A separate page has been created for Coach Referral services or websites that are primarily concerned with matching coaches and clients.

Consulting Resources Group International (CRG) - Have you ever wanted to use assessments that were easy to remember and had great transfer to the workplace? CRG has developed dozens of highly relevant, accurate, and easy to use assessments that do not need a highly trained professional to interpret the results. Peer Resources has worked out an affiliate relationship with CRG to provide opportunities to review their assessments and find out why so many people choose their tools over the MBTI, DISC and True Colors.

YourCoachSite - Create a powerful, fully featured website that converts visitors into clients, In-A-Click. The team at YourCoachSite is fanatical about supporting you in creating a robust and simple-to-use coaching website. YourCoachSite is easy to get started with and takes your coaching website to the next level with the right tools for your practice to succeed.

A special offer is available for Peer Resources Network members to receive a 10 percent off all monthly plans at YourCoachSite. Signup here using Discount Code: peerresources. This offer expires September 30, 2013.

Coaching Sites That Work - Kenn Schroder helps businesses, and career and life coaches build client-attracting websites. He provides a free newsletter and free report to help build a full practice. Coaching Sites That Work provides web design, web development, SEO and web marketing for coaches.

The Coach Connection - With the great interest in the use of coaching, the tremendous growth in web sites and blogs created by individual coaches, and the exceptional attention coaches pay to marketing their services, it is understandable that the general public, business executives, and others interested in using coaches would be confused, frustrated, or stymied about finding the right coach. The Coach Connection is probably the most reliable, trustworthy, and skilled resource on the Internet for matching coaches with clients. Our objective review (and the only such review of these types of services ever conducted) of their services, integrity, and procedures revealed that their approach exceeds the standards or practices established by all other coach referral services, including those provided by the largest organizations associated with coaching. In addition to helping potential clients find the right coach through their no-cost interview system as well as the rigorous screening that coaches must pass through in order to qualify for participation, The Coach Connection also provides considerable educational information about coaching and has shown considerable leadership in their resources, publications, and website.

The Peace Club - A virtual place where busy people can relax, rejuvenate and re-energise. The key to success in business and life is maintaining energy levels, enjoyment and health. The Peace Club is specifically designed to fit the demands of your busy life and can be quick and easily accessible via your computer, telephone or MP3 player. As a member you'll have special access to proven and effective relaxation techniques, expert support and lifestyle suggestions when and where you need them most.

Peer Resources has established a special relationship with The Peace Club so that Peer Resources Network members can receive a complimentary seven-day membership to explore all the relaxing elements available on The Peace Club site. To obtain the special access code, contact Rey Carr.

Oak Training - Oak Training provides more than 50 different training modules that can be used in peer assistance, mentorship, and coaching. Each module contains a comprehensive set of powerpoint slides and interactive exercises that can be customized to include local details such as a company logo and set of examples. As you can add your own logos, and customize the content at no extra cost, you can even send this content to your clients to aid their learning or to reinforce points you are making. In addition every module includes a participant manual that can be used to print multiple copies. Module topics include Leadership, Managing Conflict, Teamwork, Facilitation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Negotiation Skills, and 360 Degree Feedback to name a few.

Des Fitzgerald, the creator of Oak Training, has provided PRN members the opportunity to purchase any module at a massive 50% reduction with no minimum order required. The price for any module is normally US$59.95 but when you add the coupon code prn-oak at checkout the price will be reduced to US$29.97 for PRN members only. And in addition he is willing to contribute a further 30 percent of each discounted PRN member purchase to a charity (homeless youth) that has been identified by Peer Resources.

Oak's Human Resource Policies will also be available at this greatly reduced price. These normally only cost US$9.95 each and will now be available for just under US$5 each! Like their training content modules these can be customized or applied to meet your needs at no extra cost. All Oak Training Content and Human Resource Polices are available for immediate download when you complete your order online.

A free sample is also available and all modules are available in a variety of download formats. A bonus available from Oak Training is their free newsletter. Unlike other company newsletters, Oak Training's provides considerable informative, non-commercial content useful for trainers, human resources personnel, educators, and human potential developers.

If contacting Oak Training by email be sure to mention membership in the Peer Resources Network (prn-oak) so that they can ensure the donation is made and the discounts are applied.

Solution Box - Personal and business coach David Wood has coached clients in 13 countries and has mentored many other coaches. His experience has led to the creation of several products designed to assist coaches to develop professionally and market their services more effectively. One of these is the CoachStart Manual, which provides lots of information about how to get started in coaching, the real story about accreditation, building confidence, determining a niche, and ways to bring clients to your door. The examples, scripts, worksheets, and practical guides have received top reviews from users.

MJVA & Associates - MJVA & Associates is a Virtual Assistant company that specializes in providing administrative support to professional coaches. Offering a wide range of services from bookkeeping, document preparation, contact management and strategic planning, they have become the leading provider of Virtual Assistant services to the coaching industry.

Having worked within the coaching profession since 1997, they know what it takes to help grow a full or part-time coaching practice. Peer Resources Network members receive a 25 percent discount off of MJVA & Associates regular rates. Contact information:, Tel: (905) 476-4570; Fax: (905) 476-3523; e-mail:

Virtual Resource Icon
Your Virtual Resource - A team of Internet professionals with many years of experience working in industry and as independent business owners who also have background in computer and Internet technology. They provide assistance on self-promotion, web site design, promoting newsletters, managing copyrights and trademarks, places to submit articles, finding great quotes and a variety of other services valuable for coaches. Contact: Kathy Sparks, Certified Professional Virtual Assistant, Tel: (720) 320-7150; Fax: (509) 691-1295; e-mail:

CoachTrack - Keeping track of client information in a consistent and systematic way with a minimum of time and effort is a highly prized goal of many coaches who want to maximize their time interacting with clients. This software package, created through a collaboration between Canadian coaches Elsbeth Tate and Karin Bauer and computer programmer, David Poitras, is an invaluable tool for recording and updating client contact information, issuing invoices by email, and noting coaching progress. Easy to install and use, the database templates provide many features, including help buttons, email options, and ability to import or export to other software applications. While each client file can be customized to contain unique information for that client, a search tool allows instant access to find client information. A free trial of the complete software package is available and a full list of the features and benefits of using the software is available on the website. Contact information:, Tel: 1-866-717-8700; or 1-250-717-8700; e-mail:

Peer Resources - This site has been designed to provide indenpendent, bias-free information about coaching. It is advertising-banner and commercial-free, and is updated regularly. The site includes a list of the top books and videos on coaching, descriptions of all coaching schools and training organizations, coaching literature and news from the popular and professional press, an updated list of coaching events, seminars, and conferences, a list of free coaching newsletters, an opportunity to find a business or professional coach as well as an opportunity to list your coaching services (conditions apply), a searchable annotated bibliography on coaching, details about certification and accreditation in coaching, online documents related to coaching, a list of the best coaching websites, a description of peer coaching and training events, a membership-based toll-free expert service, a monthly Internet and quarterly print publication service, and links to the best mentoring and peer assistance information and services. For more information e-mail: or call (250) 595-3503.

DreamMinder - This site helps people to discover and realize their Life Dreams. They provide on-going support in articulating purpose and bringing that purpose to life. They have created a unique software package to maintain clarity of purpose, create more balance in life, and focus on what each person truly desires. The creator of this software package, Paul Bauer, describes it as a way to "free your mind and lift your spirit." This is a great site for coaches and a place for coaches and mentors to recommend to clients and partners as a way of helping them to become truly successful and achieve genuine fulfillment.
Peer Resources has established an affiliate relationship with this software company. All fees received as an affiliate are donated to local charities.)

Coaching Toys - Coaching Toys provides innovative articles, fun ideas for client homework, a unique selection of products, books and resources, and teleclass listings. Coaching Toys promotes and supports the use of creativity, expressive arts, play, humor, fun, intuition and spirituality in personal development. Much of the content is drawn from members of the coaching community. If you have an idea for an article, a teleclass or a product that fits with the Coaching Toys mission, check out their possibilities page for submission guidelines. Contact: Marcy Nelson-Garrison, President, Coaching Toys Inc., Tel: (612) 822-8720; email:

Tools4Coaching - Tools4coaching is different from many other client management service. Most other services rely on software that can help organize rather than manage a coaching practice. Tools4coaching, instead, is web-based and interactive. T4C creates a website for the coach where each coach's client who signs up generates a client personal page. A coach can sign up for T4C and create a website in a few clicks, choosing from a variety of templates and then customize all the client forms needed. Then when a client signs up, the client automatically receives a customized welcome pack from the coach (that the coach has previously set up). The client then can access the coach's agenda and book/reschedule a time slot when the coach is available (the timing, duration, change, etc. of the sessions will be customized by the coach). The client can also access some coaching programs (on values and needs, etc.) and can work on them directly online. The coach can access a special page to monitor progress and the client can fill in the coach evaluation form or leave a note for the coach. During the session, the coach can make notes online directly on the client's prep-form. T4C can also manage the coach's newsletter and, on request, online payments. There is a finance tracking tool that create invoices for the clients and keep track of the monthly/yearly financial income. The system is available for a free 30-day trial. Peer Resources Network members will receive an additional month (13 months for the price of 12). (This system is also available in Italian.) Contact: Giovanna D'Alessio.

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