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Coaching 601 - Business Development for Coaches, Counsellors and Consultants

This one-day session is designed for experienced coaches who are in private practice or want to add coaching to an existing practice.

Running and maintaining a coaching business, practice, or service requires attention to a variety of procedures and strategies that are common to all successful businesses.

Effectively marketing as a service professional is akin to walking a
tightrope— promote too aggresively and you look desperate, too much the other way and no one gets to use your skills. Fold in most peoples' natural disdain for selling and the result can be a significant loss of revenue (as well as sleep) for the coaching professional.

This course is designed for service professionals in order to provide tools to methodically and gracefully build a practice.

Some of the topics covered in this interactive program include:

  • the ten keys to marketing success;
  • re-establish your strengths (way more than you think);
  • how to position yourself so you stand out as special;
  • how to garner interest in seven seconds;
  • systemize word of mouth advertising;
  • the power of drip marketing;
  • the power of education;
  • understanding your market better than they understand themselves;
  • promotion or how to (not) spend on advertising;
  • visual dissonance is taboo;
  • building a simple work plan for your marketing efforts;
  • six ways to shamelessly promote yourself (with class);
  • selling for introverts, enjoy the process!
  • quickly stripping out sales prejudice;
  • the laws of human nature—honouring them in the selling process;
  • research your way to success;
  • empathetic selling;
  • the 60 second connection;
  • the need for agreements.

The course is designed and delivered by Gregg Meiklejohn, a strategic marketing professional with 20 years experience. Gregg has been fully booked as a marketing professional for the past number of years, yet he spends only $100 a year on advertising and promotional materials. As Gregg says, he is not more talented or cheaper than others in his field, he simply employs a business development system that works.

Workshop Format
Participants will be involved in small group and paired activities.

Participants who attend a complete workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Fee for 2002:


The fee for this workshop includes all instructional costs, resource materials, nutrition breaks, and post-session consultation for peer program implementation issues.



Our Seminar Leaders

Each of our workshop leaders is a certified Level III Coach Trainer. This system of certification is competecy-based and each person who has been certified has had to submit a formal portfolio for assessment by the National Review Panel, a group of Level III coach trainer peers. Our leaders typically have extensive backgrounds in human development, personal coaching, adult learning, metaphysics, and consulting. They typically have established learning programs and services for major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and public organizations and associations. All our seminar leaders are available for discussion regarding their courses.

Goal Attainment Scale Service

If this is the first course you will be taking from Peer Resources or you have not created a goal scale, then we encourage you to talk with one of our course coaches to identify professional goals, favored outcomes, potential strategies to achieve the outcomes, and personal measures of progress. This discussion will yield a practical chart used as a coaching tool. The fee for this service is $150.00.

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