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Application Procedures for National Certification

Review the Peer Helping Certificaton Criteria table for each Level of Certification and determine the Level which most closely fits your present experience, training, and background. Please note that university degrees and graduate training programs are typically NOT relevant unless they included specific peer helping training courses.

When you have determined the Certification Level for your application, make a list of the materials and resources you are including to document the criteria associated with that Level. You must provide evidence for each of the criteria within the Certification Level. You must specify clearly which piece or pieces of evidence are related to which criteria. Applications which do not include this information will automatically be rejected by the National Review Panel. Typical evidence may include transcripts, course outlines, program descriptions, tapes, letters of reference, self-assessments, manuscripts, or other materials.

When you have provided all the documented evidence for each of the criteria within the Level for which you are applying, your application is complete. Please note that applications that do not specify a Level or specify more than one Level will automatically be rejected by the National Review Panel.

Applications should be mailed to the National Certification Review Panel, c/o Peer Resources, 1052 Davie Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8S 4E3. There is no fee for application, processing, or record maintenance. However, you must be a member of an eligible peer helping state or provincial association or national organization. Examples of such organizations and associations are provided at Peer Associations.

Documents submitted are considered confidential and are kept on file by the Review Panel. Videocassettes or audio tapes will be returned if requested. A letter confirming receipt of an application package is sent to the applicant within three days of the package being received by the Review Panel.

The Review Panel normally meets four times a year to consider applications. Persons granted certification will receive a letter and certificate within thirty days following a Review Panel decision.

Persons granted certification will have their names published in the National Registry.

Persons not granted certification will receive an explanation of the Review Panel decision, as well as other details on how to reapply or submit additional material, if appropriate.

The Peer Helper Certification System was originally established in
1987 by the Peer Counselling Project at the University of Victoria.

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