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Schools and Training Organizations Listed

The number of schools listed as of April 20, 2019 is 389. (If you are using this number to determine how many coach training schools are in operation, note that this number does not reflect all 180 graduate schools included in the list previously maintained by the University of Pennsylvania. The total number of schools that offer a coach training program, set of courses, or curriculum as of October, 2015 is approximately 650.)

To search for the training opportunities that match your preferences, use the search function on your browser (typically Command + F) and type in the word or phrase, location, or other criteria into the search/find box.

This list is updated monthly.

  1. 1 to 1 Coaching School
  2. 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program
    3C Canadian Center for Coaching Education (No longer in business as of June, 2007)
  3. Abundant Practice: A Program for Coaches
  4. Academic Life Coaching
    Academy for Coach Training (now called InviteChange (see also Antioch University Seattle)
  5. Academy for Coaching and Counselling (Belgium)
  6. Academy for Coaching Excellence
    The Academy of Coaching (No longer in operation as of July, 2007)
  7. Academy for Family Coach Training
  8. Academy of Executive Coaching (Great Britain) Advanced Level
  9. Accomplishment Coaching (San Diego, California)
  10. Achievement Specialists LLP (United Kingdom)
  11. Acorn (also known as Positive Acorn)
  12. Acorn Principle Plus (United Kingdom)
  13. ADD Coach Academy
  15. Adler School for Professional Coaching
  16. Advanced Client Systems (Steve Chandler)
  17. Advanced Coach Training School (Canada)
  18. Advantage Coaching and Training
  19. Advantara Global Executive Learning and Coach Education Institute
  20. Alliant International University (California School of Organizational Studies)
  21. AMA Coaching School (Great Britain)
  22. American Coaching Association (ADD Coach Training)
  23. American Council on Exercise Health Coach Program
  24. American Seminar Leaders Association
  25. Ampersand Australia
    Antioch University Seattle (No longer listed.)
  26. Ashridge Business School (Hult University) Executive Coaching Masters (UK)
  27. Association for Talent Development Coaching Certificate
  28. Authenticity Group Coaching
  29. Awakened Wisdom Experiences (Advanced Coach Training)
  30. Awakening Coaching Training
  31. B Coach Systems
    Bark Coaching Institute (Previously AsOne Coaching Institute): See Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy
  32. Baraka Institute (Good Living Guide)
  33. Barefoot Coaching (United Kingdom)
  34. Bath Consultancy Group (United Kingdom)
  35. BeamPines/Middlesex University Master's Program (New York)
  36. Behavioral Coaching Institute
  37. Bellevue University (Nebraska)
  38. Best Year Yet Coach Certification
  39. Biblical Coaching Academy
  40. Bluepoint Leadership Master Coach Training
    Blue Zones Coaching Course (USA) (No longer listed.)
  41. BMC Coach Training
    Bonnie Chan Coaching School (Hong Kong) (No longer listed.)
  42. Book Yourself Solid School of Coaching Training
    Bow Valley College (Canada) (No longer listed.)
    Brief-Coach Training (See Solution Surfers)
  44. Business Coaches Training Academy
    Business Coaching Foundation (see Business Learning Foundation)
  45. The Business Coaching Academy (U.K.)
  46. The Business Coaching Lab (Italy)
  47. Business Learning Foundation
  48. Butler University Leader as Coach Certification
  49. Calamus International University (Online)
  50. California Institute of Integral Studies Wellness Coaching
    California State University at Long Beach (No longer listed.)
  51. Career Coach Institute (formally Inspired Business Institute)
  52. Catalyst Coaching Institute Wellness Coach Training
  53. Career Systems International
  54. CCI Coaching Academy (South Africa)
  55. Center for Career Coaching (See A HREF="coachingschools.html#school301">The Center for Executive Coaching (Florida))
  56. Center for Coaching Certification
  57. Center for Cognitive Coaching
  58. The Center for Executive Coaching (Florida)
    Center for Executive Coaching in California (affiliated with the The Professional School of Psychology and no longer offering public programs)
  59. Center for Right Relationship
  60. Center for School Transformation
    Centre for Coach Training (No longer in operation as a coach training school)
  61. Centre for Coaching (UK)
    Center for Coaching Mastery (see
    Centre for Executive Education (See University of Strathclyde)
  62. Centre for Supervision Training (UK)
  63. Certified Coaches Federation
  64. Certified Confidence Coach Training
  65. Certified Energy Coach Program
  66. Certified Performance Coach Program (Open University, Malaysia)
  67. The Change Place
  68. Chapman University
  69. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK)
  70. Christian Coach Training Institute
  71. Christian Coaching Institute
  72. Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach Training
    Ciris Alliance Power Coach Training Program (Australia) (No longer listed.)
  73. Clarity International
    Clements Consulting Group (No longer in operation as of 2007)
  74. Clergy Leadership Institute
    Co-Pilot Professional Coaching System (Canada) (No longer listed.)
  75. Coach2-Integral
  76. Coach A (formerly Coach 21 (Japan)
  77. Coach Academy
  78. Coach Academy International
  79. The Coach Academy Texas
  80. Coach Corp Centre for Professional Coaching (Australia)
    The Coach for Innovators Certified Program (No longer listed.)
  81. Coach for Life
  82. Coach-Parenting™ Certified Coach Training
  83. Coach Supervision Training
  84. Coach Training Alliance
  85. Coach Training in a Box
    Coach Universe (No longer listed.)
  86. Coach U, Inc.
  87. CoachCraft International
  88. Coaches Certification Institute
  89. Coaches Institute International
  90. Coaches Training Institute
  91. The Coaching Academy
  92. The Coaching Academy of North America
  93. Coaching and Leadership International
  94. Coaching de gestion inc (Francophone, Quebec, Canada)
  95. Coachingdevelopment (United Kingdom)
  96. Coaching for Life (Australia)
  97. Coaching from Spirit
    The Coaching Group (no longer offering training)
    The Coaching Institute of North America or The Coaching Academy of North America (See International Institute of Coaching Studies)
  98. The Coaching Centre (South Africa)
  99. Coaching Corp Group (Central and South America)
  100. The Coaching Institute (Australia)
  101. The Coaching Institute (Pennsylvania)
    Coaching Firm International (No longer in operation)
    The Coaching Project (Canada) - See Simon Fraser University
  102. Coaching Sistémico
  103. Coaching Supervision Academy
  104. Coaching with NLP (South Africa & U.K.)
  105. CoachLab
  106. CoachTheLifeCoach
  108. Co-Creative Alliance
  109. The College for Career Practitioners
  110. College of Executive Coaching
    College of Executive Coaching (UK) (see The Coaching Academy)
    Comprehensive Coaching U (See The Coaching Institute)
  111. Columbia University/Teachers College
  112. Concordia University/ (Canada)
    Confidence Coach Training (See Certified Confidence Coach Training)
  113. Conflict Mastery (Canada)
  114. Conscious Coaching Institute
  115. Corporate Coach U International
  116. Core Path
    Corvus Peer Coaching Program (No longer listed.)
  117. The Creative Grief Studio
  118. Creative Results Management (Singapore)
  119. Creativity Coaching Association
  120. Critical Friends Group Coach Training
  121. CwG Life Coaching Training
  122. Cultivating Leadership (Growth Edge)
    Culture at Work Performance Coach Training (See Performance Coach Training, UK)
  123. Dare Dreamers (Self Management Group)
  124. Dare2bU Academy
  125. de Bono Thinking Coach Program
  126. Deep Coaching Institute
  127. Demers Group (Canada)
    Destination Coach (Canada and Scotland) (No longer listed.)
  128. DrSears Wellness Institute Health Coach Training
  129. Dream University (formerly Dream Coach Inc.)
  130. Duke University - Health Coach Professional Training
    Duquesne University Professional Coaching Certification (No longer listed.)
  132. EMyth Business Coach Training
    Envision Business, Life, and Executive Coach Training (No longer listed.)
  133. Erickson Coaching International (Formerly Erickson College)
  134. Escuela Europea de Coaching (Spain)
    Escuela Europea de Coaching (English translation)
  135. Essential Impact Systems for Coaching Cultures

    European Coaching Foundation (UK) (As of 2005 no longer in operation)
  136. The Evolutionary Institute (UK) (Appears operations have ceased.)
  137. The Excel Centre (Hong Kong)
  138. Excel Group Development Services, Inc.
  139. Executive Coach Academy
    Executive Coach Japan (No longer listed.)
  140. Executive Coaching and Mentoring Organisation (Ireland)
  141. Executive Coaching Institute (University of California at Berkeley)
    Executive Coaching Institute (Success Dynamics) (No longer in operation)
    Executive Coaching Solutions (Ireland) (See Kingstown College)
  142. Executive Coaching University
  143. Express Coaching
  144. Falling Awake Life Coach Training
  145. Fast Track Coach Training
  146. Fearless Living Institute
  147. Fedro srl (Italy)
  148. Fielding Graduate University
  149. Fill Your Practice
  150. Firework Career Coach Training
  151. Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching
  152. Forton Group Professional Leadership Coach Training
  153. Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching (Hawaii)
  154. Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
    Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching (no longer in operation)
  155. Frank Bresser Consulting (Germany)
  156. Franklin Covey
  157. Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio)
    Gallup University (No longer listed.)
  158. Gazelles International Coaches Certification Program
  159. George Mason University
  160. George Washington University
  161. Georgetown University
  162. Gestalt Coaching Program of Canada (Toronto)
  163. Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
    Global Institute of Leading and VIP Strategic Leadership Coaching (South Africa) (No longer listed)
  164. Gestalt International Study Center
  165. Goal Imagery Institute
  166. Goal Mapping Coach Certification Program
  167. Graduate School of Master Coaches (See also BCI and 1-1 Coaching)
  168. The Graduate School of Coaching (Coachville)
  169. The Graduate School of Corporate Coaching (Coachville)
  170. Great Technologies, LLC (Core Dynamics, WaveMaker, Human Design)
  171. The Grove (UK)
  172. Grow Training Institute Certified Professional Coach Program
    Growth Edge Coaching Certification (See Cultivating Leadership)
  173. HabitChangeCoach (Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid, USA)
  174. Harvard Business Online
  175. Harvard Coaching & Positive Psychology Initiative
  176. Havana Wellness Studio
  177. Headway Coaching Group
  178. Healthcare Coaching Institute
  179. HealthCoach Training
  180. Health Sciences Institute
    The Helix Institute (Wellness Coaching) (No longer listed.)
    Henley Business School (United Kingdom) (See University of Reading)
  181. HireCoach
  182. Holistic Learning Center (Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling School)
  183. HolisticMBA Health Coach Training
    Holland College Life Skills Coach Training (Canada) (No longer listed.)
    Howard Community College (Maryland/USA) (No longer listed.)
  184. The Hudson Institute
  185. Human Capital Institute (Online Only)
  186. The i-coach Academy
    IDC Institut de Coaching (Geneva, Switzerland) (No longer listed)
  187. Impact Coaching Academy
  188. Impact Training and Development
  189. InCoaching School of Coaching (Italy)
    Inspired Business Institute (See Career Coach Institute)
    The Institute for Business Growth Coaching Certification (See Center for Executive Coaching)
  190. The Institute for Integrative Coaching
  191. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  192. Institute for Life Coach Training (formerly Therapist U, now a susidiary of Life Options)
    Institute for Leadership Management (See Office for Public Management - OPM in the UK)
  193. Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching (USA)
  194. Institute for the Application of the Social Sciences (Switzerland)
  195. Institute for the Psychology of Eating (Boulder, Colorado)
  196. Institute of Coach Training (Blue Mesa Group, USA)
  197. The Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management (Canada)
  198. Institute of Executive Coaching (Australia)
  199. The Institute for Global Listening and Commuication
  200. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  201. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  202. Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)
  203. Institute of Organisational Coaching (Australia)
  204. Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (Australia)
    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (See Sofia University)
  205. Integral Coaching Canada, Inc.
  206. The Interdevelopmental Institute (IDN)
    Integrative Coaching (See "Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching")
  207. International Association of Health Coaches
  208. International Association for Life Quality Certified Coach Training
  209. International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches
  210. International Coach Academy
  211. International Coach Certification Academy
  212. International Coaching Community
  213. International Coaching Institute
  214. International Gestalt Coaching Program
  215. International Graduate School of Professional Coaching
  216. International Institute of Coaching Studies
    The International Meta-Coach Training System (UK) (No longer in business as of June, 2007)
  217. International Mozaik L'école du devenir (Francophone)
  218. International School of Coaching (Barcelona, Spain)
  219. The International Society of Neuro-Semantics
  220. International Teaching Seminars (NLP)
  221. International University of Professional Studies
    Interpersonal Wellness Services Coaching Institute (Canada) See Wellness Improvement System Coaching Institute (Canada)
  222. Intrad School of Executive Coaching (India)
  223. The Inventure Group Coaching Clinic
  224. InviteChange
  225. JWC Group (Certified Results Coach Training)
    Kadmon Academy of Human Potential (see UK College of Holistic Training)
    Kaplan University (No longer listed.)
    Karlin Sloan and Company (No longer listed.)
  226. Kingstown College (Ireland)
  227. JAS Coaching & Training
  228. John F. Kennedy University (JFKU)
    Kent State University/Sherpa Coaching (USA) (Not offered after 2006)
    Knowledge Universe Holdings (South Africa) (No longer listed.)
  229. Lambent do Brasil (Brazil)
  230. Laske and Associates
    LCSi LifeCoach School International (No longer listed.)
  231. LeadCoach
    Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) (No longer listed; website leads to Saybrook University)
  232. Leadership that Works: Coaching for Transformation
  233. Leadership University
    The Leader's Coach (As of 2008 no longer offering training)
  234. Leading Edge Coaching and Training
  235. Leonard Coaching (Canada)
  236. Life & Executive Coaching Institute (Ireland)
  237. Life Coach College
  238. Life Coach Institute
  239. Life Coach Institute of Orange County
  240. Life Coach Training
  241. Life Coach Academy (Hong Kong)
    Life Coaching Academy UK (see Coaching Academy)
  242. Life Coaching Group
  243. Life Coaching Institute (UK and US)
  244. Life Coaching Institute (Aus)
  245. Life Coaching Institute of America
    Life Options (see Institute of Life Coach Training)
  246. Life On Purpose Institute, Inc.
  247. Life Purpose Coaching Centers International
  248. Life Purpose Institute
  249. Life Scene Investigator (LSI) Forensic Coach Certified Training
    LifeCoach School International (No longer listed)
    Life's Headwaters Coach Training (for Educators) (No longer listed.)
  250. Lifeforming Leadership Coaching Professional Coach Training (formerly called "Tranformational Leadership Coach Training")
  251. LifeSkills Coaching
  252. Lifestyle Coaching Institute
  253. Linkage Coaching Leaders Certification Program
  254. Live Your Dream
  255. Martha Beck Inc Life Coach Training
  256. Maryland University of Integrative Health Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching
  257. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
  258. Master Coach Academy (Great Britain)
  259. Master Intuitive Coach Institute
  260. The McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte Master of Science in Executive Coaching
    McKinley Leadership Registered Leadership Coach Program (No longer listed.)
  261. Medical Coaching Institute (International)
  263. Mentor Coaches International
  264. Meta-Coaching Training (Australia)
  265. Metanoia Institute (United Kingdom)
  266. Metasysteme Coaching and Consulting (France)
  267. Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme (UK)
  268. Mindful Coaching Training (for therapists)
  269. Mindstream Success Coaching and Training Ltd (Ireland)
  270. MMS Worldwide Institute
  271. Monarch Business School (Switzerland)
  272. The Money Coaching Institute
  273. Motivation Management Service (MMS) Institute
  274. Naropa University
  275. National Institute of Whole Health
  276. National Society of Health Coaches (USA)
  277. NCR (National Coaching Register) Executive Business Coach Program
  278. NeuroLeadership institute Brain-Based Coaching (Global)
    New-U Coaching (UK) (No longer listed.)
  279. Newfield Network
  280. New Agreements Coach Training and Leadership Institute
  281. New Millennium Coaching Evolutionary Coach Training Program (UK)
  282. New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (MA in Existential Coaching and Certificate in Coaching) (United Kingdom)
    New Ventures North (Canada) (No longer listed.)
  283. New Ventures West
  284. New Vibe Training (Oregon)
  285. New York University
  286. New Zealand School of Coaching
    Newcastle College Coach Training Programs (UK) (No longer listed.)
  287. The NLP and Coaching Institute of California
  288. Noble Manhattan (UK)
  289. North American Lifestyle Planning Corporation
  290. North Carolina State University Business Coaching Certificate
  291. North Star Life Coach Training (Martha Beck)
  292. OlaCoach (Madrid, Spain)
  293. Office for Public Management (OPM) (UK)
  294. On-Purposepartners Life Coaching Academy (Queensland, Australia)
    Open University Malaysia (See Certified Performance Coach Program)
    Online Aromatherapy Institute (Certified Aroma Coach) (No longer listed.)
  295. Online Coach Institute
    Ontology Training of Mexico (No longer listed.)
    Optimal Functioning Institute (See
  296. Oxford Brookes University (UK)
  297. Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (UK)
  298. Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching (USA)
  299. PAR Group
    Parent as Coach Academy (See Academy for Family Coach Training)
    Pat Grove Coaching Academy (South Africa) (No longer listed.)
  300. PB (Peter Bluckert) Coaching (UK)
  301. Peer Resources
  302. Penn State / Sherpa Coaching (USA)
  303. PeopleDynamics Learning Group (Canada)
  304. Performance Coaching (Canada)
  305. Performance Coach Training (UK)
    Positive Acorn (see Acorn)
  306. Professional Business Coaches Alliance
  307. Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy
    Professional School of Psychology (or Center for Executive Coaching - no longer offering public programs)
  308. Progressive U (International) Purposeful Entrepreneur Institute (See Career Coachi Institute)
    Quality of Life Therapy and Coaching Academy (No longer in operation as of Feb, 2008)
  309. Quantum Leap Coaching and Training Institute (South Africa)
  310. Quantum Success Coaching Academy
    Quest Coach Training (No longer listed.)
  311. Rapid Coaching Academy Rancho Strozzi (see Strozzi Institute)
  312. Raritan Valley Community College/RGB Consulting LLC (New Jersey)
  313. Rayner Institute Coach & Mentor Training Programs (Distance-based ACC & PCC)
  314. Relationship Coaching Institute
  315. Real Balance Wellness Coach Mentoring
    Recovery Coach Training & Consultancy (No longer listed.)
  316. Remembering4You Alzheimer's Coach Certification Program
  317. The Resource Academy
    Results Coaching Systems (formerly Results Life Coaching, now NeuroLeadership Institute)
    Retirement Coach Institute (This school has closed. See Career Coach Institute)
  318. Retirement Options
  319. Rhodes Wellness College (Canada)
    Rivas Palmer (UK) (no longer in operation.)
  320. Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Certificate (Canada)
    Rutgers University (As of 2009 no longer offers a coaching emphasis in certificate courses)
  321. Salesian Pontifical University MA in Creative Coaching (Italy)
  322. San Diego State University
  323. San Francisco State University
  324. School for Small Business Coaches (Coachville)
  325. The School of Coaching (Great Britain)
  326. The School of Coaching (Coachville)
  327. The School of Coaching Mastery
  328. The School of Shadow Coaching (Canada)
    Schulich Executive Education Centre (see York University)
  329. SeattleCoach
  330. Seneca College (Canada)
  331. Sheffield Hallam University (Great Britain)
    Simon Fraser University (Canada) (No longer listed.)
    SixAdvisors Coaching Academy (not in operation since 2008)
  332. Smurfit Graduate Business School (Ireland)
    The South African College of Applied Psychology (No longer listed.)
  333. The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Transformation
  334. Spencer Institute
  335. The Sober Network Recovery Coach Training
    Sofia University (Formerly The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) No longer listed.
    Solution Surfers Brief-Coach Training (Switzerland) (No longer listed.)
  336. Soul Coaching
  337. Soulwork Systemic Coaching
  338. Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance
  339. Strozzi Institute
  340. Success Coach Institute
  341. Success Unlimited Network
  342. Supercoach Academy
  343. The S.W.A.T. Institute (Ontario, Canada)/A>
  344. Symbiosis Coaching Certified Life Coach Training
  345. SYMC School of Coaching
    T-Coach Training Systems (Closed, 2004)
    alanton S.C. (Mexico) (No longer listed.)
  346. Tavistock Institute (United Kingdom)
  347. Teachers College/Columbia University
    TeleCourse4U (No longer in operation under this name)
  348. Teleos Leadership Institute
    Therapist Coach Institute (Closed, 2004)
    Therapist University (now Institute for Life Coach Training)
  349. Texas Christian University
  350. Top Human (China)
  351. Totally Coached, Inc. (formerly EduCoach)
  352. Touchstone for Life Coaching Certification Program
  353. Transform Coaching Academy
  354. Transition Dynamics
    Triad Mentor Coaching (See School of Coaching Mastery)
  355. Trinergy International (NLP, Austrian)
  356. UK College of Holistic Training (UK)
  357. UK College of Life Coaching (UK)
  358. Universal University of Holistic Spirituality
    University College Cork (Ireland) (No longer listed.)
  359. University of Calgary
  360. University of Cape Town (South Africa) (see New Ventures West)
    University of Chester (United Kingdom) See Barefoot Coaching
  361. University of East London (UK)
  362. University of Georgia
  363. University of Houston (Texas)
    University of New Mexico Coaching Certificate Program (As of 2009 no longer offered)
  364. University of Portsmouth MSc in Coaching and Development (UK)
  365. University of Reading MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change (UK)
  366. University of Strathclyde (Scotland)
  367. University of Success Strategies (Canada)
  368. University of Sydney (Australia)
  369. University of Texas
  370. University of Toronto
  371. University of the Rockies (Online, M.A., PsyD., Accredited)
  372. University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom)
  373. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  374. Vancouver Community College (Canada)
  375. Villanova University (Pennsylvania)
    VIP Leadership & Strategic Coaching Institute (South Africa) (No longer listed.)
  376. Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching
    WaveMaker Coach Education Program (See Great Technologies, LLC)
  377. Wellcoaches School of Coaching
    The Wellness Coach Training Institute (see Real Balance Wellness Coach Mentoring)
  378. Wellness Coach Training, Certification and Business License Program
  379. Wellness Improvement System Coaching Institute (Canada)
  380. Western Seminary (Graduate Level)
  381. Wisdom Institute
  382. Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Institute
  383. Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching (Online)
  384. World Coaching Institute
  385. Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
    Worklife's Career Coach Certification Program (Australia) (No longer listed.)
  386. Workplace Coach Institute (WCI)
  387. Yale University
  388. York University Schulich Executive Education Centre (Toronto, Canada)
  389. You Coach Now

Detailed Listings:

PO Box 72006 Sasamat
Vancouver, British Columbia V5C 2J6 Canada
Tel: (604) 473-9884
Toll-Free Tel: (800) 610-0970
Fax: (604) 473-9885
E-mail: Teresia LaRocque
  • Thumbnail Description: A series of courses for new, part-time, and experienced coaches facilitated by Teresia LaRocque, Master Certified Coach and pioneer in the coaching profession who operates a successful six-figure coaching practice in Canada. Co-created with Michael Walsh a consultant specializing in supporting entrepreneurs.
  • Certification: Program completion meets ICF coach specific training for PCC or MCC designations.
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery:The course is a 4-month program delivered in a series of conference calls, one hour each in length, held the first three Tuesdays of every month.
  • Course Locations: Classes are offered frequently and all by telecourse (call for latest dates).
  • Program Costs/Fees: Check website for latest fees.
  • Unique Features: This program has consistent focus on business tools to increase your bottom line. Participants receive support from two experts along with the structure and accountability necessary to build a sustainable practice.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)
  • Special Discount:Coaches who sign-up for the Abundant Practice program and wish to receive a 10 percent discount on the full fee can receive a special coupon from Peer Resources prior to the the time of registering for the course program. Contact and ask for coupon PSCG003.

US Office: 11960 Race Track Road
Tampa, Florida 33626
Canadian Office: 18 Silvermoon Avenue, Suite 210
Bolton, Ontario L7E 2Y8
Toll-Free Tel and Fax: (800) 686-1463
E-mail: Maria Mastrella
  • Thumbnail Description: ICA offers Life Coach Foundations and Advanced Coach training in English and Spanish. They also offer over 15 advanced niche coaching certification programs that provide graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, nuances and skills needed to coach that specific niche market, as well as providing specific tools and processes for working with those clients. Programs include ADHD Coach, Business Coach, Career Transition Coach, Couples Relationship Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Business/Executive Coach, Group/Team Coach, Health/Wellness Coach, Leadership Coach, NLP Coach, Parent, Teen and Family Coach, Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach, Retirement Coach, Singles Relationship Coach, and Spiritual Coach.

    ICA also offers a Mentor Coach training course that prepares ICF ACCs, PCCs and MCCs to effectively mentor other coaches who are working towards their ICF certification.

    ICA's Group Mentor Coaching program (13.5 hours) exceeds ICF requirements for mentor coaching, as a pre-requisite for ICF certification.

    They also offer a number of business building training programs and resources/tools to help graduates establish and grow successful coaching businesses.

  • Certification: Certification is provided for all live training programs.
  • Accredited: ICF ACTP Program with 371 accredited hours. Students may complete the ACTP Program track or take courses on an ala carte basis (programs are also ICF ACSTH approved).
  • Course Delivery:: Live tele-classes with attendance by telephone or internet (8-10 weeks); live in-person three-day weekend intensive courses, or self-paced study.
  • Course Locations: World-Wide by teleconference and in-person intensives. (visit their website for latest locations and dates).
  • Program Costs/Fees: Check their website for latest fees.
  • Unique Features: All ICA coach tele-class training programs can be completed in 8-10 weeks. Students have access to the ICA's free membership community, which provides continuing education, mentoring and support. Many courses provide royalty and license-free materials the coach can use with their clients.
  • Viewpoints: Testimonials may be accessed from the ICA website.

110 West Dayton, Suite 202
Edmonds, WA 98020
Tel: (425) 778-3505
Toll-Free (877) 228-4625 Fax: (425) 775-0524
  • Thumbnail Description: Fully aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) ethics and standards, InviteChange provides comprehensive coaching skills training, including interactive in-person instruction, experiential activities, group exercises, and extensive supervised coaching practice. The school provides comprehensive training in the core competencies of coaching, and courses for the continuing education of coaches. Also provides a core coaching competence training program for coaches who wish to pursue the ICF portfolio credentialing.
  • Certification: Provides a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation, an Internal Certified Coach Professional (ICCP) designation, and a Mentor Coach Certification designation.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: 1) Four in-person, interactive 3 and 4 day weekend courses and one 24-week integrative teleconference course 2) also offer a one-year virtual learning platform for coach certification training which consists of two 2-hour real time online classes per week.
  • Course Locations: Seattle, Washington (affiliated with Antioch University); Edmonds, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Washington, D.C. and online learning. Internal Certified Coach Professional training may be delivered on-site for organizations.
  • Program Costs/Fees: The total cost for all courses in the full certification package is $8,500.00. The Virtual Certified Professional Coach training is $4750. Individual continuing coach education courses range from $325.00 to $2,600.00. If you are enrolling in Antioch University and InviteChange, the fee for the dual certificate is $9400.00.
  • Unique Features: The Living Your Vision® process is the core and foundation of the Academy for Coach Training curriculum. It provides a transformational process of coaching from the inside-out. Students identify their unique vision and purpose, clarify their values and create a Life Plan for success, boldly stepping into action. This three-day in-person course also includes 10 weeks of follow-up telecourses.
  • Viewpoints:

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17 Googas Road
Slingerlands, New York 12159-9302
Tel: (518) 482-3458
Fax: (518) 482-1221
E-mail: David Giwere
  • Thumbnail Description: Focuses on providing training for coaches to work with persons with attention deficit disorder and help clients bring out their special strengths.
  • Certification: Unknown, but completion of program can be accomplished in nine months.
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery: All courses are telecourses
  • Course Locations: Anywhere there is a telephone
  • Program Costs/Fees: The complete program which includes 30+ telecourses and group coaching labs, but does not include phone charges is $2250.00.
  • Unique Features:Coaches learn to support and co-partner with ADD clients to assist in the design of a life plan that accentuates their strengths, skills and successes.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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180 Bloor Street West, Suite 502
Toronto, ON M5V 2V6
Toll Free: (877) 923-4419
Voice: (416) 923-4419
Fax: (416) 923-9017

3420 East Shea Blvd., Suite 109
Phoenix, Arizona 85028
Voice: (602) 569-2426
Fax: (602) 788-8343

  • Thumbnail Description: The introductory Foundations of Professional Coaching provides a starter kit of coaching skills, tools and techniques. The program consists of a series of face-to-face, interactive courses, assignments and teleclasses, and a practicum. They also offer leadership and coaching skills workshops and corporate coaching services. ParentCoach training, including a ParentCoach Certificate program, is another specialized field of study.
  • Certification: In-house program designated as the Adler Certificate in Professional Coaching. Typically takes 12 months to complete.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Primarily interactive, face-to-face courses, augmented by teleclasses and labs to extend learning.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered in Toronto, Ontario and Phoenix, Arizona
  • Program Costs/Fees: Foundations of Professional Coaching tuition is CAN $1813 or US $1375. Certificate program is an additional CAN $6731 or US $4100.
  • Unique Features:Adler coach training is built on a foundational coaching model that is based on principles of psychology. The certificate program includes training in an effective Team Coaching approach. The school's ParentCoach training offers a combination of coaching with Adlerian parenting skills training.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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1132 13th Avenue
Mitchell, Nebraska 69357
Toll Free: (877) 901-COACH (2622)
Voice: (307) 237-5503
Fax: (520) 222-1775
  • Thumbnail Description: Course offerings are based upon the book, Coach2 - The Bottom Line: An Executive Guide to Coaching Performance, Change, and Transformation in Organizations written by the founder of B-Coach Systems, LLC Mike Jay, MBA, MBC. Training is based upon the COACH2 MODEL of coaching and involves developmentally-scaled learning activities, coaching during class sessions, and uses the concept of the referent groups to insure success over time. (Visit their website to view an informative comparison with other coaching training organizations.)
  • Certification: Offered in conjunction with the Consortium of Business Coaches and designated as Certified Business Coach or Master Business Coach; typically a six-month completion time that includes two weekly telephone sessions and a final (one-time) face-to-face retreat (approximately 124 total hours of instruction).
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery: Uses telephone and web-based management tools; approximately two-thirds of each class session is devoted to one-on-one live coaching exercises with face to face sessions optional. Extensive use of action learning approach with behavioral event feedback.
  • Course Locations: Most courses are provided through telephone contact. The Coaching Makeover is a free half-day session conducted in a variety of locations.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Fees are $2995 (US) for the full program, however, scholarships are sometimes available to outstanding applicants in each program. Financing is available to qualifying applicants. (Travel and accommodation costs to attend the final retreat vary by location and are paid by each participant.)
  • Unique Features: All participants receive coaching as part of their own coach training. Ninety percent of participants who start continue on to graduate.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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202 - 1401 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1C9
Voice: (604) 872-4300
Fax: (604) 872-4301
  • Thumbnail Description: Provides a one-year coach training program offered on two weekends per month that focuses on coaching communication excellence, coaching leadership in action, accelerated goal technologies, depth coaching, and the successful coach. Admissions coaching interview required. They also offer The Accelerator, which is a two-day coaching breakthrough workshop and Coaching Communication Excellence, which is a 10 day (five weekends) accelerated program in coaching peak performance.
  • Certification: The designation of Certified Coach is provided upon successful completion.
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery: Uses in-person delivery by master coaches and trainers and provides mentors for all participants.
  • Course Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia. Consult their website for starting dates for each of the three programs.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Fees are $9800.00 for the full-year program ($8500 early registration discount) and third party financing plans are available from $225/month. The 10 day course fee is $1950.00 (a deposit is required). The two-day course fee is $199.00. (All fees are in Canadian dollars.)
  • Unique Features: The school emphasizes both building a successful coaching practice and training for becoming a great coach.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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6343 El Cajon Boulevard, No. 138
San Diego, California 92115
Toll Free: (888) 262-2446
Tel: (619) 287-1186
Fax: (619) 287-2577
E-mail: Peter Reding
  • Thumbnail Description: Courses are based on the Fulfillment Coaching Model, which emphasizes conscious connection with Spirit and awareness of and alignment with innermost values, unique gifts and life purpose. The entire program is taught using the ILM (Inspired Learning Model) to create the safest of learning environments.
  • Certification: In-house certification programs designated as Certified Life Coach and Master Certified Life Coach
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Combination of in-person and teleclass formats.
  • Course Locations: Five day seminars taught in cities in the US; telecourses available in any location.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Life Coach Program includes five day seminar and 17 week teleclass ($3,395.00); Advanced 12 week teleclass is $600.00; The 6-month CLC - Certified Life Coach TeleCourse is an additional $3,250 and the 12-month MCLC - Master Certified Life Coach TeleCourse is an additional $3,250.00.
  • Unique Features: Free one-hour introduction to coaching teleclass. Strong emphasis on alignment of heart, mind, and soul. In-person courses limited to 18 participants with two certified facilitators; teleclasses limited to 18 participants; all certification programs are limited to no more than six.
  • Viewpoints: (Not available at this time.)

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PO Box 881595
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488-1595
Toll Free: (800) 48COACH
Fax: (800) 329-5655
  • Thumbnail Description: Created in 1992. Provides courses for novice and experienced coach or related professional. Pioneered delivery of effective training via telecourse.
  • Certification: In-house Certified Coach designation
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Telecourses and live training. Typically provided weekly and consist of 4 one-hour sessions of 20 participants; live training is typically 70 hours in 6-day intensive
  • Course Locations: Since courses are offered by telephone, location can be in virtually anywhere. Live courses offered internationally (check website for up-to-date locations)
  • Program Costs/Fees: Check website for latest fees
  • Unique Features: About 45 teleclasses over a 1-2 year period are necessary to complete the program.
  • Viewpoints:
    C. Calluori
    A. Ruppert
    D. Goldsmith
    G. Clark
    H. Salinger
    J. Corbin
    M. Homan
    S. Anderson
    P. Richarde

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Mary Gardner, President
30 West 63rd St. Suite 28K
New York, NY 10023
Tel: (212) 265-6365
  • Thumbnail Description: Established in 1998. Workshop based training distributed over 5 phases and totalling approximately 84 hours of workshop time. Sessions typically are limited to 10-20 participants. All participants, regardless of experience, start with Phase I, but other workshops can be taken in personalized sequence.
  • Certification: CCI hours can be submitted to the International Coach Federation as part of certification requirements.
  • Accredited: Not Accredited
  • Course Delivery: All basic courses are in-person seminars with some additional support by telecourse.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered through theLearning Studio in Princeton, New Jersey and Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Each course is $354.00 plus a $25.00 materials fee.
  • Unique Features: Offers an experience known as the Coaching Jam which allows group coaching, with the master coaches coaching the group participants.
  • Viewpoints: Not Yet Available.

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1879 Second Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Toll Free: (800) 691-6008
Tel: (415) 451-6000
Fax: (415) 460-6878
  • Thumbnail Description: Established in 1992. Emphasizes the Co-Active Coach Model, a wholistic alliance between client and coach. Provides courses for the beginning or experienced coach.
  • Certification: In-house Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation. Minimum completion time is 12 months. A written and oral exam are required as is one-on-one supervision of coaching appointments.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: All basic courses are in-person seminars and additional courses for certification or to assist experienced coaches in business development are by telecourse.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered in cities around the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • Program Costs/Fees: The Co-Active Coaching course is $395.00; advanced courses are $595.00 each; certification course is $2695.00; and practicums are $350.00 each (practicums are not offered at this time.
  • Unique Features: For certification participants take the Co-Active Coaching course and each of four advanced courses: Fulfillment, Balance, Process, and In the Bones.
  • Viewpoints: CTI encourages potential applicants to contact Giles MacMillan at CTI to obtain a list of current/past graduates who have agreed to confidentially discuss their CTI experiences.

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PO Box 117
Victoria, BC V8M 1R3
Tel: (250) 652-5390
> E-mail:
  • Thumbnail Description: Courses focus on information and processes aimed at improving the coaching skills of both new and seasoned coaches. Processes and Whole-Life Coaching models focus on both analytical business coaching plus heart coaching for personal issues. Graduates can become licensed at three different levels to become associates in the CLI Licensee Network.
  • Certification: Certification is available in a 4-level system: Power Coach I (three days), Power Coach II (three days), and Power Coach III (three days) and Professional Power Coach IV (four days). Practicums are required after Power Coach III and IV prior to receiving certification.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Basic courses are typically in-person seminars; individual in-person tutorials are also available. A Toll-Free Teleclass series is also available.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered in Victoria, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, and Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Power Coach Level I: $995.00; Power Coach Level II: $1595.00, Power Coach Level III: $1995.00, and Professional Power Coach Level IV: $1995.00; Practicum: $1000.00. Private classes are available and quoted on a as requested basis.
  • Unique Features: Course titles include The Brain Walk, Brain Re-Train, Simple Mind-Kinetics and Conversational Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Practice Coaching, Modeling and others.
  • Viewpoints:
    J. Gibb
    A. Tenbult
    K. Switzer-Howse
    J-B Sawadogo
    T. Harris

3875 Telegraph Road PMB 115
Ventura, California 93003
Tel: (888) 764-8844
Fax: (805) 647-7660 E-mail:
  • Thumbnail Description: Focused on coaching skill and practice development for persons who have obtained or are currently enrolled in advanced degree programs.
  • Certification: Provides a 72-hour Master Personal and Executive Coach Certification (MPEC)
  • Course Delivery: Courses offered on an in-person workshop basis and by telecourse
  • Course Locations: Currently courses are offered in various cities in California
  • Program Costs/Fees: In-person courses are typically $165(US)/day and telecourses are $540(US)/course
  • Unique Features: All courses are taught by persons with doctoral degrees obtained in traditional mental health fields
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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Toll Free: (800) 48COACH
  • Thumbnail Description: Provides a corporate coach business coaching program and a coaching clinic train-the-trainer program.
  • Certification: Provides a license as a Coaching Clinic Facilitator
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: All courses for the Business Coach program are telecourses and all courses for the Coaching Clinic are in-person.
  • Course Locations: Business coach telecourses can take place any where. The Coaching Clinic is offered six times a year in cities in the US, Canada, and Australia. Core Essentials Fast Track Program provides live, in-person training events.
  • Program Costs/Fees: The complete program for business coaches is $2495.00; the 2-day Coaching Clinic program is $795.00; the coaching clinic train-the-trainer program is $2495 (check website for latest fees).
  • Unique Features: The Business Coach requires 15 telecourses (125 hours), typically completed in 9-12 months. The Coaching Clinic is a 2 day seminar; the Train-the-Trainer is a 4 day program.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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10401 McDowell Mountain Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
Tel: (480) 515-5220
Fax: (480) 515-4611
  • Thumbnail Description: In operation since 1998, Totally Coached evolved in 2000 to focus on a singular result, increasing people's capacity to think better, together. They created an approach called Intrinsic Coaching™. Totally Coached, Inc. is committed to expanding Intrinsic Coaching as far and as quickly as possible. To that end, they develop coaches for organizations and create in-house coach development capability. They also provide coaching, and consulting, and enable the use of assessments to support organizations to accomplish their goals. Totally Coached, Inc. serves corporations, hospitals, universities, and schools in the areas of workplace wellness, health, productivity, leadership, management, education, and culture.
  • Certification: After completing the 12-week program(ICDS I) participants receive a certificate qualifying them as an Intrinsic Coach™, however, there is additional training and experience needed to become a  Certified Intrinsic Coach™. After completing the ICDS I and three months of field practice, participants become eligible to take the next steps towards certification. The complete process takes a year and includes: (1) Intrinsic Coach Development Series I (ICDS I) which meets two consecutive hours a week for 12 weeks, via teleconference. This is the Foundational Series, after which one is considered qualified to coach; (2) Intrinsic Coach Development Series II (ICDS II) which meets two consecutive hours, plus one additional hour each week for 12 weeks via teleconference. This advances proficiency in coaching and prepares coached to become a certified Intrinsic Coach(TM). Prerequisites are: 1) ICDS I; 2)120 hours of coaching, and 3)minimum six months time frame from commencement of ICDS I; Assessment Training, which is a three-day training which coaches learn to integrate assessments with coaching. To apply for certification, each participant must meet standards and submit a portfolio for review. 
  • Accredited: Not Accredited
  • Course Delivery: Primarily via teleconference. Coach training is job-embedded and lasts 12 weeks, two consecutive hours a week.
  • Course Locations: Via teleconference
  • Program Costs/Fees: ICDS I - $895, ICDS II -  $ 1295, Assessment Training - $395, Portfolio review - $390
  • Unique Features: The Intrinsic Coaching™ model enables viewing people as having solutions instead of problems.
  • Viewpoints: Visit their website:

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201-2555 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia V4N 4C1
Tel: (604) 679-5600
Fax: (604) 879-7234
  • Thumbnail Description: Erickson Coaching International provides International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach training via flexible online and on-site delivery. Their Online Academy for "The Art and Science of Coaching" uses an advanced online learning platform that gives each student flexibility and real-time peer engagement during online coach training. Their program "The Art & Science of Coaching" online is described as the only true virtual coach training in the industry.
  • Certification: Modules I to IV of "The Art and Science of Coaching" are recognized by the ICF as a program supplying a total of 128 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Module V supplies 24 additional hours of coach specific training as well as mentorship.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation since 2003.
  • Course Delivery: Online and On-site, flexible delivery.
  • Course Locations: U.S., Canada, and online.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition cost for the full program is $8,145 CAD. Prices may vary in other countries.
  • Unique Features: By taking "The Art & Science of Coaching" learners will develop a solid foundation in the theory and practice of Solution-Focused coaching. Discover how to help others realize their higher potential and to take action that aligns with their vision. Gain awareness about key factors leading to a meaningful transformation, and learn to apply highly effective coaching methodologies on multiple levels.
  • Viewpoints: Talk to one of their enrollment advisors to obtain referrals to current/former students to discuss their experience of the program.

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2112 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California 93105-3538 (Map)
Tel: (805) 687-1099
Fax: (805) 687-4590
  • Thumbnail Description: The Masters-level Evidence Based Coaching Certificate combines research based theories of coaching with coaching skills and current techniques. The program consists of three online courses and two face-to-face skills training workshops. The online courses include Evidence Based Coaching, Individual Coaching, and Leadership and Organizational Coaching.
  • Certification: Fielding Graduate University is a WASC accredited institution, and a leader in the field of adult education and collaborative online learning. Completion of the year-long Evidence Based Coaching Certificate entitles participants to Evidence Based Coaching Certification by Fielding Graduate Institute plus 12 units of graduate-level academic credit towards an MA or Ph.D. degree.
  • Accredited: The program is ICF ACTP Accredited at the PCC-level.
  • Course Delivery: Three twelve week asynchronous online courses; two face-to-face skills training workshops; and webconferencing training.
  • Course Locations: Face-to-face skills training workshops are located in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Masters-level Evidence Based Coaching Certificate (year-long): Fall 2018 - $3,630 per term / $10,890 total tuition & fee per program (discounts for Fielding alumni).
  • Unique Features: Because of the increasing demand that coaches not only be skilled, but also demonstrate knowledge of coaching theory and research, this year-long certificate links theories and research from appropriate disciplines, including psychology, communication, and organizational studies with current coaching techniques. The certificate combines evidence based theory and practice with online and distance coaching facilitation, and provides participants with 12 units of graduate level education.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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2200 West Parkway Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119-2099
Toll Free: (888) 783-6678
  • Thumbnail Description: Emphasizes the Change Model for learning and lasting change which includes: knowledge, accountability, application, motivation, and time.
  • Certification: Provides certification as a Franklin Covey Personal Coach. Requires two days in the classroom and several weeks of one-on-one with the coach trainer.
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery: Classroom work and telephone follow-up work are typical.
  • Course Locations: Courses are primarily offered in Salt Lake City with occasional regional certification courses.
  • Program Costs/Fees: The complete program is $2000.00. An additional $500.00 licensing fee is required to establish the legal aspects of the relationship between the certified coach and Franklin Covey.
  • Unique Features: Franklin Covey employs more than 70 coaches who coach others in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Writing Advantage, What Matters Most and other areas.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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Graduate Certificate Program in Leadership Coaching
2136 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20052
Tel: (202) 994-1870
Fax: (202) 676-3232
E-mail: Dr.Elizabeth Davis
  • Thumbnail Description: An academic institution which offers a graduate certificate in coaching.
  • Certification: Provides its own Graduate Certificate in Coaching
  • Accredited: Not accredited as a coach training organization
  • Course Delivery: In person courses only
  • Course Locations: Washington, DC
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition is $1365 per course. Normally four courses required for certificate
  • Unique Features: Courses emphasize differences between coaching, counseling and consulting; grounded in Argyris' theory of learning and how effective dialoque can bring about change in individuals and teams.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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350 S. Hope Avenue, Suite A210
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Toll Free: (800) 582-4401
Voice: (805) 682-3883
Fax: (805) 569-0025
  • Thumbnail Description: Created in 1986. Emphasis on transition and change using principles of human development and organizational systems thinking.
  • Certification: A Professional Certification in Personal and Organizational Coaching designation is available in-house that typically requires eight months and participation in a 4 day LifeLaunch Seminar, a 1 day Coaching Seminar 3, 4 day onsite training events, and supervised application experiences.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Courses are intensive, experientially based seminars which typically occur in three, four-day on-site sessions. Lessons are provided online.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered in Santa Barbara only
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition for the certification program is $7500.00 and does not include room, board, transportation or books.
  • Unique Features: Courses focus on personal and organizational renewal and resilience, skill-building, peer group activities, resistance work training, and case presentations. Trainees receive ongoing supervision in back-home settings.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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Laurie Cameron, Director of Program Development
David Steele, Founder and CEO
4020 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 204
San Jose, CA 95117
Tel: (408) 261-3332
Fax: (408) 369-9164
  • Thumbnail Description: Specializes in relationship coaching training.
  • Certification: Provides two levels of certification for working with singles and two levels of certification for working with couples
  • Accredited: No
  • Course Delivery: All courses offered by teleclass
  • Course Locations: World-wide
  • Program Costs/Fees:
  • Unique Features: Enrollment in the training includes lifetime membership in their coaching community with numerous benefits, such as free on-going training and practice support, free web site and bridge lines, referrals.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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4400 East West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: (301) 986-5688
Fax: (301) 913-9447
  • Thumbnail Description: Created in 1998 to provide working, licensed therapists with the knowledge and skills to add coaching practice to their ongoing clinical work. Emphasizes the development of a transformative relationship.
  • Certification: In-house Advanced Certificate Program, which typically takes two years to complete.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Courses are telecourses for the initial six-month program; the Advanced Certificate program includes telecourses and in-person seminars. E-mail discussion list and personal websites used to share questions, insights, and progress.
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered throughout North America
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition for the certification program is $1495.00 for the six-month program; the Advanced course requires an additional $195.00/month after the initial six month program is completed.
  • Unique Features: This program builds on clinical practice skills to establish a transformative relationship for both individual and group settings. Provides participants with free teleconference bridges and entire virtual groups to lead. Particularly suitable to doctoral level therapists.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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2795 Pearl Street Suite 200
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Tel: (303) 449-6117
Fax: (303) 449-6120
E-mail: Terrie Lupberger
  • Thumbnail Description: Strongly rooted in philosophical traditions such as the biology of cognition, the philosophy and ontology of language, and body movement studies.
  • Certification: In-house Coaching for Professional Mastery designation. The program includes 8-months of one-on-one coaching, 152 classroom hours, and in-depth course materials.
  • Accredited: International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Courses offered in intensive, residential format, including pre-work, regional conferences, a national conference and one-on-one coaching with a certified coach supervisor
  • Course Locations: National conference offered in Washington, DC; regional conferences in different geographic regions in the US. (Next round of course pre-work to begin December 1, 2000.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition for the certification program is $7200.00.
  • Unique Features: This program is not a check list or coaching tips approach; it focuses on the wisdom necessary to lead a masterful life and emphasizes whole body learning, observing, and coaching.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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PO Box 591525
San Francisco, CA 94159
Toll Free: (800) 332-4618
Fax: (415) 666-0558 E-mail:
  • Thumbnail Description: Created in 1986. Provides a Coaching to Excellence curriculum emphasizing didactic and experiential methods that focus on self-awareness, challenge, and a strong theoretical foundation.
  • Certification: Provides an in-house Professional Effectiveness Coach designation and also provides certification as a trainer for the Coach to Excellence coach training curriculum.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: In-person courses, limited to 18 people who meet for 4, four-day sessions during the year. Between sessions students attend six study groups and receive individual coaching (in-person or by phone).
  • Course Locations: Courses are offered in San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Ottawa (Canada).
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition for the certification program is $5900.00 and includes all course materials, individual coaching and certification.
  • Unique Features: During the courses students engage in dozens of coaching conversations, practice with several clients, receive feedback and are videotaped for their own learning. Much of the coaching curriculum is based on James Flaherty's work.
  • Viewpoints: New Ventures West encourages potential applicants to contact the NVW office to obtain referrals to current/past students who have agreed to confidentially discuss their experiences.

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903 Luttrell Street, Suite 1
Knoxville, TN 37917
Tel: (423) 524-9549
Fax: (423) 637-8831
E-mail: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie
  • Thumbnail Description: Established in 1994 and trains coaches to identify, understand and coach clients with Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Certification: Not currently available
  • Accredited: Not accredited
  • Course Delivery: Telephone courses supplemented with a mentoring system, manuals and workbooks
  • Course Locations: Anywhere with telephone connection
  • Program Costs/Fees: The price for the comprehensive program is $2495.00
  • Unique Features: Also uses learning methods to help coaches deal with their own ADD experiences; includes peer coaching on a weekly basis. The current president of OLI is Kate Kelly, author of "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? A Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. Her co-author, Peggy Ramundo is one of the directors of the OLI national, sliding-scale coaching clinic.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)

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1052 Davie Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8S 4E3
Tel: (250) 595-3503
Fax: (250) 595-3504
Toll-Free (800) 567-3700
  • Thumbnail Description: Provides peer coaching courses to train individuals to coach each other. Course offerings include emphasis on either workplace peer coaching, student peer coaching, coaching in First Nations populations, or peer mediation coaching.
  • Certification: Three levels of national certification are available.
  • Course Delivery: All courses are in-person seminars except supervised, individual study for persons seeking Level III certification
  • Course Locations: Workshops are provided in various cities in Canada and the United States
  • Program Costs/Fees: The Level I certification course is typically $700-$800; Level II certification course is $400-$500; and the Level III certification course fee is determined on an individual basis by participant goals and experience.
  • Unique Features: This is primarily a train-the-trainer organization, that is, persons who take these courses typically engage in teaching others how to coach each other as compared to engaging in coaching for financial gain. All courses have admission criteria which typically include past experience, previous training, and current career aspirations.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available)
  • Special Discount: Members of the Peer Resources Network receive discounts on registration fees.

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Dream Coach® Certification
Marcia Wieder, President
110 Pacific Ave. #355
San Francisco, California 94111
Tel: (415) 435-5564
Fax: (925) 215-2468
  • Thumbnail Description: Dream University (formerly known as Dream Coach) is a content specific coaching program that has been developed and successfully delivered by Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach for close to 20 years to over 100,000 people. Participants in the seven-day training learn a 10-step process including working with intention, integrity, purpose/passion, dreams, doubts, obstacles, beliefs, creating personal practices, strategies and team building. The structure of the program attracts both seasoned coaches seeking new tools and new coaches.
  • Certification: At the end of seven days, participants who graduate are Certified Dream Coaches. There is also a Dream Coach Group Leader program offered once a year. Graduates receive 45 CEU's toward the certification requirements of the International Coach Federation.
  • Course Delivery: This week-long program is delivered in an in-person classroom setting (maximum size 30) by Marcia Wieder.
  • Course Locations: Near San Francisco, California in January and August every year.
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition is $2950 U.S.
  • Unique Features: Dream Coaches get clients due to special marketing and "enrollment" tracks. Guest presenters include Michelle Schubnel, President of Coach & Grow Rich, Caterina Rando on Establishing your Self as an Expert and Tim Kelley on Finding Your Soul's Purpose.
  • Viewpoints: Testimonials available on the Dream University website.
  • Special Discount: Members of the Peer Resources Network receive ten percent discount on registration fee.

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2016 Lakebreeze Way
Reston, VA 20191-4021
Tel: (703) 716-8374
Fax: (703) 264-7867
  • Thumbnail Description: Created in 1987 and based on several traditions including sports psychology, management theory, NLP, the Inner Game, Integrative Learning and Accelerated Learning. Strong emphasis on integration of spiritual dimension.
  • Certification: Certified Success Coach (CSC) designation has been offered since 1987.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Normally requires 125 hours and takes about 10 months, but could take up to three years depending on participant needs.
  • Course Locations: Worldwide, mostly in North America and Europe.
  • Program Costs/Fees: $10,000 with a minimum payment of US$150.00 per month.
  • Unique Features: The SUN certification teaches coaches how to offer a specific coaching program, coaching competencies, and full support in setting up the business, including marketing. SUN prefers to train coaches who integrate their spirituality into their coaching. Every coach and client begins with discovering Life Purpose. SUN is a tailored certification program fit to the specific scheduling and financial needs of the applicant.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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INSTITUTE FOR LIFE COACH TRAINING (formerly Therapist University)
Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed.D., M.C.C. (President)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Edwina Adams (Director of Operations)
Plano, Texas
Toll-Free: (888) 267-1206 Tel: (972) 867-1915
Fax: (972) 867-2063
  • Thumbnail Description:This organization assists experienced and well trained helping and learning professionals make the transition to life coaching (full or part time) and helps the general population understand the distinction between therapy and coaching and when each service is appropriate and for whom. They train with a whole person approach to coaching that can be applied to any niche or specialty.
  • Certification: The curriculum meets the standards established by the ICF and is approved as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) providing necessary coursework to achieve the Professional Coach Certification of the ICF. They also provide a Certified Life Coach designation for persons who take 60 hours of training and meet other criteria.
  • Accredited: Accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Course Delivery: Courses are primarily teleclasses and each course is 40 hours. Course sequence starts every month. Teleclasses typically are provided as one hour, twice a week sessions. Live trainings are available from time to time.
  • Course Locations: Accessible by telephone from any location
  • Program Costs/Fees: Tuition for the basic 40-hour course is $1995.00 and includes the 500-page manual. Textbooks are an additional charge. Telephone charges outside the 407 area code must be paid by participants.
  • Unique Features: Training incorporates the theories and foundational philosophy from positive psychology, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and solution focused therapies such as the theories of Milton Erickson, Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli, NLP, Steve De Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg, Martin Seligman, and others who see human potential and self actualization as the touchstone of self improvement.
  • Viewpoints: (Not currently available.)

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T-COACH TRAINING SYSTEMS(Description removed in April, 2004: school is no longer in operation.)

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The Resource Academy (Resource Realizations)
Barbara Fagan, President
1083 Vine Street #309
Healdsburg, California 95448
PO Box 243
Hurricane, Utah 84737
Toll Free: (435) 635-8355
Fax: (707) 857-4310
  • Thumbnail Description: Provides training and a national network for professional coaches, facilitators and leaders committed to creating deep connections with others in ways that make a difference in the world. Master Coaches and Facilitators lead comprehensive curriculum based on ontological and experiential learning that cover core competencies required for masterful coaching, transformational facilitation and leadership. Students are supplied with a foundation of ontological ground of being, reflected in social, historical, cultural and language.

  • Certification: A 10-month curriculum, called Quantum Coaching I, consisting of five 3-day weekends and a total of 150 hours with video and case studies reviews. Between-weekend work is completed in study group session, teleclass, case study reviews and web based presentation. A Certified Performance Coaching (CPC) certificate is earned based on completion of 80 hours client work, oral exam, testing and completion of all course materials. Continuing education for recertification is provided for certified coaches from all coaching schools. Quantum Coaching 2 curriculum focuses on such areas as family coaching certification, business / executive coaching, and marketing tools to develop a successful coaching practice.

  • Accreditation: Application pending to the ICF for accreditation, 2005

  • Course Delivery:Courses are delivered in an in-person classroom setting (maximum size 40) by graduate coaches, contracted by Resource Realization.

  • Course Locations: Tempe, Arizona, September to June.

  • Program Fees: $Tuition is $5,800 US.

  • Unique Features: The Resources Academy also provides Facilitator Certification Training (9 months), an NLP Practitioners Credential, and a Leadership Program.

  • Viewpoints: Contact for references.

Western Seminary
Dr. Norman Thiesen, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
5511 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97215-3367
Toll Free: (877) 517-1800 (Portland) or Tel: (503) 517-1800 (Portland); email:
Toll Free: (877) 900-6889 (San Jose) or Tel: (408) 356-6889 (San Jose); email:
Toll Free: (800) 250-7030 (Sacramento) or Tel: (916) 488-3720 (Sacramento); email:
  • Thumbnail Description: Essentially Christian in development, this graduate level program uses well-known, experienced coaches with International Coach Federation MCC credentials to teach three core courses ("Coaching for Change," "Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship," and "Coaching as a Learning Catalyst." Four additional courses are available once the core courses are completed.

  • Certification: Courses can be taken for graduate level credit (to obtain a Master of Arts in Specialized Ministry - 60 hours) or certification (to obtain a Graduate Studies Certificate - 16 credits), or Diploma - 30 credits). The curriculum is aligned with the credentialing standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) for those who wish to pursue certification through the ICF.

  • Accreditation: Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (the acknowledged authority on accrediting academic programs) and the Association of Theological Schools, the primary body for accrediting theological schools.

  • Course Delivery: Courses are delivered in an in-person classroom in a two-day format. Distance learning versions of all coach training courses are now available employing DVD-ROM, telephone, and web conferencing.

  • Course Locations: Portland, Oregon, San Jose, California, and Sacramento, California.

  • Program Fees: Tuition is based on a per credit hour fee. Other fees are required. For an up-to-date summary, visit Western Seminary's fee schedule.

  • Unique Features: Courses are geared toward Ministry applications from pastoral counseling to Ministry leadership coaching and focus on the skills necessary to "unleash the God-given potential and dreams" of people in participant's congregations and ministries. Participants receive six hours of free personal coaching. Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

  • Viewpoints: Not available at this time.

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Other Coach Training Schools or Programs. (Every attempt has been made to include in the following descriptions the type of information available in the list above, but the formatting is different.)
  • Habit Change Coach - This training program offers an opportunity to become a Certified Habit Change Coach. The program consists of three components: (1) a 14-week (42-hour) fundamentals course where participants learn the ICF Core Coaching competencies as well as learn an effective model of HabitChange, and the class concludes with an oral and written mini-exam; (2) a 14-week (42-hour) associate coach course where participants deepen their coaching skills while learning the HabitChange coaching model—a proprietary process of assessing emotional, physical, and spiritual health across eight integrated life practice areas; (3) a 14-week coach residency course where participants coach in an organization, receive group supervision, do case presentations, volunteer at their local ICF chapter, and read and discuss articles on current events that impact coaching best practices; and (4) completion of 100 hours of coaching, two supervision sessions, the Certified HabitChange Coach Application, and submission of a $435 fee to sit for the final oral and written exam (and pass the oral and written exams). Becoming a Certified HabitChange Coach allows the coach to apply for their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the ICF. Because HabitChange Coach is an ACTP program with the ICF, once the coach completed 750 hours of coaching, they can submit for their Professional Certified Coach credential with the ICF without taking another oral exam. Participants can take all course work via a virtual model (15.5 months), via an in-person model (12-14 months), or via a hybrid model (9 months). The tuition for the program is $6,416. Additional contact details: Habit Change Coach, 360 N. Valley Road, Paoli, Pennsylvania 19301; Tel: (610) 279-2138.


  • Career Systems International - A Beverly Kaye and Associates Company provides workshops on Careerpower for Coaches. Located at 900 James Avenue, Scranton, PA 18510; Tel: (800) 577-6916; (570) 346-8840; Fax: (570) 346-8606; e-mail:


  • Career Coach Academy - Designed by career-services professionals and Master Certified Coaches (MCC) this organization provides a 15-week intensive tele-course training that results in eligibility for certification as a Certified Career Management Coach (CMCC). Their curriculum is accredited by the International Coach Federation, and includes discussion, peer coaching practice, written materials, and outside readings. They also provide on-site training. Additional contact information: e-mail:


  • Firework Career Coach Training - Designed by two International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coaches, this U.K.-based organization provides a one-day, in-person training for persons who hold recognized coaching or career counselling credentials or experience. Their curriculum is approved by the ICF, and relies on experiential learning. Participants receive a career coach's manual, a CD containing ready-to-use client exercises, and a listing on the Firework website. Participants also can tune in to a follow-up teleconference with the program founder to share best practice ideas. The tuition for their program is £795, and early bird rates are available (check their website for latest training dates). Tel: 01273 563518 (UK) or 00 44 1273 563518 (overseas) e-mail:


  • Headway Coaching Group - Started by coach (PCC, ICF) and certified ASTD Master Trainer Alex Khrapov in 2007, this organization offers educational and support programs for certified coaches. Their program is designed to help newer coaches transform their early-stage coaching practice into a thriving business. They provide two tracks, one focusing on business skills for coaches (six learning modules); and one focusing on building coaching confidence (six modules). Courses are typically 75-minutes long and presented via Skype and webinar as well as in a live group setting. Courses typically begin in January and September of each year. Tuition is currently £1506 if both tracks are taken simultaneously. Check their website for the latest fees and schedule of courses. Headway also offers a Mentor Coaching Group, a Coaching Circle Group, and a Guided Coaching Circle, all of which can contribute toward hours necessary for ICF certification. Contact information and location are not included on the website, but a form to submit email is available.


  • Master Intuitive Coach® Institute - Created by Colette Baron-Reid teaches a patented and trademarked process called IN-Vizion. Too few details were available on the website to describe the process, the learning structure, how courses are offered and delivered, and what cost of tuition. After completing the program, coaches must attend a live event to maintain certification and keep 100% of their coaching income. Their website says that they believe that other training organizations take a portion of their graduates income and pricing structure is determined by the training organization.) No contact details or location are provided and an email form is available on the website for contact.


  • New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) - This U.K.-based organization provides an M.A. in Existential Coaching as well as a Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching. The M.A. program is offered in partnership with Middlesex University and provides enough hours to qualify for membership in the Association for Coaching. The program is an in-person, full-time program typically taking two years to complete. The focus is existential, that is, the emphasis is on participant's understanding of the human predicaments of their clients in a philosophical way, and draws upon the work of existential thinkers. The program includes a written dissertation, elements of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic training as well as cognitive-behavioural training. NSPC's certificate program consists of three, in-person modules (humanistic and existential approaches; issues in psychotherapy and counselling; and key theories in counselling, psychotherapy & coaching). The fee for each module is £575 per module: total for all 3 modules is £1,725. Information about fees and tuition is not available on the website for the M.A., but can be obtained by email. Additional contact: NSPC, 254-256 Belsize Road, London NW6 4BT, U.K.; Tel: (in the UK) 0845 5577752; from overseas: +44 (0) 207 624 0471; Email:


  • New Millennium Coaching Evolutionary Coach Training Program - This U.K.-based organization offers beginner and intermediate accredited courses that develop the 11 core coaching competencies as dictated by the ICF's ACTP Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation system. The program, divided into four modules, is offered in an in-person, five-day, workshop-style course for the first three modules with pre-program coursework (not specified) and coursework, coaching practice, and video, audio and written materials for further learning, in between modules three (mastery in coaching) and four (certification, teleclasses, distance learning, and a final examination of coaching skills). Participants who graduate from this program will be able to apply for credentialing with the ICF once they fulfil the requirements of a number of coaching hours for Associate or Professional Certified Coach. In-person workshops are run by experienced Master Certified Coaches and all mentoring will be done by trained, credentialed Coach Mentors. Courses are offered in Europe and Shanghai. Information about tuition, principals that run the organization, or the location of the organization is not available on the website. Additional contact: Tel: (in the UK) +44 20 8123 6413; Email:; Twitter:


  • Life Coaching Institute of America - This organization, founded by Leslie Schultz and Gina Barritt offers two training tracks: a certification training course (20-hour class, plus 16-hours of in-person class hours, homework and a practicum that has on-going supervision); and a graduate advanced training (20-hour class with 16-hours of face-to-face work, homework, a comprehensive exit exam; and an intensive practicum with a minimum of three hours of supervision. Specific topics, including those that emphasize motivational interviewing, covered in each track are available on their website. The website describes their curriculum as "compliant with the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics & Core Competencies." Tuition is $595.00 per class. Consult their website for the latest course schedule and fees. Contact: Life Coaching Institute of America, 17806 iH-10, Suite 300, San Antonio, Texas 78257; Tel: (877) 599-5242;


  • Academy for Coaching Excellence - This organization is accredited by the International Coach Federation and offers in-person course training in Sacramento, California. Courses include "Mastering Life's Energies" (4.5-day intensive workshop), "Empowering Life's Energies" (4.5-day intensive workshop), "Coaching and Results" (4.5-day intensive workshop); and "Advanced Coaching" (4.5-day intensive workshop). Successful completion of all program requirements, including a practicum (teleconference, 12 bi-weekly sessions), "Ethics and Coaching" (teleconference, 4 bi-weekly sessions), "Coaching Your Business" (teleconference, 4 bi-weekly sessions), "Individual Mentor Coaching" (15 hours with Academy-approved coach), and paid coaching (125 paid coaching contact hours), and passing a final exam result in certification. Contact: Academy for Coaching Excellence, 2150 River Plaza Drive, Suite 350, Sacramento, California 95833; Tel: (916) 569-0779.


  • Deep Coaching Institute - This organization offers a Deep Coaching Certification program (DCC) through the Deep Coaching Institute (DCI). The program is approved for 102 hours by the International Coach Federation for ACSTH and CEU's. The DCC is designed for experienced coaching and organization development professionals who wish to offer the Enneagram and presence-based coaching to their clients. The DCC is made up of four distinct courses, two offered virtually and two offered as live retreats. Students can follow a cohort track (nine consecutive months) or independent track (over three years) to certification. A highlight of the program is a five month faculty-supervised fieldwork course that enables students to practice techniques learned, and receive feedback from Deep Coaching experts. Requirements for admission: a minimum of 12 course hours focused on the Enneagram; current occupation as a coach or organization development professional, (other human development occupations are also considered); minimum of 60 paid coaching hours in professional practice; and reading of books by Deep Coaching founder, Roxanne Howe-Murphy. Total tuition is $12,600. Participants must engage in a minimum of 10 individual coaching sessions with an approved Deep Coaching Certified Coach (additional payment required). DCI also offers advanced virtual presence-based courses ranging in price from $210-$480. The DCI website ( includes the most up-to-date course and tuition information. Additional contact information: Deep Coaching Institute, 2 Shayan Court, Mill Valley, California 94941; Tel: (415) 215-9415; email:


  • Business Coaches Training Academy - This organization provides a distance education that focuses on advanced coaching skills (not basic foundational skill training), techniques, information, and tools specific to the business world, and has developed its own proprietary VALUE coaching model, founded by Dorcas Kelley, a senior business and nonprofit coach. Courses are typically 28 hours over eight weeks (a blend of live teleclasses and online self-paced learning modules. Two specialized curricula have been developed: one for people expecting to work with small and mid-sized business coaching; and one for people expecting to work in nonprofit coaching. Current tuition is $1299 per course (with early bird pricing). Check their website for the latest start dates, course details and tuition. Courses qualify for the ICF CCEU system. Contact: PO Box 70356, Sunnyvale, California 94086; Tel: (408) 505-1157.


  • Retirement Coach Institute (RCI) - Closed in 2007 and consolidated with Career Coach Institute.


  • Retirement Options, Inc. - An eight-week (60-minutes per week) teleclass option or a self-paced, self-study option (or a combination of the two) are provided leading to the designation of "Certified Retirement Coach." Tuition for the program is $895.00 and includes materials, CD's, resource guides, books, networking, monthly support, and a referral service. Telecourses are offered in day or evening schedules. Check the website for the most recent start times. Additional contact: 1714 Big Horn Basin Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63011; Tel: (636) 458-0813); e-mail:


  • Coachville - This organization offers a variety of coach training courses and provides a coach certification that can be obtained in as little as six months, depending on experience. Courses are relevant to beginning as well as experienced coaches and all courses are offered onlline. In addition to courses this organization provides sample coaching sessions in real audio, lists of coaching mistakes, a coach referral network, extensive information on marketing coach services, an in-person conference and many other support services for coaches. A life-time membership is available for $79.00 and will enable members to engage in many training courses at no extra cost. Additional low-cost courses are also available.


  • The Graduate School of Coaching - Launched in April, 2002, the Graduate School of Coaching (GSC) is the brainchild of Thomas Leonard, acknowledged as the founder of modern coaching practice. This school has been designed for the coach who is at the intermediate to advanced level of their craft. Typically participants have received some coach training elsewhere and have 1-10 years of experience as a professional coach. Their goal is to advance their coaching skill set and learn additional strategies to serve clients in a larger variety of life and business situations. The Graduate School of Coaching offers 200 hours of advanced training. All courses are by telecourse. Tuition is $1795 and includes an additional 800 hours of coach training through other Coachville schools. Contact:


  • The School of Coaching (Coachville) - This 200-hour curriculum is for the individual who is just starting out. Curriculum includes basic coaching skills and proficiencies, coaching models and tools and to how to get started with a coaching practice. All courses are by telecourse. Tuition is $1795 and includes an additional 800 hours of coach training through other Coachville schools. Contact:


  • Graduate School of Corporate Coaching (Coachville) - This 200-hour curriculum is for the coach who is operating in a corporate setting, either as an external or internal coach. Designed for those who coach managers, executives, teams or the organization. Described as providing the next generation of coaching skills, models, tools and solutions. There are 200 hours of training included in the curriculum. All courses are by telecourse. Tuition is $1795 and includes an additional 800 hours of coach training through other Coachville schools. Contact:


  • School for Small Business Coaching (Coachville) - This training program has been designed for the coach who is currently working or plans to work with small business owners, entrepreneur clients, sole practitioners and home-based businesses. There is a 100-hour curriculum which is described as a complete training for the small business coach. Tuition is $1795 and includes an additional 800 hours of coach training through other Coachville schools. Contact:


  • The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Transformation - This group offers a “Transformational Life Coach Certificate Program” that can be taken in either a online or on-campus method. The program consists of 100 classroom hours (80 hours in introduction to life coaching and 20 hours in life coaching strategies and techniques), and participants can complete the course in three months if full-time or five months on a part-time basis. Tuition for the first weekend is $360.00. Their site claims that 95 percent of those who attend the weekend go on to take the 100 hours of life coach training. They also state that their training enables participants to “master the professional core competencies as outlined by both the International Coach Federation and the International Coaching Association.” Participants also receive coaching during their engagement with the program. Contact: 1100 East Apache Blvd., Tempe, Arizona 85281; Tel: 480) 994-9244; Toll-free: 888.504.9106;


  • HireCoach HireCoach offers a "Developmental Coaching: Business & Personal" academic credit training workshop. Their workshop includes the following: 1) nine graduate/undergraduate academic credits through the accredited Lindenwood University, 2) highly educated and experienced instructors, 3) 122 hours of training specific to coaching, 4) a professional certificate, 5) a 20/1 student/instructor ratio, and 6) an in-person format. Clients/students can expect to enhance current performance, gain new skills and tools, increase coaching effectiveness, lead others to professional or personal growth, and inspire personal excellence. The workshop, held one weekend a month for nine months, is located in the St. Louis area at the Foundry Arts Centre in St. Charles, Missouri. Full tuition for the workshop is $4050. This includes fees for nine graduate/undergraduate academic hours of credit through Lindenwood University as applicable. Up to a 10% discount on full tuition is available based on payment method combined with early remittance. HireCoach is owned by Darrel Hollinger, M.Ed., MBA and Certified Professional Coach, and a business expert with over 25 years corporate experience. Mr. Hollinger has background as an assistant student dean and management trainer. Additional faculty include Patt Hollinger Pickett, M.Ed., Ph.D., a Certified Professional Coach and relationship expert with 20 years experience as a psychotherapist. Dr. Pickett is licensed as a Marital & Family Therapist and Professional Counselor. In addition, she holds Missouri Teacher Certification. Mr. Hollinger is a member of and practices the ethics of Peer Resources, the International Coach Federation, and the International Association of Coaches. Dr. Pickett is a member of and practices the ethics of the International Association of Coaches, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the National Board of Certified Counselors. Additional contact information: Darrel Hollinger or Dr. Patt Hollinger Pickett, HireCoach, 1000 Lake St. Louis Blvd. #200, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri 63367
    Tel: (877) 447-3262; E-mail


  • Institute of Executive Coaching - Established in 1999 in Australia, this organization specializes in training executive coaches, and has trained more than 1100 coaches. They operate primarily in Australia and the Asia-Pacific regions, and their training is based on experiential, in-person methods that include intensive and interactive workshops, reflective learning tasks, practical experience, supervision, and membership in a "community of practice" for ongoing professional development. In addition to training independent coaches, the Institute also provides in-house training to assist organizations to develop their own internal coaching capability and culture. Training consists of three levels: Levels I and II focus on coaching theory and practice; Level III focuses on "metaskills" or a more advanced approach to coaching. Successful completion of all three levels leads to "accreditation" by the Institute. (In North America the term "certification" would be more accurate, since "accreditation" in North America is associated with organizations and not individuals.) As of 2007, the tuition for each level is $3000.00(AU) plus GST. Free introductory courses are available. For more information about current dates for courses (primarily in Melbourne and Sydney), consult their website. Additional contact information: Institute of Executive Coaching, Suite 203, Barrack House, 343 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000; Tel: 61 2 8270 0600; email:


  • International Coach Academy (ICA) - This school is an International Coach Federation accredited, global coach training school that delivers coach training to over 70 countries around the world. The ICA training programs are designed to ensure maximum flexibility and include a balance of theory and practice. Students become members of an online learning environment with access to live tutorials, discussion forums, downloadable lectures and communities of practice. All students have the opportunity to coach, be coached and give feedback on coaching. The majority of ICA students pursue coach training to add to an existing profession or enter a new profession as a coach. For further details, contact Bill Turpin, Business Manager by email, or contact their office by phone in Australia at: +61 3 9513 5868; or in the USA and Canada toll free at: (877) 752-5128; or in New Zealand: +64 9 529 4050; and the UK and Europe toll free: 0800 404 9287 and in Asia Pacific 86 20 3884 4278


  • Coach Corp Centre for Professional Coaching - This Australian organization offers a Certificate in Professional Coaching. The training is delivered in a 115 hour course that includes 50 hours of in-person interactive workshops over a 12-14 week period plus additional coaching and research experiences. Details about the content of the training are available on their website. Their program has been designed to assist participants to apply for certification through the International Coach Federations' portfolio system. Contact: Ross Gillespie, PO Box 233 Mitcham, Victoria 3132, Australia; Tel: (03) 9872 6474; email:


  • The Coaching Institute - This school was established in Australia in 2003 by Sharon Pearson and focuses on neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in both the life coaching and business coaching areas. They offer a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and a Diploma of Life Coaching. They describe their program as "accredited;" their website as being "ranked in the top three sites in Australia and the world;" and that they are "the most accredited life coaching school in Australasia. (Note: this school appears to use the term "accredited" as equivalent to what North American's would call "certified.") Coaching courses focus on core competencies of coaching, ethics, success principles, rapport building skills, SMART & GROW models of coaching, coaching proficiencies, marketing, and personal development. Participants in life coach training receive a pre-learning pack, an intake weekend, engagement in year-round telecourses, group mentoring, individual mentoring, business building classes, CD's and DVD's. To achieve the Certificate IV in Life Coaching, participants must take core courses, write a knowledge paper, provide a business plan, present testimonials from two clients, participate in a skills assessment, and complete a book review. To achieve the Diploma in Life Coaching participants must complete courses, complete assessment papers in each course, provide testimonials from clients, produce a product with $500 of receipts from sales, deliver an executive coaching initiative, and deliver a seminar/talk/public speech. Persons who wish to apply for ICF credentials can use the course work from TCI as part of the portfolio application method. TCI has also developed a franchise system for its graduates. For further information contact TCI, 335 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne 3205, Victoria, Australia; Tel: 1800 094 927


  • Life Coaching Institute (Australia) - The Life Coaching Institute specializes in training coaches through the Institute's Certificate IV in Life Coaching, which is accredited and nationally recognized by the Australian Department of Employment, Training and Industrial Relations. The program covers nine units of competency over 430 nominal contact hours. The Certificate IV in Life Coaching is a self-paced program that generally takes students between 6 - 8 months to complete. Tuition for the program is AUD$2495. They also offer a Diploma of Life Coaching, which includes more in-depth work (17 units, 1,000 hours of content, 34 hours of telecourses, and more). For further information contact: Life Coaching Institute (Aust), PO Box 601, Lutwyche QLD 4030, Australia; Tel: +61 7 3357 4964; Fax: +61 7 3857 2644; E-mail:


  • Ampersand Australia - This organization provides a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Coaching for Solutions. They describe coaching as "the new face of therapy" and coaches as "change facilitators." This is a two-year, in-person, experiential program with study groups and written assignments. Classes typically meet in Melbourne for two days per month. Tuition for the Diploma is $4950 or $9900 for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Contact: Centre of Effective Therapy, PO Box 2366, North Brighton, Victoria 3186 Australia; Tel: 03 9592; Fax: 03 9596 7800; E-mail.


  • Coaching for Life - Created by Lifelong Learning Press and designed to help individuals in organizations who have coaching responsibilities. The course includes basic coaching skills, feedback, assessment, team development and overcoming barriers. Contact: Di Granger, Director of Learning Resources, Lifelong Learning Press;


  • Laske and Associates - Created by Laske and Associates LLC, this organization specializes in training coaches, managers and HR staff in developmental coaching, a specialty within evidence-based coaching. A variety of workshops and courses are offered, including An Introduction to Developmental Coaching, Introduction to the Client's Structure of Interpretation, a Certificate Program in Developmental Coaching, and others. The training is based on a fusion of organization theory (Elliott Jaques) and the Kohlberg School at Harvard (Basseches, Kegan, Laske), and is the first strictly evidence-based training developed to date.

    Highlights of developmental coach training are:

    • Training based on CDREM™, a methodology for measuring capability in organizations, and for matching clients' level of work complexity to their present capability level
    • Focus on developmental listening, interviewing, and interview analysis with direct impact on giving client feedback, enrolment, coaching conversations, and assessment of outcome
    • Training in team coaching linked to company-wide Capability Management using Capability Metrics to assess outcome of entire coaching programs, and move companies toward an optimal match of work and people.
    Consult their website for specific dates, locations, detailed course descriptions, and fees. Contact: Laske and Associates, 51 Mystic Street, Medford, Massachusetts 02155; Tel: (781) 391-2361; E-mail.


  • The NLP and Coaching Institute of California - This organization offers an in-person, 120-hour (16-day) program that has been accredited by the International Coach Federation. The program combines "traditional coaching practices" with the "clear how-to's of NLP" (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). A list of the topics covered is available on the website. While the organization is located in California, the courses are offered in other locations. Tuition is $3900.00 Contact: Kris, NLP and Coaching Institute, 1534 Plaza Lane #334, Burlingame, California 94010; Tel: (800) 767-6756 or (317) 844-6362; email.


  • Coach Academy Texas - This organization provides an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach training and certification program. The program integrates ICF core competencies with NLP principles. At least one of the faculty members is a International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC). Other faculty members are expert NLP trainers and practitioners, business executives and professional coaches. The program includes 130 hours of in-person classroom training (exceeding current ICF certification requirements for both the ACC and PCC designations), typically completed in 7-10 months. The focus is on practical coaching skills, ICF certification preparation, and the latest NLP concepts for coaches. Participants receive support from mentor coaches throughout the program via in-class and teleconference methods, and the classroom model is built on the "present, demonstrate, practice" approach. Guest speakers are included throughout the program. Courses are available in Dallas, Chicago, and Austin. A unique element of their website is that they provide a chart that compares their training program with the programs of ten other coach training schools. The cost of the full program is $8,295. Consult their website for more detailed program and curriculum information along with current dates and payment options. Additional contact information: 6107 Jereme Trail, Dallas, Texas 75252-7900; Tel: (972) 733-9963; Fax: (972) 733-4228;


  • The International Society of Neuro-Semantics - This organization brings focuses on meta-coaching, a model of facilitating a relational conversation. Based on NLP and Neuro-Semantics, the courses, or coaching "fast track," include a two-day Coaching Essentials course; a three-day Coaching AGenius course, a Meta-Coaching for Associate Certified Meta-Coach course, which is a seven-day intensive that focuses on "yourself as coach," "skills for coaching," and coaching practice. There is also a longer curriculum called the "Ultimate Coaching Track" that includes 400 hours of verifiable coaching experience and enables participants to apply to become a Professional Certified Meta-Coach. Trainings appear to be available in the U.S.A., South Africa, the UK, and Europe. No tuition fee information appears on the website. For more information contact Dr. Bobby G. Bodenhamer, 1516 Cecelia Drive, Gastonia, North Carolina 28054; Tel: (704) 864-3585; email:


  • Worklife's Career Coach Certification Program (CCCP) - This organisation provides two-day skill development programs for mentors, HRM staff, career advisers, life coaches, job search trainers, outplacement providers, career program consultants, career development officers, intensive assistance case managers, occupational psychologists, and rehabilitation cousellors. Worklife is a boutique consultancy focused on developing career resilience and self-reliance within individuals, organisations, and career coaches. The CCCP workshop has been developed around the recognised competency standards for career coaches in Australia. For more information contact: Worklife International Pty Limited, Level 21, 201 Miller Street North Sydney, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 8969 9368 email:


  • Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) - WABC provides credentialing programs for business coaches (designations and degrees) and business coach training programs (designations).

    For business coaches: WABC's Chartered Business Coach (ChBC) designation is intended for senior professional business coaches who have completed the WABC Accredited (Chartered Level) program. It is an international designation that recognizes business coaches who apply their coaching in a variety of contexts, the outcomes of which may be unpredictable. The ChBC identifies holders as leaders in the emerging coaching profession. The ChBC is the only chartered business coaching designation in the world, and is a stand-alone credential and the highest level of certification.

    The WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) designation is intended for experienced business coaches who have completed a WABC Accredited (Master Level) program. The CMBC identifies holders as masters in the emerging coaching profession. It is an international designation that recognizes business coaches who apply their coaching to a broad range of organizations. The CMBC is a stand-alone credential and an advanced level of certification.

    The WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation is intended for practitioner-level business coaches who have completed a WABC Accredited (Practitioner Level) program. The CBC identifies holders as practitioners in the emerging coaching profession. It is an international designation that recognizes business coaches who apply their coaching to a narrower range of contexts. The CBC is a stand-alone credential and the first level of certification.

    WABC also offers the Master of Arts in Professional Development (Business Coaching) in collaboration with the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) and Middlesex University, both in the United Kingdom. This fully accredited MA degree is open to anyone who holds WABC's Chartered Business Coach (ChBC) or WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) designation.

    For those newer to business coaching WABC offers a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation, which is awarded to business coaches who have completed a Registered Corporate Coach program. The RCC is considered an intermediate designation. It is not as rigorous as a certification program, yet it offers the benefits of a business coaching designation based on life experience.

    For business coach training providers: WABC also provides the designation "WABC Accredited," and this is the first international designation specifically for business coach training providers. There are three levels of accreditation. (1) WABC Accredited - (Chartered Level) is their highest level of accreditation, and is for programs that aim to develop senior coaches who apply their coaching in a variety of contexts, the outcomes of which may be unpredictable. Graduates of Chartered Level programs are eligible to receive the Chartered Business Coach (ChBC) designation; (2) WABC Accredited - (Master Level) is their advanced level of accreditation, and is for programs that aim to develop master coaches who provide broad services at all levels to a range of organizations. Graduates of Master Level programs are eligible to receive the WABC Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC) designation; and (3) WABC Accredited - (Practitioner Level) is their first level of accreditation is for programs that aim to develop practitioner coaches, who practice in one organization or provide defined services to a narrow clientele. Graduates of these programs are eligible to receive the WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation. Details about all program offerings are available on the WABC website. Further contact details: Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, Tel: +1.250.656.8732; email:


  • Creative Results Management Core Coaching Skills Certification Program - This Singapore-based organization provides a combination of in-person and telecourse trainings for a total of 65 hours. The estimated cost for this training is expected to be only $600.00(US). To obtain certification, participants must attend all class sessions, pass written tests on all course content, receive coaching, coach at least three people for a minimum of 25 hours total, and complete coaching practicum assignments. The curriculum appears to focus primarily on personal and life coaching. While the organization is based on Singapore, they also provide training in Thailand. For more information contact Dr. Keith Webb, 1007 Lower Delta Road #19-01, 099310 Singapore.


  • The Creative Grief Studio - This school offers creative grief education in two formats: 1) a four-month, 12-module, online program offered twice a year in March and September that leads to certification in creative grief support; and 2) one-day, creative, experiential summer school playshops that run June to August each year. The certification program builds on the experience of the school leaders, guest faculty, and practice models with content focused on narrative therapy, appreciative enquiry, shame resilience theory, learning theory, live coaching calls, and a variety of creative tools. See their website for the content details of each module as well as the module dates for next certification session. Persons who wish to become certified must provide a recording of a Remembering Conversation, plus instructions and testing for a self-designed creative grief support tool. Tuition in 2015 for the certification track is $3450.00 (check their website for the most up-to-date fee information; partial scholarships are available.) The Summer School Playshops are announced each year in May, and again, look for details on their website. Additional contact information: Tamara Beachum, Program Administrator, Tel:(404) 377-5160; email:  
  • 1 to 1 Coaching School - Provides a number of courses including a 4-day certified master coach course, a 4-day internal organizational master coach course, a 4-day manager/leader as coach course, a mentoring program, coaching clinics, and specialty coaching workshops. All sessions are led by Dr. Suzanne Skiffington, the co-author of one of the top books on coaching, The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work. All courses are delivered on a one-to-one basis through in-person dialogue: there are no traditional classes or groups. Dr. Skiffington's behavioral coaching system is reported to significantly reduce training time and cost, while achieving enhanced learning with accelerated one-to-one learning. Courses are offered in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland. Visit their website for more details, including fees and a list of space available in various countries. Contact in North America: 9911 W. Pico Blvd. Suite 630, Century City, California 90035: Fax: 310 2862589; Tel: Sydney + 61 2 9516 2438; Gold Coast + 61 7 5591 2403; e-mail:


  • Behavioral Coaching Institute - An Australian-based organization that offers a program leading to a Certificate in Applied Coaching and a designation as a Registered Behavioral Coach. Courses are conducted through in-person, small group instruction plus follow-up mentoring with the instructor, Suzanne Skiffington. Courses are offered in Australia, the US, Canada and other countries. Course length is typically four-days and includes a focus on four areas: learning how to provide educational/training services, learning about consultation services such as assessment and coaching needs analysis, learning how to use the latest behavioral change and sustainable learning tools, and learning how to measure the results of coaching. Courses include extensive course materials such as practice manual, resource manual, and a master coach toolkit. Consult their website for the most up-to-date locations, dates and fees, but course fees are typically $4950 for the four-day course plus follow-up mentoring. For persons who wish to learn specific basic coaching skills, this organization also provides the 1 to 1 Coaching School. Contact: (North America: 410 Park Avenue, New York, New York; Canada: 2588 Comet Court, Mississauga, Ontario.)


  • Graduate School of Master Coaches - This organization, also created and run by Suzanne Skiffington and Perry Zeus as a subsidiary of the Behavioral Coaching Institute, provides a four-day, small group (8-12 participants), customized, in-person coaching course for leadership and executive coaching. A distance learning, one-on-one option is available. Persons who complete this course are awarded the title "Certified Master Coach." Pre-admission assignments and pre-course mentoring are requirements and a fee ($295.00) is required for mentoring. At present courses are offered in New York, London, Singapore, and Bangkok. Tuition for the in-person course is approximately $4850.00(US); details of the fee for the distance option does not appear on the website. For persons who wish to learn specific basic coaching skills, this organization also provides the 1 to 1 Coaching School. Contact: (North America: 410 Park Avenue, New York, New York; Canada: 2588 Comet Court, Mississauga, Ontario.)


  • Leonard Coaching - This organization, located in Canada, offers instruction on both English and French. Their training program requires four days of theory, 33 hours of supervised practice and a certification exam. Graduates can apply to become an RCC Corporate Coach accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Check their website for dates and tuition. Tel: (514) 592-5441; email:


  • Institute of Organisational Coaching - This organisation provides coach training and professional development programs for individuals, teams, groups, managers, leaders and organisations. The foundation for this training is a "Business Thinking System," an approach, based on years of research in the coaching industry and used for more than 20 years, that emphasizes that "change is not vested in individuals alone but in the processes, practices, and cultural systems of the team, business unit and organisation." The training curriculum is designed to achieve the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. Participation requires joining the Institute and paying an annual fee (AUD850 plus tax) plus participation in a Summer and Winter conference (fee: AUD500/day excluding accommodation or meals, and such). Participants have free and open use of the BTS learning methodologies, and when sufficiently skilled, can provide training to new IOC members in their own geographic regions. Check their website for start dates for the next trainings. Additional contact details: John Finneran, IOC, Suite T301, Level 3, 506 - 508 Miller Street, Cammeray, New South Wales, Australia 2062; Tel: 612 9934 1916; email:


  • Executive Coaching University - This training organization certifies participants in MasterMind Executive Coaching in five weeks, and is based on Six Sigma methodologies. The program includes 10-90 minute sessions, meeting twice a week via webinar. Their program is approved for 15 continuing education credits by the International Coach Federation. Tuition is $979.00, and includes all instruction and materials and a full-year membership in their training center that stores video and audio of each class as well as homework assignments and course workbooks. The organization offers a 100 percent money back guarantee with no questions asked. Contact: The Executive Coaching University, 25958 Genesee Trail Road, Suite 400, Golden, Colorado 80401; Tel: (800) 251-1696; email:


  • Institute for the Psychology of Eating - This organization offers an Eating Psychology Coach certification through a 250+hour distance education model (seven modules) that includes videos, audios, teleclasses, recommended readings, handouts, online forums, and an optional live event. Their curriculum has been approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. The focus is on holistic education based on the approaches of "Dynamic Eating Psychology" and "Mind-Body Nutrition." Typical completion time is eight months. Following the completion of the training, participants take a multliple choice exam.Tuition as of December 2014 is $6950.00 (payment plans available). Check their website for latest schedule and tuition costs. Contact: Institute for the Psychology of Eating, PO Box 941, Boulder, Colorado 80306; email:


  • Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) - This private membership-based association emphasizes a combination of coaching skills with business fundamentals, and their curriculum emphasizes strategies such as marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, leadership development, financial management, increasing profit margins, and systematizing the business. Participants who complete the training are considered Licensed Professional Business Coaches. The training consists of live, in-person business coach training (six days), access to specific coaching tools, and on-going post-training support, which includes buddy coaching, weekly coaching skills calls, and calls dealing with business issues. Tuition is $12,800 and includes all training materials, hotel and meals during training, a full-year of membership plus all post-training support. (Check their website for the latest details on tuition and course dates.) Contact: John Denny, President PBCA, Tel: (315) 952-9704; (866) 333-1240; email:


  • Coaching from Spirit Institute - Provides a Certified Master Spirit Program led by Founder Master Spirit Coach Sharon Wilson and Carolyn Wilson Elliott. This is a six-month, telecourse based training that blends inner and outer technologies for Masterful Coaching. Course work includes a focus on creating an energy marketing marketing, participating in a self-managed coaching team, and learning about coaching tools and processes. Enrollment in this program requires that applicants have completed a Level One Coaching from Spirit course. The Level I course is a 12-month telecourse that includes 48 weekly sessions which focus on energy coursework, tools and technqiues for personal transformation, experiential energy work and coaching resources. A unique aspect of this program is that the tuition is based on the degree to which participants desire additional one-on-one coaching with the course leaders; consequently the fee for the training can range from $200 per month to $400 per month. A special combined fee is available for both the Level I and Master Level program. Check the website for course starting dates. Contact: PO Box 836, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania 16056; email:


  • Teleos Leadership Institute - This organization provides a 12-day in-person coach development program (delivered on two separate weeks about five months apart) geared toward ICF certification. The in-person training includes a minimum of 36 hours of practice sessions. Between each session there are coaching clinic conference calls (minimum of 24 hours), a requirement of a minimum of 10 hours of coaching real clients, an online personal development program (6-12 hours), and feedback from faculty. Participants who desire ICF certification must submit a 30-60 minute recorded coaching session that demonstrates all the ICF core competencies. Tuition is $11,000 and includes all materials, and snack breaks and lunch each day. Check the website for the latest course schedule and any fee updates. Contact: Bobbie Nash, Office Manager, Teleos Leadership Institute, 7837 Old York Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19027; Tel: (800) 377-8846 or (267) 620-9999; email:


  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) - An introductory video and a recording of one of the teleseminars are available on the website at Christy Whitman the founder of the QSCA describes her training as "the most comprehensive coach training in then world...with a 95% (student) retention rate," and the curriculum is recognized by the International Coach Federation. Training is typically offered once a year (this year it began in May 2011 and the next program will begin in October 2011) and is a live, virtual training with approximately 36 calls over a period of one-year. Classes are in the mornings or evenings, and participants can choose whether to participate via Skype, local phone or webcast. Enrolment is limited to a maximum of 30 students per class. Each participant is assigned a personal mentor and a small group personal support team (three to four other course participants). The training curriculum emphasizes coaching skills, business and marketing strategies, seven universal laws, future visionary process, and light worker training. The website includes an extensive number of compelling testimonials from former participants. The Tuition is approximately $3997.00. Additional contact information: Christy Whitman, 3565 Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 213, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109; (514) 453-0788.; email:


  • Universal University of Holisitic Spirituality - This organization, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, offers three degrees (BA, MA, Ph.D.) in Spiritual Life Coaching. All their programs blend psychology, coaching, metaphysics, natural health, and business courses in a distance learning format. Students take courses at their own pace and turn in assignments to their faculty mentor. All assignments and research are relevant and directly applicable to the field of coaching. Complete degree fees range from $1400 to $1800 plus books. Payment plans and credit cards are accepted. Contact information: Michelle L. Casto, Universal University, 2451 McMullen Bool Road Suite 257, Clearwater, Florida 33759; Tel: (727) 796-8988; Fax: (727) 824-7957; email:


  • CoachTheLifeCoach - Created by Life Coach Tim Brownson for new, or soon to be Life Coaches. This program requires 50 documented coaching hours, a 1500 word essay and a full test to achieve certification. The course typically includes a nine-week online training program consisting of nine modules (see website for details of each module) that focus on helping coaches build and market a profitable business. A moneyback guarantee is available. The modules can be started at anytime with a three week notice prior to starting; and the modules must be completed within 12 months of the start date. Participants receive lifetime access to the member's area, access to a private Facebook group, and access to the full life coach library. Contact information: Tim Brownson, Coach The Life Coach, P.O. Box 441, Gotha, Florida 34734; Tel: (407) 334-4692; email:


  • Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) A Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling School - This organization describes itself as the "Harvard University of Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling schools" and offers a number of distance learning telecourses, leading to a self-mastery home study certificate, a basic life coaching certificate, or a professional certification in life coaching. Tuition for the basic courses is $6,070 and for the professional certification course is $8,960 (but check their website for the most up-to-date fee schedule). Details about all the courses are provided on HLC's website. Their website describes the professional certification course as "comparable to enrolling in a college level PhD program" but less costly and faster to complete. Both the Spiritual Counselors Professional Certification course and the Life Coaching Professional Certification course include 46-hours of self-mastery and self-parenting classes; a self-mastery textbook; an 8.5 hour audiocassette program; a 1000-page life coaching/spiritual counseling training manual; a six-hour coaching audiocassette training program; a 24-hour teleclass with an HLC Instructor; a 90-minute session of supervised Internship training; a portfolio of clinically tested healing exercises; and the Spiritual Distinction Meditation audio tape, “Bleep” DVD or VHS. Additional contact information: Holistic Learning Centers, Inc., 1509 Lakeside Drive South, Forked River, New Jersey 08731; Tel: (888) 452-0878.


  • Biblical Coaching Academy (BCA) - The BCA provides one-on-one coach training from a distinctly biblical perspective. Upon completion of coach training, graduates earn the Certified Biblical Coach designation. Year-round training is available by telephone and is facilitated by Master Certified Biblical Coaches. Their coach trainers are Christians from around the world, including Asia, Australia, Canada, and the United States. They provide a 15 week intensive one-on-one training program, where participants meet weekly over the phone with a Master Certified Biblical Coach for training and personal coaching. The Biblical Coaching model allows graduates to help people maximize their lives for God's purposes. Biblical Coaches use God's Word and direction to help people move toward a goal, conquer a challenge, solve a problem, or begin living their God-given dream. Students learn how to design their lives and their client's lives around their God-given uniqueness. The cost of the program is $3995.00 and a 50 percent discount is available for a limited time. As of August 2009 our inquiries have gone unswered. It may be that this organization is not in operation.


  • Lifeforming Leadership Coaching - This organization, formerly called "Tranformational Leadership Coaching," provides a number of different coach training programs. The basic program is divided into three tracks: (1) formation, which focuses on change tools, core coaching values and building coaching relationships; (2) a life focus track; and a (3) implementation track, which deals with actual coaching sessions. Participants engage in a workshop, telecourses, and work with peer mentors and a personal coach. Tuition is $1016.45US for each track. They also provide an Accelerated Coach Training Program and an Upgrade Program when the accelerated program has been completed. Additional contact information: Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, PO Box 64394, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467-4394; Tel: (888) 852-2234.


  • The Coaching Academy - Described as the "oldest and most established coaching training company in the UK", this organization provides an accelerated learning coaching program hat focuses on personal goal setting, live training, and practical learning. They provide Program Consultants who help each prospective participant choose the modules that best suit their goals and learning preferences. Contact: The Coaching Academy UK, Ltd., 20 Landport Terrace, Southsea, Hampshire P01 2RG, United Kingdom, Tel: 0800 783 4823; email:


  • The Business Coaching Academy - The Academy curriculum is divided across three learning levels; The Foundations 1, The Foundations 2 and The Evolution. The training is facilitated in English and an overview and outline of each learning level can be viewed on their website. A comprehensive outline of each learning level is provided in their 'Candidate Handbook' - available on request. Candidates can opt to attend all three learning levels towards business coaching proficiency or end their accreditation after levels 1 or 2. Graduates that successfully complete all three learning levels of the Business Coaching Programme and all the required 'off-programme' activity are eligible to receive their own individual qualification from the WorldWide Association of Business Coaches namely Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™). Contact: 120 Pall Mall, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 5EA; Tel: +44 (0)20 7101 0721; Email:


  • Foundation for Recovery Coaching (UK) - This organization provides two training streams: basic and advanced. The basic Recovery Coach Training Program consists of learning the recovery orientation, learning the coaching orientation, and developing coaching skills. An additional specialty module completes the training and can be drawn from one or more of six areas: gambling, mental health, cancer, substance abuse and addiction, diabetes, and veterans/PTSD. The total hours involved is about 62. Each of the specialty modules is about 10 hours. Upon completion of the basic course and specialty module, participants are eligible to take the relevant credential examination from the European Recovery Coaching Certification Board (ERCCB) (which is run by the Foundation!) The delivery of courses is through face-to-face (39 hours); telecalls (15 hours); and reading/study material (8 hours). Tuition is approximately £2,025 pounds. Grants are available. Additional contact details: Tel: +44 (0)8454677072; email:


  • International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches - This organization provides two certification programs: first as a certified professional coach for non-addiction related coaching; and second as a certified professional recovery coach to assist with positive addiction recovery. They also offer a program for persons who are already professional coaches and want to add addiction recovery to their work. Training includes 100 self-paced hours and the tuition is $3350.00. Further contact: NET Training Institute, PO Box 2508, Daytona Beach, Florida 32115; Tel: (407) 446-3740: Toll-free: (800) 485-5802; email: (Also on Twitter and Facebook.)


  • Acorn Principle Plus - Located in the United Kingdom, this organization provides training that starts with a two-day weekend that serves as an introduction; then moves to a three-month (65 hour) certificate in coaching practice course (recognized by the Association for Coaching) that includes peer coaching, a 12-hour client coaching case study, independent study, in-person course work, teleconferencing, mentor support, and a one-hour practical assessment in which participants must coach an external assessor through the intial coaching process. Tuition: introductory, stand-alone weekend: £594.00; certificate in coaching practice: £2340.00. Check their website for latest course dates, tuition fees, and additional course offerings. Contact: Michele Armstrong, Acorn Principle Plus, 38 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5DN; Tel: 0044 (0)131 557 9887; email:


  • Bath Consultancy Group - A U.K.-based group that provides training in coaching supervision (foundation course, optional modules, two tutorials, ten hours of supervision on supervision; and 50 hours of supervision on your own); advanced coaching supervision (includes theory and practice of group supervision, interpersonal process recall using video, supervising difficult situations, and supervising supervision); and transformational coaching. All courses appear to be tuition free.Contact: 11 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath BA1 3AU, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 (0) 1255 520866; email:


  • Barefoot Coaching - A U.K.-based group associated with the University of Chester that provides a post graduate certificate in personal and business coaching (tuition £3,500 + VAT, add an additional £840 for university registration if completing as part of academic work), a post graduate certificate in coaching supervision (tuition £1,950 + VAT, add an additional £840 for university registration if completing as part of academic work), and a professional certificate in business and personal coaching (tuition £1,750 + VAT, add an additional £695 for university registration if completing as part of academic work). Check their website for the latest dates and fees. Contact: Barefoot Coaching, East Acre, The Walnut Yard, Langley Priory, Derbyshire, United Kingdom DE74 2QQ; Tel: 01530 223485; email form on website.


  • The National Coaching Register (NCR) Executive Coach Training Course - This United Kingdom training program leads to a post graduate certificate in executive business coaching (designated by the letters PGCert Exec Coach) by Derby University School of Business Management. The training appears to be provided by Barefoot Coaching on behalf of the university. The program is designed for CEO's with a minimum of 10 years experience and in an organization of 200+ employees. The program consists of a 12 day residential training, a reading list of prescribed books, three coaching assignments, a 4000 word paper on a selected coaching topic, and submission of a learning portfolio to Derby University in order to obtain the post graduate certificate in executive coaching. There is also an option for additional study of one year involving 150 hours of distance learning and three weekend residential modules in order to obtain the Derby University's Diploma in Executive Business Coaching. Fees are payable in advance and for the latest fees and dates of entry into the training program, consult their website. Contact John Webster, Aston Hall, Aston on Trent, Derbys DE72 2DE, United Kingdom, Tel: 01332 799 899; email:


  • Metanoia Institute - This London (United Kingdom)-based organization offers an in-person academic course of study leading to the award of a two-year Master of Arts in Psychological Coaching or a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology. In addition they offer a coaching practitioner certification for three levels: practitioner, senior practitioner, and master practitioner. The first-year of study, known as the postgraduate certificate year focuses on key issues in coaching such as theory and practice overview, process coaching, an integrative model, ethics, coaching in organizations, practitioner-based research, and establishing a personal framework. The second-year of study, known as the degree year, focuses on an integrative model of coaching, advanced practitioner research, structure and process of assessment, humanistic and existential concepts, the contribution of psychoanalytic concepts, contributions to coaching from CBT and positive psychology, and developing an integrative model of practice. Participants engage in a research project and live and written assessments of their work. All course work is held at the Metanoia Institute in Ealing, West London. The fee for the MA and MS options is approximately 10,000 pounds and includes a postgraduate certificate year and the academic focus study year plus a university fee of 350 pounds, an assessment fee of 150 pounds and a registration fee of 80 pounds. Practitioner certificates typically cost 140/160 per day. The programs typically take two to two and a half years to complete (60 credits in year one and 120 credits in year two. Contact: Cathy Simeon, Metanoia Institute, 13 North Common Road, Ealing, London, U.K. W52QB; Tel: 020 8579 2505; email:


  • The Grove - Offers a diploma in organizational development and executive coaching. An in-person course provided over 20 weekends over a nine-month period. The course is taught at the postgraduate level, and applicants must have at least six months experience in management or a qualification in coaching, counselling or psychotherapy. Course content includes: leadership development, process consulting, handling resistance, personality tools, consulting skills, executive coaching skills and ethics. The course philosophy is described as "humanistic and integrative, drawing upon Gestalt, psychoanalytic, object relations and systemic models." Course format includes lectures, tutorials, experiential teaching, small group training, case studies, guided reading, and observation of large group processes. Tuition is £3,000 + VAT = £3,525. Contact: Sarah Briggs, Director, The Grove Practice Limited, 4 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9SH, United Kingdom, Tel: 07973 368512; email:


  • OPM Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching - Described as the "one of the UK's few independently accredited coching qualifications," this program consists of seven days of theory and practice on coaching and mentoring. The diploma is awarded upon the successful completion of a work-based assignment, a minimum of 12 hours coaching practice, and a coaching diary. The program is designed for managers and human resources professionals with some experience in coaching and mentoring. The fee as of 2006 is 2350 + VAT and includes lunch, refreshments and all learning materials for the seven day training. The maximum number of participants in the course is 15. (The course can also be run within an organization.) Contact information: Jasmine Miller, OPM, 252B Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8XG, UK, Tel: 020 7239 0624; email:


  • The Grove Diploma in Development and Executive Coaching - A twenty-day, weekends training (this year between September, 2008 and May 2009 for a total of 120 hours) that focuses on Gestalt principles of organisational development, coaching skills, authentic leadership, psychoanalytic concepts, conflict resolution, consulting, and assessment tools. Courses are provided via lectures, tutorials, experiential teaching, skills training in small groups, observation of large group process, case studies and guided reading. Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of written assignment (case study or essay), and course attendance. Tuition is £3,525. Contact: Sarah Briggs, Director, The Grove Practice, Ltd., 4 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9SH, UK, Tel: 07973 368512; email:


  • Coach Training Alliance - The Coach Training Alliance (CTA) provides instruction and certification for professionals who are interested in becoming personal, business, life, corporate or executive coaches and mentors. The alliance is comprised of coach training courses along with training and development programs approved and accredited by CTA. Course delivery is a combination of live teleconferencing, online media and interactive software that provides group mentoring, coach the coach interactions, self-study, and observation and review. Participants typically start with a Becoming a Coach telecourse and classes are limited to a maximum of 15 participants. The total program includes 62 hours of sessions, online and self-study as well as observation and testing and is typically spread out over a 6 month or 20 week period. The fee, which includes all materials and activities necessary for graduation and certification, is $1899.00. Visit their website for more details about registration, orientation, course content, learning models and starting dates. Contact: Mr. Will Craig, President, Coach Training Alliance, 11571 Hooker Court, Westminster, Colorado 80031; Tel: (303) 464-0110; E-mail.


  • Best Year Yet Coach Certification - Established as a training offering in 2009 this organization provides a 1.5 day in-person training (usually in the Denver, Colorado area). Participants receive planning and tracking software, a coaching manual, a copy of the book Best Year Yet, 12 monthly coaching lessons in a CD package, private coaching support from the course trainer, and a CD of all presentations and forms. Tuition is $1,500, and the next course is scheduled for July 24-25, 2009 and August 28-29, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. Contact: Kris Gleason, Best Year Yet!, 11711 Arbor Street, Suite 240, Omaha, Nebraska 68144; Tel: (402) 827-5298; E-mail.


  • de Bono Thinking Coach - Already well-known for innovative approaches to thinking, this organization has developed a training program that helps experienced coaches and coaching school graduates learn how to put the work and tools developed by Edward de Bono into practice with coaching clients. The training consists of three, four-day in-person sessions organized around lecture, discussion, experiential activities and coaching and consultation with participants while they put their learning into practice with clients. The regular fee for the program is $3,895. Visit their website for more details about registration, orientation, course content, learning models and additional starting dates. Contact information: James P.(Pat) Carlisle, President, The de Bono Group, LongView House, 1722 Niblick Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602-4826; Tel: (717) 299-5811; Fax: 717-299-5588; email:


  • Life Coach Institute - Created by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, the author of several books including The Gift: The Twelve Greatest Tools of Personal Growth and How to Put Them into Practice, this organization provides a home-study program "Personal Life Coaching System," and certifies participants. The training manual includes 52 sessions plus CD modules. The website states that "many students complete the training within 30 days." To gain certification, graduates participate in a one-on-one telephone interview with Dr. Helmstetter. The full tuition for the program as of February 2011 is $3850.00. Additional contact information: email:


  • Institute for Integrative Coaching - This training program, designed by Debbie Ford, is offered in two modules: (1) "Personal Development - Become the Person You've Always Wanted to Be" and (2) "Training as an Integrative Coach." A prerequisite course, "The 3 Day Shadow Process Workshop" is necessary for admission into Module 1. Module 1 consists of a 12-week training and includes a four-day intensive in San Diego, California (see their website for current dates and application process). The fee as of February, 2004 is $2,500 US plus $250 US intensive fee. Enrollment in Module 2 requires the successful completion of Module 1. It is divided into two parts: the "Essentials for an Extraordinary Life" coaching model (a group intensive) and "Essentials for an Extraordinary Life" coaching method (a telecourse). Module 2 is a 33 week study course and the fee is $3,500 US. To become certified and use the proprietary system each participant must fully participate and successfully complete Module 2; pass a written exam as required; pass oral exams as required; have one or more coaching calls observed by staff and/or mentor coaches to demonstrate mastery of the Essentials for an Extraordinary Life coaching process; and complete a total of three practice coaching relationships (2 with non-paying practice clients and one with another program participant). Contact: Enrollment Manager, Jeff Malone, (415) 389-6256 or toll free: (800) 655-4016.


  • Dare Dreamers/Self-Management Group/Plus Coaching - This training program is designed for an experienced business or personal coach. The training focuses on proprietary content and tools and leads to certification as a Self Management Coach with a license to use the materials. Certified coaches can add additional specific certifications and become eligible for a master-level designation after one year of practice. The core program can typically be completed in 3-6 months and includes (1) principles of self management; (2) the managing effort coaching process; (3) sales, marketing and implementation models; (4) coaching from a Master Coach for 12 sessions; and (5) on-going telecourses, web-based learning, and monthly coach's forum. A phone-based interview is required for admission as well as completion of reading assignments and attendance at a four-day event in a city in Canada or the U.S.A. (see website for specific dates and places). A free introduction to Self Management Coach Training is available. For more information contact Bob McHardy, 155 Rexdale Blvd., Suite 304, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5Z8; Tel: (800) 760-9066, ext 234 or (416) 746-0444; email:


  • PeopleDynamics Learning Group - The Business Coaching Advantage Program(TM) develops core coaching knowledge, skills, stances, and mindsets required for effective coaching in a business and leadership context. The program offers a practical and intensive learning experience that balances theory of business coaching with skill development, practice, and application; explores leadership development in the context of the challenges facing leaders and organizations in a changing world; is interactive and experiential; and is personally and professionally transformative. The program is organized around a framework that integrates the key components of business coaching, and helps business coaches organize their thinking about the five aspects of leadership coaching. The curriculum consists of two parts coursework and practicum and is completed over a 4-6 month period. (Check their website for the latest course dates and fees.) The program can be completed either in-person or virtually. Because the program is accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) graduates of this program are eligible to receive the Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) designation. This program also qualifies for the International Coach Federation's Continuing Coaching Education Units.

    Melinda Sinclair, a Chartered Business Coach (through the WABC) and Dorothy Greenaway, a Master Certified Coach (through the ICF), are Principals of PeopleDynamics Learning Group Inc., and are the designers and lead faculty of the Business Coaching Advantage Program(TM). They are internationally recognized experts in business coaching, coaching education and leadership development. They recently published The Leadership Coach's Advantage: A Guide for Practice, and together they have over four decades of direct experience with developing leaders and coaches of leaders. They have spent the last fifteen years traveling the globe, facilitating learning groups, coaching leaders, and training and mentoring hundreds of professional coaches towards certification. For more information contact Dorothy Greenway and Melinda Sinclair, Toronto, Ontario; Tel: (416) 485-7658; email:


  • The School of Shadow Coaching™ - An intensive, in-person training program designed by Certified Executive Coach Donna Karlin for coaches to help them learn how to use reflective and observational skills to go below the surface and into the key dynamics of a situation. Shadow coaches assist clients to become more reflective and this type of coaching is particularly valuable in an organizational context. Typically taught in a two-day intensive seminar in Toronto. The fee for the training is $1047.90(CDN). Check the website for next dates. Contact: Donna Karlin, Tel: (613) 829-7539; email:


  • The Center for School Transformation - This organization holds 13-session, virtual training programs for coaching effectiveness in school systems. Launched in January, 2011, the training is based on the principles and practices of Evocative Coaching: Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time, an approach that enlivens school leadership and co-written by Bob Tschannen-Moran, the current president of the International Association of Coaching, and CEO & Co-Founder of the Center for School Transformation. The tuition for the training is $795.00. Contact: Center for School Transformation, 121 Will Scarlet Lane, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185; Tel: (757) 345-3452;


  • EMyth Business Coach Training - This training program is based on the book EMyth Revisited ( and emphasizes the importance of the fit between any participant's goals and the opportunities available through the training. Successful applicants have a passion for business, shared values, and business experience and acumen. The training begins with a live, four-day in person event and continues for five-months via three, 90-minute phone/web events per week. Participants are further engaged with monthly forums as well as on-going coaching and mentoring. A number of tools, including a unique cloud-based business development platform and mobile app, are available to assist participants to develop their business practice and attain clients as well as learn how to present EMyth seminars. Check their website for the next training dates. Tuition is $25,000, and an additional fee of $200/month is required for special digital technology after one-year. A unique multi-level marketing commission system is involved that allows participants to share revenue with EMyth. For more information visit their website and review the "Become a Coach" video presentation. Additional contact information: EMyth, 139 East Main Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520; Tel: (800) 300-3531 or (541) 552-4600; email:


  • Coaching Corp Group - (Website is in Spanish) This organization follows the Masteries program of the International Association of Coaching IAC. They offer five "international certifications": professional coaching, executive coaching, team coaching, corporate master coach, and coaching staff certification. Their courses are offered in different countries in South and Central America. Consult their website for locations and dates. Information about fees or tuition is not available on their website. Contact: Coaching Corp Group, 490 Old Guard of D. Providencia, Santiago, Chile; Tel: +56 2 2501 64 10; email:


  • Executive Coach Academy - This New York City-based organization was founded by Master Certified Coach Jeremy Robinson. The foundation course is for students new to or in the early intermediate stages of their coaching and consulting careers. The course is both experiential and didactic and includes hands on experience coaching and being coached by fellow students and the instructor on the intake process, setting goals, establishing the relationship, administering and coaching with assessment tools.

    All students get hands on training in using the following assessment tools: MBTI, Firo-B, Strong and Skills Assessment, Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), and one of the following: GLOF (Global Leader of the Future), LOF (Leader of the Future), PEA (Professional Effectiveness Assessment) or Leader of the New Millennium.

    Classes are delivered on the telephone in one hour conference calls, twice a week for 32 hours over 16 weeks. There is also a 2-day (in person) weekend that usually takes place towards the end of the course. For those unable to attend the weekend, ECA offers four individual coaching sessions from an ECA-approved coach as an alternative. This course is the pre-requisite for all other courses at Executive Coach Academy, except through permission from the Dean.

    Course cost: $2,495 if paid in advance; $2,700 payable in three $900 installments. The cost covers the cost of all assessments participants take in the class and a workbook. Other books and articles are required but not included in the fee. No student will be charged for course tuition until they have attended for 30 days and are satisfied that the course meets his or her learning needs. Students will, however, be required to furnish financial information (such as a credit card number or check) prior to registration. In the event that students are unable to attend or do not wish to attend the course after the initial 30 days, they are financially responsible for any assessments they have taken, or workbooks which they have received during the initial month they had attended the course.

    Course completion will give each student a Certificate in Coaching and Executive Coaching from Executive Coach Academy. Course completion amounts to completing 47 hours of continuing education units from Executive Coach Academy (assuming the student takes the two-day weekend; otherwise the number of CEs received is 32.) The certification program in coaching involves completing 130 CE units in classes from Executive Coach Academy. Students taking courses through Executive Coach Academy can use classes they take with as part of the certification application for ACC, PCC, or MCC-status with the International Coach Federation. These students will be considered Portfolio students who take an essay test for their ICF certification instead of a multiple-choice test. Other requirements besides the course work are necessary to be certified by ICF. Executive Coach Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. ECA also publishes a free newsletter. Contact: Executive Coach Academy, 201 West 74th Street, Suite 14F, New York, New York 10023; Tel: (212) 501-7666; Fax: (212) 873-6809; e-mail:


  • eLifePlans - This organization has created a certified eLife Coach system that can be compelted in 6 weekly one-hour sessions that take place through teleconferecing and web conferences. Groups of three to six participants are guided through a series of topics by an eLife Coach faculty member, each of whom is a successful life planner. The core of the training is learning the eLifePlans Coach Success System for life planning. A demonstration of the eLifePlans system is available on the website. The cost for the training is $699.00. For more information visit the website or call (866) 354-3348. The mailing address is 700 Main Street, Suite 207, Pella, Iowa 50219.


  • The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) - This organization provides an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program that features their unique Core Energy Coaching™ process, which is an advanced coaching method pioneered and taught only at the iPEC. iPEC provides trainees with effective, results-oriented tools to help them focus on the 'outer-directed' work of setting goals and accomplishing tasks. In addition, they provide training to develop 'inner-directed' abilities such as intuition. They offer a generalist/specialist program where each coach is trained in many different coaching areas and chooses to be a specialist in one area of his or her choice. The program is a combination of experiential (classroom) and teleclass structure and is conducted over a seven-month period. The 320+ hour program is broken down in the following ways:
    • In-class live modules (90 hours)
    • Live coach/client practice (58 hours)
    • Teleclasses - class and group (88 hours)
    • Skill development mentor coaching (6 hours)
    • Independent program development (24 hours)
    • Reading/worksheet and self-study assignments (60 hours)
    • Quick-start Your Passion to Payoff Program (10+ hours)
    Trainings are available in 17 locations in the USA, Canada, and the U.K. Check their website for upcoming dates and locations. Tuition for the iPEC coach training program is all inclusive and is $9895.00. Contact: IPEC, 149 Avenue at the Common, Suite 202, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702; Toll-free: 1-866 722-6224; email:


  • Clarity International - This organization offers over a 90 day period an "Essence of Clarity" seminar that is described as producing a "profound and lasting change in your physical appearance and vitality" through a series of self-actualizing experiences. During this period participants learn coaching skills to empower themselves and others. The course is organized into three parts, beginning with a nine-day intensive, followed by weekly mentoring and coaching for two-months and completing with a four-day intensive. The fee for this course is $6,000. Clarity also offers an Executive and Leadership Coaching model through a pioneering video technology designed to clarify vision, strategy and "high noticing." For fee specifics and course scheduling contact Clarity International, 3605 Albert Street, San Diego, California 92103-4514; Tel: (877) 335-9333; Email:


  • Strozzi Institute - This organization, founded by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D. and Ariana Strozzi, provides specialized training in somatic coaching, a system of working with the whole person, including the historical, biological, spiritual, linguistic, and emotional life of each client. A somatic coaching certification program is offered through in-depth, extensive, in-person training program. Contact: Strozzi Institute, 4101 Middle Two Rock Road, Petaluma, California 94952; Tel: (707) 778-6505; Fax: (707) 778-0306; email:


  • International Gestalt Coaching Program (IGCP) - Formerly associated with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, this specialized program in coaching is based on Gestalt concepts and theory and clinical psychology. The training is delvered in four sessions of 4.5 days (total of 18 days) over a one-year period. In addition to the courses in the coaching program all participants must also complete an introductory Gestalt workshop and admission requires an interview as well as a written application. The program is accredited by the International Coach Federation. Tuition is $9750.00. Check the website for specific course dates and details. Contact: GIC OSD ISC, PO Box 1569, Mentor, Ohio 44061; Tel: (440) 205-8606; email:


  • Gestalt Coaching Program of Canada (Toronto) - An ICF-accredited program founded on core Gestalt values that focuses on awareness of self and others. A central belief in Gestalt coaching is that the coach's support and presence is what assists the client to make progress on goals. This program teaches the theory and practice of coaching leadership and management using the fields of Gestalt theory, concepts, and methods. The program is suitable for support coaching interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels. The curriculum is delivered in four five-day sessions over seven months, including 20 days of in-person teaching and an online seminar series. Graduates of the program must take an oral coaching exam (extra fee) with a faculty member to receive a certificate of completion and be able to apply for ICF credentialing. Tuition is $9950.00(US). Check their website for the latest delivery dates and fees. Further contact: Martha Lannoch, Administrative Assistant,


  • The S.W.A.T. Institute - S.W.A.T. stands for Simply Woman Accredited Trainer. It was founded by Crystal Andrus Morissette along with others. They provide a 12-week telecourse leading to certification as a personal empowerment coach (composed of three modules) or a master empowerment coach (composed of three modules on understanding the connection between body, mind and spirit; empowerment process; and the business behind the business). They also provide retreats and webinars, as well as mentorship coaching. They offer some free courses. Contact details: The S.W.A.T. Institute, PO Box 96, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada L9P 1M6; Tel: (877) 746-7599; email:; Twitter: @SWAT_Institute.


  • Gestalt International Study Center (GISC) - This educational non-profit organization offers a number of training programs for coaches and those wishing to become coaches. Their core program for coaches, A Competency Development Program for Coach Certification: Skills for High-Impact Coaching, is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). The program includes three sessions (5-days each) of theory, discussion, and extensive coaching practice, as well as a distance-learning component between sessions to practice coaching skills, interact with peers, and work with a faculty/mentor coach. Successful completion leads to GISC Coach Certification and qualifies graduates to apply for ICF credentialing. Tuition for the program is $12,500. Check the GISC website for details, latest fees and schedule, as well as a list of the full program requirements for certification. GISC also offers a number of continuing education programs for coaches, leadership and professional development programs, and an international research conference. Contact:  GISC, 1035 Cemetery Road, PO Box 515, South Wellfleet, Massachusetts 02663; Tel: (508) 349-7900; email:


  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland - The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland offers a coach certification in-person curriculum. Certification requires a total of eight courses: two required foundation courses: Gestalt Coaching (seven days); and Coaching Ethics (two-days), and six modular courses such as: life coaching (three days), executive coaching (three days), developmental coaching, performance coaching, coaching across differences (three days), coaching for emotional intelligence, coaching and resistance (3-5 days), and coaching polarities (3-5 days). In addition, they provide a 5-day practicum, and a comprehensive exam. Two elective courses, Setting Up Your Coaching Practice, and Marketing Your Coaching Practice are also offered. GIC will provide certification initially along with graduate credit from Cleveland State University where applicable. International Coach Federation certification will be provided within six months. Course tuition appears to be approximately $575.00/course. Check the website for the latest tuition costs and schedule of courses. Contact: Herb Stevenson, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, 1588 Hazel Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1791; Tel: (216) 421-0468; email:


  • The Center for Cognitive Coaching - Cognitive coaching is a supervision and peer coaching model that builds on and develops thinking processes. In this approach, the coach is like a mediator who stands between "a person and his thinking to help him become more aware of what is going on inside his head." Each person has the resources within him/herself to grow or change and the coach helps a person use these resources more effectively. Training in this model provides "maps and tools" needed to mediate another's thinking. Training is in-person and is typically delivered in eight-days over a 18-24 month period and is usually provided to an organization or agency. In some cases individuals may be allowed to join an agency training. This model was created by Art Costa and Bob Garmston. Basic and advanced trainings are provided as well as a yearly conference for trainers. Contact: The Center for Cognitive Coaching, 8770 Forrest Drive, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126; Tel: (303) 683-1740; Fax: (303) 683-1810; email:


  • The Life Coaching Institute - Offers a diploma in coaching that can be obtained within nine months. Provides a variety of modules all supplied by email and can be taken in any order. Provides a tutoring system with practicing coaches and a buddy system with other course participants. Some focus on marketing your practice. Described as being accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council. Course costs are approximately $US1050 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact: (UK) Honeycombe House, Bagley, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4TD, UK, Tel: 01934 713563; Contact: (US) 7082 Bennington Woods Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237; Tel: 888-659-3897.


  • Fill Your Practice - Coaching Practice Incubator is a combination of weekly online recorded teleclasses, live group coaching, one-on-one mentoring, email support, class notes, online handouts, and hands-on assignments. A series of 16 online recorded teleclasses unfolds in tandem with a group mentoring experience which occurs weekly over a telephone bridgeline. Students gain knowledge through independent study; do real coaching with other group members; and benefit from a team of people coaching them toward success. They experience a nurturing environment where a foundation of professional growth and the essential elements for a sustaining practice are firmly established.

    This proven system grows a healthy practice in a fraction of the time it would take coaches on their own. This is an intensive, interactive program for the serious coach who wants to thoroughly establish themselves with a full practice, under ideal conditions, in record time. Their goal is that students recapture the cost of the program in the form of new clients long before they finish this comprehensive four month program.

    Fill Your Practice offers three certificate programs: Coaching Practice Incubator, Coaching Practice Accelerator, and Fill Your Practice Comprehensive Certificate Program. For additional information contact Will Craig, an experienced marketing and media consultant as well as a coach or Christen Murphy, a business, personal and executive coach as well as an experienced intensive care nurse, by phone: (303) 464-0110 or toll-free: (888) 342-4121. They are both members of the International Coach Federation.


  • LeadCoach - Provides coaching skill training for executives, managers, project managers, marketing and sales personnel. Based on the B-Coach training system, LeadCoach provides a customized program via the telephone and makes it possible for virtual groups to meet and participate in the training. A maximum of 12 participants are enrolled per group. Each session is one and a half hours. All participants practice coaching, receive coaching, and observe others coach. Each participant receives feedback from professional coaches to support their development. LeadCoach provides facilitators for breakout groups of three participants for this purpose. The basic program is 10 weekly sessions that may include the following topics: (1) core competenices and the coaching interaction model; (2) approaches to learning; (3) principles of coaching; (4) methods of delivery; (5) connection; (6) clarification; (7) commitment; and (8) ready, willing and able. Every participant receives 20 minutes of coaching from a professional business coach per week during the program. The sessions are 20 minutes to help managers learn how to be effective in short periods of time. Advanced training is also available.

    LeadCoach is managed by Russ Volckmann, CBC, Ph.D., Executive and Business Coach. Russ has completed coach training with both The Coaches Training Institute and B-Coach. He has 20-plus years of experience as an organization development consultant and extensive training in humanistic psychology. He has been formally coaching executives since 1997. Russ Volckmann is also the author of the coaching e-book: A Leadership Opportunity: An Integral Approach, and publishes a newsletter, both of which are available from the LeadCoach web site. Contact: 733 Mermaid Avenue, Pacific Grove, California 93950; Tel: (831) 333-9200; e-mail:


  • Quantum Leap Coaching and Training Institute (South Africa) - This organization provides a 10-month coach certification program that includes four levels of which the first three levels are Internationally certified and form part of the Meta Coach Training System. Coaching Essentials and Communication Excellence; Meta NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner and Coach Certification; Coaching to Genius and Transformational Quantum Leap Certified Coach. All four levels can be completed in 24 full days of intensive training. Each level can be taken on its own, the total tuition for all four levels is R43,280. Reductions are available for attendance in Levels 1, 2, and 3 (R16,780); and if attending all four Levels in 2009 there is a reduction to R36,450. Trainings typically take place at the T'ao Day Coaching and Wellness Centre, 16 Conrad Drive, Blairgowrie, Gauteng, South Africa. The organization also provides practice groups, mentoring, Life and Executive Coaching and a series of one-day CPD and Organizational workshops. Tel: 082 3087181; e-mail:


  • The Inventure Group Coaching Clinic - The Inventure Group offers a one-day clinic to help coaches learn an additional tool to uncover client potential. The clinic uses the "inside-out discovery process" created by master coach Richard Leider and focuses on "purpose-centered" coaching. Participants in the Clinic learn about tools they can use to help clients manage transitions in their lives. This Clinic is primarily designed for practicing coaches, coaches in organizations, and leaders and managers who want to encourage and grow high-potential people within their organizations. For more information contact: The Inventure Group, 601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 375, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55305; Tel: 952-249-5222; email:


  • Creative Consciousness International (CCI) Coaching Academy (South Africa) - This organization provides six sequential in-person coach training levels: Master I (four seminar days, focusing on awareness basics), Master II (four training days and 2 practice months, focusing on coaching basics), Master III (2 sets of 4 training days and 3 practice months, focusing on advanced coach training and the ICF standards), Master IV (six days, focusing on executive, business, and relationship coaching), Master V, Part I (focusing on trainer education) and Master V, Part II (deeper skill development). Certification is available as a Practitioner Coach and a Professional Coach. All courses currently take place in Cape Town and each participant receives personal coaching from a master coach. Additional contact information: Marc Steinberg, 1 High Cape Avenue, Box 60547, 8001 Cape Town, High Cape, South Africa; Tel: +27 (21) 462-4107; Fax +27 (0866) 505927.


  • Leadership University - Created by Mike Jay, this organization provides a four year coaching experience and one-year of post-graduate training in developmental coaching. Contact address: e-mail: Mike Jay at


  • Coach2-Integral - Created by Mike Jay, this organization provides training takes place in a variety of formats including telecourses, web-mail, in-person, and moves around to various locations in the world. The focus of the program is on adult development as portrayed by such authors as Robert Kegan and William Perry. Additional contact: email:


  • International Coach Certification Academy - This live-online interaction, 12-week program was founded by Glenn Livingston and Sharon Livingston allows participants to try out a one-week sample of the program for a small fee (check their website for start dates and the latest fees). Training includes on-demand videos, followed by peer practice and weekly live supervision, and is based on their system of the "four pillars of coaching success:" best practice coaching skills; the internal game of coaching; client attraction methods; and business logistics. The program includes post-graduation no-cost support. Upon completion of the full program, participants are designated as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). Tuition is $1995.00 (a chart comparing their tuition with other coaching schools is available on their site). Contact address: Psy Tech Inc., 22 Grandview Road, Windham, New Hampshire 03087; Tel: (516) 234-5371.


  • Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance Coach Training - This organization provides two- and three-day coaching skills training as well as a corporate coach certification training that includes 105 hours of specific training. The certification training emphasizes one-to-one coaching, mentoring and observation and coaches in training work as internal coaches with corporate clients using developmental planning and work life balance procedures. Accedited by the International Coach Federation. Contact address: 3491 Buckhead Loop, Suite 413, Atlanta, Georgia 30326; Tel: (404) 846-9307; Fax: (404) 846-8333.


  • The School of Coaching (Great Britain) - Founded by Myles Downey, this organization provides a Professional Business Coaches Program designed for individuals who will be working as independent, self-employed coaches. The program is composed of nine workshops (1-3 day, 1- 2 day and 7-1 day sessions) for a maximum of 18 participants. Intakes begin at specific points in the year and tuition cost is £5,000. They provide an additional coach training program called the Line Managers Program which is for change agents who are receiving sponsorship from their companies. The tuition for this program is £7495. Contact: The School of Coaching, 48 Bryanston Square, London W1H 2EA, Great Britain; Tel: +44 20 7479 2203; email:


  • Master Coach Academy (Great Britain) - Founded by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages, this organization provides a three-module, in-person system that can be taken together or separately over the course of three years. Modules are offered outside of Great Britain. A typical module requires 48 hours of course work, 20 hours of student assignments, 20 hours of coaching during or after the course, and completion of a mentoring session with a faculty member. Typical assignments include a self-reflection essay, a coaching/mentoring session with a faculty member, and submission of an an audio/video session with a client for evaluation. The tuition per module is Ř2350 plus VAT. Check their website for the latest dates, fees, and locations. Contact: Master Coach Academy, 97 Trinity Road, London SW19 8QZ, Great Britain; Tel: +44 (0) 845 643 732; email:


  • The Coaching Supervision Academy (Great Britain) - This organization specializes in coach supervision and also provides training for coaches in how to supervise other coaches. They provide a two-day training for senior and executive coaches who wish to use supervision in a peer learning context. They also provide a number of other courses to help coaches develop advanced skills (meta-skills) such as developing a coaching presence, building the internal supervisor, working with difficult client situations, building boundaries, psychology of relationships, group coaching, and masterful interventions. Individual one-hour sessions are £70 for individuals; £100 for corporate; group telephone sessions are £180 for a series of six 1.5 hour sessions; live group sessions are £70 for three hours; and a one-day training that includes two trainers is £2200 (all fees are in pounds sterling). Contact Edna Murdoch, Tel: 01323 897344; email: (Added to the Coaching Directory, May 10, 2006)


  • JWC Group Certified Results Coach Training - This organization has developed a coach certification program based on the seven-step process detailed in the book by Jennifer White, Drive Your People Wild without Driving Them Crazy. The training includes six-months of telephone, fax and email interaction plus two three-day, in-person training program in Kansas City, Missouri. The fee for this certified results coach training is $6,000.00. The training is primarily focused on coaching to work with leaders and managers in organizations. Admission is selective and requires an interview with Certified Results Coach personnel. Note this organization also provides a Work Less, Make More certification coach training for individuals who want to work with individuals or small businesses. Contact: 432 SW Ward Road, Suite 183, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64081; Tel: (816) 347-9595; email:


  • CoachLab - This Houston, Texas based organization provides a coach certification program that requires the mastery of four essential coaching spheres: knowledge, practices, structure and being. Their program is offered through both live and telecourse modules and the curriculum is outlined in the book, Coach Anyone About Anything. The program includes mastery of the concepts and principles in the book-based curriculum, completion of the courses, completion of a course (live or audiocassette) on transformation, practical assignments, and demonstration of coaching knowledge and skill. Courses are designed for both beginning coaches, veterans and organizations. Contact: Eagle's View Systems, Inc., 1525 Lakeville Drive, Suite 127, Kingwood, Texas 77339; Tel: (281) 348-9181; Toll-free: (888) 387-9786; Fax: (281) 348-9164.


  • NeuroLeadership Institute Brain-Based Coaching Certificate - This certificate is based on The Results Coaching System developed by David Rock and consists of one 90-minute orientation teleclass plus three days of intensive in-person training followed by 16 - 90-minute, live weekly teleclasses. The program meets the 60 accredited coach-specific training hours minimum specified by the ICF, and includes a focus on ICF core competencies, code of ethics, and core coaching skills. Tuition in the USA is $5,590.00. Courses are offered in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, and Thailand. Check their website for the latest dates, location and tuition. Contact in North & South America: Mike DePietro,; Tel: +1 212-601-9355 ext 114.


  • JAS Coaching & Training - Led by Janine Schindler, a Master Certified Coach (MCC), this organization provides an in-person Intensive Coaching Training Program, typically in New York City (tuition is $3995.00); an Executive Coach Training, a telecourse-based program (tuition is $1495.00), and a mentoring program for persons who are portfolio applicants for any of the three International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials. The mentoring program is called A.I.M. (all inclusive mentoring) and is designed to meet all the ICF criteria for being mentored by a qualified mentor coach. The A.I.M. program is delivered by telecourse, and includes three one-on-one telephone sessions; four ninety-minute teleclasses; one sixty-minute group telecourse on the ICF ethical guidelines; recordings of each class; two thirty-minute coaching recorded session reviews; a guidebook, and the ICF-required two letters of recommendation. Participants also receive a certificate upon successful completion. The fee for the A.I.M. service is $1300. Consult their website for the current dates and times of A.I.M. as well as other trainings and workshops. To register or for more information, send email to Telephone: (646) 742-0770.


  • Great Life Technologies, LLC - This program, created by Tom Stone of Inner Human Design, Inc, has been established for experienced, successful coaches. The core of the program is based on Human Software Engineering (the application of the laws of physics to remove barriers to living the life you truly want and eliminate negative habits - like "dragging an unwanted file to the trash and hitting delete") and the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems. Part of the Human Software Engineering component includes the WaveMaker. This is a very unique piece of equipment that picks-up and processes ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body. It is reputed to not only identify (and debug) toxins and negative emotional habits, but also (upgrade) or amplify positive, naturally occuring energy sources within the body. Training is required to accurately and safely use this tool. (More details are available on the website.

    Participants in the Coach Education Program receive two group calls per month with the the program leaders, private coaching, labs to work with others, access to all mentoring calls, personal connections to all other participants, an email discussion group, and a variety of support materials. There are two membership options: a six-month system (fee $2500) and a three-month system (fee $1500). Inner Human Design also offers a number of free teleclasses and live events on the 12 Core Dynamics and on Human Software Engineering. Consult their website for the latest schedule of dates, places, and entry points for their events and Coach Education Program. Contact: Lynda Bunnell, Inner Human Design, Inc. 2445 Fifth Avenue, Suite 332, San Diego, CA 92101; Tel: (619) 557-2700; Fax: (619) 557-8446; email:


  • Demers Group - The Demers Group has designed a professional coach training program with a foundation in the Core Alignment Process™. The model is based on Appreciative Inquiry and builds on Neurolinguistic processes. Lori-anne Demers, founder of the Demers Group and visionary for Core Alignment Coaching has successfully led the accreditation process for three Canadian ACTP programs. With Core Alignment Coaching, she has fulfilled an intention to bring together all aspects of her years of experience and training in the design of the curriculum for this coach training. Core Alignment Coaching is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). The nine-month program is a blend of on-site and distance learning. It includes three on-site training sessions and 20 hours of teleclasses plus observed coaching and mentor calls. The total tuition is $8400 Canadian + GST. For additional information contact: Carol Vickers, Registrar, 6770 Beaumont Ave, Duncan, British Columbia V9L 5X4 Toll free: (888) 746-3991; email


  • Advanced Coach Training School. Designed for experienced coaches by Marlena Field, this training program is based on the latest research on neuroscience, mindfulness and embodiment (somatics). Participants learn the Body-Centered Coaching Method over four months of courses each of which is a minimum of 65 hours and include instructor led/supervised learning plus guided self-study and peer practice. The program begins with a four-day, in-person retreat, and is followed by three in-depth modules delivered by phone/web. The tuition for the program is $4997.00 and includes accommodation and meals for the retreat session. Visit the website for start dates, and the latest details about courses and fees. Contact: Marlena Field, Tel: (250) 851-0145; email:


  • Essential Impact Systems for Coaching Cultures - This Canadian group specializes in helping organizations create a coaching culture within their workplace. In addition to their coaching services, they provide a number of workshops on how to build a coaching culture, using coaching to resolve conflict, a coach approach to leadership development, a coach approach to facilitation, performance coaching, and team coaching. The workshops are typically offered in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and focus on their Social Enterprise Excelerator Development System (SEEDS) coaching system. The personnel of the organization are experienced corporate executives, entrepreneurs, educators, trainers, facilitators, Master Certified Coaches, and Professional Certified Coaches, most of whom have graduated from the Royal Roads University Executive Coach Training Program. For additional information contact: Brenda Birch, Director of Operations, Tel: (604) 930-1230; email:


  • The Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management - Known primarily for its extensive dispute resolution and mediation training courses and certificate programs, this Canadian organization presently offers one course in its curriculum called "4 Quarters Coaching." However, starting in 2004 they plan to offer a certificate in personal and executive coaching. The curriculum will include 120 hours, but further details are under development. Contact: Richard McGuigan, Executive Director, Dispute Resolution Centre, 108-1218 Wharf Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1T8; Tel: (250) 383-4412; e-mail:


  • Success Coach Institute - This organization is a licensee of the International Association of Coaching (IAC) Masteries, and offers training and certification as a Certified Professional Success Coach (16 hours) and Master Certified Sucess Coach (MCSC). The full curriculum outline is available on line. Courses are provided through live webinars, and the current schedule, fees, and registration forms are available on their website. There is no information provided about their MCSC designation or curriculum. Tuition for the CPSC is $897.00, and includes one-on-one private coaching. Contact: The Success Coach Institute, 3837 Northdale Boulevard, Suite 328, Tampa, Florida 33624; Tel: (888) 689-1130; email:


  • Transform Coaching Academy - This organization combines the science of coaching with Eastern, Native American, and other indigenous spiritual disciplines and offers a certified life coach training program. The training consists of an eight module program that includes coaching worksheets and materials to build a coaching business. Modules include: Setting the Foundations for Success; The True Secret to Creating a Magnificent Life; The Power of the Future; Mastering the Law of Attraction to Achieve Success; Magnetizing Prosperity and Abundance; Receiving the Energy of Life; Accessing the Truth Within; and the Business of Coaching. Classes are held via teleconference for approximately eight months (three 90-minute classes per month). All classes are recorded, and are taught by Dr. Eve Agee, a Certified Life Coach. Participants receive a training manual and monthly updates for each module. Participants also have opportunities to practice coaching skills and receive feedback from other participants, and after the first two modules participants are encouraged to begin coaching people other than program participants. Each month also includes a live question and answer session of approximately 45 minutes that is recorded and available as an audio download. Participants also receive one-hour of one-on-one coaching with Eve Agee. Certification requires completion of the eight-month training program, coaching three people (who are not in the program) through seven coaching sessions, and submission of a recording of one of the sessions for review by program staff. The current tuition is normally $4450, but an early bird price of $3650 may be available. Check the website for the latest course schedule and fees. Further contact: Transform Coaching Academy, 118 East Sunbridge Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703; Tel: (479) 444-1400; email:


  • CwG Life Coaching Training - Inspired by the work of Neal Donald Walsh (CwG is "conversations with God"), this organization offers what they call a Professional Consciousness Integration Life Coach Training Program that consists of Core Coaching Training (3 weekends), a weekend workshop on the business and ethics of coaching, 18 weekly conference calls, weekly mentoring and coaching by a professional life coach, and written and audio materials. Training includes 70 hours of NLP-based holistic approach to life coaching. A unique aspect of this training program is that following the three-weekend core training, participants are eligible to become a member of a cooperative that provides free, weekly coaching for life, on-going email support, and buddy coaching. The training relies on what is called the Consciousness Integration Coaching Process which focuses on "being." Tuition for the complete program is $2800. Contact: (541) 973-9673; e-mail:


  • Critical Friends Group Coach Training Seminars - These in-person seminars are held in locations around the US and are primarily for teachers working in education institutions. In addition to basic seminars there are also advanced training sessions as well as conferences. The primary purpose of the training is to implement peer coaching for teachers in a group setting. Participants in the training seminars earn to coach a group in order to maximize the group members skills. Contact: Harmony School Education Center, PO Box 1787, Bloomington, Indiana 47402; Tel (812) 330-2702; Fax: (812) 333-3435; e-mail:


  • Life Coach College - A sixteen-week telecourse program that results in the designation of "Registered Llife Coach." The College offers both a day program (for coaching in the corporate arena) and evening program (for natural health care professionals and one-on-one coaching). They also offer designations as "Certified Life Coach," "Professional Life Coach," and "Master Life Coach." These designations can be obtained through a demonstration of coaching ability and documentation of coaching experience. The fee for the day program is $4995 and the fee for the evening program is $2495. Contact: Jeff Wasserman, PO Box 540, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533, Tel: (800) 841-8776 or (877) 352-4742. (Note: this organization describes itself as "America's leading coach training organization" but no details are provided as to how this statement is accurate.)


  • Core Path Created by Stephen Sebastian, this organization offers three coach training programs: "Coaching to Excellence," (four days, $650) "Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others," (seven days, $2600) and the "Professional Coaching Course" (sixteen days, $7200). All are designed around the training of New Ventures West and offered in partnership with New Ventures West. The courses are in-person in the Minneapolis area and are comprehensive courses for individuals or organizations. Contact: Stephen Sebastian, Core Path, 5200 West 73rd Street, Edina, Minnesota 55439; Tel: (952) 383-4412; Fax: (952) 897-6506 e-mail:


  • International Graduate School of Professional Coaching - A two-year graduate degree program that can be completed through a combination of in-person courses and telecourses. Requires approximately 150 hours of course instruction and 450 hours of interactive, supervised coaching experience. Admission requirements include a degree from an accredited university, coaching experience documented by videotape, a personal interview, letters of recommendation, and a learning from work history essay. Upon admission each participant is paired with a professional mentor coach who is described as earning more than $100,000 per year. Ph.D. track participants must complete a research paper on coaching, pass an oral examination and present a training workshop to peers. Areas of emphasis include spiritual coaching, sports coaching and dream coaching. Tuition is $18,000 per year. Language of instruction is available in English, French, German or Italian.


  • International University of Professional Studies - This unaccredited university offers an M.A. and Ph.D. in professional coaching and human development. The organization provides several ways for participants to obtain the necessary credits for the degree including: (1) taking course work at other universities or training programs; (2) designing their own curriculum; or (3) attending the Institute for Life Coach Studies. Applicants must pay a nonrefundable education assessment fee of $100.00 and submit a personal portfolio. Tuition for the master's degree program is $5,800; for the Ph.D. program is $7,300; and for a combined M.A./Ph.D. program is $10,200. A reduction in fee is available depending on prior professional and educational experience and the assessment fee is applied to tuition costs. Additional contact information: Bruce Cohen, IUPS, 1135 Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768; Tel: (800) 806-0317.


  • Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching - This organization bases its training on holistic principles, recognizing client and coach as whole person and honoring the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each person's life. Courses are limited to 16 students, and most courses are taught by the organization founder, Alan Cohen. Training begins with a four-day training retreat. While many people attend who want to become professional coaches, the program is set up to people who want to use life coaching in their current career roles. In addition to the retreat, participants are involved in 14 one-hour teleseminars, a one-hour personal coaching with the Founder, 40 online coach training course lessons (30-60 minutes each), and 20 fifty-minute practice coaching sessions (plus reports for 10 of them), and a final exam of approximately two hours in length. An advanced Integral Master Coaching program is also available and consists of 14 teleseminars by the instructor, 16 student-generated presentations, personal coaching with the instructor, a 40-lesson online course, presentations by guest master coaches, weekly assignments, a project in which students are invited to manifest a particular goal with support from the instructor, a four-day in-person intensive training, a high degree of personal attention, and auxiliary materials. Additional contact information: P.O. Box 100, Kapa'au, Hawaii 96755; Tel: (808) 896-0207; e-mail:


  • Concordia University - This Concordia University research and training centre offers a Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC) that has been approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The program requires a 135-hours of coach-specific training (90 hours on fundamentals, 20 hours coaching experience under supervision, and 25 hours of documented assignments and clinics). The fee for this program is $4295, and it is held one weekend a month over an eight-month period (in-person attendance is required). Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree and a minimum of five years of pertinent full-time work experience. The Centre also offers a workshop on Team Effectiveness Coaching that is designed for leaders, executives, managers, as well as HR, OD and coaching professionals. The fee for the team coaching program is $1395, and courses are in-person; ICF continuing education credits are available. Other programs include a Conflict Management and Resolution workshop and a Human Interaction Laboratory. Consult the Centre's website for current schedules, program descriptions and fees, and registration information. Further contact information: Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies, Concordia University, 7141 Sherbrooke Street West, VE 225-01, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6; Tel: (514) 848-2424, ext 2273; website:, or e-mail:


  • University of Success Strategies (FastCoach) (website is in Russian) - This organization delivers webinar training in English and Russian. They use NLP as their base for skill training and follow the IAC Coaching Masteries. The training program is approximately six weeks for their school coaches program; and five months for their strategic coaching school program. They also provide a free, seven day video training program. Contact: FastStartCoach, Montreal, PQ, Canada, (514) 762-1678; email:


  • The McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina now offers a Master of Science in Executive Coaching (MSEC). The first executive coaching class at this fully-accredited university was launched in May 2011. Participants will complete two graduate courses (6 credit hours) per term and complete the program in 24 months. The program was designed for working professionals in a variety of areas including coaching, organization development, learning and development, human resources, and general management/leadership. Each term begins with an eight-day on-campus residency session. Students will work independently, in teams and with faculty to complete course work in a variety of subject areas. Faculty include members from McColl School as well as worldwide faculty of scholar-practitioners. Total tuition for 24 months, including all books, fees, course materials, and most meals: $47,500. Contact: John L. Bennett, Ph.D., PCC, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Director, Master of Science in Executive Coaching, McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte, 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Dana 209, Charlotte, North Carolina 28274; Tel: (704) 337-2210; email:


  • International Mozaik L'école du devenir - Coach training leading to certification is available in French and English, and courses are provided in France, Belgium, and Quebec. Courses include a focus on coaching foundations, coaching individuals, multi-cultural coaching, and supervised, practical coaching experience. Contact: 14bis Rue de Milan F-75009 Paris; Tel: +33 1 53 20 11 94; Fax: +33 1 53 20 09 65; E-mail.


  • Trinergy International - Coach training leading to certification is available only in German and courses are provided in Vienna, Austria. Courses include a focus on NLP. Accredited by the International Coach Federation. Contact: 1140 Vienna, Linzer Str.77 Austria; Tel: 43 1 985 1060; Fax: 43 1 985 10 6090; E-mail.


  • Human Capital Institute - This organization provides courses in a variety of areas, and most recently has developed an "Effective Coaching for Maximum Performance" web-based course. This three-hour course is designed for HR, OD, and Training & Development professionals involved in the strategic and tactical aspects of talent development. Line managers responsible for coaching, developing, and/or mentoring of team members are also encouraged to take this class. Students participate through a live, instructor-led Internet e-course (topics and objectives are listed on the website). Class size is restricted to encourage participation and sharing of student knowledge and experiences. A 20 question online assessment is included. The most recent offerings of this course are scheduled for August 8, 2008 and September 4, 2008, October 1, 2008, and November 10, 2008. Tuition for the course is $595.00 and a $100 early-bird discount is available. For more information contact: 1.866.538.1909; email:


  • Linkage Coaching Leaders Certification Program - The program includes targeted pre-work which uses coaching tools and an interview with a master coach; core sessions, an intensive 3-day course in locations around North America; and hands-on post-work which includes individual coaching with a master coach. field work and two additional options for demonstrating competency. The focus of this program is primarily for persons who are internal coaches, but some external coaches can attend. The fee is $3995.00. Contact: Heather Erickson, Program Manager, Linkage, Inc., One Forbes Road, Lexington, Massachusetts 02421; Tel: (781) 402-5520; email:


  • Christian Coach Training Institute - This program emphasizes customized training to meet individual ministry needs. The core of the program consists of ten, one-hour per week teleconference calls, supplemental texts, weekly at-home activities, and two follow-up meetings. Tuition is $549 and faculty are certified coaches. Contact: 9769 184th Court NE, Redmond, Washington 98052-2917; Tel: (425) 558-1845; email:


  • Christian Coaching Institute - Created by Faith Meenan in 2000 in order to provide a distinctly Christian training program which would use the truth of Scripture and the exaltation of Jesus Christ as the foundation for coaching. The vision of CCI is to equip coaches to be powerful change instruments in the lives of Christians. The training program is typically 9-months for new coaches and three-months for experienced coaches. Teleclasses are held weekly and class size does not exceed ten persons. Training is provided in three phases: Experiencing the Living True Process, Coaching Skill Development, and Practice Building, Marketing Strategies, and Continued Skill Building. Certification is available upon completing specific requirements. Additional contact information: Tel: (719) 596-6093; e-mail:


  • Clergy Leadership Institute - This organization provides training for (1) clergy to coach peers, staff, and volunteers; and (2) psychologists who are interested in coaching clergy and consulting to congregations. CLI focuses on transformational coaching and provides three areas of study: introduction to transformational coaching, advanced coach training, and a certificate in clergy coaching. The basis for their training is Appreciative Inquiry and eligibility for admission is dependent on experience with this area. Training primarily is done in an in-person, week-long, workshop format that includes presentations, personal practice and time for reflection and synthesis. The cost for the workshop is $350-$400, depending on how soon participants register. Residential accommodation is available, but not included in the fee; however, meals are included. For the latest schedule and fees, visit their website. The training is led by Rob Voyle, an ordained Episcopal priest, and psychologist and executive coach. He was an original faculty member and taught for five years at the College of Executive Coaching. The CLI is located in Hillsboro, Oregon; Tel: (503) 647-2382.


  • Professional Christian Counseling & Coaching Academy - This organization provides a 12-week certification program divided into two main segments: Part I, "Optimize Your Life;" and Part II, "Christian Coaching Proficiency Intensive." Participants have weekly assignments and one hour of coaching per week. Midway through the courses, each participant must have at least two candidates for coaching, and near the end of the program candidates must devote time to textbook assignments. Faculty provide marketing assistance and certification requires completed practicum activities and a certification interview. The website states that the organization has chosen not to be accredited by a secular accrediting organization in order to minimize any impact such an organization might have on their bible-based program, selection of study materials and religious freedom. For more information contact: PCCCA c/o Beautiful Life International, LLC, 1218 47th Street, Suite 310 Cape Coral, Florida 33904; Tel: (239) 540-4660; Fax: (239) 540-3340; email:


  • The North American Lifestyle Planning Corporation - The organization specializes in training coaches to be certified financial and lifestyle planners. The certification program is offered online in four audio classes. To qualify for enrolment applicants must in addition to having related work experience in human resources, training, benefits, healthcare, counselling life balance management or wellness, they must be certified as a coach by a recognized coaching organization or have completed a graduate or post-graduate degree in counselling, psychology, health management, behavioral science, business, or psychotherapy, or received a professional designation from a Human Resources, or Training and Development Association, or are full members of the International Association of Career Management Professionals. Certification training is offered at no cost if participants purchase a minimum number of Lifestyle Planner Questionnaires or the fee is $US295.00. Contact: George Beshara, NALPC, Suite 1808, 63 Widdicombe Hill Blvd., Etobicoke, Ontario M9R 4B2; Tel: (416) 483-8742; e-mail:


  • Conscious Coaching Institute - This organization offers three teleclasses that constitute a Professional Certificate of Coaching program (Foundations of Coaching 1, tuition $995.00; Foundations of Coaching 2, tuition $995.00, and Authentic Marketing, tuition $895.00). Additional courses are available for marketing, practice building, mentor coaching, and the role of intuition in facilitating coaching breakthroughs. Contact: Conscious Coaching Institute, 72 68th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11220; Contact: Paulette Rao, MCC; Tel: (718) 833-5586.


  • Advantage Coaching and Training - This organization offers an advance study program for people who have significant professional or business experience. The program is recognized by WABC having earned the prestigious WABC Accredited (Level 1 – RCC)™ designation. Persons who complete the program will also earn their own individual designation, WABC’s Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™). The minimum requirements are seven years of professional or business experience and transitioning into business coaching. This course is appropriate for those who want to learn the philosophy and skill set used in business coaching. Coaches, human resource professionals, managers, therapists and trainers are common in the Corporate Coach Program. This course is NOT appropriate for those seeking to become ONLY personal coaches or who have not had experience either formally or informally coaching others. Additional contact: 480 E. Roosevelt Rd., Suite 105, West Chicago, IL 60185 email:; Tel: (630) 293-0210.


  • Academic Life Coaching - This organization's mission is to a) coach teenagers one-to-one in the Academic Life Coaching Program; and b) train and certify others to coach teens in an ICF recognized Life Coach Training Program. They offer three streams: (1) a no-cost, five-part program, delivered via email, one part per day for five days; (2) a self-study program like the five-part program that participants can go through and have access to all the material (fee is $595); and (3) a teleconference-based, live training that takes 48 hours and is ICF approved (fee is $2700 and scholarships are available). They also provide a one-to-one coaching program that lasts 10 sessions and is designed for teenagers. The price depends on the coach and ranges from $450 to $2000, depending on which coach is leading the program. Additional contact information: John Andrew Williams, Academic Life Coaching, PO Box 4051, Portland, Oregon 97208: (503) 288-5045; email form on website.


  • Co-Creative Alliance - This organization offers a two-day Introduction to Coaching for Leadership, and a fifteen-day, in-person, 125-hour certification program shaped to match the International Coach Federation accreditation (ACTP) standards. They also offer a "train-the-trainer" program so that coaches can deliver the training in their own organization. Teaching methods include lectures, facilitated discussion, demonstrations, practice, application, advanced study for deepening practice, and supervision. The course work is divided into three week-long sessions, 24 hours of teleclasses, 6 hours of private supervision, and 10 hours of private coaching. Information about tuition is not available on their website. Additional contact in North America: DP Waldman, (760) 944-7770; email:, and in the UK or Europe: Helen Caton Hughes, Tel: +44 (0) 1524 792476; email:


  • Express Coaching - This organization offers three specialty areas (coaching emotional intelligence, coaching through career transitions, and coaching to wellness) all based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) 11 core coaching competencies. Training is provided in weekly live teleconference calls that include breakout sessions with partners, peer partnerships, and observed coaching sessions. Participants also receive information about business development. A typical program requires six months for completion and includes certification upon successful completion. Tuition is currently $USD1997.00 (be sure to check the website for the most recent fees and schedule). The training is approved by the ICF for coach-specific training hours. Contact information: Katherine Dennis, Registrar and Director of Admissions, Express Coaching, 33 West Pender Street, Suite 303, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0E5; Tel: (800) 925-7116 or (310) 209-8271; email:


  • The Spencer Institute - The organization focuses on wellness and health as well as business coaching through its Life Strategies Coaching Program. Through a series of readings, CD's, videos, manuals, graded assignments, case studies and telephone coaching interviews, students can complete this course in about 6-7 months. All course assignments must be completed at a satisfactory level and students can work towards a designation as a certified life strategies coach with a business emphasis or a certified life strategies coach with a wellness emphasis or both. Fees are US $699 for each designation. Materials and resources for study are not included. Contact: Spencer Institute, 31441 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Suite A140, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688; Tel: 1.877.348.6692; e-mail:


  • Real Balance Wellness Coach Mentoring - The Wellness Coach Training Institute, powered by Real Balance Global Wellness Services and established by Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, provides one-on-one coach training to develop a health and wellness coach business, and assist therapists to move into coaching. Dr. Arloski is the author of Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. Their founder states as of 2012 that they have trained almost 3,000 wellness coaches worldwide. The organization provides an ICF-approved coach training program. Additional contact information: Tel: (970) 568-4700; e-mail:


  • Catalyst Coaching Institute Wellness Coach Training - This organization offers the official designation as a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC) as well as continuing education in coaching skills and business training. They offer two different tracks: a Coaching Track and a Business Track. Participants can select one or both depending on their career interests. The total contact hours required for the CWC certification in the Coaching Track is 16 hours of live training (typically a two-day on-site training usually in Colorado) and an additional 16-18 hours through live webinars, core educational modules, elective educational modules, mentor coach interactions, passing scores on all module post-tests, and an oral and written examination for the CWC certification. The business track focuses on sales, marketing, and motivation, all elements necessary to start and run a successful wellness coaching business. The tuition if paid in full in advance is $1,695.00, which includes focused on-site mentor training, manuals, lunches during live training and much more. The Catalyst Coaching Institute is approved by both the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification.  Check the website for start times and the latest tuition fees. Contact details: Physical address of the organization and the names of principals are not provided on the website; Tel: (800) 495-1343; email:


  • Falling Awake Life Coach Training - A 15-month comprehensive life coach training program led by Dave Ellis. The majority of the work takes place through distance learning. To become certified, participants must complete all course work, and pass an examination. To become certified by the International Coach Federation, participants may have to engage in additional professional experience. The curriculum is based on the book by Dave Ellis: "Life Coaching: A Manual for Helping Professionals." Additional contact: Bill Rentz,, Falling Awake, 628-1/2 6th Street #202, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701; Tel: (866) 325-5292; e-mail:


  • Life Coach Institute of Orange County - This organization offers a Life Coach Certification program through an intensive, three-day, in-person classroom experience. Classes are offered in cities around the United States, and the typical fee is $695.00 for the three-days (check their website for the latest schedule, locations, tuition and curriculum.) Further contact information: Life Coach Institute of Orange County, 2850 Mesa Verde Drive East, Suite O, Costa Mesa, California 92626; Tel: (714) 609-6370.


  • Wellness Impovement System Coaching Institute (WISCI) - This Canadian coach training organization is owned and operated by Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., and offers a coach training certificate that is International Coach Federation (ICF) approved. The program has been training and certifying coaches since 2008, and provides online training globally with specialized niches in: Life and Workplace Wellness Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching and Interpersonal Skills Coaching. The program can be completed in a winter cohort six months long or through a three month summer institute that begins in June each year. The WISC program has a sound base in theory and practice, leaning on a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional Wellness Improvement System model that offers students an opportunity to prepare to work with clients in a wide range of life, interpersonal and career issues. The Institute also offers a continuing education (CCEU's) Wellness Facilitator certificate for coaches who would like to add a wellness component to their practice. Their current fee structure: ranges from $375 to $400 per module in the 15 course module certificate. They also offer stand-alone coaching courses and in-person courses in locations across Canada. Check their website for current dates, fees and locations. Contact: WISC Coaching Institute, 13-875 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 3L1; Tel: (204) 668-5283 or (877) 999-9591; email:


  • Maryland University of Integrative Health - This organization offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching with concentrations in Integrative Health Practices, Nurtition, or Herbal. The program can be completed in 11 months with 15 graduate-level credits. It is presented in both a weekend and online format, and has been approved by the ICF as an ACSTH program. Courses focus on becoming a health presence, fundamentals of health and wellness coaching, theories and principles of behavior change, applied healing strategies, foundations of health and wellness, and fundamentals of information (full course descriptions are available in the academic catalogue). The fee for the post-baccalaureate certificate training is $11,385; and the fee for the Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching ranges from $22,770 to $22,950, depending on specialty. (Application fees are also necessary, and check their website for the latest fees and course schedule.) Additional contact information: Maryland University of Integrative Health, 7750 Montpelier Road, Laurel, Maryland 20723; Tel: (410) 888-9048: toll-free: (800) 735-2968.


  • HolisticMBA Health Coach Training - This porgram promises that participants can become health coaches in six months and will be able to earn $5,000-$10,000 per month as a graduate. No prerequisites are necessary, and the program is based on their "4 Pillars" which are health and wellness, transformational coaching skills, personal growth, and proven marketing and simple business systems. They also offer other coach training programs that use The Transformational Coaching Method (NLP), and they have a unique "copy my program" approach that allows individuals to completely copy exactly what one of the leaders does in her coaching practice. Details about tuition are not available on the website. Additional contact: 3023 North Clark Street, PO Bo 886, Chicago, Illinois 60657; Tel: (877) 914-2242; email:


  • DrSears Health Coach Training - This online program, developed by medical doctors, is based on what they call the four pillars of health: lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition (LEAN). They offer three certification options: health coaching for families, health coaching for pregnancy, or health coaching for adults and seniors. Participants can become certified in all three areas. The online training for each health course is six to 12 weeks, depending on the number of certifications sought. In addition to the online courses, the training includes live support from expert trainers, weekly conference calls, and printed marketing materials. Tuition for each certification area is $795; for two areas together $1095.00; or for all three areas $1395.00. Check their website for the most recent tuition information and starting dates of their online course sequence. Additional contact: 384 Inverness Way, Englewood, Colorado 80112; (303) 242-8411 or Toll-free: (866) 446-1967.


  • Wellcoaches School of Coaching - This organization offers a Core Coach Training Program that combines coaching science with practical experience and a Professional Coach Training Program for Wellcoaches-certified coaches who want to upgrade to an ICF ACTP porgram. The Core program consists of 18 weekly teleclasses and a four-day residential program. Participants in this program must meet admission requirements which are listed on their website. Tuition for the Core Program is $1245.00. The advanced program is delivered over a 10-month period and includes two 2.5 day residential sessions, 24 ninety-minute teleclasses, eight ninety-minute group menotring sessions; four one-hour private mentor and coaching sessions; and a selected reading list. The fee for this advanced program is $3300.00. Check their website for starting dates, locations, and current tuition fees. Additional contact: 19 Weston Road, Wellesley, Masachusetts 02482; Tel: (866) 932-6224.


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Accredited Health Coach Program - This program, accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), offers two tracks: standard and premium, both culminating in a health coach examination, which can be completed online or at a specified testing location. To take the exam, participants must meet certain requirements. Tuition for the standard track is $499.00; and for the premium track is $599.00. Training consists of a manual, guided email, and a presentation lecture series online (for the premium program). Additional contact: 4851 Paramount Drive, San Diego, California 9123; Tel: (888) 825-3636.


  • HealthCoach Training - The HealthCoach 12-month certification training program includes 96 one-hour teleconference training classes over the course of 12 months divided into 48 core classes and 48 support classes. Also included are downloadable lessons, archived class recordings, forms, scripts, and CD's to support the classes. Participants learn (1) generic coaching skills (including several models of coaching along with the core competencies of coaching that they claim enables coaching as a life coach, business coach, financial coach, sales coach, parental coaching, etc.); (2) specialized coaching in health and wellness; (3) marketing; and (4) the virtual coaching office, which is a health-based website that automatically customizes around the coach and each client and allows the coach to manage and coach hundreds of clients, provides credible resources, information, programs and tools, and enables marketing of health and wellness products. At the end of the 12-month training program, participants may apply for certification. The Certification Program is not affiliated with any other institution, coach organization, university or government agency. The Certification is based upon the participant being competent in coaching skills, operation the VCO, and marketing for paying clients. Certification Application requires an additional fee. Their website quotes independent research that estimates that a professional health coach can "earn over $127.00 an hour working from home by phone and the Internet." A free lesson is available by signing up on their website, and three different payment options are available. Additional contact: Jerry Conti, Health Coach Training, a Division of Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc., 224 Commercial Blvd, Suite 304, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida 33308; Tel: (800) 401-9171; email:


  • National Society of Health Coaches - This organization, founded in 2007, offers a health coach certification program. The health coach program is a guided self-study with on-line interactive practice resources in combination with hard copy materials that are shipped to each participant. The shipped materials include the health coach education manual with curriculum, an audio CD, and a quick reference pocket guide for use in the field. Certification is granted to persons who pass a timed Certification Exam and Skills Competency. The certification is valid for 5 years. Persons residing outside the USA are eligible. Their website includes a set of health coach practice standards and ethics. In addition to the certification program they offer, they grant membership in their organization to each person who registers for their evidence-based health coach training. NSHC certification, and a current, unencumbered professional license/credential are required to be listed in the NSHC CHC's Member Registry. Membership renewal is $50/year or $90/two-years. Additional contact: National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC), 269 Lakeview Way, Winchester, Tennessee 37398; Tel: (888) 838-1260; email:


  • National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) - This organization provides a Whole Health Coaching Skills Program that consists of 10 video and audio streamed courses as part of their certification program; courses include mindful listening, peer counseling, behavioral engagement, principals of coaching parts 1 and 2, shared decision making, the wellness inventory, cultural diversity, psychology for stress reduction, and health information research. The coaching certification is part of the Whole Health Education Program. Applicants must have already demonstrated their acheivement in the health field through some type of credential, education or training to qualify for admission. Tuition is $4595.00. Additonal contact: 148 Linden Street, Suite 208A, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482; Tel: (888) 354-4325


  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition - This organization offers a one-year health coach training program leading to certification. The curriculum emphasizes the idea that by addressing all the facets of health in addition to eating, relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality, health coaches can help people to become healthier and happier. Their course curriculum includes exploration of dietary theories, and their faculty include physicians, researchers, and nutrition experts. They also help participants with how to launch and maintain a health coaching business. As a result of a unique relationship they have with different colleges and universities, participants can also earn a bachelor's or master's degree. They hold a number of information sessions to assist potential students to learn about their program. No information is provided on the website about tuition. Additional contact: Tel: (877) 730-5444; +1 (212) 730-5433


  • International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC) - This organization advocates for health coaches and advances the cause of health and happiness around the world. The offer a Certified International Health Coach Exam, and to become certified, individuals must have graduated from either the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) health coach training program or a comparable program and also pass the Certified International Health Coach certification exam. By meeting these criteria, individuals have demonstrated competency in coaching skills and can use the IAHC Certified International Health Coach designation. All graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program are automatically members of the IAHC. Graduates from comparable health coach training program should contact for information regarding membership to the IAHC. The organization provides liability insurance. They make the claim, on their website, that they are "the world’s largest alliance of Health Coaches and wellness professionals." Further contact: The International Association for Health Coaches, 1025 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036; email:


  • Healthcare Coaching Institute - Created by the Pyramid Resource Group, and ICF pioneer coaches, this group has designed its programs for leaders of leaders in organizational settings. They provide three programs: Option 1 is a 125-hour program resulting in qualification for certification as a PCC through the ICF; Option 2 is a 60-hour program and provides a core coaching certificate - this can be customized for larger organizations seeking help in shaping a coaching culture; and Option 3 is a 65 hours advanced coursework coaching certificate (or CCEUs) for those that have already obtained the ACC level of certification from the ICF.

    All courses are primarily taught by ICF master certified coaches. Courses are typically delivered in a live intensive format in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, but other locations across the USA are also used for such delivery. A series of virtual classroom courses and learning labs as well as coach mentoring are provided by ICF-certified master coaches and professionals in the fields of medicine, law, psychology, and business.

    Live intensives focus on humanity, exploration, and discovery; while virtual classes focus on topics such as agreements and ethical practices, care of the coach, group and team coaching, and other areas. Electives are also available that feature coaching the healthcare provider, tools for coaching around stress, and coaching for professionals in transition.

    Participants can earn CCEUS and mentoring for credit with the ICF. Tuition for the 125-hour complete program is $12,500.00; tuition for the 60-hour program is $6,500; and tuition for the 65-hour advanced program is $6,500. Check their website for the most up-to-date class schedules and tuition fees. Additional contact: Pyramid Resource Group, 1020 Southhill Drive, Suite 150, Cary, North Carolina 27513; Tel: (919) 677-9300x100; email:


  • Health Sciences Institute offers two levels of health coach certification for clinical and nonclinical professionals: Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Certification and the Registered Health Coach (RHC) credential. CCP is the only health coaching credential recognized by the wellness, disease management and care management industry group: the Care Continuum Alliance, and is required or recommended by health care organizations in the US and Canada. The 40-hour program targets evidence-based foundations of wellness, chronic disease prevention and disease self-care, as well as over 10 hours of motivational interviewing training and skill-building video. Building on CCP, the Registered Health Coach (RHC) credential is the only validated health coaching credential based on the Motivational Interviewing (MI) Network of Trainer (MINT) guidelines for MI training and demonstration of health coaching proficiency via the validated Health Coaching Performance Assessment which is currently used by the Mayo Clinic, the Veterans Administration and Stanford University Health System. The tuition fees for CCP are $1,295 and additional workshop, webinar and training, skills feedback and proficiency testing fees of $1,250 (US) for RHC. Free monthly skill-building webinars are available by Health Sciences' faculty via the not-for-profit Health Coaching Learning Collaborative (HCLC). More information is available at Health Sciences Institute, 4905 34th Street South, #5300, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711; (866) 0640-6060; email:


  • Mentor Coaches International - Integrates coaching and mentoring for novice coaches, intermediate coaches, advanced coaches and internal corporate coaches. More of a supervision and support interaction for existing coaches than training for persons who want to be coaches. They focus on personal growth, coaching skills and practical development through coaching, giving advice, and sharing practical information. One way this is done is through free masterclasses. Contact: No postal address or telephone contact is available on their website.


  • Wellness Coach Training, Certification and Business License Program - In cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine, this organization provides a 10-week training program primarily to enable health and fitness professionals to add wellness coaching to their portfolio. To enter this program typically requires a certification or degree in another health oriented profession. Persons from other helping professions may also be admitted. Training consists primarily of telecourses, recorded lectures, telecourse-based practice sessions, coaching from an experienced coach. Participants receive a manual, course outlines, and email and telephone support. Participants receive continuing education credits that can be applied to different organizations, including the International Coach Federation. Certification is provided contingent upon each participant completing the course work within 12 months, verification of prerequisites, an in-person, supervised examination, a 30-minute practical evaluation, documentation of a minimum of 15 coaching hours. The regular fee is $1050, but payment plans and early bird discounts are available. The program starts on certain dates, so check the website for the latest schedule. Tel: (866) 932-6224; email:


  • Wisdom at Work - Created by Miriam Reiss and focuses on corporate coach training. Described as an intensive coach training program available in on-site and retreat settings. Graduates receive a certificate upon completion of courses. No course details, costs or length of time provided on web site. Contact: (206) 545-0809; e-mail:


  • Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching - Founded in 2006 by Barbara Wainwright. They offer a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential through a third party: the Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) in the areas of life coaching, Christian coaching, and recovery coaching. They offer an online (two, eight-hour sessions or four, four-hour sessions), a live in-person (two days) training, and a one-on-one live class (16 hours). (consult their website for the latest dates and locations.) Participants must pass a test to demonstrate mastery of the WGI professional coaching system in order to be awarded the credential. Tuition is $997.00. Further contact: Wainwright Global, Inc. 1785 Sahara Avenue, Suite 490-1008, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104; Tel: (800) 711-4346 or (949) 281-6737;


  • Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching - Created by educator and Master Coach Berry Fowler. They offer a Certified Professional Life Coaching (CPC) credential that can be completed with 20 hours of complete online home study (tuition $650), or a 20-hour complete DVD home study (tuition $725), or a one-to-one online course with a master coach (tuition $1195). Through the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching they offer a Certified Master Business Coach (MBC) graduate level course which can be completed in 30-hours. This course is offered live in-person (30-hours, tuition: $5,497) as well as live online (30-hours, tuition: $3,997). Consult their website for course dates, locations, and up-to-date tuition fees. Further contact: Physical address of headquarters not available on website. Tel: (888) 314-0114 or (858) 836-1735; email address is not provided but a form for submitting an email message is available on the website.


  • Fast Track Coach Training - Created by Susan Sussman, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Sheila Kutner, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), this program focuses exclusively on the International Coach Federation's Core Competencies. There are 24 two-hour class meetings and six two-hour coaching practicums. The team spends 24 discussion hours on core competency written materials and 36 hours doing practice coaching with feedback. The current fee is $1500.00. Check the website for current start dates and fees. Telephone contact: (610) 825-8572 or (610) 449-3700; e-mail:


  • New Agreements Coach Training and Leadership Institute - Co-founded by Joanne Dunleavy, an executive and business coach and graduate of Coach U, this six-month program focuses on business and executive coach training, and is based on the universal and spiritual principles as described in the work of Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements." The "cornerstones" of this training include "sacred relationships," "the masteries," "systems-based," and "the path of the coach and leader." The goal of New Agreements is to "release the creative human spirit in coaches, clients, leaders, and organizations." Further contact: (508) 238-1009; e-mail:


  • Coach-Parenting™ Certified Coach Training - This company is dedicated to making it easy for moms and dads to be the parents they want to be, everyday. They teach parents how to: 1. use positive and empowering coaching skills in their interactions with their children; 2. choose parenting words and actions that express their own values, beliefs, and ideas; and 3. coach themselves right in the middle of their parenting situations. They provide training for coaches who want to work with parents and all of the materials, presentations, workshops, and tools necessary to begin coaching parents along with a lifetime Coach-Parenting™ License. Training takes place by live telecourse or RealAudio and typically requires 4 one-hour sessions. Tuition is $99.00. Check with website for course dates. For a ten percent discount on any order over $70.00, email Peer Resources and mention the Coach-Parenting™ discount. Additional contact for Coach-Parenting™: Deborah Phillips, MS, Tel: (360) 794-3879; e-mail.


  • International Association for Life Quality (IALQ) Certified Coach Training - This company provides specialized niche training for coaches to work with individuals with special needs (primarily young people with autism and their family members). Coaches in this niche area are primarily paid by the families, but in some states in the USA state or federal dollars may be available for funding these services. The course tuition is $3,500 for the 16-week online class. At the time of we prepared this description classes begin for the next admission on January 31, 2011, and registration closes on January 19, 2011. No details about the content of the coach training or about the actual certification system are available on the website. IALQ is an initiative of Training, Education, and Research Institute (TERI Inc.)  Contact: Dr. Krysti DeZonia, Director IALQ, 251 Airport Road, Oceanside, California 92058; (760) 721-1706;


  • Beckett McInroy Coach Training (BMC) - Their "CoachME" programs consists of six levels and are fully accredited by Association for Coaching International (AC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). Contact: Office 2142, 21st Floor, Almoayyed Tower, Building 2504, Road 2832, Al Seef District Block 428, P.O.Box 1346, Kingdom of Bahrain; Tel: +973 1759 0135; E-mail:


  • Association for Talent Development Coaching Certificate - This organization offers in-person, two-day trainings in locations in the USA (Denver, New York, Boston, and Chicago). Participants learn a model that outlines a coaching process they can use with individuals, teams, or an entire organization, and will practice foundational coaching competencies through role plays, group exercises, and case studies. The ATD Coaching Certificate is aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, but coaching certification through the ICF is not provided. However, the program has been approved by the ICF for 8.5 core competency units and 3.75 resource development units. Tuition is $1550.00. Additional contact details: ATD, 1640 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; Tel: (800) 628-2783 or (703) 683-6100; email:


  • Excel Group Development Services, Inc. - A North American based learning and performance development organization specializing in management-coach development and online assessment tools. Excel Group also delivers public and in-house workshops for RealTimeCoaching, a coaching model to help managers align behaviors of direct reports with departmental and organizational objectives. Participants in this six-day training typically learn how to use four basic questions to coach people to achieve in ways that serve the best interests of the organization, while also meeting their own unique needs; how to use self evaluation as the cornerstone for continuous improvement; and how to recognize another's behavioral style and adapt your communication style to improve interpersonal effectiveness. See their online brochure for more information and training dates at


  • -This organization provides a four-day, in-person, small class training and on-going workshops. Consult their website for dates throughout the year. Information about tuition is not available on the website. Additional contact: 1321 Howe Avenue, Suite 100, Sacramento, California 95825; Tel: (800) 983-7769 or (916) 922-7766; email:


  • Havana Wellness Studio -This offers a 200-hour, online, self-paced Intuitive Wellness Coach Certfiicate (tuition is $2700.00), a Complementary & Alternative Modalities for Coaches online course, a course in Ethical Issues for Therapist-Coaches, and a 10+hour online course for Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. They also offer Coach and Energy Medicine Liability Insurance. Further contact: DeeAnna Nagel, 100 8th Avenue West, Havana, Florida 32333; Tel: (706) 506-9151; email:


  • Advantara Global Executive Learning and Coach Education Institute - Geared toward those transitioning into coaching from other professions such as management, human resources, and therapeutic disciplines, Advantara was founded by Master Global Executive Coach Hannah S. Wilder, MA (Harvard), PhD (MIT), Master Certified Coach (ICF) and Master Team Coach. This advanced, distance learning coach education has the only copyrighted certification program for Global Executive Coaches. Advantara's programs are based on mindfulness, sustainability, intercultural and global skills, systems theory, neuroscience, mindfulness, and sustainability, for the development of executive and coach as global citizens with the aim of improving the global human and business environment. The program is based on Dr. Wilder's book Coaching Executives in a Global Context: Changing the Human and Business Environment.

    With a credentialled global faculty, the program includes courses on basic, intermediate and executive intercultural coaching skills in a global business environment, integrative change strategies, international HR management, intercultural leadership development assessments, evaluation and research on executive coaching, sustainable business, coaching geographically dispersed teams, practice development, coaching versus other personal and systemic change management system, and ethics.

    There are five primary programs:

    • Executive Coach Education, Development and Certification Program (100 hours) delivered via telephone and internet - includes training and certification as a High Impact Teaming Coach and eligiblity for Certified Executive Coach, 10 hours of mentor coaching, and more
    • Global Executive Coach Education (156 contact hours or 300 academic hours) - includes the above and adds essential elements mentioned above; leads to a certification process as a Certified Global Executive Coach (CGEC)
    • Global Executive Team Coaching Certification for coaches working with geographically dispersed, functionally and culturally diverse teams.
    • Coaching as a Leadership Style - a certification program for executives in coaching skills
    • Coaching for HR/Personnel Management Professionals - for internal or external groups of six or more professionals

    These certification programs may be licensed for delivery in academic institutions, executive education and other organizations. Contact for specifics on current fees as well as the most up-to-date course delivery schedule. Tel: +44 (0)1643 412 413; mobile +44 (0) 7929531839; e-mail:


  • Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy - Founded in 2008 by Accredited Coach Sandy Foster (a Stevie Award winner for women in business), this organization provides a 10-month training and certification program resulting in an international Inspired Spirit Coach or Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction coach designation. Teleconference training sessions are held three times per month (1-2 hours a week) over the 10 months. Sessions are led by the founder and approved trainers as well as guest experts. A variety of materials are sent to each participant including an Inspired Spirit Coaching manual, study notes, checklists, exercises, and a variety of bonus resources. Teleconferences focus on masterful coaching skills for success; the secret behind The Secret; business building and marketing; entrepreneurial tips; transformational energy processes; and advanced divine manifesting. Course work is approved by the International Coach Federation for CCEs and the International Association for Coaching.

    Participants have access to a password protected area for additional resources, audio files, and other materials as well as access to a private Facebook discussion group. Check the website for more details about the training sessions, bonus materials, and latest schedule. Normal tuition is $5997.00, and early bird pricing is available at $3497.00 until December 7, 2012. The organization offers a unique guarantee that states: "If after 12 months from becoming a certified coach, you haven't earned back ALL your investment we will gladly refund your money." Both experienced coaches and those new to coaching have provided testimonials on the website about the value they received. Further contact details: P.O. Box 362, Mooloolaba Qld 4557 Australia; Tel: 07-5476-5584, Fax: 07-5456-4740; email:  

  • On-Purpose Partners Life Academy (Queensland, Australia) - This organization trains life and business coaches and trains managers as coaches. Certification requires participation in a one-day in-person workshop, completion of a 12 session On-Purpose curriculum and related assignments, demonstration of the principles associated with a book about the On-Purpose business, completion of a business plan, facilitation of a small group workshop, and provide evidence of insurance. In addition, as a way of demonstrating professional commitment, participants are encouraged to join the International Coach Federation and attend meetings of their local chapter. Fees are not stated on the website. Further contact information: 25 Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, Queensland 4069, Australia; Tel: +61 7 3878 7422; email: (E-mail requests to check the accuracy of this listing have not received a reply.)


  • Meta-Coaching Training This organization provides five programs for coach training: coaching essentials, coaching genius, associate certified meta-coach training (internal or external), professional certified meta-coach assessment, and master certified meta-coach training and assessment. The focus of all training is on neurolinguistics and neurosemantics. Courses typically require 180-510 hours of coach specific training. Instructors are master coaches and every course is supported by a group mentoring model. The courses are accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and are offered in various locations around the world. No details about tuition are available on the website. Contact information: The Meta-Coach Training System, PO Box 2967, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia; Tel: +61-02-9389-3888; email: (consult their website for other contact locations in Singapore, the USA, and South Africa.)


  • Academy for Coaching and Counselling - This organization, based in Belgium, offers four levels of training: Introduction to coaching, specialist coach, professional coach, and master coach. Each level takes about a year of self-study, practical training, a minimum of a certain number of hours of experience, and in-person activity, and includes an examination leading to certification. An essay on inner growth and practical experience is required at each level. Study groups are available. The fees for training are approximately 1190 Euros for each level. In addition there is a 40 Euro initial interview fee and a 380 Euro fee for the examination at the master level. The website is in English, French, and Dutch, and at the present time, the Dutch version is the most comprehensive. Much of the training is based on the work of Carl Rogers. Courses are offered in a variety of cities email:


  • Supercoach Academy - The training from this organization is delivered in six live weekends (typically in Los Angeles), a series of teleclasses between weekends, a series of masterclasses, and a members-only forum. The training is based on the principles developed by Michael Neill, the author of Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone's Life. At the conclusion of the program, participants are eligible for certification as Certified Transformative Coaches. In order to become certified participants must attend a certain number of classes, demonstrate skills during live events, gain positive peer feedback, log a minimum of 50 clients sessions (minimum of 25 hours and include at least five paid sessions), and complete a "mentoring" session with a faculty member. Consult their website for dates of course delivery. Tuition is $US12,000. A list of faculty and coaches is available on the website. Further contact: (818) 345-1805; email:


  • Meyler Campbell - This United Kingdom based organization provides a business coach training program that is accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, and graduates are eligible to receive the WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC) designation. Courses are provided by faculty, tutors, and guest lecturers, and are typically provided once a month with completion expected in a 12 month period. Practice coaching takes place in between each course session. Content focuses on contracting and business issues, major coaching approaches (including psychometrics, tools from sports psychology and positive psychology, and more), and details about what is needed to build a successful business coaching practice. Individual tuition is £14,500 + VAT. Additional contact information: Tel: 020 8460 4790, or email


  • Tavistock Institute - This United Kingdom based organization provides a Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development Certificate for experienced coaches. Each course is delivered in four, two-day, in-person modules, spread over five months combining elements of theory, experiential learning and coaching skills practice. The course emphasizes a psychodynamic perspective using Tavistock methodologies. A maximum of 12 participants are admitted to the program annually. Participants must attend all modules, present a portfolio of their coaching work, and provide a comprehensive written or multi-media analysis of a client within their organizational context. A deposit of £825 is required on submission of all applications, and the deposit is not refundable if an application is withdrawn. The fee for all four modules is £5,950 + VAT and does not include lodging (approximately £113 per module). The next program is scheduled to begin in January 2013 and will take place at Cumberland Lodge near Windsor Castle. Applications may submitted (and must be accompanied by the deposit mentioned above) until the closing date which is October 1, 2012. Additional contact information: Rachel Kelly, Professional Development Coordinator, Tel: +44 (0)20 7457 3927; email:


  • Life Coaching Academy - This United Kingdom based organization provides a two-day residential training as a starting point for coach training. Following the initial training, each participant is assigned a coach mentor and can join a coaching circle to network with other practicing coaches. Distance learning materials are also provided to continue the training process and focus on a variety of key issues for coaches. When ready, participants complete an assessment paper outlining their coaching philosophy. This paper is reviewed by experienced coaches and successful candidates receive an LCA designation. Contact:; Telephone 0800 783 4823.


  • The Coaching Centre - This organization, located in South Africa and established in 2003, offers a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching (12 modules, tuition R97 650 excl vat), and a Masters in Coaching through Middlesex University. The foundation of the training is based on The Integral Framework, which focuses on transformation work of Ken Wilbur and others. Admission requirements include proficiency in written and spoken English and a minimum age of 25. Graduation requirements include completion of all 12 modules, attendance at 11 supervision groups, being coached for at least 40 hours, mentoring sessions, completion of case studies, and a demonstration of coaching proficiency as well as a paper on coaching framework. Contact details: The Coaching Centre, The Long House, Dreyersdal Farm Road, Bergvliet, Cape Town, South Africa 7945; Tel: 021 715 0525; email


  • Peter Bluckert (PB) Coaching - A U.K-based organization that is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) to offer coach training. They offer a certificate in business and executive coaching (10 months, divided into six workshops for a total of 100 training hours, and only the first workshop is residential, total cost £6,000); a diploma in coaching psychology (12 months, focuses on person-centered, cognitive-behavioral psychology, psychodynamic, and Gestalt traditions, six workshops with only the first requiring residential engagement, total cost £6,000); and a certificate in coaching supervision (two residential workshops of three days and two days each with one-to-one coaching supervision practice and feedback; participants maintain a reflective journal, total cost £1,900). They will be offering a masters in business and executive coaching. In Ireland they offer an advanced management diploma in executive coaching. They also offer in-house training for internal coaches. Check their website for latest intake schedule. Contact: Old Gate House, 9 Wingfield Court, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 4TE Tel: +44 (0)1274 566060;


  • Institute for the Application of the Social Sciences - Based in Switzerland and providing training in basic coaching, advanced coaching, organizational development and team coaching. Language of instruction and website are in Swiss. Some programs have waiting lists. Contact: Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaften, Bahnhofstrasse 2, Maienfeld 7304, Switzerland;; Telephone 081 302 77 03: Fax: 081 302 77 04.


  • Weiterbildungsforum - Based in Switzerland and providing advanced training for coaches in solution focused approaches. Courses are delivered in-person in 12 days over a 9-month period in locations throughout Switzerland. The website is in German, but the language of instruction can be in Swiss, German, or French. Contact: Weiterbildungsforum Basel, Zwingerstrasse 10, Postfach, 4002 Basel; Telephone: +41 (61) 367 93 26; Fax: +41 (61) 367 93 21; e-mail:


  • Fedro srl - Based in Italy, this training program provides a Master in personal and business coaching certification. The program provides 320 hours of training, teleclasses, mentoring, and coaching. The leaders of this program are members of the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaches. The language of instruction is in Italian and the organization is dedicated to the development of coaching in Italy. They also provide a referral service for coach participants. Contact: Mrs. Laura Quintarelli, Via Paoletti 14, Rome, Italy 00198: Tel: 0639031001; e-mail:


  • Business Coaching Lab (BCL) - Based in Italy (website is in Italian), this training program offers a WABC accredited pprogram. Check their website for dates, courses, and curriculum. Contact: Via Labicana 45 - 00184 Roma; Tel: +39 349 1238282; email:


  • InCoaching Scuola di Coaching - Based in Italy, with courses in Milan, Bologna and Padua, this training program provides an 80-hour personal and business coaching certification, typically offered in a sequence of two-day sessions. The training is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, professionals and trainers, as well as undergraduates and graduates in the humanities, teachers, coaches and all those who want to learn a method of developing potential, a way of knowledge and personal reflection, and a method to help others. Their training is recognized by the Italian Association of Coach Professionals (AICP). The leaders of this program are Franco Rossi and Alessandro Pannitti. The language of instruction is in Italian. Check their website (in Italian) for the latest course dates and fees. Contact: Franco Rossi, InCoaching, Via Manzoni, 12, Senigallia AN (60019) Italy; Tel: +39.333.8032223; e-mail:


  • Salesian Pontifical University - Offers an M.A. degree in Creative Coaching that emphasizes creative teaching and coaching of change. The degree is offered through the University of Sciences Institute of Social and Educational Psycholgy in the Faculty of Education. The course work (in Italian) is designed to focus on theories, methods, techniques and skills to enable participants to become coaches and trainers. The program offers a Master's diploma, certification in transactional analysis, certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, and certificiation in the Kairos Solutions method. Contact: MA in Creative Coaching, Ortana 19, Vitorchiano, Viterbo 01030, Italy; 0761 371045;


  • Life Coach Academy - Based in Hong Kong this organization offers a certified life coach course and master life coach course in Chinese regions like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China. The fee for the certified life coach course is approximately US$400.00. The language of instruction is in Cantonese plus English and their website is in Cantonese. Contact: Amen Lee, PO Box 23489, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; (852) 21521553; e-mail:


  • The Excel Centre - Based in Hong Kong And created and led by Keith To, this organization provides a Corporate Coach Program that is WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™. The WABC Accredited™ mark signifies that this program has met the highest global standards for business coaching training programs as set by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™), the leading global authority for the business coaching industry. Twenty-four hours of intensive coach training leads to an internationally recognized qualification. Two extra complimentary Pre & Post Program Modules (18 hours) are included to establish a foundation before and after the core programs to maximize coaching competences. A total of 42 hours of training is included in the program. Tuition is HK$11,620 (Approved for Continuing Educating Fund CEF Application + HK$3,730 Registration and material fee. Instruction is in English and Cantonese. Check the website for course start times and the latest tuition information. Additional contact; Ms. Karen Li, Tel: (852) 2788-5026; email:


  • Progressive U - Founded in 2002 this Asian organization offers a pforessional corporate coach certification program that meets the requirements of the WABC and the ICF. They offer four programs: Leadership Coaching Program (LCP) for coaching as a leadership style; the International Corporate Coaching Program (ICC); the Advanced Professional Coaching Program (APC); and an ICF ACC Mentor Coaching Program. The headquarters contact: Terranc Leung, Progress-U Ltd., Unit 8A, Amtel Building, 144-148 Des Voeux Roadm Central, Hong Kong; Tel: +852-3622 2250; Email:


  • Certified Performance Coach Program - Run in collaboration with the Open University in Malaysia, the program requires participants to engage in 60 hours of coach specific training to become certified. The program is designed to assist participants to gain the ICF's "Associated Certified Coach" (ACC) designation. Thirty-two hours are ICF core competency based, 20 hours are supervised coaching, and eight hours are dedicated to coaching tools. Instruction is in-person and typically takes place over a 7-8 day period. The tuition is RM7,800 and includes all materials. Contact: JMC Consulting Sdn. Bhd., 3A-22, Block A3, Leisure Commerce Square, 9, Jalan PJS 8/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan; Tel: 03-78771800; Fax: 03-78774300; Mobile: 012 3131280; Email:


  • The Medical Coaching Institute - This unique coach training program, founded by Shiri Ben Artzi, a Medical Coaching Master Trainer, specializes in training experienced (already accredited or certified) coaches to help people who are experiencing an illness, medical condition, medical crisis or change. (Medical coaching can also be useful to family members, caregivers and health care professionals. An informative video about this niche is available on the website.) The training program consists of 15 on line sessions supported by a mentor medical coach and, are recorded. Details about the topics covered in the webinar-based training are available on the website. Courses are typically in English; and translations are optionable. Courses are approved for Continuing Education from the International Coach Federation. The organization offers many times for a free, 45 minute, Skype-based webinar to learn about medical coaching. They also have a YouTube channel with videos about various medical coaching topics. Contact: Eveline Kluger-Kadish; Tel: 972-525-94477 (in Tel-Aviv) email:


  • Symbiosis Coaching Certified Life Coach Training - Their program is described as an "accelerated self study program," delivered over six-months via downloadable course materials that include audio lectures, readings, and access to a student log-in area of their website. Content is based on the 11 Core Competencies (described on the website) and identified by the Certified Coaches Alliance. Tuition 549.00USD. They also offer a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach training program for $699.00USD, which is also accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance (but no information is provided about what this means). Successful participation in this program yields both the certified life coach and master spirit life coach certifications. This program requires two months and is delivered via 33 additional lessons that are provided via live email and downloadable course content, and is combined with the 24 week Certified Life Coach training program. Students are evaluated through mandatory written assignments and a final exam, and must pass at 80 percent or better. Education counselors are available to assist with any questions.Accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance (what's this mean?) Potential Red Flags: no names of principals or founders, email, telephone numbers or physical contact headquarters addresses are provided on the website. Described as "internationally accredited" when in fact only accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance, an organization that publishes a code of ethics, but does not publish either a list of other coach training organizations accredited by them or a list of the specific criteria used to accredit any coach training organization.


  • Life Coaching Group - The mission of this training group is to elevate the quality of coaching worldwide so that it is a recognized and highly respected profession. To that end, they offer individualized attention (maximum 5 teleclass participants), schedule flexibility, a unique teaching style and supervised, experiential learning within a 42-hour program. Participants learn how to laser coach in a step-by-step fashion rather than through compartmentalized learning. (Laser coaching is defined as getting to the source of the problem quickly.) Lessons are taught through stories, metaphors, client examples, and experiential learning with an emphasis on building competence and confidence. There is a built-in weekly supervised practice and application of skills with a small group consisting of varying coaching levels. The Mentor Practicum (stand alone) is $100 per month and includes weekly telephone evening meetings. For every month of attendance, participants receive 6 ICF CCEUs. Participants may enter at any time and leave after any four-week period. The full cost of the 42-hour program including the Practicum is $1200. The program is accredited by the ICF towards certification (ACC or PCC) or renewal of any current certification. ICF CCEU's are granted for 42 units with 38.5 towards ICF Core Competencies. When attending the Mentor Practicum for 3 months following the Laser Coaching program, 60 ICF CCEUs are granted. Master mentor coach Marion Franklin provides all instruction. For further information about these options as well as the schedule and fees, contact Marion Franklin of Life Coaching Group: 265 South Broadway, Tarrytown, New York 10591; Tel: (914) 333-0443; Fax: (914) 333-0442; or email.


  • Rayner Institute Coach and Mentor Training - This organization offers two distance-based coach trainings that are ICF approved: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) training and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) training. The ACC program includes 65 hours of training including 10 mentor training hours; is offered in a webinar live training format; and a tuition fee of $3600 CDN. The PCC training includes 60 hours of training including 10 mentor training hours; is offered in a live webinar format; and a tuition fee of $4600 CDN. Check their website for the latest dates and times for courses as well as updates on the tuition fees.

    The Institute also offers a course (includes videos and a practice exam) to assist people who intend to take the International Coach Federation Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam; tuition for this course is $49.95. Contact: PO Box 157, Calgary, Alberta; Tel: (587) 580-7331; email:


  • Rhodes Wellness College This college provides a Life Skills Coach Certificate through an intensive, full-time program for those participants who want to conduct life skills programs (typically group facilitation) as originally designed by the Saskatchewan NewStart model. Tuition is $3750. Additonal contact information: Rhodes Career College, Ltd., Suite 280 - 1125 Howe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2K8; Tel: (604) 708-4416; email:


  • Dare2bU Academy Founded by Henri Van Amerongen, this Vancouver Island (British Columbia) based organization provides two in-person training programs leading to certification: Dare2bU Life Coach and Dare2bU Systematic Coach/Counsellor. Course work takes approximately one-year to complete and includes 60 hours of practical training (10 days or 20 evenings), three hours of coaching by a certified coach, 3 hours of supervision by a certified coach, courses on coaching techniques, including the GROW method (goal, reality, options, and will) and the PEM method (physical, emotional, and mental) of questioning, tools for deeper emotional practice, including drawing, and family and personal constellation techniques, small group work with other students (called "intervision" in Europe), small group coaching, and coaching practice sessions. The total study load is approximately 160 hours, excluding readings. Tuition is normally $1500.00 and does not include books, taxes and supervision. An introductory fee is currently (January, 2008) available fo $999.00. Additional contact details: Dare2bU Academy, 3134 Robin Hood Drive, Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 1P1; Tel: (250) 751-1637; email:


  • Seneca College Performance Coaching for the Workplace - An interactive coach training program coordinated through Seneca College with course work in Coaching Essentials provided by Coach U (their "Core Essentials" program) and the Interdevelopmental Institute (their "Developmental Coaching Gateway" course). The program requires 94 hours divided between in-person and telecourse delivery. The program is designed for professionals and managers and can lead to certification through Coach U's graduate and certified coach designations or through the Interdevelopmental Institute's Developmental Coach Certification or through the International Coach Federation. Tuition is $4489.00 for both courses. Coaching Essentials is a prerequisite for the Developmental Coaching course. For more information contact: Wendy Knowles, Program Coordinator, Performance Coaching for the Workplace, Seneca College, 1750 Finch Avenue East, North York, Ontario, M2J 2X5; Tel: (905) 722-1474; Email:


  • MMS Worldwide Coach Training - This organization holds ICF-accredited trainings leading to ICF certification in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Budapest and other countries. Each training is a 12-week program with a maximum of 20 participants. Training is delivered using a variety of methods including face-to-face, one-on-one, telephone, videos, and videotaped sessions. Tuition is €12.500,00. The Directors of MMS include: Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC, Lynn U. Stewart, PCC, and Michael Pomije, PCC. Additional contact: MMS INSTITUTE, LLC, 3067 Silent Wind Way, Henderson, Nevada 89052; Tel: (800) 321-6342; email:


  • Raritan Valley Community College - Created and delivered by RGB Consulting, this two-semeser program provides coach training over six full Saturdays per semester. The focus is on the ICF Core Competencies, transformational learning, active listening and Co-Active Coaching. Ethics, credentialing, the distinctions between counseling, consulting, psychotherapy and mentoring, client case documentation and building a referral network are also included as part of the course. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Raritan Valley Community College certificate. The course is delivered in-person by coaches and trainers, and provides mentors for all participants. The cost is $1020 per semester and includes all fees, books, and materials. Raritan Valley Community College is located in Bridgewater, New Jersey. For more information contact: Gina Blakeslee, President, RGB Consulting, 3330 Route 28, Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807; Tel: (908) 638-5908; Fax: (908) 638-4837; email:


  • Soulwork Systemic Coaching - This school has a strong cross-cultural emphasis and training is organized into 3-segments: a coaching basics course for 5 days plus 100 hours of home study; a soulwork essentials course for 15 days and 100 hours of home study; and an advanced soulwork course that requires 20 days plus 100 hours of home study. Courses are available world-wide and students can study Couple Coaching, Team Coaching, Family Coaching and Business Coaching. Fees are typically US $1000 per segment. Contact: Marilyn Carruthers in Germany; Tel: 011.822.733.0357; email:


  • Goal Imagery Institute Life and Career Coach Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT). This holistic life and career coach training is live, 100 percent hands-on and fully supervised. The training includes a foundation in coaching that features both traditional and holistic skills as well as learning all core competency skills as identified by the ICF. The curriculum includes learning brain-based coaching, EQ coaching, NLP coaching, and Ontological coaching. It also addresses theories and sciences that support coaching, such as positive psychology, neuroscience, as well as change and learning theories. Participants receive coaching throughout the course, work with real coaching clients, engage in small classes via the Internet or telephone, and receive a number of templates and forms to run a successful coaching business. Tuition is $US4995 and includes 80 hours of live training, 160 hours total training, seven group mentoring sessions required by ICF, all reading/learning material, certification exams (written and oral) cost, business building forms, effective marketing techniques and templates, and on-going alumni support. Payment options are available at no additional cost, and $US500 scholarships are available. Contact: Marianna Lead, PCC, PhD: or call (917) 371-9713.


  • Coaching with NLP Led by Wayne Farrell, Coaching with NLP is dedicated to client and student success. They provide training courses in NLP, life coaching, hypnosis, speed reading, train the trainer and other personal development courses. They also work with private and business clients for one to one and group coaching. Their program is accredited by the ABNLP, ABH, TLTA, and COMENSA. Course length varies from four days for hypnosis, six days for coaching practitioner and 13 days for the coaching master practitioner course. Courses are delivered around South Africa and the United Kingdom, and costs vary depending on the course. Check their website for the most up-to-date information about costs and locations as well as testimonials from previous students. Additional contact: Wayne Farrell, Coaching with NLP; South Africa Tel: +27 749157633; U.K. Tel: +44 (0) 7947 099 280; email:


  • Advanced Client Systems Led by Steve Chandler. This school is also known as The Steve Chandler Coaching Prosperity School, and was initiated in 2007. The audience for this school is typically people who already know how to coach and want to build a prosperous coaching business. The curriculum includes 12 webinars, one-on-one coaching with Steve Chandler, selected books, video and audio tapes, and a series of live workshops at various locations around the USA. The tuition for the course is $8900. Additional contact details: 1124 North Gibson Street, Gillbert, Arizona 85234; email:


  • 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program offers a six-month program leading to a credential as a 48 Days Certified Coach. Training is provided through an online class (Coaching 101) that includes six hours of audio, three videos, worksheets, and a full transcript of the course; a four-hour DISC certification video/audio course; four personal one-on-one phone calls from the leader; monthly conference calls with a Mastery Mastermind Group; a yearly free event; and a series of field manuals. Tuition is $4800. Contact: 4281 Pate Road, Franklin TN 37064; Tel: (615) 373-7771 or (888) 373-7771.


  • Coach Academy International - This organization is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to offer coach specific training, and integrates the ICF coaching competencies with principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a Integrated Certified Coach Program. The program includes 120 hours of coach specific training, supervised actitivies, feedback, and a written exam. Graduates are eligible to become Certified NLP Coaches. The tuition for the program is $4995.00. Contact: Coach Academy Interntional, 6107 Jereme Trail, Dallas, Texas 75252-7900; (972) 733-9963.


  • Frank Bresser Consulting - This organization provides three-day seminars for managers and directors responsible for the implementation or improvement of coaching in their organizations. All instruction is in English. The seminars use a specially designed framework, include case studies, knowledge sharing, and examples of how to apply the coaching framework in diverse cultural contexts. Consult their website for dates and fees. Additional contact information: Ehrenfeldguertel 151, 50823 Cologne, Germany; Tel: +49 (0) 2 21 5 70 86 42; email:


  • Forton Group Professional Leadership Programme - This program is accredited by the International Coach Federation, and is comprised of four modules on leadership coaching delivered via in-person workshops (modules one and two include a two-day workshop; module three includes a three-day workshop; and module four includes a five-day workshop) and teleclasses with group mentoring and individual supervision. Consult their website for course dates. Tuition is not specified on their website, but the site says, "once we know your specific needs, we will offer you a fully-inclusive package price..." Additional contact information: Forton Group, College Farm, Main Street, Willoughby, Warwickshire, CV23 8BH, United Kingdom; +44 (0) 845 077 2980.


  • Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy - This organization, formerly known as the Bark Coaching Institute, provides a 60-hour coach training program based on the ICF core competencies. The program is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. The focus is on wellness coaching and has been designed for nurses and other health-care practitioners. The 60-hour course has three different modules and are all taught by founder Linda Bark, PhD, RN, and MCC. Module I, Coaching Foundations is 15 hours and teaches basic holistic coaching skills. The Module is presented in either a two-month teleclass version or an in-person weekend "playshop." Module II is a 30-hour teleclass designed to be taken over a four month period. This module helps participants integrate basic coaching skills with core competencies, and includes learning how to lead group coaching sessions, and developing a coaching practice. Module III consists of a 15 hour group telecourse plus two individual half-hour coaching sessions. The full 60 hours can be used to apply for certification through the ICF. Additional courses are also available for those persons who are already coaches and wish to learn about holistic coaching practice, including somatic tools for accessing body wisdom, using intuition and imagery, breath meditation, and energy basics. Tuition for the nurse coach fast track is $2995.00, but if taking the four modules (Foundations 1, 11A&B and Practicum 1) is $1895.00. Contact (510) 864-2006.


  • World Coaching Institute - This organization provides a choice between an eight-week, 48-hour foundational teleclasss or 4-8 week downloadable self-study coach training program. Niche coaching courses can be added. The WCI lists 17 different niche areas in which it provides certification. Courses include business builder programs, peer coaching with course buddies, and mentoring. Courses are described as being "accepted by the International Coach Federation for coaches applying for ICF credential." Tuition for their teleclass study options, including their certification, ranges from $1847 to $1947, depending on which of the 11 certification tracks a participant chooses. Tuition for the Self-Study options ranges from $897 to $997 depending on which of the 11 "certified" options is selected. Additional certifications can be added, and the fee for those is typicaly $347 or $397. Tuition for a Certified Coach Master Class is $1997.00. Check the website for dates of various courses. If a participant attends all required courses and has made all payments on time, the organization offers a 100 percent money back guarantee. Further contact: World Coach Institute, Inc., PO Box 221721, Hollywood, Florida 33022; Tel: (877) 633-5082 ext 1, email:


  • The Center for Executive Coaching - (Previously known as the Institute for Business Growth). The primary instructor and founder of this training program is Andrew Neitlich, MBA, who describes himself as a person who has made the transition from consultant to executive coach, and has completed a number of coaching projects and engagements, and has experience with a variety of coaching methodologies and frameworks. An Advisory Board includes consultants, executives, entrepreneurs, and former students. Participants in this program, according to the founder, are former CEO's, executives, and management consultants, and come from 15 different countries. The training is described as online and between two months and six months, depending on entry skill, and results in becoming a Certified Executive Coach. To become certified, participants must read all materials, participate in teleconferences, complete a written essay about a client case study, and submit a business development plan. In addition, they must complete two hours of simulated coaching exercises with the primary instructor. The founder says "The focus of the training program is on process (structuring an engagement/managing the client's experience), content (tools/distinctions) and context (orientations and mindset of the coach and client) of executive coaching. Several approaches to coaching are explored, and participants receive an eclectic tool kit representing a variety of disciplines. The course work includes an integration of coaching with other professional service offerings such as facilitation and consulting in order to provide a comprehensive solution to clients. All participants receive personalized support by email, 15 hours of audio CDs, and one-on-one coaching by phone in addition to the weekly teleconferences. The program also provides materials for marketing a practice effectively and building a firm." The fee is $4,950.00. The faculty biographies indicate business experience; however, their biographical information does not include any mention of coaching credentials, coach specific training, or membership in any professional coaching association. Additional contact information: The Center for Executive Coaching, 1088 Mallard Marsh Drive, Osprey, Florida 34229; Tel: (941) 539-9623; email.


  • The Naropa University Coaching for Authentic Leadership Certificate Program - This program is designed for professional coaches, consultants, organizational development/HR specialists, managers, leaders and executives who want to deepen their skills as a leader, coach and teacher. The Authentic Leadership program may be taken for graduate credit, and consists of two courses: Authentic Leadership (15 weeks, including two five-day on-site sessions) and Advanced Coaching Skills (12 weeks, including one two-day, on-site session, one five-day onsite session, additional coaching hours). They are in the process of applying for accreditation through the International Coach Federation. The total program cost is $9,400 ($10,000 if taken for credit). Contact: Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado at (303) 245-4800 or Toll-Free: 800-603-3117; email: Micki McMillan.


  • Coaches Institute International - Founded by Master Coaches Berry Fowler, founder and former chairperson of Sylvan Learning Centers, and Barbara Wainwright, former worldwide president of Certified Coaches Federation. This organization provides an Internet-based, live 16-hour Certified Professional Life Coach course that includes a focus on (1) the foundations of successful life coaching; (2) mastering the life coaching process; (3) best practices such as record keeping, confidentiality, and ethics; and (4) building a professional coaching practice. Consult their website for the latest course schedule. Tuition is $397.00. Their office is in Laguna Niguel, California; Tel: (800) 711-4346; email:


  • Career Coach Institute (CCI) - Founded in 2001, Career Coach Institute created the first and leading certification in career coaching. Using the best-selling textbook, Career Coaching: An Insider's Guide as its basis, the CCI program is delivered via convenient online learning and occasionally offered as live webinars to groups of individual students as well as to corporate groups and workforce centers. CCI is the only organization to offer the prestigious Certified Career Coach credential, and serves students in more than 40 countries. Career coaching is one of the few recession-proof specialties in coaching, since people need career and job search guidance no matter what the economy. Specific certification requirements are listed on the website. All 70 of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies are included in their coach training programs, and more. Completion of the training and certification can be done in approximately three to six months. For up-to-date fee and scheduling information visit the CCI website. Additional contact: Marcia Bench, Founder, Career Coach Institute, 29030 SW Town Ctr. Lp. E. #202-454, Wilsonville, OR 97070; Tel: (503) 308-8179.


  • Institute of Coach Training - This organization, run by Blue Mesa Group, offers two ICF-approved coach training programs: Transformational Coaching program (ACTP that follows ICF Core Competencies, requires three to five years of leadership for admission, includes three in-person sessions, six teleconferences, and ten mentor coaching sessions, and tuition is $9500); and Ecology of Coaching (CCE approved for 10 Core Competency CEUs - typically for advanced, certificated coaches, includes 10-hours of webinars, focuses on ICF Core Competencies, includes role-play, demonstrations, case studies and small group work, requires one to three years of coaching experience plus leadership experience, and tuition is $449.00). In addition, they provide course work in Mentor Coaching (includes about 10-hours of course work delivered via in-person, teleconference, and phone; course content typically addresses the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics to prepare participants for MCC, PCC, or ACC certification, and tuition ranges from $1500-$3500, depending on certification goal); and a course in Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders (typically a one-day workshop followed by post-workshop study groups, and tuition for the public offering is $450; the course can also be offered through an organization). Course leaders hold MCC credentials from the ICF. Be sure to check website for latest tuition and course dates. Further contact details: PO Box 1209, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522; Tel: (877) 214-9769; email contact form:


  • American Coaching Association - (This organization may be out of business as of November 7, 2005 since their email contact information has been bounced back and the details on their website appear out of date.) This member-based organization provides ADD coach training at various locations around the United States, delivered in a three-day workshop format. Persons who sponsor a training in their location can take the workshop at no cost. The training is also available in a workbook format and takes between two to six months to complete. The fee for the workbook training is $1200 and includes telephone consultations and written assignments. Contact: American Coaching Association, PO Box 353, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 19144; Tel: (610) 825-8572; Fax: (610) 825-4505; E-mail


  • Center for Coaching Certification begins with five interactive online classes and assignments for developing and enhancing coaching competencies. Next is a coaching practicum where you experience being a coach, client, and observer. Afterwards is a case study. Complete these to earn certification. Optional classes on business and marketing are included. At $1,695.00 our program is one of the most affordable ICF-approved programs. The classes are engaging and packed with information. Additional benefits include (1) being the only ICF-approved program that also offers Continuing Education Units authorized by IACET; (2) a robust suite of coaching tools on the Coach Login page; and (3) the opportunity to become a published author by contributing a chapter to the annual book, "Coaching Perspectives." Contact: Tel: (800) 350-1678; Email:


  • Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching - Created by a group of leaders in the AD/HD community in 2005, this organization provides a code of ethics, and three levels of of core competency certification: Associate Certified AD/HD Coach (ACAC); Certified AD/HD Coach (CAC); and Senior Certified AD/HD Coach (SCAC). Details about the fees, criteria and process for certification are available on their website. They also provide membership (As of 2010 $125/year) and a membership directory. Contact: IAAC, 1368 Euclid Street NW #405, Washington, DC 20009; Tel: (202) 884-0063.


  • Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC) - This school, based in Bangalore, offers an Executive Coach certification program and a Mentor Coach certification program. The Executive Coach program typically takes six months to complete, and the Mentor Coach program is a 1.5 day workshop. Intrad is a licensed school of International Association of Coaching (IAC) which emphasizes coaching masteries. Upon successful completion of the certification track, participants can become members of the ISEC Chamber of Coaches. The Executive Coach courses include: coaching definitions, fundamental coaching models, advanced coaching models, the Inner Game, the IAC Masteries, mind mapping, coaching techniques, peer coaching, and monitored coaching sessions. Further contact: ISEC, SY No. 103, Lake View Farm, Ramagondanhalli, Behind SHELL PETROL PUMP, Whitefield, Bangalore, Intia; Tel +91 9980918100; email:


  • Motivation Management Service (MMS) Institute  - This Institute provides a Certified Life Coach training program developed in 1974 by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott and is offered in various locations around the world. Training includes 180 hours of training and focuses on basic skills (suspending judgment, silencing voices of the mind, focusing attention, meeting one's own needs for attention, and actively receiving the message; intermediate skills (being present, using intuition, deeper listening, merging, trusting, creating questions from intuition, remaining unattached, feeling empathy, and monitoring progress); as well as completion skills (facilitating choice, supporting another, and completing the session to achieve mutual satisfaction). Training requires approximately 180 hours, including virtual training, but most training sessions are in-person (4 hours of classroom work, 3 hours of paired practice, 3 hours of small group meetings, and 2-4 hours of reading and written assignments) in a group of 10-25 trainees and a team of facilitators on a weekly basis as well as full weekend sessions.  Tuition varies depending on location and is not provided on the website. Contact: MMS Institute, 3067 Silent Wind Way, Henderson, Nevada 89052; Tel: (800) 321-0487; email:


  • The Change Place - Successful completion of this 60-hour program is described as "qualifying participants to become a certified professional coach and be eligible for the International Coach Federation's Associate Certified Coach (ACC) professional coach credential." The program is described as 'unique' because it offers three options: a three-day training, a three-day training plus three month coaching practicum, or course work and practicum (60-hours) leading to the ACC credential. Contact: The Change Place, 4963 Sundance Square, Boulder, Colorado 80301; Tel: (303) 530-9699; email form (on website):


  • Coaching Sistémico - This program, offered in Mexico City and taught in Spanish, is recognized by the International Coach Federation as an ACSTH. There are three objectives of the program: (1) to transform oneself in different and more powerful interpreters of the systemic spaces, with the capacity to contribute to form rich contexts in meaning and content; (2) to become generators of innovation, improvement, and outcomes in the individual productivity, their interaction mechanisms and organizational contexts; and (3) to be formed as Systemic Business Coach, and be able to facilitate situations that promote the development of individual talent, of his/her organizational competencies and high development environments. The course lasts six months with 96 hours of direct training in class. The themes are: complex systems; experience and learning; coaching; coaching skills I; coaching skills II; and tools. There are six learning spaces designed during the development of the course: classes and training; lectures; study team; working group; assignments for home; and coaching sessions with one of the coaches participating in the program. There are individual and group exercises; giving answers; introspection; conversation, and basic interaction in the mental, emotional and corporal planes. After completing this program, the students obtain a certificate as Systemic Coach. The criteria for certification are to fulfill the following points: 96 hours of training in class; five triangulated coaching practices reports; fifty coaching reports; be coached in three sessions by one of the coaches of the firm participating in the program; ten completed assignments for home; a final project; and a final evaluation by the staff. The tuition is $US4,200. For more information: Tel: (52-55) 5674-3859 in México City or e-mail:


  • The Academy for Family Coach Training - This organization provides a Professional Parent/Teen Coach certification training based on the Core Competencies of The International Coach Federation. They offer a 12 week program and an eight-month Advanced Coaching Course is affiliated with Lewis and Clarke College Graduate Department of Education, which provides professional with 79 CEU credits for completing the course. The content of the course is based on the work of Diana Sterling, William Glasser, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, solution-focused therapy, and positive psychology summit members Paul Pearsall and E.P. Seligman. Their program is built around "The Seven Ways to Coach" and helps parents take a coaching approach to parenting their teenage children. Courses are offered in Sydney (Australia), the United Kingdom, Portland, Oregon, Albuquerque, New Mexico, New York. Tuition is $4,000.00 ($500.00 discount if tuition paid in full prior to course start date). Diana Haskins, founder and lead instructor is a certified parent and teen coach, executive coach, lecturer, trainer and facilitator in the areas of positive youth development, parenting, life skills, coaching and business development. Further contact: Tel: (800) 643-6103 or (505) 247-2902; email: Australia -; USA -


  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK) - This organization provides a number of coaching qualifications including a Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, an Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, a Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice in Coaching and Mentoring Supervision, and a Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Coaching. Programs range from seven months to 12 months depending on the particular certificate. Delivery is interactive and provides opportunity to practice coach-mentoring skills, build on these skills, network, and try out new techniques to increase knowledge. All programs comply with the professional code of ethics and standards developed by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Applicants must participate in an assessment process to ensure maximum benefit. The next briefing will be October 13, 2008, and the tuition for CIPD members is £4670 + VAT and for non-CIPD members is £5190 + VAT. The fee includes a briefing day, peer mentoring days, six coaching sessions with a personal coach-mentor by telephone, a handbook, six knowledge modules, nine books, a toolkit, license, access to Internet discussion groups, self-assessment tools, 180-degree feedback, certification and assessment procedures, and a subscription to Coaching at Work magazine. Additional contact: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 151 The Broadway, London, SW19 1JQ; Tel: +44 (0) 20 8612 6207; Fax +44 (0) 20 8612 6201.


  • Mindstream Success Coaching and Training Ltd - This organization provides training for career coaches, executive coaches and life/personal coaches. Classes, typically delivered on weekends, consist of formal lectures, small discussion groups, practical exercises and role play. Participants are expected to receive coaching from each other, typically over the telephone. A written assessment, observations of classroom work, and a formal observation of coaching skill are necessary for the diploma. Course are accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. Courses are offered in various locations in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Consult their website for current schedule and fees, but as of December, 2006 the fees were typically Ř 2,500.00. For more information contact: The Research Centre, National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, Dublin 1, Ireland; Tel: +353 1 7979175; email:


  • Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (UCD) - This Dublin-based school offers four different streams (all courses are in-person): Coaching Supervision, a five-day program with tuition of 1995; Diploma in Advanced Business & Executive Coaching, a 12-day program (6 weekends) with tuition of 8750; a Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching, a 16-day program delivered in 6 workshops over 12 months with a tuition of 12,500; and an Msc in Business and Executive Coaching, 1 12-month program requiring a research dissertation with a tuition of 6,950. Check their website for more details about each program as well the current course schedule and tuition fees.) Further contact: UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Carysfort Avenue,Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland; email:; Tel: +353 1 7168934


  • Kingstown College/Executive Coaching Solutions - This Ireland-based college offers, in conjunction with Executive Coaching Solutions, a variety of coaching programs, including an Advanced Diploma in Personal & Executive Coaching (140 hours, about 12 days spread out of 5-6 months), a Certificate in Coaching (six days, spaced over 2/3 months, based on the GROW model, and includes modules on the spirit of coaching, the art & science of coaching, and coaching competencies - Tuition: Ř995), Introduction to Coaching, and a Certificate in Coaching Supervision (a three-day, in-person foundation course, two tutorials, and 10 hours of supervision on 50 hours of practice by an experienced supervisor). Their programs have been recognized by The European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Institute of Leadership and Management. In addition to being available on-site in Dublin, Ireland (and occasionally at other locations throughout the world), The Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching can be taken online. Check their website for current dates and fees for each of their courses. Contact details: Kingstown College, 89 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire Co., Dublin; Tel: 1890 788 788; email:


  • Life & Executive Coaching Institute - This organization provides a Diploma in Life and Business coaching. The program provides the opportunity to attend on a Saturday (daytime) or on a Wednesday (evening). Courses are typically interactive and in-person with lectures, small group discussions, practical exercises and role play. Participants have opportunities to rotate through roles of observer, coach and client. In between classes students are expected to coach each other by telephone. LECI offers a further opportunity to attend their monthly support group meetings for LECI graduates. They are committed to on-going learning and offer opportunities to attend workshops on Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Advanced Coaching Techniques. Assessment is based on observations of practical work and taped coaching conversations. Tuition is approximately Ř1350 for the foundation skills in life and business coaching, Ř2600 for the diploma in life and business coaching program, and Ř1350 for the post foundation skills diploma in life and business coaching. LECI has an "A" level accreditation for its training courses from the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (formerly the European Coaching Institute). For more information: Life & Executive Coaching Institute, 35 Westland Square, Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland; Tel: +353 1 2899056; email:


  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring Organisation (ECMO) - This training organisation provides a diploma course in personal and executive coaching and a diploma in personal and executive coaching for women in business. They also provide a course on coaching skills for managers. Course modules are in-person and are delivered in an evening, day or intensive weekend basis. Modules consist of The Essential Spirit of Coaching, The Art and Science of Coaching, Core Value Coaching, Organisational Focus, Personality Assessors, and Process and Practice. Course fees are typically Ř2,700 including all resource material. Course are accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (formerly the European Coaching Institute). For more information contact: ECMO, Temple House, 16 Newtonsmith, Sandycove, Co. Dublin, Ireland; Tel: +353 1 2845360; Fax: +353 1 2845360; email:


  • Coach 21 (Japan) - Now known as Coach A and provides training for executive coaching. Most members of this organization are also members of or certified by the International Coach Federation. (Website is in Japanese).


  • International Coaching Community (ICC) - This organization provides an eight-day training program for coaches, leading to certification. Courses are offered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Orebro, Sweden. Certification gives full membership of the ICC. Upon successful completion of the training, the coach's CV is then available for clients to search for a coach on ICC website. ICC coaches adhere to their published ICC Standards and Ethics. The training has a set of published core coaching competencies and covers: how to work with the goals, values and limiting beliefs of the client; how to set tasks; practical aspects of setting up a coaching practice, and helping the client build an action plan. Materials are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The ICC also hold an International Annual Coaching Conference with speakers form several countries. Contact: Joseph O'Connor:


  • North Star Life Coach Training - This training is provided by Martha Beck and is typically limited to 10-12 qualified applicants. The training curriculum draws upon adult development, transformational learning, self-reflection, coaching experience, and business development. The program is divided into three phases: comprehensive, written pre-work; a three-day intensive on-site program with Martha Beck and her team; and additional activities to qualify for certification. The fee for this training is $6,000. There is also an Advanced Life Coach Training program. Email:


  • Baraka Institute - This organization provides a "Certified Whole Person Design (Life) Coach training that requires 16 days (125+ hours). Course work focuses on an introduction to coaching, personal mastery, "systems," "process," and "flow." The overall emphasis of the training is on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life and bringing these elements into harmony. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and participants who do not wish to continue the training after the first day, receive a full refund. Training is primarily in-person and takes place in the Portland and Eugene, Oregon area. Tuition is approximately $3395.00. Additional contact information: Feroshia Knight, Baraka Institute, 6312 SW Capital Hwy #421, Portland, Oregon 97239; Tel: (503) 241-2200; email:


  • New Vibe Training - This organization provides a Foundations for Coach Leadership course (24-hours and $349 tuition); and The Coaching Core (125-hour, ICF-based and $3499 tuition). Training is primarily in-person and takes place in the Portland Oregon area. Additional contact information: Carl Casanova, 11650 SW 67th Avenue, Suite 230, Portland, Oregon 97233; Tel: (503) 372-6101; email:


  • The Sober Network - This organization provides a Certified Coach Training program. Webinars are held weekly in blocks of two hours for six consecutive weeks (12 modules), and the training meets the standards for Recovery Coach Certification in the State of Florida, which they say has the highest standards in the U.S.A. The tuition for the complete training is $US699.00. Individual and group supervision is available for an additional, but undisclosed fee. For more information visit their website or call (866) 835-1618 or email:


  • Centre for Coaching - The Centre for Coaching provides a certification program and has developed a number of coaching courses based on multimodal, cognitive-behavioural, problem focused and rational emotive behavioural approaches to coaching. Their courses are designed to assist managers, supervisors and personnel professionals to coach their staff. Participants can design their own program of training, and courses can be taken as individual workshops. Participants can study and attend courses at their own pace. Courses are all in-person and are divided into four levels. Levels refer to the amount of previous experience and knowledge required. Courses that lead to certification all require written assignments. They also offer a Diploma in Coaching, a Diploma in Psychological Coaching, and a Diploma in Coaching Psychology. Details and current fees are available in a brochure which can be downloaded from the website. Courses are offered in London and Edinburgh and in-house as well as overseas courses can be arranged. Contact: Dr. Stephen Palmer, Centre for Coaching, London, UK SE3 7DH; Tel: +44 (0) 20 8293 4334.


  • Noble Manhattan - Created in 1993 and located in the United Kingdom, this organization is led by Principal Gerard O-Donovan and specializes in Life Coach training, Corporate Coach training, and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner Certification. They offer three qualifications: Practitioner Coach, Senior Coach Diploma, and Master Coach. Courses are offered and started on an individual basis so that participants can design their own schedule and pace. Delivery methods include self-study, telephone support, conference calls, a mentor coach, and in-person seminars or workshops. Certification is issued upon submission of written work and a practical assessment paper. A typical completion time frame is 6-7 months. Courses are typically offered in London, Cardiff, Oxford, and other areas can be arranged. Their program has received the highest accreditation by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (formerly the European Coaching Institute). Additional contact information: PO Box 2142, Weymouth DT3 5YS, United Kingdom; Tel: 01305 769411; Fax: 08707 064313, email:


  • Performance Coach Training - This organization specializes in consultation on creating a coaching culture, training to equip managers with coaching skills, establish a business as a performance coach or become an internal coach for an organization. Courses are accredited by the Association for Coaching and can also be used to obtain credit towards Postmouth University's MSc in Coaching. All course work is delivered by telephone conference calls. Courses focus on leadership skills (EQ, team development) coaching skills (listening, questioning, and clarifying), structural skills (goal setting, strategic action planning); business planning; establishing a client base; and best practices in coaching in the workplace. Mentoring support from experienced coaches is provided as part of the course along with membership in a peer group e-mail forum. For starting dates and tuition from various countries, visit their website. Contact: Carol Wilson, Managing Director, Performance Coach Training Ltd, Culture at Work Ltd, 29 Harley St, London W1G 9QR; Tel: +44(0)1784 455297; email:


  • (No longer in operation)The Evolutionary Institute (TEI) Advanced Coach Training Program - This organization offers advanced training for coaches called "The Evolutionary Approach." Their program integrates a spiritual approach, a goals and life balance approach, and a psychological approach all directed towards wholeness, higher self, greater meaning, and healthy living. Their course structure is provided in a series of modules grouped under the titles, "The Living Mind," the "Power of Soul," and "Evolution." They provide four training options: (1) a comprehensive in-person, nine-month program leading to certification as an Evolutionary Coach (4900 Euros excluding travel); (2) a comprehensive in-person two week intensive program leading to certification as an Evolutionary Coach (4900 Euros, excluding travel); (3) a two-year teleclass program plus required mentor coaching leading to certification as an Evolutionary Coach (2500 Euros plus fees for mentor coaching); and (4) The Living Mind, which can be used for ICF certification requirements (2100 Euros). The prerequisites for any of the options include (1) ICF coach certification or 60 hours of formal training and a coaching practice for one year or (2) the successful completion of an interview with TEC founders (for those who do not meet the first prerequisite. Check their website for starting dates and current fees.


  • Sheffield Hallam University - The School of Business and Finance of this established British university is offering a Diploma and Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. This course is designed for people involved in mentoring and coaching activity either as mentors or coaches, scheme designers/evaluators or as independent consultants. The core units include consultancy, process of change, strategy and organisation, and research methods. Specialist units include mentoring and coaching in context: social and organisational, mentoring and coaching skills, mentoring theory and practice, and performance coaching: theory and practice. The program is staffed by members of the Mentoring and Coaching Research Group (MCRG) at Sheffield Hallam University - Paul Stokes, Dr Bob Garvey and David Megginson, who is Profesor of HRD. They are supported by a faculty of experienced mentors and coaches led by Visiting Professor, David Clutterbuck. MCRG has an active program of research and consultancy and the findings from this work enrich the teaching and course design. Contact: Mr. Paul Stokes, Sheffield Hallam University, Pond Streer, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 1WB, Great Britain; Tel: 0114 225 2857; email:


  • University of Portsmouth MSc in Coaching and Development - This program is a joint venture between the University, Performance Consultants, and The Performance Coach. Topics covered in the curriculum include: basic coaching skills, understanding yourself as a coach, transpersonal coaching, transformational coaching, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, neurolinguistic programming, the Inner Game, psychosynthesis, business principles, high performing teams, and the application to business of psychological skills and processes from psychotherapy. Participants have opportunities to practice skills and receive feedback as well as develop coaching skills between modules and receive tutor and mentor support throughout the program. Participation in the program can lead to three levels of postgraduate support: a diploma, a certificate, and a master's degree. The training also accepts participants who want to take certain course, but may not want to attain the diploma, certificate or degree. The master's level component includes all the work from the diploma and certificate plus the completion of research courses and either a dissertation or two work-based learning projects. An assessment process is available to help potential candidates know at what level they can begin the course work. All course work is delivered exclusively through in-person interaction with an emphasis on peer mentoring. To view details about faculty, select the links above for the partners. Tuition for 2006 was stated as: Postgraduate Certificate: £4,965; Postgraduate Diploma: £5,250; and Masters: £2,315. For more information contact: Jo Ochiltree, MSc Administator, Peformance Consultants, Beckett House, Vestry Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5EL; Tel: +44 (0)1732 457700; email:


  • University of Reading MSc in Coaching and Development - The Henley Business School at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom offers a Certificate of Coaching and also an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change. The MSc course is part-time and scheduled over 30 months with an additional six months for completion of required written assignments. The program is divided into three stages: Stage One includes the certificate of coaching and an NLP practitioner certificate and may be waived for anyone already holding either certificate; State Two includes advanced coaching practice, group dynamics, systems thinking, reflective practitioners modules, three two-day and three three-day residential workshops, and three 5000 word assignments; Stage Three includes manager as investigator and management change modules, and a personal project. The stage typically takes nine months and involves two written assignments, one of 15,000 words and one of 5,000 words. Admission into the programme requires a first degree, minimum of three years of management/leadership experience, the experience of coaching and being coached, and English language ability. The fee for the MSc is typically £15,000. Contact: Dr. Patricia Bossons, Programme Director, Tel: +44 (0) 1491 418 767; email:


  • The University of Strathclyde Certificate of Professional Development in Executive Coaching - This program is a joint venture between the University and the The School of Coaching in the U.K. The program is designed to develop expert coaching skills in leaders, managers, change agents, and those who wish to become independent business coaches. The program consists of nine on-site training days in Edinburgh, and three one-hour, one-to-one interviewing sessions with a course advisor. The "practicum" consists of working with a minimum of at least three clients for four or more hours each. Tuition for 2006 was stated as £7,600. For more information contact: Tel: 020 7004 7304; email:


  • University of Wolverhampton - In conjunction with the UK College of Life Coaching, this university offers a Master of Arts degree in Coaching and Mentoring. This is a three-year program with the first year resulting in a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), the second year resulting in a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), and upon completion of a dissertation in the third year, a resulting Master's degree. The course work emphasizes action learning, executive an corporate coaching and mentoring, practice opportunities, and research and is delivered through five intensive weekend residential meetings plus computer-based conferences. Fees are approximately 6500 (English pounds).Contact: UK College of Life Coaching, Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV10 9RU, Great Britain; Tel: 08707 567 444; email:


  • University of East London - This university launched its coaching psychology programme in 2007. Led by Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh, the programme brings together the practice of coaching, the underpinning psychological and adult learning theories and evidence-based research. Students can study for three levels of qualification: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc. All programmes can be completed through full-time study, part-time study or by distance learning. While all of the qualifications are at postgraduate level, there are no written examinations. Assessment includes coaching logs, a video, presentations, essays, and research papers. Tuition is £995 per module for distance learning modules (for all students), £1310 per campus-based module for UK and EU students and £2020 per campus-based module for international students. Students need to complete two modules for a Postgraduate Certificate, four modules for a Postgraduate Diploma and six modules for an MSc. For additional information contact Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Programme Leader, Stratford Campus, School of Psychology, University of East London, Romford Road, London E15 4LZ; Tel: +44 (0)20 8223 4609; email:


  • The UK College of Life Coaching - A two-day residential program plus self-study focusing on nine course modules: listening skills, questioning techniques, values, the TGROW model, beliefs, building rapport, building self-esteem, goal setting, and ethical coaching. Graduation requires a journal, assignments, reflective essays, practical work, conference calls, and a final call with a senior coach. In 2005, this organization added training sites in the US (Denver and Philadelphia) and developed an alliance with the Institute for Life Coach Training as well as hired the CEO of the Institute, Patrick Williams, as Dean of North American operations. At the present time their full program is 350 hours and US tuition cost is $6500.00. Additional contact information: The UK College of Life Coaching, Science Park, Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 9RU, United Kingdom; Tel: 08707 567 444; email:


  • The UK College of Holistic Training - This organization provides a Diploma programme in Holistic Life Coaching by distance learning (online plus textbooks). The recommended study time is three to six months. The course is aimed at therapists making the transition to coaching but other applicants are welcome. The course comprises six modules which use guided study of textbooks and some multimedia to gain an understanding of several extant coaching models, and assignments include self-coaching, written work and an integrative final essay. Email tutorial support is provided. The course includes a unit on practical holistic philosophy. The tuition fee is GBP 250 (textbooks are extra). The full syllabus is on the website and students may start at any time. Contact: UK College of Holistic Training, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom, email


  • LifeSkills Coaching Intended for (1) persons who want to establish a career or practice as a coach, but are not ready to commit to any particular training program; (2) persons who are enrolled in training program and want to accelerate their existing training; or (3) persons with sufficient experience and background and want to confirm their coaching abilities. Courses offered primarily by telecourse. This organization is located in Australia and course participants come from many countries. Tel: (02) 9420 2660 (Australia); Tel: (212) 473-7571 (USA); or email David Wood.


  • Touchstone for Life Coaching Certification Program Created by Gary Quinn, this program involves a three month intensive that emphasizes essential skills and self-awareness, creating goal-oriented commitments, and using fundamental tools to help others successfully obtain their goals. The program is divided into three modules that include "identify the dream," "create the map," and "overcome fear and build confidence." In addition, each participant meets with Gary Quinn for eight hours of one-on-one personal training. These sessions are divided into three one-hour sessions per month for three months. Tuition and course dates can only be obtained by contacting Gary Quinn. Further contact: P.O. Box 16041, Beverly Hills, California 90209; Tel: (323) 655-3815; email: or


  • Life on Purpose Coach Training Program - Since 1999 Life On Purpose Institute has been training coaches through the Coaches Development Program, a yearlong coach-training program made up of the following three modules:
    • Living the Fulfilled Life Foundational Program - A life transforming program where participants experience the Life On Purpose Process™. This program is also available as a stand-alone program open to the general public for personal growth. The program is offered through 12 weekly teleclasses over three months.
    • Coaches Training and Practicum - An opportunity to learn the coaching skills and tools to be an effective and successful life purpose coach. Participants learn to guide clients through the Life On Purpose Process, as well as continuing to further develop their own life on purpose. This module is offered through 16 weekly teleclasses over four months.
    • Business Building On Purpose and Advanced Coaching - In this module participants launch their coaching practice or build on an existing practice. Module III is offered through 20 weekly teleclasses over five months. This module includes an emphasis on the Coach and Grow Rich Marketing System.
    Upon completion of the program and the Five-Point Certification Process participants will be a Life On Purpose Certified Coach and licensed to use the Life On Purpose Process™ to help clients transform their lives. For complete information go to contact: Brad Swift, 1160 W. Blue Ridge Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731; Tel: (828) 697-9239; Fax: (828) 697-6038; E-mail:


  • Life Purpose Institute Life and Career Coach Training - A seventeen-week teleconference-based or a five-day in-person intensive program held in San Diego, California. Training includes an opportunity for participants to clarify their own life purpose and career direction, help others to discover life purpose and a life they love, master a variety of coaching skills, and start and develop a successful private practice. Participants receive a license and certification as a coach. For more information and the latest schedule for either telecourse or in-person courses (fees are not listed on the website), call Fern Gorin, founder and Director, Life Purpose Institute, (858) 259-9345; email: (As of April 19, 2006, no answer to email enquries.)


  • Accomplishment Coaching - This is a one-year International Coach Federation (ACTP) accredited program that aligns with the ICF's core competencies. The emphasis is on ontological tools. Training includes an in-person weekend intensive once a month in the city in which a participant has registered (for exact locations and dates, see their website). Each weekend has 14 student contact learning hours for a total of 168 hours. Weekly mentor coaching provides an additional 48 hours for a total of 216 student contact learning hours. Participants also meet with learning buddies for practice, support, and accountability. Participants must pass a written and oral examination. To become certified participants obtain written feedback from a PCC or MCC coach on a minimum number of coaching sessions; engage in 100 hours of coaching experience with a minimum of 8 different clients (a maximum of 20 pro bono hours); and pass a live or recorded examination of coaching at the PCC level standard as established by the ICF. For additional information as well as dates, places and fees, contact: 2831 Camino del Rio South, Suite 216, San Diego, California 92108; Tel: (619) 238-3600 or (888) 548-6813; email:


  • Transition Dynamics - This organization provides two different training programs for coaches: (1) the Career Clarity Program, created by Dr. Carol McClelland, which includes 12 1.5 hour telecourses, a training manual, bi-monthly group practicum meetings for six months, and support for marketing and client building; and (2) the Seasons of Change program to assist coaches work with clients in transition. This program is primarily self-study (four training modules, books, personal consultation, and access to other practitioners). For certification, participants are involved in eight ninety-minute teleclasses, experiential field work assignments, receive assessment tools, and post certification support. The tuition is $825.00 and start dates are listed on their website. Contact Carol McClelland, Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc., PO Box 354, Menlo Park, California 94026; Tel: (888) 995-7327 or (650) 322 8661l; email:


  • Certified Confidence Coach Training Program - This program is run through the auspices of and requires that applicants hve at least 12 months experience in their field to apply. Training includes eight, one-hour weekly teleclasses (all of which are recorded), weekly homework, ongoing support and tutoring, and international support groups. Certification requires attendance at all teleclasses or listening to recordings of missed classes. Consult the website for the call dates and content. Tuition is $US1499.00. Once certified, participants can enrol clients in the "Learn How to Be Confidence Coaching Program" (25 e-lessons delivered over a period of 48 days). For more information contact


  • Conflict Mastery - Primarily designed for experienced coaches who want to strengthen their ability to deal with conflict and disputes in their own lives. This interactive training is typically delivered in one of two formats: a one-day (7 hour) workshop; or a seven-week telecourse (1 hour per course). This training is not designed to teach participants how to provide conflict coaching or to help coaches learn how to assist clients to resolve conflict. For current dates and costs, contact Cinnie Noble at (416) 686-4247; (866) 335-6466; email:


  • Certified Coaches Federation - Offers a two-day, intensive Certified Coach Practitioner training program. The Certified Coach Practitioner course provides new and seasoned coaches alike with coaching and business development skills. The course focuses on practical coaching skills, (incorporating Neurolinguistic Programming), and provides training in the following skills: listening, marketing, advertising and promotion, time management, and business development. Training also provides guidelines and practical experience conducting the first three coach-client meetings. Course tuition includes course workbook, hand-outs, following up coaching session with the course Master Coach and certificate of completion. Participants must successfully complete a course examination in order to earn the Certified Coach Practitioner designation. The course is available in many locations throughout North America. See the website for current dates, locations and tuition fees. Contact: Certified Coaches Federation, 305 Hilton's Point Road, RR 1, Norland, Ontario K0M 2L0; Tel: 866-455-2155; Fax: 705-454-9289; email:


  • Grow Training Institute - This organization provides a Certified Professional Coach training which is only available to mental health professionals who are currently certified or registered or licensed by their state boards. The program requires about 30 hours of home study and includes a course in ethical and professional methods of promoting practice. Additional requirements (of about 20 hours) include hours of experience as both coach and client, adherence to ICF Ethics Standards and state board ethics standards, written essay on coaching experience, and telephone consultation and assessment with Grow Faculty member. The application fee for this program is $US497. The Institute offers a separate track for Human Services Professionals that also leads to a Certified Professional Coach designation that requires a total of 100 hours. Contact: Lyn Kelley, Grow Training Institute, San Diego California; Tel: (858) 484-3583; email:


  • Online Coach Institute - This organization provides a Certified Professional Coach training in partnership with the GROW Training Institute. The program includes 60+ hours with 50 hours of online course work and differs from GROW by emphasizing the use of technology. Admission requires either a minimum of a masters degree or higher in a social science field or a minimum of a bachelors degree and 10 years of work experience in a human service field. Participants must complete a minimum of 10 client contact hours and receive support from peer coaches and coach facilitators. Tuition is $1500 and includes a $150 non-refundable deposit. Two additional coach training programs are available and descriptions as well as comparisons of all three are available on their website. Additional contact information: Online Therapy Institute/Online Coach Institute, PO Box 392, Highlands, New Jersey 07732; Tel: (877) 773-5591; email:


  • The Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) - Founded by Otto Laske and Mahalene Louis in 2004, IDM focuses on adult learning with a emphasis on self development and uses research evidence about mental growth over the lifespan. The IMD Program offers three certificate programs. Program One is the primary program, and all programs develop participant awareness of clients' personal evolution over the lifespan and give each participant a language for explaining their mental growth to others. The programs delve into the “hidden dimension of coaching” (what clients can not say), where developmental potentials determine client's actions and decision. The programs are geared to educating participants as professionals whose work is based on research, comparable to a psychologist. Each programs exemplifies postgraduate education in the field of coaching and are the first of their kind in North America. Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) accumulated in these programs are available for credentialing along ICF's Portfolio Route.

    An introduction to Program I is provided through free teleforums that take place bi-weekly or participants can sign up for the "Hidden Dimension of Coaching Workshop" (8 CECs) that takes place every month. (Contact the IDM Administrative Director, Stephanie Taranto for more details.)

    Participants interested in certification can sign up for the "Gateway" class (16 CECS), a prerequisite of Program 1. This class focuses on the developmental foundations of coaching, and the deeper level of developmental thinking that occurs throughout Program 1.This program teaches and coaches participants to complete a case study documenting their competence and maturity for building a practice as a “certified developmental coach.” The program introduces evidence based coaching and ethics standards. It is based entirely on social science research, more specifically, on what we know today about how people learn, and how they grow in cognitive and emotional maturity over their lifespan.

    As a certified developmental coach, graduates of this program can work in all branches of coaching, whether life, executive, career, relationship, or other, as well as a mediator and facilitator. Graduates of this program will differ from other coaches by their deep, evaluation-based knowledge of who the client is, what the client's present developmental resources are, and how to best bring those resources to fruition by bringing assessment-based feedback to bear on the coaching relationship every step along the way. Certified developmental coaches are able to assess ethically and professionally (1) the clients' developmental profile, namely, the way clients position themselves toward others, themselves, and the world at large, in terms of what they can be held responsible for; (2) the clients' cognitive profile, or the ability of conceptualizing what to do, and how to think about their options and tasks systemically, taking larger contexts of life and work (such as organizational contexts) into account; and (3) the clients' behavioral profile as clustered around three points of emphasis: self conduct, task approach, and emotional intelligence, with a focus on their personal needs, their values, and their unconsciously held conflicts between needs and values. Program One is taught in four parts, A to D. Parts A to C are devoted to learning each of the three assessments stated above (and the associated tools), while part D brings findings from the three assessments together into a unified, systemic and pragmatic perspective of “who the client is developmentally.” Given the ability to link findings from these three assessments, participants work with a client of their choice in delivering a case study to qualify for IDM certification as a Developmental Coach.

    Program 2 (45CEC's) presupposes Program 1 and fulfills the requirements for graduating as a “Master Certified Developmental Coach.” At least three successful case studies with clients are required and participants become part of a Master Class in which the results of their work are discussed in depth in the context of a small research community. As a “Master Certified Developmental Coach,” each participant becomes eligible to co-teach IDM courses and participate in IDM research.

    Program 3 (40 CEC's) requires Programs 1-2, with some flexibility as to when to start along the doctoral path. The program is geared specifically to helping each participant create a project of his/her own in coaching research that leads to a doctoral degree. Participants have the full support of IDM and its research community. In collaboration with a social science department at a university or college, each participant will be coached to complete all research design and data collection prerequisites of a doctoral degree. IDM guides the participant in designing a coaching research project of his/her choice, including the formulation of research questions, definition of method, building of context (“literature review”), subject selection and interviewing, and discussion of research findings. In addition to developmental research methods quantitative methods can also be used. For more detailed general information or upcoming events, contact: Lynda Nurenberg; for questions on the development of IDM, contact: Mahalene Louis; and for questions regarding the curriculum, contact: Dr. Otto Laske.


  • Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. - Three levels of in-person training are available: a foundation and apprenticeship module (five months, tuition: $4935.00); a certification module (nine-months, tuition: $8925.00); short courses (three days, tuition: $1,100.00); and courses designed for graduates who hold Integal Coaching certification. Course leaders are ICF certified coaches, and courses can be used for ICF certification. Single day programs are offered at no cost once each year. All courses have a strong emphasis on the work of Ken Wilbur. Contact: PO Box 74037, Ottawa, Onario K1M 2H9; Tel: (613) 265-2539: email:


  • Performance Coaching - This Canada-based organization offers a two-day workshop in "Coaching for High Performance," which is geared towards helping executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders gain results. The training includes a workbook, a set of CD's, and other coaching aids. Performance Coaching also offers three additional workshops, including "Tackling Challenging Conversations," a two-day session that expands on the conflict module from “Coaching for High Performance” and enables participants to deal with conflict, roadblocks, and emotional engagement. While these courses can be delivered on-site, check their website for the latest scheduled sessions and fees (currently $1195.00 for the two-day courses). Course brochures are also available on their website. Contact: Performance Coaching Inc., P.O. Box 490, Rockwood, Ontario N0B 2K0; Tel: (519) 856-9064 or (800) 513-0945.


  • The Business Learning Foundation in the U.K. offers five mentoring and coaching qualifications: (1) ILM Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers; (2) ILM Level 3 Certificate for Professional Workplace Coaches; (3) ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring in Management; (4) ILM Level 5 Diploma for Professional Management Coaches & Mentors; and (5) ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Leadership Mentoring. ILM is the Institute for Leadership & Management which is an organization that approves the course offerings). Coaching courses are typically in-person and include either two- or three-days of instruction. Check their website for course content and goals for the various courses. Tuition ranges from £495.00 +VAT to £1995.00 + VAT. Check their website for latest fees and dates. The organization also offers courses in management and leadership as well as provides executive coaching to organizations. Additional contact: Business Coaching Foundation, Sterling House, 5 Wheatcroft Business Park, Edwalton, Nottingham, NG12 4DG, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 (0) 844 800 3295;


  • Lifestyle Coaching Institute - Founded by Susan Cantwell, the co-creator of the Excelerator Lifestyle Coaching Program for Health and Fitness Professionals, this organization provides core competency coach training for health and fitness professionals. Four levels of training are available. Instruction is provided through teleclasses, delivered through two, one-hour classes per week for three months for a total of 24 hours (Level I); and 24 ninety-minute sessions for a total of 36 hours (Level II). The tuition for Level I is $995.00 (plus tax) and includes a manual and 24 hours of interactive instruction; tuition for Level II is $1395.00 (plus tax). Upon completion of Level II and completion of graduation requirements, successful participants will be able to use the designation of Licensed Level Two Lifestyle Coach. For more informationn contact: Carollyne Conlinn, #26 - 20543 96th Avenue, Langley, British Columbia V1M 3W3 (Canada); Tel: (604) 874-4757.


  • Lambent do Brasil - Based in São Paulo, Brazil and founded in 2002 by Andrea Lages and Joseph O'Connor, this organization offers a training for managers to become coaches that takes six days or 45 hours to complete. It can be taken as an intensive over a six day period or in a series of two or three day modules. They also offer a first-level International Coaching Certification training that is business focused and integrates several coaching models (the Inner Game, transformational coaching, neurolinguistic programming, ontological coaching, and integral coaching). The cost is 1800 Euros. They also offer a six-day advanced specialist training that focuses on corporate coaching, life coaching, team coaching and includes a daily peer coaching component. Participants prepare book summaries, engage in a self-coaching project, a business coaching project, and an integration learning day (which takes place approximately six months after the initial training. A third level master coach training is also available and open to participants who have successfully completed the ICC International Coaching Certification training, have at least 10 hours of supervision with an ICC Master Coach, 200 documented coaching hours, completion of a 5000 word thesis on coaching, participate in a discussion about the thesis, and be active as a coaching professional. Check their website for start dates and the latest fee schedule. Additional contact: Lambent do Brasil, Rua Helena 280–408/409, 04552 – 050 Vila Olimpia, São Paulo, Brazil; Tel: +55 (11) 3040 1698; Fax: +55 (11) 3040 1696;


  • Awakening Coaching Training - This organization provides training with Arjuna Ardagh that focuses on five courses: basic skills (16 weeks- two hours of weekly teleseminars or a six-day in person course, offered mostly in European countries), client interaction (20 weeks or six day live course), group facilitation, love coaching, and honest marketing. The courses are intended to deliver seven core competencies: inspired certainty; absolute presence; radical awakening; radical releasing; empowerment practices, mid-wifing the unique gift; and spontaneous creation. Certification requires (1) completion of basic and client interaction courses plus at least one of the additional courses; (2) assistance with three coach trainings; (3) give 200 hours of sessions; and (4) receive 100 hours of coaching from other coaches. Tuition is $1300.00. Further contact details: No postal mailing address or telephone number provided on website; email:


  • The Money Coaching Institute - The Certified Money Coaching Training consists of three days of training that includes a two-day intensive experiential workshop of 20 hours, and a one-day Foundations & Practical Training Course Practicum of 8 hours. This training is followed by a 12-week coach/mentoring program that consists of weekly 1.5 hour calls for 12 weeks. During this time coaches are given additional training modules and assistance in completing their required assessments on two practice clients. The total hours for completion: 66 Hours (46 training hours plus 20 hours assessment with practice clients). The cost of the complete training program is $2,650.00. Please note: Money Coaching is a specialty area of coaching only; an additional "coach training" must be taken with a coach training school. Further contact details: Deborah Price, Petaluma, California; Tel: (707) 782-9044; email:


  • Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence - Founded by Laura Belsten this organization offers a Social + Emotional Intelligence certification program for coaches and human resources professionals. Classes meet once a week for eight weeks. Each class is 90 minutes, interactive, with a variety of case studies discussed. Cost is $1,595 for the 8-week program, inclusive of a PowerPoint presentation and course workbook ("toolkit") with 200+ pages of worksheets, exercises and other tools to hone your own social and emotional intelligence and/or bring social and emotional intelligence training and coaching into the workplace. They also offer advanced courses. See their website for the latest course schedule and fee system. Additional contact details: The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, 191 University Boulevard, Suite 600, Denver, Colorado 80206-4613; Tel: (303) 325-5176.


  • CRRGlobal - This organization, previously called "Center for Right Relationship," provides an Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) certification program. Training consists of eight months of weekly teleclasses, and concludes in a three-day residential training. Certification requires completion of the five ORSC core curriculum courses (accredited by the International Coach Federation, a minimum of four documented systems coaching clients on entering the program, maintaining four clients throughout the program, attending the full residential program at the end of the virtual portion of the program, and developing a world work project during the program. In addition, participants must complete 15 supervision sessions where participants present client coaching tapes for feedback from CRR faculty. Tuition for the program is $7995.00 (be sure to consult their website for most recent fee). Graduates of the program can participate in paid mentor coaching groups. Accredited by the ICF. Check the website for the current schedule of enrollment. Additional contact details: Marita Fridjhon, President, Center for Right Relationship, 111 West C Street, Suite A, Benecia, California 94510; Tel: (866) 435-5939.


  • Impact Training and Development - This organization joins with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) to offer the Corporate Coach Program, leading to the designation, Registered Corporate Coach™. Those who are eligible to join the WABC are eligible to participate in the Corporate Coach Program. The minimum requirements are: seven years of professional or business experience and transitioning into business coaching. The program is divided into three phases: a two-day workshop on principles, skills and techniques; the coaching requirement; and an exam. The curriculum includes 60 hours of instruction, preparation and coaching practice time, Corporate Coach Program Manual, The DiSC® Personal Profile System® from Inscape Publishing, The Time Mastery Profile System® from Inscape Publishing, Personal Listening Profile®, four sessions of personal coaching with a Corporate Coach Program Coach; and a one-year WABC Affiliate Membership. The program fee is $2595 (check their website for the latest fees and schedule). Additional contact details: Impact Development and Training, 29967 Sycamore Ovalm Cleveland, Ohio 44145; Tel: (440) 899-9010.


  • Coach Training in a Box - Developed by business coaching pioneer Mike Jay, this package is described as "The Complete Home/Work Study Course for Coaching." The focus of this self-study approach is on developmental coaching and has been prepared for people who do not have the time to commit to a formal program. Since 1998, Mr. Jay has been engaged in training coaches and is now offering the entire COACH2 training program as a home or work-study course. The course contains proprietary materials from the COACH2 model that have been used in B\Coach. The package contains 25 modules of coach training facilitator guides, 25 audios, more than 30 hours of in-class sessions, 25 transcripts of audio calls led by the founder (Mike Jay), and 25 audio coaching sessions facilitated by Mike Jay. Before December 10, 2004 the package is being offered for $297 (digital version) and $397 (hard copy version). Purchase of either format includes an invitation to attend a Coach2 live training free in 2005. For further information contact: Mike R. Jay, 1132 13th Avenue, Mitchell, Nebraska 69357; Tel: 877-901-COACH.


  • Awakened Wisdom Experiences - Provides advanced coach training in a ten-week program that includes weekly 90-minute tele-calls, hands on coaching with master trainers, ongoing group work in between calls, and in-depth personal exploration. The focus of the training is on the "Eight states of an Awakened Life." Space is limited to 12 participants, and all must have previously received training from an ICF-accredited coaching school. Participants can gain 15 continuing coaching education units through the ICF. Tuition is typically $1495.00. Additional contact: Tel: (415) 413-0010; email: Julia Lau de Guzman at


  • Live Your Dream - A company that provides personal and professional coaching, training, and certification programs, based on author Joyce Chapman's best-selling books. Contact: Joyce Chapman, PO Box 283, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367, Tel: (541) 994-9971; Fax (541) 994-9967, e-mail:


  • Certified Life Scene Investigator Forensic Coach Training A forensic coach is trained to help individuals discover their unique individual design strengths and potential. A Certified LSI is certified to deliver/teach the LSI Design Discovery curriculum, interpret and apply the Forensic Discovery and Reliability Tests and Profiles (including the Gallup StrengthsFinder and VIA Strengths tests), and guide participants through the discovery process. Details on the full curriculum are available on the website. Certification also includes an emphasis on the principles of life coaching, positive psychology, and the Gallup StrengthsFinder. The certification training includes: a pre-seminar work, a three-day seminar, and post seminar integration and practicums. The courses take approximately two-to-three months to complete. CEU credit is offered for most professions, and graduate school credit is available (an additional nominal administrative fee is required). The next in-person training will be at Pepperdine University in the Los Angeles, California area, with additional online training. The tuition is $2,500.00. Additional contact information: Mark R. Demos, M.A., Forensic Life Coach, Tel: (425) 318-2044; email:


  • Fearless Living Institute - Created by Rhonda Britten, the coach for the TV-series, "Starting Over," this organization provides four levels of life coach training resulting in becoming a "Certified Fearless Living Coach." The website claims that it "is the only coaching program that offers a chance to coach, lead, facilitate, support, and build a full-time practice" prior to graduation. Participants must meet pre-requisites (attend a three-day weekend, attend a workshop, work with a certified coach for a minimum of six hours, and attend a group leader training). The cost for the pre-requisites appears to be approximately $1100.00. The estimated cost for completion of the entire program is $5500-8500, depending on the time it takes to complete the program. Admission to the program requires completion of the pre-requisites, letters of recommendation, an audio recording of a coaching session, and a digital photo. An application fee of $495.00 is also necessary. Once accepted into the training, participants have 18 months to complete. A final exam is required, and participants are assigned a mentor (which they pay for.) Additional contact: 1823 Folsom Street, Suite 201, Boulder, Colorado 80302; Tel: (303) 447-2704.


  • Creativity Coaching Assoication - This training is directed towards helping people coach artists, writers, and creators. Training is online and provides certification as a Certified Creativity Coach. Certification requires four courses, five hours of supervised coaching, completion of a reading list, 100 hours of coaching contact, and agreement to an ethical code. Credit is also available for prior work. The program can be completed in 12-18 months at an approximate cost of $2900.00.


  • Mindful Coaching Training - Designed for health and wellness professionals, Guiding Mindful Change was founded by Billie Frances, a licensed therapist with the vision of creating a network of Life Coaches that would positively change the lives of thousands. That vision is realized and is continually growing with over 100 certified coaches. Guiding Mindful Change continues to set the standard for excellence in creating qualified, ethical and empowered coaches. Students of Mindful Coaching complete a comprehensive, accelerated training, during a three-month period, building on skills rather than starting with basics, using on-site and teleclass learning. Tuition is $2450. Courses take place nation-wide. Contact: Billie Frances, MFT, 5663 Balboa Ave., Suite 438, San Diego, California 92111; Tel: (619) 297-7542; e-mail:


  • CoachCraft International - A small cohort program that requires participants to successfully complete 72 hours of instruction, practicum experience rquirements, 100 percent attendance, participate in distance learning activities, be rated satisfactory on a final observed coaching session, and receive a passing grade on a final examination. Admission requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent traning and professional experience. Certification requirs completion of two foundation modules for four days each, typically separated by one month; check their website for the specific credits necessary to gain certification. After completion of the foundation modules it typically takes up to six months to complete all practicum and certfication requirements. Tuition is 5,500.00. Further contact details: Dr. Karyn Trader-Leigh, CoachCraft International; Tel: (703) 627-4717; Email:


  • The PAR Group - Offers training programs to companies interested in improving leadership, coaching, listening and communication skills. PAR instructors typically lead these programs or certify a company's trainers to implement them. Pricing depends on who is leading the program and the number of participants. Located at 4936 President's Way, Tucker, GA, 30084; Tel: (800) 247-7188; Fax: (770) 493-9152; e-mail:


  • You Coach Now - Created by Chartered Business Coach™, Ton de Graaf, this training program provides a series of e-books on various topics such as How to Become a Coach, Coaching on Excellence, Coaching on Motivation and Attitude, and You Coach Now, which contains interactive forms and templates to automate a coaching practice. Each of the books is available for $9.99, and they are intended to help people develop coaching skills, methods and techniques, and the theoretical foundations for coaching for change. No other support, instruction, or interaction with the author is described as available on the website. e-mail:


  • The Centre for Supervision Training - Based in the U.K., this organization specializes in providing training for person who will be supervising coaches. Typically, their program consists of three in-person two-day modules: Becoming a Coaching Supervisor, Advanced Coaching Supervision, and Supervising the Invisible Client. Tuition fees for each course are approximately 688.00 in British currency. They anticipate their last course offerings will be held in 2008, and after that date, they will no longer hold open courses and instead will provide private customized training for those individuals within organizations. Additional contact: Theresa Bensted, Centre for Supervision Training, Tree House, Blackheath Way, West Malvern, WR 14 4DR, Great Britain; Tel: 00 44 (0) 1905 610778.


  • AMA Coaching School - Based in the U.K., this organization is a web-based coaching school with online courses that all require practical learning at times to suit the learner. Courses start at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Learning materials are mixed-media including audio, video and workbook-pages. For coaches wanting to create a business in life or executive coaching, the School also has two business development courses. The foundation, intermediate and business courses are all available to do as un-marked courses. Those learners wanting certification pay for this option. Courses are all designed to national standards and the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses are all based on AMA material taken up by the UK National Open College Network. Certification is on the basis of pass/fail only (not ranking) and by AMA Coaching School itself, signed by author Prof. Angus McLeod, PhD., and endorsed by the not-for-profit Coaching Foundation. Marking is by experienced, qualified markers and their work is assessed by other external markers as part of the School's due diligence.

    All courses are guided-learning and include multi-media inputs as well as course material online. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses all require individual, practical learning as both coach and as coachee, using friends, colleagues or other AMA learners as coaching resources. A Foundation course may take about 1-2 months and need between 12-20 hours of time commitment. Both the intermediate courses (life & executive) can be achieved in 5-7 months and need between 48 and 100 hours of time commitment. Both the Advanced courses (life & executive) can be completed in 7-9 months and require between 78 and 160 hours to achieve a pass. Graduation is based upon pass/fail against Nationally-set criteria (Open College Network).

    The Foundation and business courses are normally priced at £295 UKP but are all often on offer at much less than this. Marking and Certification for the Foundation course costs about £50 in addition to the course fee, if required. The Intermediate courses are normally priced at £300. Marking and Certification is additional and costs about £125 UKP. The Advanced courses are both normally-priced at £968 but those learners doing the Intermediate course can buy the additional Units to achieve the Advanced standard for a total of about £450 only. Marking and Certification of the Advanced course is £175 and no other marking or certification costs apply when the learner moves from one course to another before Certificating at the lower level. Check their website for the latest fees and schedule. The School has a Facebook group with supporting information and the opportunity to connect with other students. Additional contact: Dr. Angus McLeod, AMA Coaching School, 27 Upton Gdns, Worcester, WR8 0NU Great Britain, Tel: 01684.594.113


  • Martha Beck Inc Life Coach Training - Offers virtual training over an eight month period by Martha Beck that consists of (1) pre-work assigned reading and homework packet; (2) six 90-minute intensive coaching courses by telephone Each class includes an outline and supporting documentation for all tools and techniques; (3) seven 60-minute courses focusing on practice development; (4) fourteen 75-minute coaching practicum calls with realtime feedback; and (5) a recorded coaching analysis with written feedback. All classes are recorded and downloadable, and participants are responsible for leading at least one forum discussion. Certification requires an additional 20 paid coaching hours, a written test, and a final interview with Martha Beck. The tutiion is $5200.00. Check website for next course delivery schedule. For more information email


  • The Institute for Global Listening and Communication - This organization, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has developed a Life Development Coaching in Communications curriculum, which is offered around the USA. The curriculum includes a two-day listening course, an advanced course, and a specialty course. Contact: (888) 728-9975; email:


  • The Rapid Coaching Academy - Started by Christian Mickelsen, the CEO of Small Biz University, the Rapid Coaching Academy emphasizes developing a successful coaching business by using three ingredients: confidence, competence, and heart. Training consists of 12 master class audio recordings, a study group/buddy system, a technique clinic where experts share their techniques, and a practicing coach teleconference, where participants who are coaching clients can ask questions of each other and experts. Regular tuition is $2544.00 and premium tuition is $2741.00. However, at present there is a "grand opening" special price of either $497 (regular) or $547 (premium). A guarantee is offered so that participants who are not 100 percent satisfied after one-year will receive their entire tuition back. Certification is not considered relevant, and according to the website: "doesn't really do anything to help get clients and isn't required in any way shape or form." Additional contact information: Christian Mickelsen, 8355 Station Village In. #4301, San Diego, California 92108; Tel: (619) 295-2001; email:


  • Leading Edge Coaching and Training - Created by Eva Gregory, this organization specializes in helping coaches, counselors, teachers, and other healing practitioners learn to use the Laws of Attraction to create a successful coaching practice. Through a three-month telecourse program, participants learn to use the Laws of Attraction for themselves and their clients. The fee as of September, 2006 is $325.00. Contact: Leading Edge Coaching and Training, Emeryville, California; Tel: (510) 597-0687; email:


  • Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching Training programs leading to certification are offered in Germany, France, Spain, Canada, and the USA. Trainings have been approved by the ICF for continuing coach education credits. Training typically requires 30 hours of intensive in-person training with live demonstrations and hands-on activities and one-hour of skill mentoring via phone or Skype. The content focuses on limbic coaching or coaching with the emotional brain. Certification is possible after completing a four-day educational seminar. Tuition is $2380.00 (an early bird rate is available). Check their website for dates and locations. Additional contact information: 435 South California Avenue, Suite A, Palo Alto, California 94306; (650) 325-1942;


  • Save Your Marriage Central (SYMC) School of Coaching - This school combines coaching proficiencies with marriage healing strategies. Additonal study includes a focus on addiction, abuse and codependency. Participants are actively involved in working with married couples, and classes are delivered by telecourse. Graduates are eligible to use the designation: "Certified Marriage Coach." A current list of courses and starting dates are available on the website. The tuition is $4200.00 ($3500.00 for a special introductory offer). Contact: Penny Tupy: email or telephone: (651) 775-8302.


  • Gazelles International Coaches Certification Program - This training program requires several criteria to eligible to apply, including substantial involvement as a business coaching or management consultation and at least three years of proven experience. The first year fee to become a certified coach is $16,000 and includes a two-day, live Four Decisions Intellectual Property Certification Training; a half-day business development training, online training modules, and a 90 day mentoring with a senior coach. The first year fee also includes attendance at Summit events, monthly coaches webinar, unlimited to on-demand seminars, and a one-year license fee. Year two and beyond, the fee for certified coaches is $8,000. Contact: Jean Carpenter, Coaching Services, Tel: (360) 798-9471; email:


  • International Institute of Coaching Studies (formerly The Coaching Academy of North America, Inc.) - Founded by Mackenzie Pearce, this organization offers a self-study and teleclass program leading to a variety of certifications in life coaching, weight loss coaching, spiritual coaching, divorce recovery coaching, relationship coaching, Christian coaching, or executive coaching and consulting, business coaching and consulting (small businesses and large companies), and corporate consulting. Their programs are accredited by the Progressive International Coaching Bureau (PICB). The Coaching Academy offers a 100% money back guarantee and their website states that they "offer more training, resources, benefits and experience to our students then any other coach training program in the world." The coach training is free (no cost) and participants pay a tuition for certification only. Additional contact information: The Coaching Academy of North America, 251 Goyeau Street, Suite 444, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6V2; Tel: (866) 726-0248; email:


  • Bluepoint Leadership Master Coach Training - The program is designed to equip HRD/OD professionals, experienced managers and select individual contributors with the knowledge, methodologies and expertise required to coach at a high level and, in doing so, help other organization members make significant improvements in their performance and advancements in their careers. The program takes approximately six months to complete and involves a comprehensive series of professional development experiences including facilitator-led workshops, coaching practicums and feedback, assessments, group teleconsults, coaching on coaching, web-based tutorials, individual reading, research and reflection, and specific skills training. Successful completion of the program requires a significant investment of time and energy from the Master Coach candidates. This program is intended for mature, self-aware individuals with strong interpersonal and communication skills who have a keen interest in talent development and coaching. All coaching hours gained through the Bluepoint Master Coach Program will count towards those required to become an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach or Professional Certified Coach. Certification as a Bluepoint Master Coach requires: a two-day leader as coach workshop; a personal planning and commitments document; a literature search, review and application, coaching practicums, work with a Bluepoint coach for at least six sessions; a two-hour coaching consult every other month; a one-day advanced coaching skills workshop; and a two-hour web-based planning session. For the latest program start dates and current tuition fees, visit their website. Further contact details in the USA: Bluepoint Leadership Development, Suite 108, 25 Whitney Drive, Milford, Ohio, 45150 Toll-free: (888) 221-8685 or (513) 683-4702; email:


  • The School of Coaching Mastery - Primarily designed to assist participants achieve the Certified Coach designation from the International Association of Coaching (IAC), this school focuses on life and business coaching skills. They provide a free e-class, a free subscription to audio, video, and articles about coaching, and an opportunity to talk with other coaches already certified by the IAC. Training is available through two programs: "Coaching Groundwork" - consists of four, two-hour tele-classes, suitable for those new to coaching ($200.00 tuition); "CCTP Certified Coach Training" - includes 72 hours of training, 12 hours of practicum, and mentor coaching ($2600.00 tuition); and the "FCTP Full Coach Training Program" - a combination of the first two programs plus 25 hours on business planning and marketing ($3600.00 tuition). Participation in the coach training programs also provides a waiver of fees for IAC certification and discounts on other services. For more information contact Julia Stewart, PO Box 410026; St. Louis, Missouri 63141-0026; Tel: (877) 224-2780; Skype: jscoach1053; email: email


  • The Coaching Institute - Led by Terri Levine, this organization offers an eight-month, home study and tele-mentoring life coach training program resulting in a designation as a Certified Comprehensive Coach. After students complete the eight-month program they take a written examination and send three client coaching audios for assessment. When both have been passed, students receive the designated certification. Each program has different levels (apprentice, associate and VIP), and current tuition can be found on their website. The Coaching Institute is a subsidiary of Comprehensive Coaching U. Additional contact information: The Coaching Institute, 727 Mallard Place, North Wales, Pennsylvania 19454; Tel: (877) 401-6165.


  • Workplace Coach Institute - Founded by Cynthia Kivland and Nancy Branton, this coach training organization, which also provides consultation and assessment expertise, is listed as an approved coach training provider by the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc. (CCE), the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). WCI provides training for the following specialty areas: Certified Leadership Development Coach (20 hours of in-person course work with a tuition of $2200 - or $1600 for nonprofit, government or education); Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach (30 hours of in-person course work with a tuition of $3200 - or $2700 for nonprofit, government or education); Social and Emotional Intelligence Workplace Coach (24 hours of course work with a tuition of $2700 - or $2500 for nonprofit, government or education) , Social and Emotional Intelligence Workplace Coach and Assessment Certification (40 hours of course work with a tuition of $3600 - or $3300 for nonprofit, government or education); and a Job Loss Recovery Program Certification Course (Eight hours of online course work with a tuition of $479 - or $399 for military, nonprofit, government or education). They also offer a course in Personal Branding Strategy for Coaches (Seventy-five minutes of online instruction, tuition $295.00). Be sure to check their website for the latest tuition fees, and dates and locations for course offerings. Contact: WCI, 8362 Tamarack Village, Suite 119-121, Woodbury, Minnesota 55125-3392; Tel: (800)691-2553; email:


  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition - The focus of this coach training program is on health coaching and creating a healthy lifestyle. All training is online and students receive an iPod with all video and audio classes pre-loaded. Each student becomes a member of an online education forum, is assigned a personal health coach who is a graduate of the program, and can attend a monthly online open session. The curriculum includes courses on nutrition concepts, nutrition science, modern health issues, and professional practice. Each student also receives business coaching, personalized business cards and brochures, a customizable website to promote practice, a certificate halfway through the program to start seeing clients, and a free second year program for students who meet graduation requirements and want to expand their coaching and business skills. The full program takes about one-year to complete, and includes tests and health coaching sessions necessary for coach certification. Tuition varies for each student and scholarships are available. The cost is $4,995. The organization also offers a State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase College Degree, and an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certificate. Additional contact information: Tel: (877) 730-5444; Skype: "integrativeNutrition", and email:


  • The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching - Led by Debbie Ford, this organization runs two highly experiential, tele-class and in-person combined training programs: Blueprint Coaching Training Program and Spiritual Divorce Coaching Training Program. The Blueprint training includes four modules leading to certification and licensing. One of the modules focuses on the key distinctions between the Integrative approach and the ICF core competencies and includes feedback and direction from an experienced mentor coach. The tuition for the Blueprint course is $7995 if taken as a package. The Spiritual Divorce training is a series of telecourses and in-person events (in San Diego), and is designed to assist clients to "transform their pain into power" and guide individuals through a "heart-opening coaching model." The course is based on Debbie Ford's book, "Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as Catalyst to an Extraordinary Life." Tuition for this course is $2800 plus a $300 intensive fee. For more information contact: Admissions Advisor, Debbie Ford Productions, PO Box 8064 La Jolla, California 92037; (800) 655-4016.


  • Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International - This program is exclusively for Christian women who want to work with other women. There are three levels of coaching (1, 2, and 3) and two additional levels (facilitator and instructor). The training for coaching is online and through print materials. Level I includes includes 5 private instructor sessions, and four, one-hour conversations with a coach. The fee to Life Purpose is $750.00 and participants pay an additional fee for the coaching conversations. Details on and fees for the more advanced trainings are not clearly stated on the website. The founder of this organization is Katie Barzelton and additional contact details: Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International, PO Box 80550, Santa Margarita, California 92688; (615) 370-4700; email:


  • Acorn - The training program emphasizes positive psychology coaching as developed by Robert Biswas-Diener, and is delivered in a 16-week series divided into two eight-week sessions. Part I focuses on an introduction to coaching and includes definition, the coaching relationship, and basic skills. Part II focuses on an introduction to positive psychology coaching, strength skills, strength development, hope, curiosity, courage and positive psychology narrative. Tuition is $2100 for Part I and II (for those new to coaching). A separate eight-week training program is available for experienced coaches that focuses exclusively on Part II (above). Tuition for this series is $1100. The organization hopes to offer face-to-face coach training in Singapore and Australia in 2012. Contact: Jessica Austin, Director of Public Programming, Acorn Positive Psychology Coaching & Consulting, 2100 SE Lake Road, Suite 5, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222; Tel: (503) 305-6970; email:


  • Coach SupervisionTraining - This one-on-one training focuses on the newly developed area of coach supervision. Many professional groups are recommending that coaches work under recognized supervision, and many organizations that hire coaches are beginning to require that their external coaches be subject to supervision by qualified peers. But such supervision skill and knowledge is typically not available in "traditional" coaching schools or program. This program has been started as a way to teach coaches the techniques for coach supervision, including: (1) quality control - ensuring a coach can stay on track, manage the relationship effectively and support the client appropriately; (2) further the coaches own development, offering alternative frameworks, techniques and strategies to assist them in their sessions; (3) recognize "blind spots" by providing objective third-party feedback; and (4) safety - keeping the coach and the client safe in their working relationship. After an initial session to determine each participant's aims for supervision, the program consists of six - one-hour telecoaching calls or three - two-hour, in-person sessions. The fee for the program is £300 plus VAT. Contact Edna Murdoch, 01323 897 344; email:


  • Leadership Institute of Seattle (LOIS) -This organization provides an accelerated university certificate in life and personal coaching. Completion time is approximately three to six months, depending on background and experience. This distance learning program, available by email or correspondence, is taught in five modules covering one key skills model and drawing from four coaching models, introducing a wide variety of coaching techniques. As well as these five modules, an essay of 3,500 words is required. Tutorial support is by email. Academic credit and a tuition fee discount is available for students who wish to purse other degree programs at the university. The fee for the certificate program is 350.00 (British pounds). Textbooks are extra. Contact: Calamus Extension College Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 20 7748 3134; Fax +44 20 7748 3126; United Kingdom: Tel. 020 7748 3134; Fax 020 7748 3126; email:


  • Seattle Coach -This organization provides in-person, face-to-face training in small groups with an emphasis on interaction, individual strengths, and team building. Their focus is on foundational coaching skills and change management. Course work is divided into three modules: core competencies (three months and 42 hours of coach-specific training); coaching presence and skills mastery (three months and 32 hours of coach specific training plus required mentor coaching); and an advanced module focusing on working with groups and teams. In addition, participants meet twice a month in coach the coach groups to deal with on-going challenges, support and growth. Course work is geared to meet the requirements of the International Coach Federation. An interview is required for consideration of admission, and persons must check their website for the latest course scheduling. Tuition for the two foundation modules is $US2100.00. Tuition for the advanced module is $US1000.00. For coaches in training and graduates, mentor coaching is available at a discounted fee which is additional to the tuition. Further contact: Patricia Burgin, The SeattleCoach Professional Training Program, 2727 Fairview Avenue East, Suite C, Seattle, Washington 98102; Tel: (206) 412-6224; email:


  • Butler University Leader as Coach Certification - Offered through the Butler Corporate and Executive Education at Butler University's College of Business, this 24-week not-for-credit program consists of three courses provided completely online. Participants who complete the course receive a Leader as Coach Certification. The three courses include: Foundations of Coaching, Coaching for Performance and Development, and Coaching for Inclusion: Teams, Cultures, and Generations. The courses are designed for persons currently in leadership positions regardless of role or title. Further contact information: College of Business, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208; Tel: (855) 792-1044.


  • Texas Christian University/Sherpa Coaching - Offered through the auspices of the Texas Christian University's Neeley School of Business in Fort Worth, Texas. This certification is based on the book, "The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching," written by Brenda Corbett and Judith Colemon, who will also be the program instructors. This is an in-person training that uses case studies and practical knowledge and follows the "Sherpa Process." The Sherpa approach consists of six phases: Taking Stock, Global View, Destination, Charting the Course, Agenda, and The Summit. "Executive Coaching Certification" consists of two weeks, 60 hours in person, on campus. The course fee is $8,900 and includes hotel and meals. Visit the Sherpacoaching website for instructor biographies, detailed course information, and start dates. Additonal contact: Deb Baker (817) 257-7115; email:


  • Executive Coaching Institute (Berkeley, California) - This Institute typically provides a summers-only, two-week event that takes place in the Faculty Club on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. The Institute is designed for individuals interested in entering the field of executive coaching (internal or external coaches) and executives seeking to become better managers and leaders. The program uses the Communicating coaching methodology and consists of 90 contact hours of group (in-person) classes, individual tutorials and coaching and weekly practicum. Successful completion leads to a certificate of completion issued by the Center for Executive Education at the University of California. For 2011, the dates of instruction are August 27 to September 3. Tuition is $10,500. Contact: Jenny Herbert Creek, (888) 658-0886; (510) 550-3669; email:


  • University of Georgia/Sherpa Coaching - Offered through the auspices of the University of Georgia's Center for Continuing Education in Athens, Georgia. This certification is based on the book, "The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching," written by Brenda Corbett and Judith Colemon, who will also be the program instructors. This is an in-person training that uses case studies and practical knowledge and follows the "Sherpa Process." The Sherpa approach consists of six phases: Taking Stock, Global View, Destination, Charting the Course, Agenda, and The Summit. "Executive Coaching Certification" consists of two weeks, 60 hours in person, on campus. The course fee is $8,900 and includes hotel and meals. Visit the Sherpacoaching website for instructor biographies, detailed course information, and start dates. Additonal contact: Pam Bracken (706) 583-0424; email:


  • Yale University - Offers a series of coaching courses: Coaching Skills for Managers, Coaching for Supervisors and Managers, Coaching for Development, and Coaching for Performance.. Contact: The Learning Center, 221 Whitney Avenue, PO Box 208354, New Haven, Conneticutt 06520-8354; Tel: (203) 432-5660; email:


  • Villanova University Executive MBA Program - As part of its executive MBA curriculum, this university offers an executive coaching stream as one of its five core areas. The coaching area includes one term of introduction to executive coaching and four terms of supervised coaching experience. Prior to the introduction all students participate in an Orientatio and Learning Readiness week-long residency program. Contact information: Villanova University Executive MBA Program, The Villanova Conference Center, 601 County Line Road, Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087-4523; Tel: (610) 523-1793; Fax: (610) 523-1798;


  • BeamPines | Middlesex University Master's Program in Executive Coaching - This two-semester (one-year) program is delivered in New York, New York and provides one-on-one coaching and supervision and includes four weekend seminars in New York with Middlesex University faculty and BeamPines master coaches. Courses focus on action learning, reflection, and research. Candidates for this program must be line executives, human resources executives, or others with significant background and training in organizational development, psychology, business consulting, an undergraduate degree, 10+ years of management experience, and sponsorship from an employer. Credit is provided for previous academic and work experience, and a research-based master's thesis focused on the candidate's own organization is required for degree completion. The tuition for this program is $60,000 for the two semesters ($50,000 for BeamPines clients). For additional details about the curriculum consult the website or call (212) 476-4100, ext 259 or email:


  • Royal Roads University Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program - Royal Roads University is located on a National Heritage Site in beautiful, Victoria, BC, Canada. The Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching program is designed for working professionals in a leadership or management position in human resources, organizational development or quality improvement. This ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program takes approximately six months to complete and is delivered through a combination of short residencies and on-line distance learning modules. The current tuition for this program is $9,340(CDN). An Advanced Coaching Practice program as well as M.A. programs featuring a coaching emphasis are also available. For more information contact: Calvin Roberts, Professional and Continuing Studies, Royal Roads University; email:; Toll Free: (866) 778-3932 or (250) 391-2600 ext. 4199


  • University of Toronto Solution-Focused Brief Coaching Certificate Program - This graduate certificate program, offered in-person through the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, emphasizes a strengths-based perspective. Participants choose from a variety of 10 modules delivered by international faculty members and must complete at least six modules including an initial module that equips each participant with foundational qualities of professional coaching through experiential learning; and a final module in a masterclass style of delivery including demonstration of foundational coaching skills in various applications through live coaching demonstration or prepared videotape. (See website for additional module options and descriptions as well as the latest schedule and fees.) Current tuition is $380 per module. For additional information contact: Haesun Moon, Program Director & Lead Faculty, Factor-Inwentash Faculty, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, 246 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1V4; Tel: (416) 898-0381; email:


  • University of Calgary Certified Co-Active Coach Training Program - In partnership with The Coaches Training Institute, this Canadian university continuing education department offers a two component program consisting of a "core curriculum" (five courses offered on a five three-day weekend residential basis), and a "certification program" (a six month, hands-on coaching, supervision, and group work component all provided by telephone by CTI-trained master coaches.) Both the core curriculum and certification program are geared towards the accreditation system of the International Coach Federation. The tuition for the first five courses is $6140.00 (discount for registering for all five courses), and the fee for the certification component is not stated. Consult the website for course start times. For more information contact: Toll Free: (866) 220-4992 or Tel: (403) 220-2988; Fax: (403) 284-5702.


  • Vancouver Community College Leadership Coaching Certificate Program - This program consists of 12 in-person, one-day seminars totalling 72 hours. Courses are drawn from the Leadership Certificate Program and the Leadership Coaching Certificate Program. The College also provides "Leadership Coaching Associate Certificate," which is a shorter program of six, in-person, one-day courses totalling 36 hours. Brief descriptions of all courses are provided on the website. For more information contact: Anne Tollstam, Tel: (604) 443-8668.


  • York University Schulich Executive Education Centre - This university-based organization offers a variety of executive education courses, including a "Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers and Directors." The course is a five-day, in-person seminar that helps managers and supervisors learn how to integrate what great coaches do to enable each employee to feel that their work is meaningful and important. The course is divided into five modules: "Coaching Your Employees for Higher Performance," "Career Coaching," "Building the Next Generation of Leaders;" "Advanced Performance Strategies and Coaching;" and Introducing a Coaching Program: Implementation and Planning." Patricipants also learn to use advanced assessment tools. The fee for this course (in 2013) is $3695.00 plus tax. To learn more about the course, current fees, and start dates, visit the website or call: (416) 736-5079 or toll-free: (800) 667-9380. Contact details: Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3


  • The Columbia University/Teachers College Coaching Certification Program - This certification program requires the completion of two five-day intensives: either Internal Coach Intensive or External Coach Intensive and an Advanced Coach Intensive. A practicum is also required which includes online peer coaching labs, work with a mentor coach, and individual coaching experience. This program is offered in partnership with the Columbia Business School Executive Education program, and is designed to be completed within a seven-month period (but can be extended). Tuition for this program is not available online; program leaders request that prospective participants call them for the latest information and starting dates for the Internal, External and Advanced courses. An online application form is available. Additional contact information: Teachers College Columbia University, 525 West 120th Street, Box 132 - 107 Zankel Hall, New York, New York 10027; Tel: (800) 209-1245 or (212) 678-3987; Fax: (212) 678-8417; email:


  • University of Texas - Dallas (UTD) - The School of Management at UTD has created an Executive and Professional Coaching Program. The program, which is delivered in a distance education format, offers two inter-related tracks: one designed for professional development where participants enrol in specific learning modules and a second track for persons who want to attain a certificate in executive and professional coaching. Credit for coach specific training taken at other ICF accredited programs or accredited universities can be transferred to the UTD program. Successful completion of the certificate program includes 140 hours of instruction, a coaching practicum supervised by an ICF-certified MCC, and a certification examination. Former ICF President, Judy Feld, MCC, is the Program Manager for this educational venture. As of July, 2005 the tuition for this program is $8800USD. An online application form is available on the website. For more information contact (972) 883-5900 or


  • Chapman University Coaching Skills for Business Leaders Certificate - This interactive and reflective program is based on the core competencies as stated by the International Coach Federation. The certificate consists of a seven-week, 28-hour course, typically meeting in-person and weekly for four-hour sessions. The program modules focus on coaching fundamentals, coaching process and essential skills, coaching for personal mastery, coaching for interpersonal mastery, coaching for leadership mastery, coaching for team mastery, and individual presentations of personal development plans. The tuition is $1175.00 and includes all program materials and a continental breakfast. The next session entry begins in April, 2008. Contact: Kathleen Wilson, (714) 744-2127; or by email: (Note: Chapman University also provides a an Advanced Career Strategies Certificate Program that includes a career coaching course. For information about this program, contact: Vince Glaeser, Program Director, (714) 997-6548; email:


  • University of Houston Executive Coaching Institute - This accredited university offers a 60-hour certificate program that focuses on business leaders and other executives. Workshops are offered throughout the year, and courses include: "Coaching for Change," Coaching in a Multicultural Workspace," "Coaching for Goal Setting and Achievement," "Coaching for Conflict Resolution," a "Coaching for Certification Preparation" course, and a Mastering Creativity" workshop. Potential participants can also enrol in a free information session. Enrollment typically occurs during the Spring and interested parties should consult their website. Additional contact information: Continuing Education, 102 C.N. Hilton Hotel and Conference Center, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204-3027; Tel: (713) 743-1060; email:


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - The School of Continuing Education offers a Certificate in Business Coaching that consists of five courses and a "capstone project". Courses are offered on-campus in an intensive format. Check the website for scheduling and fees. Each course is typically $845-895. Additional contact information: Donna Shepard, Program Director, School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 161 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 6000, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203; Tel: (414) 227-3219; email:


  • Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology - This school offers a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (within their Organizational Psychology program). This is a two-year, part-time program that includes 200 hours of classroom study and supervision (four 30-hour courses, a 45-hour coaching skills and techniques course, and a 45-hour supervised practicum). Courses are typically held on Monday evenings and on five day-long Saturday workshops. The next entering class will begin in January, 2009, and all courses are held on the MSPP campus, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Boston, Massachusetts. A bachelor's degree or equivalent is required for admission. The MSPP program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Tuition for the total program is $13,542 plus a $75.00 non-refundable application fee. Additional contact: Dr.Lew Stern, Director, MSPP Admissions, 221 Rivermoor Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02132; Tel: (617) 327-6777; email:


  • San Diego State University Professional Certificate in Coaching for Organizational Effectiveness. This certificate program can be completed in two years. A final examination is required that is based on the competencies of the International Coach Federation. The program has been designed for managers, leaders, human resource professionals, internal and external consultants, and trainers to help them use coaching to develop new leaders and increase leadership team effectiveness. Courses are in-person. Students with minimal previous exposure to executive and business coaching must take Fundamentals of Coaching ($350.00), which focuses on learning how coaching skills are used in business, government, and the non-profit world; the evolution of coaching and how it is used in organizations and businesses; and developing skills for coaching managers and supervisors to be leaders. An additional basic course, Assessments, Feedback and Performance, focuses on providing participants with experience administering and interpreting various assessment instruments and describes the circumstances most suited for each of them. Other courses include: Creating High-Performance Coaching Cultures; Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers; Coaching Managers and Leaders; and Applying the Coaching Process. Contact information: Jordon Goldrich, Goldrich Associates International Network, P.O. Box 420517, San Diego, CA 92142; Tel: (858) 268-8528; e-mail:


  • San Francisco State Extended Learning's Core Strengths Coaching Skills Certificate. This in-person program requires participants to take seven courses from a variety of categories. Faculty emphasize the co-active coaching model combined with positive psychology, using evidence-based studies and student-centered learning approaches. The program offers a Certificate of Completion for The Core Strengths Coaching Program from SF State Extended Learning & International Affairs. It does not offer a professional certification from either the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the International Association of Coaching (IAC). Students wishing to pursue professional certification are encouraged to do so independently upon completion of the CSCS Program. Courses are 30, 18, or 15 hours, and persons who wish to receive the Certificate of Completion must take approximately 130 hours of instruction (about three semesters). The tuition for the program is $3220-3295, depending on electives taken. Specific courses may have additional textbook fees; and there is a fee to apply for the Certificate of Completion. Check the website for current schedule, course details, and the current tuition. Contact: Andrew Brosnan, Program Director, San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning and International Affairs, 835 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103; Tel: (415) 817-4325; email:


  • Harvard Business Online Enterprise Solutions - As of 2002 this online course, Coaching for Results, is the only course offered and focuses on mastering five core coaching skills. The course includes interactive case studies, short practice activities and expert feedback. The course is approximately two hours in length and the fee is $195.00. A demo of the course is available on the site. Tel: (800) 795-5200.


  • Harvard Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative - Located at the Harvard Medical School's McLean Hospital, this program of seminars, tutorials and supervision is directed towards developing an academic foundation of coaching psychology. The emphasis is on coaching research studies associated with the healthcare and medical world. The Initiative will include an annual conference, a research laboratory, a task force, a journal, and an education program for staff and interns at the McLean Hospital. Contact: Coaching & Positive Psychology, Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, 115 Mill Street, Belmont, Massachusetts 02478; Tel: (617) 855-3921; email:


  • John F. Kennedy University - They offer several courses in coaching including Life Coaching for Career Counselors, The Process of Coaching, Executive Coaching: Coaching in the Corporate Environment, The Business of Coaching, Seminar in Child, Adolescent and Family Counseling: The Therapist as Coach, The Therapist as Coach: An Introduction, and Seminar in Consulting Psychology: Leadership/Coaching Phase I and Phase II. Contact: John F. Kennedy University, 12 Altarinda Road, Orinda, California 94563-2603; Tel: (925) 254-0200.


  • Bellevue University - This accredited university offers online and in-person life coaching certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate level. At the undergraduate level the certificate requires four courses (12 credit hours), and the course work is associated with the the Behavioral Science degree (but can be taken separately). An unusual element of this undergraduate certificate is that one of the four courses is on "Military Life Transitions.: . At the graduate level, the certificate requires two courses and is both separate from and included within the Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. The fees for taking these courses was too complicated for us to figure out. Contact: Bellevue University, Main Campus, 1000 Galvin Road South, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005; Tel: (800) 756-7920 or (402) 293-2000.


  • University of the Rockies - This accredited university offers online specializations in executive coaching in their 39-credit Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology and 62-68 credits Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) graduate programs. Restricted to US residents. The tuition for either degree is approximately $47,000 for the doctoral degree plus application fees, exam fees, assessment and materials fees, and a graduation fee. The tuition for the masters program is approximately $25,935 plus other fees. Contact: Dean of the School of Professional Psychology, University of the Rockies, 555 East Plaza Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903-3612; Toll-Free: (866) 621-0124; email:


  • University of Sydney - The Coaching Psychology Unit of the School of Psychology offers a number of courses in coaching, a post-graduate degree program in Coaching and Coaching Psychology (Graduate Certificate in Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science) and a Master of Human Resource Management and Coaching in conjuction with the Faculty of Economics and Business. Their programs are designed to match the guidelines of the International Coach Federation and emphasize three themes: the behavioural science of coaching, the applied art of coaching, and ethical and professional practice. Their intention is to produce scientist-practitioners. Fees vary for local and international students. Contact: Rachel Moerman, The Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Brennan MacCallum Building, A18, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia; Tel: 02 9351 2866; e-mail:


  • Ashridge Business School Executive Coach Training - This reputable business school offers a certification (called "accreditation" in the UK) program for persons who want to work internal or external to organizations and a Masters in Executive Coaching for those interested in pursuing an advanced graduate degree in coaching. They can also provide on-site training for an organization interested in developing coaches within their own company. Intakes for the Master's program occur every 10 months, and instruction is primarily residential and in-person. Training is centered on five modules, and is primarily psychological-oriented with considerable emphasis on reflected enquiry. Tuition is £16,470 + VAT for the complete Masters program. A limited number of bursaries are available. Contact: Jensigne Molbeck-Blyth, Ashridge Business School, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire HP4 1NS, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 (0) 1442 841183; email:


  • Monarch Business School Online Doctor of Applied Leadership & Coaching - This program can be taken entirely through online course work, and typically takes about three years to complete. Evaluation is concluded through the submission of papers and case studies. There are no examinations within the program and there is no thesis requirement. Participants completing eight courses (120 credits) of the 11 required course will receive the Master of Applied Leadership & Coaching degree. The cost of the program is equal to 111 Euros per ECTS credit unit. There are 180 ECTS for the duration of the program for a total tuition fee of 20,000 Euros. Fees are paid in advance before each course is started based on the number of ECTS per course. There is an additional 4% electronic transfer transaction fee applied to the tuition. Entry into the program can be started at any time, and entrance requirements include graduation from an accredited Master program, and a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 5 years managerial experience. Candidates lacking either of the degree requirements but with substantial managerial experience may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the Dean. Further contact: Monarch Business School Switzerland, Flurstrasse 1, PO Box 30, CH-6332, Zug, Switzerland; Tel: 0041 41 780 08 82; email:


  • i-coach Academy - They offer degree programs (MA, MSc, MProf) in London, New York and Cape Town, and their aim is to create a recognized standard of academic and practice-based excellence to underpin the discipline of coaching, so that practitioners and clients know how to assess the quality and effectiveness of the coaching they give or receive. Their MProf program enables students to complete their master's in one year or to progress to a professional doctorate degree. The MProf is part-time and typically takes place over a nine month period, divided into six modules of six weeks each. Each module involves participation in a learning day, delivering coaching in practice, reflecting on that practice in a supervision day, receiving individual coaching and individual academic coaching. Each six-week module requires 4 hours models/theory, 4 hours triad skill practice, 4 hours delivering coaching, 4 hours research methods and research, 8 hours supervision/development, 2 hours academic coaching from faculty, and 2 hours receiving coaching (at your own cost).

    Program costs are determined by choice of three options: (1) Standard MProf (£12,000 plus VAT), which includes six learning days, six supervision days, six two hour academic tutorials with core faculty, academic accreditation, prior credit assessment, and access to university library resources; (2) Tailored MProf (£2000 plus £2750 per annum for academic registration and accreditation), which includes application assessment, learning day, supervision day, and 2-hour academic tutorial; and (3) No academic accreditation (£850 per annum), which includes the same components of (2) but without the academic qualification. There is also D.Prof, which requires completion of the MProf with the i-coach academy and additional DProf application requirements. They estimate that it will take a minimum of two years to complete a doctorate and the fee will be £11,450 plus VAT per annum.

    Admission requirements include: one year's training in coaching; participation in the i-coach academy application assessment process (a paid for process that contributes 10 credits towards the MProf); and at least one of the following: an honors degree or substantial experience in therapeutic, coaching or business arenas. The application requires a number of forms, self-assessment documents as well as participation in both a tutorial and group assessment and a fee of £550 plus VAT. Their program is accredited through the Professional Development Foundation and the National Centre for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University, United Kingdom. Contact: Caroline Horner, Tel: +44 7771 726 852; email.


  • California Institute of Integral Studies - This fully accredited university offers an Integrative Wellness Coaching series of courses in the Department of Integrative Health Studies as part of their M.A. program. The goals of the program are to: facilitate others in health-enhancing behaviors and assist them in attaining their health goals; develop effective coaching skills for individuals or groups; deepen their personal commitment to holistic self-care practices; and investigate career opportunities and practice professional marketing techniques. The courses designed to build competencies include: Health Assessment and Evaluation, Integrative Wellness Coaching, Integrative Wellness Management, Integrative Nutrition, Movement and Stress Management, Somatic Psychology electives, Creativity & Healing, and Healthy Aging. These courses provide the theoretical and practical skills for learning about healthy lifestyle, common stressful health challenges, mind-body-spirit modalities, key complementary and alternative interventions, and fitness and movement regimens. The courses also provide competencies for designing, implementing, and evaluating wellness programs for individuals and organizations, and are appropriate for either clinical or non-clinical students. They describe their curriculum as based on the best practices employed by Fortune 100 corporations and the National Wellness Institute. Tuition in this in-person program is $905.00 per unit US plus additional fees of 2075 for thesis completion, and $2075 for the thesis seminar. Retreat accommodation fees, graduation fees, registration fees are additional. See their website for the latest fee schedule. Contact: CIIS, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94103; (415) 575-6100.


  • Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate - This well-established and accredited university offers a six-month certificate program (152 hours or 19 days of in-person instruction) that as of 2012 is in its 12th year of operation. Additional work outside of the in-person instruction hours includes meeting with learning team coaches, outside reading, written assignments, supervised coaching of clients, and individual coaching by a faculty member. The program emphasizes the relationship between coaching and organization development. Three areas of coaching are emphasized: knowledge of self and how this can be used as an instrument of change; maximizing the value of coaching relationships; and understanding the role of systems thinking and coaching. The curriculum has been developed to meet all the requirements for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation of the International Coach Federation. All participants must complete a written examination, a final coaching performance exam, and a final written paper. Tuition is $US11950.00 and classes are organized around an intensive all-day format. Note: there are typical university graduate level admission requirements (see web URL above, which also provides course descriptions, details about faculty, required readings, and requirements and dates for applications). Contact: Pat Mathews, MCC, Program Director, Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, Center for Continuing and Professional Education, Georgetown University, 37th and O Street, NW, Washington, DC 20057; Tel: (717) 264-1143; e-mail:


  • Franklin University - Franklin University offers an MBA with a focus area in executive coaching, delivered as four, three-week seminars. Seminars also may be completed to earn a post-MBA Certificate of Completion in Executive Coaching. Seminars are offered on site on the main campus in Columbus Ohio, and online through web-based educational technology. The executive coaching focus concentrates on identifying and practicing the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes required to be successful at all stages in the lifecycle of a typical executive coaching assignment. Each seminar in the Focus is designed to highlight a particular stage in the cycle. Seminars cover tcontent, process and context issues. explore related theories and frameworks. apply relevant tools and techniques. and provide the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on integrative skills.

    Faculty responsible for the curriculum design and administrative oversight of the executive coaching program have Ph.D. degrees with graduate studies in business, psychology and counseling, and hold external professional coaching certification. Further, supervising faculty members have extensive experience developing, providing and administering coach-training programs. The teaching faculty also hold graduate degrees, have professional coaching certification and are active in the practice of executive coaching and in related professional organizations. Most are members of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

    Courses and workshops include:

    • MBA 926 Executive Coaching Seminar I: The Preparatory Phase.
      This initial seminar prepares participants to engage in a coaching relationship, presenting both coach and client perspectives. Participants will initiate planning for a coaching relationship with a practice client, and this relationship will continue during the duration of the Focus coursework. The background and history of the coaching field will be reviewed ,culminating in a discussion of current issues and opportunities. The merits of various types of coaching currently offered by practitioners will be discussed. The competencies associated with successful coaches will be identified along with the opportunity to comparatively assess participantsíexisting personal values and capabilities. Differences and similarities between coaching and allied disciplines also will be covered. Texts include Zeus, P. and Skiffington, S. (2002). The coaching at work toolkit. New York: McGraw-Hill. Peltier, B. (2001). The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application. New York: Brunner-Routledge.
    • MBA 936 Executive Coaching Seminar II: The Startup Phase
      This second seminar in the Executive Coaching Focus is concerned with the phase of the coaching lifecycle that begins the actual work with the client. Emphasis is on getting the coach/client relationship off to a good start. Beginning a successful coaching relationship includes making the initial contact, building rapport, establishing expectations from both parties, using appropriate assessment activities and inventories, contracting, and learning more about the client. The course will also introduce participants to various types of coaching frameworks or reference structures from within which coaches can thoughtfully operate. Additionally, the start-up coaching phase is concerned with assisting the practice client in identifying his or her desired outcomes from the coaching process. Procedurally, this identification step takes the form of creating a coaching plan that refines the desired client goals and associated success measurement methods. Texts include: Zeus, P. and Skiffington, S. (2002). The coaching at work toolkit. New York: McGraw-Hill; and Logan, D. and King, J. (2004). The coaching revolution. Avon, MA: Adams Media.
    • MBA 946 Executive Coaching Seminar III: The Sustaining Phase
      This third seminar in the Executive Coaching Focus is aimed at the middle stage of the coaching lifecycle. In this phase the emphasis is on continued progress toward client goals while sustaining the coach-client relationship. The priority is to keep the coaching effort alive, vital and focused on meeting ongoing client needs. Many coaches find the use of a guiding model to be particularly helpful as a framework or scaffolding around which to organize client goals and accomplishments. Additional topics addressed in this seminar include: analyzing client behavior patterns; applying problem solving tools; coping with and influencing toxic behaviors; and conducting periodic checks of the coaching progress. Texts include: Zeus, P. and Skiffington, S. (2002). The coaching at work toolkit. New York: McGraw-Hill; Downey, M. (2003). Effective coaching, 2nd ed. New York: Thomson and Texere; and Lubit, R. (2004). Coping with toxic managers, subordinates and other difficult people. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.
    • MBA 956 Executive Coaching Seminar IV: The Concluding Phase
      This concluding seminar focuses on three topics: how to successfully end a coaching relationship; coaching as a business; and the future of coaching.Various options for concluding the formal coaching relationship will be reviewed and practiced. Participants will select an option to actually use in finalizing the relationship with their own practice client. Personally relevant learning from all phases in the coaching relationship will be analyzed and noted for possible subsequent use. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore additional possibilities for their own professional development as a coach, including investigating various types of professional coaching certifications and advanced training currently being offered. Finally, on the basis of the experience with the entire focus, participants will be reflecting on how they would like to proceed with coaching work in their immediate future. Texts include: Zeus, P. and Skiffington, S. (2002). The coaching at work toolkit. New York: McGraw-Hill; West, L. and Milan, M. (2001). The reflecting glass. New York: Palgrave..

    Contact: Dr. John S. Brent, Ph.D., CPC, RCC, Franklin University, 201 South Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215; Tel: (614) 341-6343; email:


  • George Mason University Coaching and Organizational Development Certificate - Provides a nine-month certificate program that integrates coaching and organizational development and is offered in collaboration with the Newfield Network. The course of study includes 130 hours of experiential learning with a minimum of 30-hours of coaching practice in both being coached and coaching others. Six course are included over the nine-month period and study includes reading and written assignments, study groups, one-on-one coaching from Newfield Network certified coaches, and a focus on real organizational issues. The fee for this program is $8500. Contact: Office of Continuing Professional Education, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22020; Tel: (703) 993-2109; Fax: (703) 993-2121; email: Note: The current status of this program, according to contacts, is uncertain.)


  • Alliant International University (San Diego) - Through the California School of Organizational Studies, this school offers a Ph.D. in Consulting Psychology which is designed to produce specialists in organizational consulting. Although none of their course offerings actually use the term coaching in their titles (consulting is the more typical term used), one of the foundations of their philosophy is that a fully trained consulting psychologist must be able to provide (among others listed) individual interventions, including vocational and career assessments as well as executive coaching. Doctoral degree requirements total 119 units and are likely to require about four years of study. The curriculum is designed to match psychology licensure requirements. Fees are approximately $US710 per unit plus other academic and administrative fees. All degrees are accredited. Contact: website or call 866-825-5426.


  • North Carolina State University Business Coaching Certificate - This program is designed to prepare course members to become business coaches. The website states that the course is for people who want to pursue coaching as a full time occupation or who want to make coaching skill a central part of their practice as a manager or business consultant. Aimed at managers, HRD and HRM professionals, OD consultants, technical specialists and other professionals who are moving into a coaching or training role. Their program consists of 10 monthly weekend blocks for a total of 21 days. During the course participants' work with clients is supported by an experienced coach in small groups. In addition to the workshops each participant will work with their own mentor coach for three months. Participants are expected to research and report on a special coaching topic. The school believes that their training will help participants qualify for ICF certification. Program locations include Raleigh, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. The registration fee for 2006 is $5,495.00 which includes individual coaching sessions. Check their website for latest the most up-to-date fee details and other registration information. Contact: Dr. Brian Nichol, Director, 4111 Mittglen Lane, Cary, North Carolina 27518; Tel: (919) 303-5848; email:


  • New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies Certificate in Personal and Life Coaching - Participants are required to take six courses and an independent study, including two Foundations of Coaching courses; a Skills and Practices course specific to their concentration; then an Independent Study; and, finally, the Master Class in Coaching, which cannot be taken until the semester after all other certificate requirements are complete. Two electives are also required. The independent study course includes coaching engagements and feedback from instructors and peers. The focus of the program is to provide participants with the skills required to coach individuals through transformative periods in their lives. Upon completion of this program, participants are able to: differentiate between types of coaching and performance improvement approaches, contract with a coaching client; practice basic skills of the coaching conversation; demonstrate highly effective personal coaching; speak persuasively about the benefits of their coaching; ask for and receive feedback about their coaching effectiveness; and manage multiple coaching relationships. Tuition is $2750.00. Contact: Office of Admissions, NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies, 145 4th Avenue, Room 201, New York, New York 10003; Tel: (212) 998-7171; Toll-Free: (888) 998-7204


  • Teleclass4U (Description removed in September, 2007; school is no longer operating with this name).


  • Therapist Coach Institute (Description removed in April, 2004: school is no longer in operation.)


  • Authenticity Group Coaching - This organization works with coaches and businesses on how to design group coaching programs. They also customize group coaching programs for a variety of applications, for example, coaching, organizational change, leadership development, enriched one-shot training, action learning and support groups. They produce and distribute guidebooks about how to design, market, facilitate and evaluate coaching group programs. Fees are $900 for a three-day intensive workshop about how to design, market, facilitate and evaluate coaching group programs for a variety of applications. The three-day session includes Foundations of Group Coaching (1 day) -- basics of group coaching; Facilitating Group Coaching (1 day) -- how to facilitate all aspects of group coaching; and Developing Group Coaching Programs (1 day) -- how to customize, market and evaluate group coaching programs. For scheduling, visit their website. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Tel: (763) 971-8890.


  • Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training - Started in 2011 by Michael Port, a New York Times bestselling author, this six-month certification program focuses on small business marketing and combines self-study, online assessment, one-to-one testing and tutorials, and telephone-based, weekly mentoring until certified. The training includes four, three-day, in-person workshops that take place throughout the year in various locations within the United States. Upon certification, the program continues with an additional six months of mentoring as well as access to a group of certified peer coaches. Successful participants also receive a license to use all the materials and products. Admission requires an application and an interview. Tuition is $13,497.00. Tel: (414) 367-7678; email:


  • Remembering4You Alzheimer's Coach Certification - This organization has created a certification program for professional coaches who want to work with persons who have Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Participants must have a minimum of an associate's degree and an accredited coach training program, or equivalent training and experience. Required courses for certification include: introduction to Alzheimer's coaching module; fundamentals of Alzheimer's coaching module followed by a two-week internship; advanced Alzheimer's coaching module followed by a two-week internship, and the business of Alzheimer's coaching module. Tuition for the entire training is $1,197.Check the website for the latest tuition fees and course start dates. Further contact information: Remembering 4 You, PO Box 193, Mapleton, Maine 04757; Tel: (207) 764-1214; email:


  • Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching - Established by psychologist Sunny Massad, Ph.D., this online program for women provides training for certification as a professional life coach, consultant or peer counselor.  Courses are provided via pre-recorded videos, audios texts, and workbooks. Each student has their own faculty mentor to assist them. This is the only school in the world to teach Sunny Massad's  "UnTherapy” system of positive psychology and her wellness-oriented coaching method called "Conscious Coaching." This life coach training consists of two tracks: "Learn how to Coach and Consult" and “Learn How to Start, Market and Run a Private Practice." The course work can be completed in three to six months. Tuition for the two-track program is $3,500.00. An in-person version of this program is available if four women come together in a location in the USA, Mexico, or Canada to take the course (the organizer of the group will receive a fifty percent discount on tuition).Tuition for the live version is $5,000 per person. Additional contact: Dr. Sunny Massad, Tel: (800) 501-3179; email:


  • New Zealand School of Coaching - Created by Margaret Wyn, PCC, this organization provides a range of coach training for beginning coaches and experienced coaches. Their courses are in-person, one-on-one contact sessions, and are designed to meet the requirements of the International Coach Federation certification standards. Level I is for those without any previous coach training and the 2006 fee is $5060.00 in NZ dollars. More advanced courses as well as coach supervision and coach training for managers and executives are also available. Contact: Margaret Wyn, PO Box 31101, Milford, Auckland, New Zealand; Tel: +64 09 410 3766; email:


  • Cultivating Leadership - This organization provides in-person, advanced workshops for coaches and leadership development professionals, leading to "Growth Edge Coaching Certification." Their training begins with an initial three-day workshop, Conversations at the Growing Edge, focusing on human development and growth; continues with a second workshop, Engaging Cllient Horizons Openly, which focuses on interviewing clients; and concludes with a third workshop, Psychologically Spacious Coaching, which focuses on the coaching engagement and practices. Certification, requires participants to have supervised coaching sessions, engage in buddy coaching, and prepare a developmental coaching essay. Workshops are offered at various dates in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The tuition for each of the three, full-day workshops ranges from $2000.00 to $2300.00. Further contact information: Carolyn Coughlin, Cultivating Leadership, 6 Pingau Street, Paekakariki 5034, New Zealand; email:


  • American Seminar Leaders Association - This organization offers a three-day program leading to the designation of Certified Action Coach (additional professional requirements are necessary). Courses are offered by telecourse and in various locations in the US and Canada.Tuition cost is not specified on website. Contact: American Seminar Leaders Association, 2405 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena, California 91104: Tel: (800) 735-0511; Fax: (626) 798-0701; email:


  • Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring - This school offers a certificate, diploma and courses leading to a graduate degree in coaching and mentoring. Areas of emphasis include workplace, community and diversity. Courses are delivered on an in-person and electronic basis. The primary emphasis of study is to develop the necessary skills to be an effective coach and mentor in the context of helping people manage their own learning and achieving life balance. Fees are 3,250 for complete in-person training or 2,495 for a combination of in-person and electronic sessions. Contact: Eric Parsloe, Director, Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, Regus House, 7200 The Quorum, Oxford Business Park North, Oxford OX4 2JZ, England; Tel: 01865 481442; e-mail: Emma Goodwin.


  • Oxford Brookes University (UK) -This school provides an MA degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice designed to help participants gain a theoretical understanding and experiential knowledge and skill necessary to engage in coaching and mentoring in a variety of contexts and be able to train others. The program can be taken on a part-time basis and typically requires between 2 to 4 years to complete. Admission requirements include a first degree or equivalent professional experience and an appropriate English language qualification. There are no examinations for the MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice. Assessment is based on coursework assignments and a dissertation. Students who have already been awarded a coaching or mentoring qualification by the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring may be given exemption from the practice element of the Coaching and Mentoring Practice Module. For information about tuition fees and program details contact: Dr. Elaine Cox, Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University, Harcourt Hill, Oxford OX 2 9AT; Tel: +44 (0) 1865 488350; Fax: +44 (0) 1865 488283;e-mail:


  • The Academy of Executive Coaching (Great Britain) - Founded by John Leary-Joyce, this advanced program is designed for experienced executive coaches and focuses on developing skills in performance coaching, therapy, psychology, and business management and leadership. The program consists of six workshops: 5-2 day sessions and 1-4 day session delivered over a period of 14 days. The focus of the sessions is on articulating coaching models and demonstrating coaching skill. Peer coaching, coaching external clients and receiving supervised feedback are included. Intakes start at various times. Fitness and body awareness sessions are also included. The school also provides a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in coaching which requires additional project work. The tuition cost is £7,000. Contact: The Academy of Executive Coaching, 62 Paul Street, London EC21 4NA Great Britain; Tel: +44 1727 864 806; e-mail:


  • Coachingdevelopment (Great Britain) - A 20-day experiential training program, presented in five 4-day modules that incorporate International Coach Federation core competencies and material from Transactional Analysis and NLP. The leaders make no distinction between people in their personal and professional lives and their primary focus is to develop and refine inherent interpersonal skills such as perceptive and empathic listening and questioning. They include mini-lectures, course notes, discussion groups, experiential work in twos and threes, video input, tape recording. On completion of the training program, participants qualify for a Letter of Attendance. With presentation of specific written course work participants will receive a Certificate of Coaching Skills. Those who wish to gain further credentials and recognition, additional hours of coaching, and take an examination will qualify for a Diploma in Coaching, which is described as being fully accredited by ICF. An additional two months is necessary for presentation of written work for the Certificate, and for the Diploma a total period of 24 months is necessary the for completion of additional practice hours, supervision and examination. The tuition is £2900 + VAT. Additional trainings are scheduled for 2006 in London and Ireland. Contact: Colin Brett or Phillip Brew, 0845 122 7200 (UK) Email:


  • International Teaching Seminars (Great Britain) - This organization provides an NLP Coaching Certification Training program in London (UK). The training is offered in five modules for four days each distributed over a six month period. Participants must have already be NLP Master Practitioners. A two-day course in Essential Coaching Skills is also available and is open to the general public. Their program was accredited by the International Coach Federation in 2001. Contact: ITS House, Webster Court, Websters Way, Rayleigh Essex SS6 8JQ, Great Britain; Tel: +44 1268 777125; e-mail:


  • The Certified Energy Coach Program - An eight week, 20-hour course plus a four-week Advanced Energy Coaching Practicum course for people already engaged in helping professions. The focus is on integrating meridian based and intentional energy modification methods into existing coaching and therapy. As part of the telecourse-based training, participants receive private coaching and a program manual. Their website contains an interesting chart describing the differences between consulting, energy coaching, and psychotherapy. Contact: Maryam Webster, Director, Certified Energy Coach Program, 14510 Big Basin Way, No. 190, Saratoga, California 95070; Tel: (408) 448-7685; email:


  • Achievement Specialists, LLP (Great Britain) - This organization was founded in 1997 and provides a three-part program combining in-person, distant learning and teleconferencing courses. They emphasize coaching models based on Neurolinguistic programming. Completion requires approximately 250 hours of study. Participants can choose to become members of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IICM) (formerly the Eurpoean Coaching Institute), certify with the National Open College Network and display the Life Coaching Handbook Diploma. The course has two independent accreditations: a grade A with the IICM and the National Open College Network certification. Their courses include: Advanced Selling Skills for Coaches, Spiral Coaching, NLP Coaching, Advanced Presentations Skills, Life Coach to Business Coach. The course is based on the "Life Coaching Handbook: Everything You Need to be an Effective Coach" by Curly Martin. Fees are based on selected packages. Visit their website for the latest fees. Contact: Curly Martin, Achievement Specialists, LLP, Achievement House, 100 Southwick Road, Bournemouth BH6, 5PU, Great Britain, Tel: 44 (0) 1202 653259; E-mail.


  • University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Program - This Australian university has a coaching psychology department that offers two post-graduate degree programs in coaching: one for people with a psychology background and one for those without psychology. Both programs are university accredited and they anticipate that these program will receive accreditation soon from the International Coach Federation.

    The university also provides a five-day, forty-hour, face-to-face instruction program leading to a certificate in coaching and mentoring. This program is not designed as an entry-level course. Participants must be able to demonstrate prior experience as human resource professionals, professional coaches, counsellors, or have training or a background in the behavioural sciences. The current fee for the course is $3,000. Contact Anthony Grant to determine the most current entry dates. Additional contact information: The Coaching Psychology Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia, NSW 2006; Tel: +61 2 9351 6792; Fax +61 2 9351 2603.


  • Duke University - Integrative Health Coach Professional Training - This training program is part of the first US-based academic medical center to develop a health coaching program. The program consists of four educational modules that focus on understanding integrative medicine, the wheel of health, mindfulness, the science of behavior change, personalized health planning, nutrition, common physical and mental health issues, and stress management. Coaching skills to work with both individuals and groups are included. Courses are in-person, classroom-based. Each course (module) is offered on an intensive basis of about 25-30 hours delivered over a four-day period. Tuition is $4495.00. Check their website for latest the most up-to-date fee details and other registration information. Contact: Linda Smith, Duke Integrative Medicine Program Director, DUMC Box 102904, Durham, North Carolina 27710; Tel: (866) 313-0959; email:


  • Coaching de Gestion Inc. (Francophone) - Fondée en 1997. Première école de coaching francophone nord-américaine. Plus de 1400 cadres entraînés au coaching de gestion. Programmes offerts : Programme d'entraînement au coaching professionnel, Programme d'entraînement au coaching pour gestionnaire, Programme avancé de communication en management, Programme d'entraînement à la télé-formation, et ateliers variés de développement. Programmes destinés aux francophones de tous les pays, qui veulent faire du coaching de gestion en entreprise ou dans le milieu des affaires. (Created in 1997, this school provides a coaching program primarily for French speaking people. Various programs offered: Professional Coaching Training Program, Coaching Training Program for Managers, Advanced Management Communication Program, Tele-class Leader Training Program. Programs are primarily designed for French speaking people from all countries who want to practice corporate or business coaching.)

    Avoir complété les vingt-quatre modules du Programme d'entraînement au coaching professionnel (126 heures). Avoir accumulé 100 heures de coaching attestées et évaluées. Avoir réussi un examen de synthèse en deux parties : Partie théorique à livres ouverts; Démonstration par télé-coaching de votre habileté en coaching en répondant a trois études de cas. (In-house certification after completion of 24 modules (126 hours). Requires a total of 100 documented and evaluated hours of coaching. Two-part examination: an open-book written examination; and supervised tele-coaching of three case studies.)

    Le Programme d'entraînement au coaching professionnel est accrédité par l'International Coach Federation. La direction pédagogique est accrédité par l'ICF et la WABC. (The Professional Coaching Training Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The Training Director, Jean-Pierre Fortin, is PCC certified by the ICF and CEC certified by the WABC).

    Télé-classe avec pratique de groupe, notes et manuel de travail. Formation en entreprise aussi offerte. (Tele-classes with group practices, manual and workbook. Corporate programs also offered)

    Formations par téléphone, vous pouvez suivre cette formation de l'endroit qui vous convient le mieux. Pour participer, vous aurez besoin d'un téléphone et d'un ordinateur branchés sur internet. (Courses offered by telephone. To participate, you need a telephone and a computer with Internet connection.)

    Le coût du Programme d'entraînement au coaching professionnel est de 3995.00 $CDN. (Tuition for the Professional Coaching Training Program is CDN$3,995.00.)

    Accent mis sur la pratique. Pendant la formation les participants ont la chance de participer à de nombreux cas de coaching, d'échanger entre eux, de recevoir du feed-back. Nombre de participants par session, environ 15. (Emphasis is on practice. During the training sessions, the participants have the opportunity to get involved in many coaching scenarios, exchange, and receive feedback. Group size is around 15). Contact: COACHING DE GESTION INC. (Francophone), Michèle Ferland, Service à la clientèle, 37, Place de la Rochelle, Ste-Julie, PQ J0L 2S0 (Canada): Tél: (450) 649-5505 ou (888) 764-3623; Fax/télécopieur: (450) 649-6372; E-mail/courriel:

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