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Listed below are the print and video coaching resources available at a discount to coaches from the Peer Resources Bookstore. A brief description of each resource is included.

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For a list of the best publications and media not distributed by Peer Resources, yet definitely worthy of our recommendation, go to What's Hot in the Peer, Mentor or Coaching Publications. Reviews as well as links to online bookstores, authors, or publishers are provided to order any of these publications. For a list of resources that can be accessed or downloaded directly from our website, go to our Public Documents Section. Peer Network members can also download documents from the password protected area. (None of the items in our Bookstore are available for downloading.) Peer Resources Network members receive discounts on certain publications in our Bookstore. They can view or download any of the publications in the password protected area of our website. Go to Peer Network Information for details about joining the Network.

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The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work Filled with practical examples, case studies and check lists, this book by Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington is rated the most comprehensive book yet authored on the contemporary involvement of coaches in the business and executive development world.It can serve as both a reference text for experienced coaches and a "how-to" book for coaches seeking instruction. Topics include business coaching, executive coaching, the manager as coach, coaching skills and issues, the importance of coaching as a learning opportunity, how to establish a learning culture, how to help businesses identify their learning strengths and weaknesses, recognize learning styles of both individuals and groups, and tips on how coaches can build on learning styles to help clients deal with obstacles, resistance, and other barriers. The book also includes a section on how coaching can be applied to the specific areas of call centres, sales, and career coaching. These unique applications reflect the authors' widespread experience, and at the same time highlight the ways in which coaching can be used to deal with modern technology as well as its potential outcomes such as job loss or change.

A discount of 10 dollars is available on this book to members of the Peer Resources Network and will be calculated after the order is submitted.


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