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  • General enquiries on any topic; typically receive a reply within 24 hours

  • Enquiries to the CEO of Peer Resources; typically receive a response within a few hours

  • Report web site problems or errors; update a listing on our site, or receive a gift for identifying a broken or outdated link

  • Submit an article for one of our publications:
    Writer's Guidelines

  • Request access to Peer Resources Network members for research purposes:
    Research Guidelines
  • Note: We are available during normal business hours.

  • The time right now where we are located is: 6:08 PM

  • Our Phone Numbers:
    Call or text: 1 (250) 480-9698
    Fax: Really?
    Skype: reycarr
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    Click on the Video Camera button below and to the right of the screen to initiate a video chat with us.

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