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Standards and Criteria Associated with National Certification at Level II

Understanding and knowledge of relevant research, resources, and issues in peer helping
Demonstrating, modeling, and facilitating the interpersonal skills trainees are expected to acquire
Managing and structuring group process, including personal growth, task and goal achievement of group participants
Knowledge of and experience in successful peer program development and implementation
Submit audiotape, videotape, transcript, presentation outline OR assessment by Level III Trainer to document: 1) ability to present information to various interest groups such as potential peer helpers, administrators, support people or other professionals; 2) ability to link specific program elements to peer helping literature and resources; state program goals and show relations between program elements; and 3) ability to model skills or provide brief demonstration of techniques, including role plays, when making presentation or answering questions about programs. Submit letter of reference from Level III Trainer; OR a videotape of a training session that demonstrates: 1) the ability to assess skill levels and readiness of each participant in a peer training group; and 2) the ability to model and demonstrate skills in interactions with persons in the training group; OR submit information to document completion of an advanced communication skills course; OR submit evidence of teaching effectiveness in advanced communication skills course; OR successfully complete a Level II Advanced Peer Training course, led by a Level III Trainer. Submit letter of reference from Level III Trainer or videotape of training session to demonstrate: 1) group debriefing and feedback skills and ability to incorporate feedback from group; 2) specific group skills of immediacy, here and now, polling, ownership, and facilitation; 3) ability to identify learning needs, concerns and problems of group members, and use group resources to resolve problems; and 4) ability to identify group goals and choose several strategies to achieve goals; OR co-lead a training group with a Level III Trainer and provide a letter of recommendation from co-leader and the results of participant evaluation. Provide evidence to support the following: 1) the initiation of a new peer program or the enhancement of an existing program within two years of successful completion of a peer trainer course or workshop; 2) shared or complete responsibility for developing and implementing (including needs assessment, selection, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation) of a peer program; 3) ability to identify and discuss program implementation issues and examples; and 4) completion of peer program evaluation with recommendations.

The Peer Helper Certification System was originally established in
1987 by the Peer Counselling Project at the University of Victoria.

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