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Standards and Criteria Associated with National Certification at Level III

Understanding and knowledge of relevant research, resources, and issues in peer helping
Demonstrating, modeling, and facilitating the interpersonal skills trainees are expected to acquire
Managing and structuring group process, including personal growth, task and goal achievement of group participants
Knowledge of and experience in successful peer program development and implementation
Provide evidence to support: 1) a contribution to the literature on peer helping by publishing articles, training manuals, or videotapes; 2) knowledge of the variety and types of peer resources and practices in the field; 3) ability to integrate research results into consultation process; 4) ability to apply principles of peer helping to a variety of specific situations; and 5) knowledge of consultation and negotiation skills as well as adult learning principles. Provide evidence, including letter of recommendation from Level III Certified Trainer to document: 1) co-leadership with Level III Certified Trainer of a Level I or Level II Trainer's course; OR work as a Training Assistant for a peer trainer preparation or advanced training course; AND 2) ability to effectively assess skill levels of participants and provide specific feedback regarding skill levels and options for improvement to each participant. Provide evidence, including a letter of recommendation from Level III Certified Trainer to document: 1) ability to observe and give feedback to adult training group members; AND 2) ability to read group and determine needs through both formal and informal methods; AND 3) ability to assess skills levels and needs of participants and provide specific feedback regarding group skills to each participant. Provide evidence to support the following: 1) a minimum of three years experience as a peer program leader/trainer; 2) ability to use adult learning principles in trainer training; AND 3) ability to design training programs to meet specific needs of groups.

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