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List A Coach Referral Service

Listing on these pages is a relatively easy process:

  1. complete the application form on this page
  2. select the various listing options for your page
  3. read and agree to the listing conditions
  4. submit your information by selecting the SUBMIT button and
  5. await the response (typically less than 24 hours).

To insure that you are not wasting your time completing the application, it may help to read the conditions associated with listing prior to starting the application.


I. Contact Information
Your name (required)
Name of person who runs, maintains list (if different from above)
Name of person or organization who owns list (if different from above)
Preferred title
The name of your Coach Referral Service
Street Address (required)
City (required)
Province/State (required)
Postal/Zip Code
E-mail address (required)
Business phone
Toll-Free phone
Personal phone (optional)

2. Details of your CRS
Type of CRS
Personalized Matching
Computerized Matching
Search Engine
Scan List

If the above categories did not accurately describe the type of CRS you provide, please include additional details:

Coach qualifications, experience and such required to list in your service:

Is this information available on your web site?

What kind of screening do coaches go through to be listed on your site?

Is this information available on your web site?

What procedure(s) do potential clients go through in order to obtain information about coaches on your site?
you charge:

What fees do you charge coaches to list on your site?

What fees do you charge clients to access your listings?

What does your client have to do to obtain the names of potential coaches?

What is the total number of coaches in your database that a client might be able to choose from?

What is the initial coaching offer (such as the number of coaches provided, is there a complimentary first session or interview; who does the client pay and how is the fee determined and such)?

What kind of follow-up, monitoring or review, if any is provided? (Leave blank if none.)

What is the estimated fee a client will pay to continue with coaching after the initial offer?

What other services or resources are available on your site for clients or coaches?

What other aspects of your site should be included in your listing besides what you have already provided?

3. Conditions for Listing

Return to the beginning of this application.

Yes, I have read and agree to the conditions as stated.
No, I do not agree to these conditions.

Please make sure you have read the conditions listed in Section 3, and have checked the Yes or No button at the end of that list before submitting your application.

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