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Coaching 801 - Supervised and Self-Directed Studies for Coaches

The primary purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for persons in the coaching profession to work with experts to further their professional development.

Typically persons who participate in these study courses are experienced coaches who wish to expand their knowledge, skill or confidence in a particular area.

All persons enrolling in these studies must have completed a Goal Attainment Scale with a Peer Resources Learning Coach prior to the development of the content and process for the Directed Study.

Directed Studies are typically negotiated through discussion with the Peer Resources Senior Coach, Rey Carr. Normally the participant wishing to engage in self-directed work will identify a topic area, propose a method of study, establish a meeting or review of progress schedule, and select the resources required to meet the study goals. The Learning Coach will assist in formalizing the study goals and identifying resources and will provide feedback and direction when appropriate.

A written agreement regarding roles, responsibilities, fees and payments will be prepared by the participant in consultation with the Peer Resources Learning Coach assigned to the directed studies course.

Topics which might be of interest to practicing coaches include:

  • building a professional portfolio;
  • learning business skills such as bookkeeping, office management, and personnel supervision;
  • establishing a code of ethical practice or conduct;
  • writing for publication;
  • locating and understanding coaching research;
  • leading a coach training course;
  • speaking in public about coaching;
  • recovering from too much or too little coaching;
  • teaching self-coaching;
  • discovering and growing the soul in coaching;
  • designing a conference presentation;
  • using the internet;
  • evaluating a coaching practice or service
  • learning desktop publishing; and
  • preparing a proposal for service.

Learning Format
Several options are available meeting, including telephone, e-mail, videoconference, and in-person meetings. Some participants may produce a written work, deliver a lecture, produce a video, or facilitate a workshop as a way of demonstrating their learning.

Course Fee for 2001:


The fee for any Directed Studies course is typically negotiated and depends on specific learning goals and resources. The fee always includes all instructional costs, resource materials, and post-session consultation.



Our Seminar Leaders

Each of our Directed Study Leaders is a certified Level III Coach Trainer. This system of certification is competecy-based and each person who has been certified has had to submit a formal portfolio for assessment by the National Review Panel, a group of Level III coach trainer peers. Our leaders typically have extensive backgrounds in human development, personal coaching, adult learning, metaphysics, and business, media, publishing, and consulting. They typically have established learning programs and services for major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and public organizations and associations. All our seminar leaders are available for discussion regarding their courses.

Goal Attainment Scale Service

All Directed Studies participants who have not previously created a goal scale, must discuss this option with one of our course coaches to identify professional goals, favored outcomes, potential strategies to achieve the outcomes, and personal measures of progress. This discussion will yield a practical chart used as a coaching tool. The fee for this service is $150.00.

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