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Coaching 401 - Coaching for Educators

This one-day session is designed for persons working in educational settings who wish to explore the use of coaching within their organization. This course will also be useful for persons working in community agencies in educational roles.

This course is similar to Coaching 101, but it is particularly oriented to helping educators learn how to use coaching as a way to assist students. (Persons wishing to use coaching as a way of assisting staff or other educators should discuss their interest with a Peer Resources Learning Coach to determine the most appropriate course or courses.)

Generally the content of this course provides an overview of coaching and how it can be applied in an educational context. While there will be opportunity to practice and observe coaching skills, this course is not designed as an intensive skill training course.

Some of the topics covered in this interactive program include:

  • how coaching can improve academic performance;
  • the ways in which coaching differs from counselling;
  • how a coach helps identify and articulate goals;
  • coaching students for behaviour change;
  • how to help students who lose drive or motivation;
  • using coaching as a career tool;
  • how coaching contributes to discipline problem reduction;
  • differences between teaching, coaching, and supervision;
  • skills required for effective coaching; and
  • coaching parents to coach their children.

Workshop Format
Participants will be involved in small group and paired activities.

Participants who attend a complete workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Fee for 2001/2:


The fee for this workshop includes all instructional costs, resource materials, nutrition breaks, and post-session consultation for peer program implementation issues.

Available on Customized Basis Only


Our Seminar Leaders

Each of our workshop leaders is a certified Level III Coach Trainer. This system of certification is competecy-based and each person who has been certified has had to submit a formal portfolio for assessment by the National Review Panel, a group of Level III coach trainer peers. Our leaders typically have extensive backgrounds in human development, personal coaching, adult learning, metaphysics, and consulting. They typically have established learning programs and services for major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and public organizations and associations. All our seminar leaders are available for discussion regarding their courses.

Goal Attainment Scale Service

If this is the first course you will be taking from Peer Resources or you have not created a goal scale, then we encourage you to talk with one of our course coaches to identify professional goals, favored outcomes, potential strategies to achieve the outcomes, and personal measures of progress. This discussion will yield a practical chart used as a coaching tool. The fee for this service is $150.00.

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