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(All coaches listed here must be members of a professional coaching association.)
Most coaches work with a variety of clients. The information provided here has been supplied and checked for accuracy by the person or service listed. To be included in our Coach Directory coaches must meet specific listing requirements and must adhere to a Code of Ethics of a relevant professional organization. (There are no fees required for a listing or referral.)

Some coaches provide services exclusively online and others include telephone and personal interaction. Most reputable coaches will provide a complimentary, introductory session, and most coaches will likely belong to a relevant professional association. To view other criteria useful in selecting a coach, visit Peer Resources Public Documents on Coaching.

Typically each listing includes four components:

  • contact information, including an email address and website, if available;
  • a coaching statement where the coach briefly outlines his or her philosophy, perspective, experience or speciality;
  • service and fee details as well as possible workshops offered; and
  • qualifications including education, certification, training and professional associations.

If you are interested in a general discussion about fees, including the type of fee arrangements as well as typical fees associated with coaching, we have provided a summary page here. Coach Directory listings are edited by our staff to be as brief as possible and visitors are encouraged to contact the individual coach or access his or her website for additional details.

Use of the names and contact information for coaches on our list for commercial purposes other than hiring as a coach is strictly prohibited.

For other coach finding systems read our comprehensive and objective review of coach referral services.

We also provide a list of the larger business firms that specialize in providing coaching to individuals and organizations. Many of these businesses use to be called "management consulting" firms, but have recently added business or executive coaching to the list of services they provide. Inclusion of a firm in this list is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation for their use. We provide the information for educational purposes only. This list may be viewed here, and is only available to members of the Peer Resources Network.

To use our search system to find a coach, just type in any relevant terms for the type of coach you are seeking, including specialty, location, name, philosophy, or any other term(s) you want to use.

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