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Virtually anyone can benefit from having a mentor. And most well-known, accomplished and successful people can identify people in their lives who acted as mentors.

The following list of mentor pairs was compiled by Rey Carr from a variety of sources including autobiographies, biographies, newspaper articles, personal interviews, and diligent historical research. Mentor pairs portrayed in fiction or movies are also included.

Pairings are divided into ten general categories. In most cases mentors and their partners could be included in the same category. However, where a mentor and partner are from different career or life areas, the pairing has been placed in the partner's category. (A few historical facts or humorous references to the term mentor are included at various places in the listings.)

You can search our database in two ways:

1. View all the listings for a particular category: select "View" for that particular category, and all the listings we have for that category will be displayed.

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2. Search by name or any other search term to display each item that contains that name or search term. You can use our search system to find a real person or fictional character and his or her mentor, just type in the name you are seeking.

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