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Mentor Services and Organizations that Specialize in Mentoring

We have personally visited all these sites or they have requested a listing in this Directory. All sites must meet specific listing conditions and there is no fee required. If you encounter technical or service concerns with any of these sites, please send mail to:

If you are searching for specific examples of mentoring programs in various settings and with different client groups, visit our Mentor Program Listings.

The Links Table lists alphabetically all the organizations or services detailed here. Selecting the name will take you to a more complete description. Sites that specialize in e-mentoring are identified by a mail slot icon. We have added locations to the organization name to help you narrow your search, but many organizations offer services worldwide.

Our colleagues at Management Mentor have developed a series of criteria to help evaluate a mentoring website. This is a valuable service since the number of sites continues to expand with many less than credible opportunities being promoted. To examine the Four criteria they use, visit their site here.


  • Action Circle Consultants (Canada)
  • Australian Business Mentors (Edgecliff, New South Wales)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (Burlington, Ontario)
  • The Business Round Table (New Brunswick, Canada)
  • California Mentor Program Resource Center (Tiburon, California)
    Canadian Youth Business Foundation Mentoring Program (Toronto, Canada), now known as Futurepreneur Canada
  • Canton Associates (Pacifica, California)
  • Career Systems International Mentworking (Scranton, Pennsylvania)
  • Cars Mentoring (California)
  • Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS, formerly EMT) (Folsom, California)
  • Center for Coaching and Mentoring (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)
  • Center for Mentoring Excellence (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Centre for Peer Learning (Scotland - formerly the Centre for Paired Learning)
  • Check & Connect (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Charney and Associates (Thornhill, Ontario)
  • Christian Mentoring Institute (New York)
  • Clutterbuck Associates Mentoring Schemes (England)
  • Coach Mentoring Ltd. (England)
  • The Coaching and Mentoring Network (England)
  • Coaching Success Teleforums (Park City, Utah)
  • Completed Annotated Bibliography on Mentoring (Global)
  • CompuCorp Mentoring (Ottawa, Canada)
  • e-mentorConnecting to Success (e-mentoring for youth with disabilities)
  • Corporate Mentoring Solutions (Sidney, British Columbia)
  • CPSR Gender Page (Palo Alto, California)
  • Creative Mentoring (Wilmington, Delaware)
  • Dare Mighty Things (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
  • Developmental Resources (Chapin, South Carolina)
  • The Diversity Connection (Chicago, Illinois)
  • (Somerset, New Jersey)
  • e-mentorElectronic Emissary (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  • e-mentore-mentoring for Small Business Professionals (Mentors Online) (Australia)
  • e-mentore-Mentoring Program for Kids (Markham, Canada)
  • Environment Canada Mentoring (Ottawa, Canada)
  • The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (England)
  • EXCELL Executive Leadership Exchange (Portland, Oregon)
  • Find a Mentor (Edmonton, Canada)
  • Friends for Youth Mentoring Institute (Los Altos, California)
  • Futurepreneur Canada (Canada)
  • The Growth Connection (Sydney, Australia)
  • Hard@Work (Round Rock, Texas)
  • (New York, New York)
  • iMentor Interactive (New York, New York)
  • International Business Mentors (Melbourne, Australia)
  • International Mentoring Association (Michigan)
  • e-mentorInternational Telementoring Center (Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • Kinematic Pty. Ltd. (Rosanna, Australia)
  • Leader Tips (Langley, British Columbia)
  • Life Mentoring (Switzerland)
  • The Lindenberger Group (New Jersey)
  • Management Mentors (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
  • Managers and Directors (Australia)
  • MMHA-The Managers Mentors, Inc (Oakland, California)
  • (San Francisco, California) currently not operational
  • MentorLinks Interational (Raleigh, North Carolina - Faith-Based)
  • e-mentorMentorNet (San Jose, California)
  • The Menttium Corporation (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • The Mentor Group (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Mentor & Multiply (Portland, Oregon)
  • Mentor Consulting Group (Norwalk, Connecticutt)
  • The Mentor Forum (England)
  • Mentor Junction (North Carolina)
  • Mentor Leadership and Resource Network (Deerfield, Illinois)
  • Mentor Management Systems (San Diego, California)
  • Mentor Resources (Sausalito, California)
  • Mentorat Quebec (Quebec, Canada)
  • Mentorguru (Norway)
  • (USA)
  • Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (England)
  • The Mentoring Group (Grass Valley, California)
  • Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Mentoring Works (Australia)
  • e-mentorMentorPlace (Global)
  • Mentors@Work (St. Charles, Illinois)
  • Mentors Unlimited (Washington, DC)
  • MentorshipBC (British Columbia)
  • Mentorship Partners Program (South Orange, New Jersey)
  • Merryck & Co. (England)
  • Missions Unlimited (Tampa, Florida)
  • National Mentoring Center (Portland, Oregon)
  • The National Mentoring Partnership (USA)
  • New Teacher Induction and Mentoring (USA)
  • Orange County Mentoring Partnership (Orange County, California)
  • Over My Shoulder Foundation (Orange County, California)
  • The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (England)
  • Partners in Practice (Early Childhood Mentoring) (Halifax, Canada)
  • Peer Resources (Canada, USA)
  • Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Personal Learning Coaching Cambridge, England)
  • Preparing Future Faculty (Washington, D.C.)
  • Public/Private Ventures (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Recruiting New Teachers, Inc. (Belmont, Massachusetts)
  • e-mentorRichWeb, Inc. (Glen Allen, Virginia)
  • Sage Mentors, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)
  • School-Based Mentoring (YouthFriends) (Kansas City, Kansas)
  • Skills for Change (Canada)
  • Startech Mentor Network (Richardson, Texas)
  • e-mentorTeleMentoring Young Women Project (USA, info only)
  • Top References on Mentoring (USA, Canada, Australia, England)
  • Triple Creek Associates, Inc. (Littleton, Colorado)
  • Tutor/Mentor Connection (Chicago, Illinois)
  • VolunteerMatch (San Francisco, California)
  • e-mentorWomen's Executive Network (Toronto, Canada)
  • Workforce Development, Inc. (Rochester, Minnesota)
  • Yellowbrick (Tiburon, California)
  • YESS Institute (Denver, Colorado)
  • Youth Empowerment Seminars (New Zealand & Australia)
  • Youth Mentoring Network (Australia)
  • YouthFriends (see School-Based Mentoring (Kansas City, Missouri)

  • Peer Resources' Mentor Program Listings
    Peer Resources' comprehensive listing of sample mentor programs in businesses, schools, universities and communities. (While descriptions and general location information is provided with each description, detailed contact information is available only to members of the Peer Resources Network.)

    Action Circle Consultants
    A group of mentors that work with organizations, social entrepreneurs and not for profit organizations who have a vision for creating and sustaining positive change in the community. They bring together the individuals and resources that contribute to solving community problems. Their primary mentoring focus is on succession planning, retention of employees and career development for corporations, but they also provide individual one-on-one mentoring for community members. In addition, they provide peer learning circles to assist organizations improve their collaboration activities.

    IBM professionals volunteer to mentor students from around the world through online relationships. The mentors provide academic assistance, career counseling, and compassion. Participants are required to have access to technology, participate in training, meet each other in person, where possible at a structured orientation to begin the program and at the end of school year, complete evaluation forms, and adhere to safety and security rules. While the website is primarily for registered participants, useful links, and documents on mentoring strategies and tips, mentor training, presentations on mentoring, handouts, quick tips, and a powerpoint presentation to recruit and inform potential students are all available online.
    • MentorPlace
    • No further contact information is available, but interested parties can contact an IBM representative in their own community

    Over My Shoulder Foundation
    The purpose of this foundation is to to support media-based projects that raise the awareness of the impact of mentoring both cross-culturally and across generations. They provide funding to existing mentoring programs, develop educational programming ot be used in corporations and universities to promote mentoring, provide speakers and media presentations.

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) is a child and youth serving organization that provides mentoring programs across the Canada. They provide support to more than 700 Canadian communities and have over 150 local agencies that offer one-to-one matching. Men and women (age 18 or older) give of their time to become a mentor to a youngster who can greatly benefit from having an adult role model to look up to. Big Brother/Big Sister agencies offer a wide variety of mentoring programs. In addition, the organization also provides Mentoring Canada, which is made possible through the support of the Muttart Foundation. Its primary focus is to promote and support mentoring initiatives in communities across Canada. All community organizations, corporations and others interested in mentoring are invited to use this website of resources and training materials to further their efforts in support of our young people through the provision of quality mentoring programs. Mentoring Canada's mandate is to provide up-to-date, relevant resources for mentoring organizations, and other service delivery organizations, through an on-line library of downloadable materials and interactive training modules. The site contains an open, searchable database of mentoring specific resources.

    New Teacher Induction and Mentoring
    This organization, led by Hal Portner, specializes in helping teams of K-12 educators and decision makers to serve as leaders in the development or enhancement of their district's new-teacher induction and mentoring system. Hal is the author of several books on mentoring and induction from Corwin Press and several articles on the topic in the American School Board Journal and He is also a member of the editorial board of Mentoring and Tutoring, an international peer-review journal. Hal offers a four-day institute for that focuses on the keys to a successful comprehensive, coherent and sustained teacher induction and mentoring system. Hal assists educators to recruit and select mentors according to local criteria; how to trained and match to partners by proximity and interest; and maintain support. Hal is a member of the International Mentoring Association (IMA) and the National Staff Development Association. Visit his website for the latest schedule of institute offerings and current fees.

    Mentoring and Befriending Foundation
    The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (MBF) offers support and leadership to practitioners and organizations throughout the UK, encourages organizations to use mentoring and befriending, provides capacity building support to programs through a national and regional body infrastructure, promotes quality and standards in training and develops, and shares best practice in mentoring and befriending. They run an annual National Conference for mentoring and befriending practitioners. One of the key areas of their work is the oversight and further development of Standards. The Approved Provider Standard (APS) is a national benchmark for good practice. The standard can be applied to the work of any organization in the mentoring or befriending field and aims to improve the quality and guarantee the consistency of operation in areas as health and safety, preparation and training, monitoring and evaluation. Membership is available.

    CARS Mentoring
    As part of the Center for Applied Research Solutions, this organization provides free technical assistance on mentoring to school and community-based mentoring programs in the state of California. In addition to in-person training and consultation they provide online training, a mentoring directory for the state and a variety of publications and research documents.

    Mentor Resources
    Mentor Resources assists organizations by (1) building leadership pipelines through their cross-company mentoring program so that junior executives gain the skills necessary to become future company leaders and participants emerge from the program with more mature thinking, better decision making skills, increased business acumen and more strategic vision; and (2) developing internal mentoring solutions to support company initiatives through consulting services and customized program design including, but not limited to, program management, participant training, full scale program design and launch. They also invite prospective clients to their Executive Forums (held every two months and typically includes a senior executive as a keynote speaker) as guests so that they can review Mentor Resources at work.

    Mentoring Works
    Mentoring Works provides consultation to organizations to tailor specific mentoring programs, workshops on mentoring, and an extensive offering of information products to support mentors and partners involved in mentoring programs. They provide a number of e-book publications on their site as well as some free resources and a fortnightly newsletter on mentoring.

    RichWeb, Inc.

    Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS)
    This organization administers the Mentoring Technical Assistance Project that is funded through the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. They promote state-of-the-art mentoring strategies and programs using the framework of the "Recommended Best Practices for Mentoring Programs;" strengthen local mentoring efforts; increase communication between local mentoring programs; and improve local programs’ mentoring skills and technology.

    The Business Round Table
    This organization specializes in guided mutual mentoring groups for small business owners. Entrepreneurs are placed in a group with about ten others and selected so that there are no conflicts of interest. Each participant agrees to a non-disclosure statement regarding anything discussed in the group. Each group meets once a month for about 3 hours. The members help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and maximize their opportunites by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. Fees vary depending upon location but typically are about $700 per year and groups are established in various cities in Canada.

    Sage Mentors, Inc.
    This company, created by Catherine Mossop, specializes in helping a variety of organizations establish effective mentoring programs. They provide traning for mentors and partners as well as research studies and articles demonstrating the value of mentoring.

    Connecting to Success
    The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET), headquartered at the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota has created Connecting to Success (CTS), an e-mentoring project for youth with disabilities. They provide a empirically developed Training Manual (available for download or for purchase through the Web site), and interested individuals or groups are welcome to use their resources for: (1) establishing a new e-mentoring programs; (2) allowing existing programs to integrate youth with disabilities; (3) developing funding resources; and (4) formulating strategies for schools and youth organizations to initiate or strengthen partnerships with local businesses. NCSET staff members are available to give technical assistance to interested groups.

    Christian Mentoring Institute
    This organization is the teaching arm of the nondenominational Christian Association of Youth Mentoring. They train churches and Christian organizations to run safe and effective mentoring ministries with youth and families.
    • Christian Mentoring Institute
      16 South 9th Street
      New Hyde Park, New York 11040
    • TEL: (877) 33-MENTOR
    • E-MAIL:

    Managers and Directors
    The mission of this organization is to provide an international business mentoring network staffed by a high quality part-time business mentors selected from the local, national and international market. All mentors within the network are current or former CEOs, Managing Directors or their equivalent, and have run organizations with a minimum budgets of AUD$5M. Mentors joining the network undergo training to ensure that they meet the required standard of mentoring. Each mentee ir required to complete an application which includes a profile on themselves as well as their goals sought from the mentor process.

    Environment Canada Mentoring - A Valuable Alternative
    (As of November, 1999 this site is off-line temporarily) This website offers comprehensive details about mentoring, its benefits, criteria for becoming a mentor or mentee, the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee, steps to building an effective relationship, the importance of communication skills, creating a career development plan, how to set goals, what activities to engage in when meeting with a mentor, questions to ask a mentor, and establishing an action plan for future meetings. Clearly a blueprint for a successful mentor program with enough detail and flexibility to be customized for almost every setting.

    The Coaching and Mentoring Network (UK)
    The Coaching and Mentoring Network is the leading independent resource in the United Kingdom dedicated to coaching and mentoring. The site contains a referral service for coaches and mentors, information about coaching and mentoring, including definitions and selection tips, information about resources and events and discussion forums for learning, sharing ideas and finding useful services and products.

    Mentor Consulting Group
    This organization, founded by Dr. Susan Weinberger, provides mentor program design and consultation services to schools, businesses, government agencies, religious and community organizations seeking comprehensive guidance in the area of adult to youth mentoring.

    The California Mentor Foundation: A Child's Link to a Better Tomorrow
    This organization is dedicated to providing mentors for youth. Although initiated as a way to attend to drug and alcohol prevention, the Foundation has as its primary focus the mandate to assist at-risk youth. They partner with the California Mentoring Initiative and provide conferences, grants, and other resources.

    Headquartered in Norway, this organizatin provides mentor training and mentor program development worldwide. In addition to training mentors, they also provide workshops in life planning, and personal development based on D.I.S.C.

    The Diversity Connection
    Provides services to link qualified health professionals to each other and to job opportunities across the USA. Connects diverse individuals to leadership and mentoring programs in a variety of healthcare settings and serves as a job search database for minority management candidates in healthcare services. Candidates can log into and update their confidential resume, network with other candidates through discussions, search for a mentor and peruse job openings. Employers seeking qualified minority candidates can post their open positions and search the abstracted database.
    • One North Franklin
    • Chicago, IL 60606
    • Tel: (800) 233-0996
    • Fax: (312) 422-4566

    Mentor Juntion
    A comprehensive virtual support environment for novice educators, mentors, mentor educators, cooperating teachers, clinical supervisors, administrators, and other instructional leaders, including university education and school partnership programs. The focus is on their own resources created to support teacher induction through peer mentoring. The provide a SUCCEED kit that includes a preparing mentors CD, video series, and booklets.
    • North Carolina State University
      Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
      528B Poe Hall
      Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7801
    • Tel: (800) 578-8380
    • Tel: (919) 513-7466

    While not exclusively concerned with mentoring, this organization is an active advocate for mentoring and its website includes an online magazine with reports of many organizations such as Dun and Bradstreet, Aetna Healthcare, Fanniemae, Mercedes Benz, and others that have used mentoring to assist minority employees, retain top performers, and increase opportunities for youth. is an excellent source of news, information and commentary on the role of diversity in strengthening the corporate bottom line.
    • 34 Elizabeth Street, Suite 102
    • Somerset, New Jersey 08873-1123
    • Tel: (732) 764-5003
    • Fax: (732) 764-0255
    • Email:

    Mentor Leadership and Resource Network
    An affiliate of the American Society for Curriculum and Development (ASCD), this organization promotes the mentoring and induction of new teachers by supporting mentors and mentoring programs in K-12 schools and in university teacher education programs. Provides many ideas and papers about mentoring teachers.

    Mentor Management Systems
    Mentor Management Systems is a leader in the development and implementation of corporate and youth-based mentoring programs. They can assist any type of organization in the design of a new program or in the improvement of their existing efforts. Their staff has provided technical assistance to approximately 80 mentoring programs. They are affiliated with the Mentoring Coaltion of San Diego County and participate in the state of California youth mentoring initiatives. Fees are based on negotiations and client needs, but initial telephone consultation is typically free.

    CPSR Gender Page
    Resources for mentoring women who want to enter into computer-related fields with links to the most current information and scholarship on gender and computing available online. Contact information:

    The Mentor Group
    This organization offers a number of options to assist organizations to develop effective mentoring programs, including their Hi-Impact Mentoring process. They can assist with organizational and cultural mentoring, skills/competency-based mentoring, networking and career path mentoring, team mentoring and distance mentoring. Contact information:

    CompuCorps Mentoring (Les Mentors de CompuCorps)
    Provides assistance to Canadian charities by providing computer mentors and modern software tools. Also initiating a pilot project of Virtual Mentoring to help young Canadian interns on foreign aid projects to implement computer solutions internationally. Contact information:

    This organization provides a matching service in hundreds of categories. They provide a searchable database and persons seeking mentors or wanting to be mentors can leave ads about their interests. They also provide downloadable papers on mentoring topics and also provide a merchandising option for products associated with mentoring. The site can be accessed at no cost and additional services are available to persons who become members. A division of Novacom International Limited. Contact information:

    The International Mentoring Association
    This membership-driven organization provides an online discussion group, opportunities to connect with mentorship experts and leaders, summaries of research studies, and holds regional conferences as a well as a yearly national conference, publishes a valuable newsletter, and sponsors awards for best dissertation on mentoring.

 eBoardcast Systems (formerly MentorU Mentoring Network
    A virtual mentoring community. Individuals can sign-up for mentoring from some of the leading experts and authors in motivation, business and goal achievement. The focus of the mentoring can be on personal growth, business development, technology, sales and marketing, making presentations, leadership or communications. They also provide a newsletter, online mentoring events, and other services.

    Australian Business Mentors
    This organization specializes in mentoring programs and mentoring training for the public and corporate sectors. They recruit mentors, provide training for mentors and partners, and provide mentors for senior executives, department heads, business owners and graduates. They also assist in matching mentors and partners and help organizations to establish and implement mentoring programs. They provide a newsletter, online mentoring events, and other services.

    The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
    The mission of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) is to lead the state in building and sustaining quality mentoring for every child. They support over 400 youth mentoring programs throughout the state with training, technical assistance, and marketing around quality mentoring. MPM also hosts the region's only annual mentoring conference focused exclusively on supporting quality mentoring. Additionally, they educate the public on the importance of mentoring, and lead statewide public awareness campaigns.

    The Lindenberger Group
    This organization has more than 10 years experience as a full service human resources consulting business. They design and implement mentoring programs for corporations and nonprofits. They are two-time winners of the National Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring and have authored articles on mentoring for Training & Development Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and other national publications.They provide introductory training for mentors, matching mentoring pairs, designing and conducting training workshops, facilitating partnership agreements with mentoring pairs, coaching mentoring pairs, conducting exit interviews with mentoring pairs, and evaluating the results of the mentoring program based on the business objectives.

    They provide a series of workshops, divided into three, 2.5 hour sessions, each with specific goals and outcomes: "Mentoring 101" prepares mentors for their new roles; "Developing a Partnership Agreement" is for mentors and their partners and kickstarts the relationship; and "Peer Coaching for Mentors" focuses on groups of mentors discussing the success and challenge of their mentoring relationships.

    All of their mentoring programs are highly successful and ongoing. Results are based on business objectives. For example, one Fortune 1000 company increased the number of women and minorities in their senior ranks through their mentoring program. A New York city-based nonprofit decreased job turnover and increased job satisfaction through their mentoring program. And a mentoring program for the arts community in Louisville, Kentucky resulted in fewer artists leaving the city for New York or California as had been experienced in earlier years. Judith Lindenberger, Principal, has been called "the wizard of mentoring" by the CIO of a Fortune 500 company. They charge a daily rate for consultation and training, and they also offer an online program.

    iMentor Interactive
    Mentor Interactive (iMi) is an online mentoring social network designed exclusively for non-profits. The software provides any organization with all the tools and resources they need to run a quality mentoring program, instantly. Mentors and mentees complete online applications which focus on interests in career, academic and personal goals. iMi includes an automated matching tool, which rates mentors with an Strength of Match (SOM) score based on mentee preferences. Program staff then have the opportunity to review these matches within the system. After receiving partnership agreement, iMentor staff takes between 1-2 weeks to customize use. This includes a 1-2 day intensive training and orientation for a lead staff member, as well as iMentor consultation on (1) program design (2) roll-out plan and (3) evaluation. Other aspects of launching your program are best completed prior to your organization's launch on iMi, including mentor recruitment, staff planning, buy-in, etc. iMentor provides an organization's staff with an in-depth training of the platform and ongoing support. iMentor does not have the capacity to manage each organization's mentoring program. However, under rare circumstances, an exception may be made. Unique circumstances can be discussed with the iMi staff. iMi currently partners with eight organizations internationally. Partners use iMi in their youth mentoring programs, as well as in alumni peer-mentoring networks. iMi currently engages more than 3000 users (1500 pairs) in mentoring. The cost of iMi is directly related to size of the organization interested in using iMi, as well as the number of users that will be on the platform. iMentor staff provide a cost estimate and walk each potential client through an explanation of the pricing model.

    The Top References on Mentoring
    A list of the most valuable, published works on mentoring. Updated regularily. Author, publisher e-mail or contact addresses provided along with direct links to gain reviews or purchase online.

    Friends for Youth Mentoring Institute
    The mission of this organization is to support youth by strengthening mentoring programs, promoting best practices in the field, and educating youth professionals on effective mentoring service delivery. They hope that by helping agencies adopt and tailor their tested mentoring philosophy and system of service delivery, all youth who seek mentoring services will reap the benefits of having an on-going, consistent, caring, and safe mentoring relationship. They provide mentoring program consultation, direct mentoring services for youth, and mentorship program products including a training manual, video, CD, activity guide, and quarterly newsletter.
    This organization provides career mentors and connects mentors with students. Mentors spend a minimum of 20 minutes per week communicating with numerous disadvantaged inner city and rural teens. All mentoring is accomplished over the Internet through a system available on the icouldbe website. Partners are encouraged to pose career-related questions, and mentors are asked to commit to at least one-year of service. The site provides areas to locate a mentor, help a partner, find out who's online, visit advice boards, find resources and download an instructor's guide. The organization operates in partnership with non profits and pro bono corporations as well as contributors and partners with major mentoring organizations.
    • Adam Aberman, Executive Director and Founder
    • 135 W. 122nd Street, Suite 2
      Harlem, New York
    • Tel: (646) 734-8133
    • Fax: (646) 607-2850
    • E-MAIL:

    YouthFriends (Not to be confused with
    This program closed in April 2014. YouthFriends was a national leader in school-based mentoring, and their web site featured how-to information about school-based mentoring, as well as details of the National School-Based Mentoring Conference, the only conference entirely focused on mentoring in schools and sponsored by YouthFriends. YouthFriends connected young people, ages 5-18, with caring adult volunteers in schools. As positive role models, YouthFriends volunteers enhanced young people's ability to succeed. YouthFriends began in 1995 in six Greater Kansas City school districts. Since then, YouthFriends had expanded to 100 school districts and five charter schools in Greater Kansas City and the states of Missouri, Kansas and Michigan. Within its first 10 years, YouthFriends and its partnering districts had screened, trained and placed more than 20,000 volunteers, positively touching the lives of nearly 150,000 young people in one-to-one and small group relationships in schools. YouthFriends would have celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015.

    Preparing Future Faculty
    Preparing Future Faculty is sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts and is a collaborative effort of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Council of Graduate Schools. In consists of a national network of of 108 colleges and universities organized into 15 clusters led by a doctoral institution. Although each cluster of institutions has a different approach, they all provide graduate students with a a variety of opportunities to enhance their careers as academics. Most of the universities include mentoring with faculty as a primary strategy to develop career skills, attitudes, and professional experiences.

    A Complete Annotated Bibliography on Mentoring
    All published works available on mentoring, including books, articles, and research studies. Password access required. Available to members of the Peer Resources Network.

    e-Mentoring Program for Kids
    This site includes a number of career profiles provided by established and many well-known people. The number of different career profiles continues to increase and each one provides valuable information and encouragement for young people considering these career options. The profiles are very personal as they are prepared by a business person for kids and with personal advice on career preparation. While located in Canada, the program also has a US-based location.

    Includes a mentors lounge where authors, consultants, and others who drop by Hard@Work from time to time answer questions. You can also play "Stump the Mentor".

    Dare Mighty Things
    Founded by David Van Patten in 1991 DMT assists organizations to launch self-sustaining initiatives such as mentoring projects that benefit high risk youth and adults. They specialize in the start-up of new social ventures and help with the research, design, and ideas for not-for-profit organizations. An example of one of their programs is the mentoring service they developed for the US National Guard.

    Skills for Change
    This organization provides a program to assist internationally trained immigrant professionals in their search for suitable employment. The program matches foreign-trained professionals with mentors working in their specialized fields. Currently the program accepts engineers, accountants and professionals in the field of biotechnology. Participants are eligilble for the mentoring program after completing an employment preparation program.

    Developmental Resources
    After reviewing over 200 mentoring programs across the US, this organization created the Co-Piloting Mentor Program: A Comprehensive Approach for Mentoring Students (K-12). The program requires a minimum of 6 hours training with regular supervision meetings to provide support and follow-up training. The program includes a Leaders Guide and two mentor handbooks, one for mentoring children and one for mentoring adolescents. They provide national training workshops. To learn about their schedule, call the numbers below. They also provide free consultation to educators or others wanting to start a mentoring program and they provide information on related resources.

    Mentors Unlimited
    This organization helps individuals and organizations design and administer mentor programs and provides training in mentoring and career development. They focus on schools and the workplace and provide assistance with recruitment, training, screening and matching, monitoring and support as well as evalaution.

    Canton Associates
    Provides intensive seminars on developing mentoring programs in higher education. Dr. Marcia Canton is the President of this organization and specializes in assisting new and existing mentor program coordinators and adminstrators to develop or improve their programs
    • 437 Buel Avenue
      Pacifica, CA 94044-3203
    • Toll-Free: (800) 486-0496
    • Tel: (650) 355-0496
    • Fax: (650) 355-1747
    • E0-mail: Canton Associates

    Leader Tips
    This site is dedicated to pastors, church leaders, and the administration and board members of Christian organizations. The creator of this site, Dr. Barrie Palfreyman is a specialist in mentoring with Christian organizations and provides seminars and workshops for persons and groups interested in starting or maintaining mentoring programs.
    • 21412 - 86 Avenue
      Langley, B.C. V1M 1Z7
    • Tel: (604) 513-2044
    • Fax: (604) 513-2045
    • e-mail:

    Mentor & Multiply
    This organization specializes in mentoring workers in faith-based programs, especially those that train Christian leaders in areas of the world where traditional academic programs are impractical. There are no fees for mentoring except if one wants to receive seminary credit from Western Seminary. Mentors are listed on their web site and are either teachers at Western Seminary or Christian workers who have been approved by their church. The organization also provides workshops on how to train pastors by mentoring them for new churches, especially where educational and economic resources are limited. Workshops occur in almost all Latin American countries, most of Western Europe, and many Asian countries. Mentor backgrounds span a wide variety of cultures, denominations and ministry specialties.

    Missions Unlimited
    The goal of this organization is to train and encourage those connected naturally to others in a local church to engage in mentorship. They provide two national workshops each year for pastors and laymen and they provide a newsletter.

    Mentorship Partners Program
    Promotes and facilitates mentoring and coaching in the Organization Development (OD) and training fields. Site includes Mentorship University, a Directory of Mentors and Coaches, a Directory of OD Internships, a Mentors and Coaches Bibliography, and a Regional Network forum.
  • 71 Valley Street Ste 301
  • South Orange, New Jersey
  • Tel: (973) 763-7337
  • Fax: (973) 763-7488
  • Email:

    YESS Institute
    This not-for-profit organization provides a number of services, including the Mentoring Forum, which was created in 2002 to find ways that mentoring programs in the state could effectively work together. They also provide a mentor leadership program and other types of training for role models of youth, community partnerships, burnout prevention, and maximizing productivity.
  • Carlo Kriekels, Co-Founder
  • 2526 Albion Street
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Tel: (303) 355-4230
  • Email:

    Creative Mentoring
    Creative Mentoring supports in-school mentoring programs in over 60 schools in Delaware. They provide training to volunteer in-school mentors as well as help schools, in and out of Delaware, design and implement in-school mentoring programs. As of June 2003 they have worked with 80 schools across the state and trained 4,000 mentors. Available publications include their award-winning mentor training manual, a technical assistance workbook on designing and implementing a site based mentoring program (adult to youth), and materials for mentors and their mentees to use together.

    Center for Mentoring Excellence (Previously known as Leadership Development Services)
    One of the top authors of mentoring books, Dr. Lois Zachary, is the principal of this organization, which in addition to helping organizations establish mentoring programs also offers an e-mail "Ask a Mentor" service and monthly tips on mentoring. They also provide other types of leadership development seminars.

    The Mentoring Group
    The Mentoring Group is one of the oldest mentoring, consulting and publishing organizations in the world, according to Dr. Linda Phillips-Jones, the Principal Consultant. Their clients include hundreds of corporations, universities, and other non-profit agencies. Their mission is to help individuals and organizations worldwide provide mentoring that makes a positive difference in people's lives. They provide free tips each month on their website for mentors, mentees, and people interest in mentoring. They also offer an Archive of some of their most popular past columns and they provide customized workshops, seminars, and train-the-trainer packages for organizations.

    MentorLink International
    This international organization is dedicated to serving the Body of Christ by forstering the intentional mentoring of spiritual leaders. They provide partnering, transformational training, prayer mobilization, web-assisted mentoring (WAM) which operates through MentorBoard discussion groups, email networking, and free articles and materials), and financial and people resourcing. They provide information on mentoring basics. One of the unique aspects of their site is the MentorTrek system, which provides a self-guided model for learning about mentoring potential and capacities. A registration process enables visitors to increase their connection with the organization.

    International Business Mentors
    International Business Mentors provides and trains independent Business Mentors to CEOs and Senior Executives. They provide Business Mentors to enhance performance and help achieve business goals. This is a confidential service where mentors work with CEOs, Directors, Business Owners, Family Businesses and Senior Executives. Typically mentors meet on a one to one basis or otherwise by agreement. All mentors must be experienced as a CEO, Director or have run a substantial business; have broad business experience and bottom line reporting responsibility; have hands-on experience in all facets of business including: marketing, operations, finances, people management and strategy; and demonstrate exceptional people skills.

    Merryck & Co.
    This organization specializes in CEO business mentoring with a focus on an improvement in profits, an improvement in performance, and an improvement in personal development. They have created an Inventory of Tools which provides each mentor and client with a uniform and standardized toolkit to achieve the improvement goals. Primarily based in Great Britian with offices in the USA and Australia.

    This group maintains an online directory of professional mentorship programs in British Columbia. Their focus is on encouraging small businesses to establish mentoring services/programs and raise awareness of the value of mentoring. The mentorship programs listed must meet and maintain certain standards or best practices. Individuals or small businesses using the site may be able to identify a mentorship program that will work for them, but the site does not match mentors with those seeking a mentor.
    • MentorshipBC
    • Suite 54 - 601 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1G1
    • Tel: (604) 637-1010
    • E-mail:  
    MMHA - The Managers Mentors Inc.
    Founded in 1974, MMHA is an international team of professionals, led by Margo Murray, dedicated to total quality and results in organizations as well as the productivity of self-directed people. MMHA is recognized internationally as a leader in the application of criterion-referenced, job-specific performance systems and skills development and the implementation of facilitated mentoring process. MMHA is committed to excellence in delivered services, and to obtaining measured results through collaborative client and consultant efforts.

    The Menttium Corporation
    This company, established in 1991, provides training and products for mentor programs, including one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring.

    TeleMentoring Young Women Project
    Sponsored by the Education Development Center, the TeleMentoring Project matched young women considering science as a career with female scientists and scholars who participate in telementoring. While this project has ended they have maintained documents on their site to support other organizations interested in learning how to set up similar programs.

    International Telementoring Center
    Located at the Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at the Colorado State University (CSMATE), this non-profit facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between professional adults and students worldwide. By forming a network of partners, they expect to serve at least 10,000 students by the year 2003.
    • 3919 Benthaven Drive
      Fort Collins, CO 80526
    • Direct Voice: (970) 206-9352
    • Voicemail: (888) 453-0635 (toll free)
    • Fax: (888) 453-0635 (toll free)
    • e-mail: David Neils, Director

    Centre for Peer Learning formerly the Centre for Paired Learning
    This British, university-based organization develops and researches tutoring systems for peer, parent and volunteer tutoring in school, university, professional and commercial settings. Beyond tutoring, it also works in related areas such as mentoring and cooperative learning. It is internationally known for its pioneering work. Contact information:

    A nation-wide electronic mentoring program linking students at 25 different universities with industry professionals. Sponsored by The National Electronic Industrial Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science, College of Engineering, San Jose State University. Contact information:

    Women's Executive Network
    WXNWisdom Peer Mentoring provides women with access to their own personal advisory board or think tank. They can exchange ideas, share successes and challenges, make strategic contacts and get feedback on personal and professional strategies from other women leaders. Offered in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

    WXNWisdom Top 100 Mentoring enables women to connect with mentors from WXN's community of Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winners. These leaders assist women to move up the corporate ladder faster and smarter. Participants learn directly from women who are at the top of their fields about the steps they took, the challenges they faced and exactly how they got to where they are. Almost 500 women have already taken their careers to the next level because of their experience in the program, which is offered in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Additional contact information:

    • Leah Fyvie, Manager, Mentoring Programs
    • Women's Executive Network
      180 Bloor Street West, Suite 502
      Toronto, Ontario M5S 2V6
    • Tel: (416) 361-1475 x 235
    • Toll-Free: (855) 564-6996

    Center for Coaching and Mentoring
    An experienced consultant, Dr. Matt Starevich, provides support, resources, and assessment tools for mentoring, coaching, and organizational interventions. The site provides (1) a number of free quizzes useful for leadership qualities, (2) tools to help mentors and their partners assess their relationship and examine their learning preferences; (3) articles on key topics such as the difference between mentoring and coaching; (4) surveys on current topics such as reverse mentoring; (5) results from previous surveys; and (6) an opportunity to win (or purchase) a practical and inexpensive handbook that includes exercises and worksheets for mentors and partners to establish and sustain their relationship. Contact information:

    Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc.
    A leader in business mentoring programs, Perrone-Ambrose Associates has followed an organization development model for more than 26 years. Their Coaching and Mentoring programs have been used by businesses and organizations throughout North America and Europe. Public workshops on systems and skills are now being offered to widely varying industries. User friendly books and guides available. Upcoming workshops include Establishing a Mentoring System in Your Organization and Sharpening Mentoring Skills. For the latest schedule contact:

    The National Mentoring Center
    This organization provides training and conferences for mentor program development, technical assistance and a variety of publications all focused on strengthening mentoring programs for youth. Created and funded by the US Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The services are provided in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Public/Private Ventures, and Information Technology International. Contact information:
    • Dr. Kay Davis, Director
    • Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
      101 SW Main Street Suite 500
      Portland, Oregon
    • Tel: (800) 547-6339 or (503) 275-0135
    • E-mail:

    Corporate Mentoring Solutions
    (formerly The Mentoring Institute)
    This organization provides services and materials for planning and designing formal mentoring programs as well as selecting and matching mentors and proteges. They also provide training, follow-up and evaluation. Considerable experience in developing mentor programs for business, schools, and industry. Creators of the Mentor Style Indicator and other instruments. Contact information:

    Triple Creek Associates, Inc.
    Since 1993 this organization has been helping companies focus on increasing personal productivity and performance. Their experience with leadership and organization development has enabled them to develop systems to help companies make the most of mentoring. They have created a leading edge mentoring solution called Open Mentoring which includes a web-based application. This model is especially attractive to organizations that span geographic boundaries and may be limited by traditional mentoring approaches. They specialize in developing mentoring solutions to meet many business challenges. Contact information:
    • Triple Creek Associates, Inc.
    • 7730 East Belleview Avenue, Suite 200A
      Greenwood Village, Colorado
    • Tel: (800) 268-4422 or (303) 707-0800
    • Fax: (303) 734-4291
    • E-mail:

    Career Systems International Mentworking
    A unique combination of traditional mentoring and networking that fosters a climate of supportive relationships among people at any and every level of an organization. Works well in conjunction with one-on-one mentoring, but is primarily a group mentoring approach. Developed by Beverly Kaye, the program includes excellent written materials, orientation seminars, facilitators guide, executive briefings, and a database system for matching mentors and mentees. Contact information:

    Management Mentors
    This organization has been providing mentor program consultation for more than 19 years to multiple industries around the world. They offer an online system (MentoringComplete and Mentor-Quest) that provides for managed mentoring programs, group mentoring as well as self-directed mentoring. Currently, their online system is geared to organizations. Each process involves completing a profile form, an interview and using a matching algorithm that assists in getting the "best match." In early April, 2008 they will offer a retail version of Mentor-Quest for those seeking to discover how to find a mentor. Outside of Mentor-Quest, they do not offer matching services for individuals.

    They do offer e-learning through their Mentoring University, their training component, and the course on "Maximizing Your Success in a Mentoring Relationship" is meant for both mentors and partners. It can be taken on an individual or company basis. The elearning course on mentoring is $79 per person. A person may take the course on their own or as part of a company program. Fees for corporations vary based upon volume. Their MentoringComplete system is priced based upon what a client needs: which components they want, how many participants as well as whether they are seeking a one-year or multi-year license. A free online demo of MentoringComplete is available on their website, and they also offer a one-hour free phone consult to companies and organizations seeking advice before implementing a mentoring program. They provide certification as Mentoring Program Managers and as Mentoring Trainers. These are conducted inhouse with clients and are not currently offered on a seminar basis. Contact information:

    Mentors @ Work
    Mentors @ Work provides one-on-one assistance to businesses that want to establish effective in-house training and employee development programs. Workshops and seminars are periodically held in various parts of the USA and Canada to assist businesses in a number of industries. Their webpage offer a free personality profile assessment of mentor and mentee/apprentice candidates, and can provide information about whether a candidate is likely to be a good mentor or mentee/apprentice. Mentors @ Work provides a unique method to build employees using web-based training and tracking to help the technical trades attract, train, and retain a better employee base. One-on-one workshops, seminars and consulting are also available. Contact information:

    Public/Private Ventures
    Public/Private Ventures is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the effectiveness of social policies, programs and community initiatives, especially as they affect youth and young adults. In carrying out this mission, P/PV works with philanthropies, the public and business sectors, and nonprofit organizations. They have prepared a number of top level mentoring documents focusing on topics such as recruiting and using volunteers, same race and cross race matching, group mentoring, relationship building for mentors, training and supporting mentors, designing school-based mentoring, mentoring minority youth, issues in mentoring and a synopsis of mentoring research. All publications are available at no cost. Contact information:
    • Public/Private Ventures
      2000 Market Street, Suite 600
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Tel: (215) 557-4400
    • Fax: (215) 557-4469
    • e-mail:

    Kinematic Pty. Ltd
    Provides a training program, Mastering Mentoring, where participants learn the Mentor paradigm, the skills and attitudes necessary for mentoring, the Alignment Plus model for mentoring, and techniques to add value to the organization as a whole. Also provides training for youth mentoring to teachers, police, and other interested community members.

    The Growth Connection
    The Growth Connection operates as a network of consultants who share values, expertise and know-how to provide the best possible support to clients. All associates manage their own consultancies and are known individually for their leading edge thinking and skills. Their expertise includes Mentoring, Organisational Change, Developing Learning Organisations, Strategic Planning, Evaluation of HR systems, Training and Recruitment, Customer Service Programs, Total Quality systems, Learning and Development Needs Analysis, Performance Management Systems, Design of Development Programs, Leadership, Career Development, Diversity Management, and Work and Family. Their website also includes a newsletter and tips on effective mentoring.
    • Contact: Imogen Wareing (Founder and Director)
    • Suite 2, 105 Mowbray Road
      Willoughby, Sydney 2068
      NSW, Australia
    • TEL: +61 2 9967 2300
    • FAX: + 61 2 9967 2311
    • e-mail:

    Coaching Success Teleforums
    Two of the top coaches in the United States, Judy Feld and Ernest Oriente, have created a 50-step mentoring program that can help organizations initiate powerful mentoring programs. Their training is delivered by teleforum through a series of ten 60-minute sessions for up to 25 participants. The teleforums include preparing for mentoring, skills and techniques required during a mentoring session, and post-meeting action steps. Following the initial ten teleforum sessions, they provide an additional six sessions to help with on-going support and monitoring of progress. A listing of the 50 skills/steps for successful mentoring is available through their website.

    Orange County Mentoring Partnership
    A collaboration of mentoring programs, community groups, and concerned citizens committed to connecting youth with mentors and part of a California statewide network of mentoring partnerships.
    • 12635 Hoover Street
      Garden Grove, California
    • Tel: (714) 899-3684
    • Fax: (714) 899-3824
    • e-mail:

    Charney & Associates
    Charney & Associates Inc. designs customized mentoring programs for organizations. They also provide workshops for management, mentors and protégés aimed at giving them the enthusiasm, skills and support to make the process successful.

    Charney has also created a unique system of self-directed learning - called Peer Mentoring - which enables self-directed learners to create their own curriculum and teach each other one topic at a time as regularly scheduled meetings. The system has been successfully implemented in organizations around the world. Its uniqueness is that it transfers ownership to the learner, not only for learning, but also for using the skills.

    Life Mentoring
    A site dedicated to providing the best thoughts of the greatest thinkers, philosophies and religions for inspiration and motivation, as well as practical tips from contemporary mentors, coaches, consultants, motivators, healers for a meaningful day-to-day life. The developer of this site, Dieter Langenecker, also provides workshops on Personal Leadership: Meaning, Visions and Goals
    • Bahnhofstr.52
      Zürich, Switzerland
    • Tel: 0041 1 214 6714
    • Fax: 0041 1 214 6519

    Futurepreneur Canada (formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation Mentoring Program)
    Futurpreneur Canada supports young entrepreneurs ages 18-39 with up to $45,000 in financing, an expert business mentor for up to two years, and resources to help plan, manage and grow their businesses. They also offer mentoring, without financing, to help young entrepreneurs 18-39 plan, launch and grow their successful businesses. In addition, they provide a number of industry-leading resources on how to maximize mentoring relationships, including a crash course catalogue, and a Cole's Notes approach to mentoring.

    Tutor/Mentor Connection
    An organization dedicated to sharing all that is known about successful tutor/mentor programs, stimulating such programs for Chicago-area youth, and providing a conference and newsletter to help keep others informed, current, and skilled.

    Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.
    A national, non-profit organization formed in 1986 to raise esteem for teaching, expand the pool of prospective teachers, and improve US teacher recruitment and development policies and practices, including an emphasis on mentoring.
    • 385 Concord Avenue Suite 103
      Belmont, Massachusetts 02478
    • Tel: (617) 489-6000
    • Help Line (617) 489-6407
    • Email:

    The National Mentoring Partnership
    Their goal is to involve 2 million children in responsible mentoring relationships by the year 2000 by creating and sustaining partnerships (with the United Way and the National Mentoring Working Group among others), implementing public education and policy initiatives, and developing and distributing mentoring products. One of these products is an excellent pamphlet available at no charge detailing the Elements of Effective Mentoring Practice. They also provide resources on screening, managing risk, and other fact sheets.
    • Multiple locations across the U.S.
    • 1600 Duke Street, Suite 300
      Alexandria, Virginia 22314
    • Tel: (703) 224-2200
    • Email: Tonya Wiley

    Check & Connect
    This partnership of university researchers and practitioners has developed a model for promoting student engagement in school. Mentoring (or monitoring as it is called by the researchers) plays a key role in this ongoing project led by the Institute on Community Integration. The project has shown that the Check & Connect model, which is grounded on resiliency research and home-school collaboration has resulted in a decrease in truancy and dropout rates and an increase in school completion. Each monitor (adult mentor) works with a caseload of students and families over at least a two-year period. The model focuses on relationship building, monitoring of progress indicators, timely intervention, commitment, motivation, a five-step problem-solving system, and alignment with school learning activities.
    • Web:
    • Dr. Sandra Christenson, Ph.D.
    • University of Minnesota
      Department of Educational Psychology
      350 Elliott Hall
      75 East River Road
      Minneapolis, MN 55455
    • Tel: (612) 624-0037
    • Fax: (612) 624-0879
    • Email:

    The European Mentoring & Coaching Council
    Formerly known as the European Mentoring Centre, the Council promotes mentoring in business, education and the community at large. It brings together practitioners, researchers and institutions internationally to explore and foster best practice. Their website includes a definition of mentoring, a list of benefits, a library and bibliography of resources and publications, an opportunity to join online conferences and become a member of the organization.

    EXCELL Executive Leadership Exchange
    A firm based in the Northwest United States that provides services to the chief executive officers of profit driven organizations. Their purpose is to help CEO's draw upon the collective training and experience of a group of peers in a confidential, non-competitive environment. The CEO's have no vested interest in the outcome of their discussion and support other than to receive the same in turn. They provide as part of their program and environment half-day presentations on real time subjects of immediate interest and concern to the group members. These subjects cover the entire scope of business subjects, and they seek out individuals and firms to do these presentation pieces.

    Clutterbuck Associates Mentoring Schemes
    This British consulting firm helps corporate and community clients design and sustain mentoring schemes including mentor selection and matching, devising selection criteria, defining roles and responsibilities, setting evaluation criteria and review dates, and ensuring the mentoring scheme is compatible with other initiatives. They also provide training for mentors and mentees and they help design and implement evaluation measures.

    The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring
    Provides work-based learning and development programmes for individuals wishing to improve their skills and techniques to become proficient coaches and mentors.
    • Eric Parsloe, Director
    • Regus House
      7200 The Quorom
      Oxford OX4 2JZ, England
    • Tel: 01865 481442
    • e-mail:

    Virtual Volunteering Project
    The Virtual Volunteering Project provides a list of resources available for online mentoring and online tutoring programs, including materials to help with online safety issues. They also provide detailed listing of existing online mentoring programs. In collaboration with the National Mentoring Partnership they strive to be the central location for all online mentoring and tutoring best practices for programs that involve online volunteers. All information and products are available at no cost including a monthly newsletter.
    • Virtual Volunteering Project (Eric Opiela)
    • RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service
      The University of Texas at Austin
      LBJ School of Public Affairs
      PO Box Y
      Austin, TX 78713
    • Tel: (512) 495-4416
    • e-mail:


    Coach Mentoring Ltd
    This organization strives to be the most professional, credible, creative and passionate company in mentoring and coaching consultancy services globally. They provide mentoring and coaching solutions to individual client's needs, plus all the products and resources needed to run successful programmes. They provide a bespoke matching service, designed to meet each client's needs with tailored matching forms. They also assist clients to deliver their own in-house matching.

    Coach Mentoring provides comprehensive face-to-face or virtual webinar mentor program training as well as developing skills training videos and other resources for clients. Each programme is either managed internally by clients with their support and coaching, or they provide virtual programme management services to them. As of 2018, Coach Mentoring has developed over 150 mentoring programmes globally in all sectors - private, public, NGO and charity focussed on many different needs e.g. talent management, developing leaders, supporting women or returning from maternity leave, graduate, schoolchildren, through change and transition.

    Their fee structure is on a rising scale from pro bono for some of our philanthropy clients to £2000 for larger corporate clients. They also run Coach Mentoring Ltd Philanthropy to share their professional skills and knowledge towards creating a more sustainable and socially just world and in so doing, demonstrate love for humanity.

    Coach Mentor provides workshops and webinars to cover every topic of mentoring.

    The principal partner of Coach Mentoring is Lis Merrick, who is a former president of and currently a governing member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in the UK (EMCCUK).


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