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Application to List Mentoring Services, Program or Activity

To list your services on our mentor pages:

To insure that you are not wasting your time completing the application, it may help to read the conditions associated with listing prior to starting the application.


(NOTE: We adhere to a strict privacy policy.)

I. Contact Information
Your full name (as you would like it on a business card)
Preferred job title
The name of your organization or service (required)
Street Address
Postal/Zip Code
E-mail address (required)
Business phone (required)
Personal phone (required, but will not be included in listing)

2. Service Information
Describe your mentor service goals, mission, vision, or purpose.
(What prompted the start-up of your mentoring program or service?)

How are mentors and their partners (proteges, mentees, etc.) connected to
each other (matching system: self-selection, interviews, interests, etc.)?

What training, if any, do mentors and/or partners receive?

How is the program managed or coordinated?

What outcomes, results have been gained so far?

(Optional) What information can you provide about the fees
you charge (if any)?

(Optional) What information can you provide about no-cost services?

If you provide workshops, seminars, or lectures, please provide
titles, a brief description of content, future dates and places, costs,
and other relevant information:

If you belong to any professional associations or
organizations associated with mentoring, such as the Peer Resources Network,
the International Mentoring Association, or the European Mentoring Association,
please indicate the name of the organization or association:

What is the URL for the page which will (does) contain the link to Peer Resources? When will this link be in place?

What other information should we include about
your program or service?

3. Conditions for Listing

  • No offensive, objectionable, pornographic or illicit material can be placed on any page.
  • No offers of services with potential outcomes that are illegal or violate human rights or dignity will be accepted.
  • The WEBMASTERS reserve the right to edit material for brevity, clarity, or format standard.
  • The WEBMASTERS reserve the right to determine the suitability of any listing, and can reject any listing that, in their opinion, does not match the quality, spirit and objectives of this service.
  • Each listing person will be responsible for the accuracy of information provided and for submitting updated material as soon as available;
  • Each listing person will guarantee that the information they provide for a listing is accurate and genuine, and represents a true and current description of the services provided;
  • If a listing person has been convicted of criminal activity or has received disciplinary action by any professional or judicial body associated with providing services, a summary of such conviction or action must be stated in the application for listing (this will remain confidential);
  • The listing person guarantees that the content of their listing does not violate any professional code of conduct, ethical principle, law, policy, or regulation governing their service area; and
  • Whenever possible the listing person will include as part of their listing any professional organizations, standards, or ethical principles they typically use or are associated with in their practice. (Beginning in May, 2000 persons listed must be members of a professional association primarily concerned with mentoring such as the Peer Resources Network, the International Mentoring Association, or the European Mentoring Association.)
  • If available, the listing person will provide the URL for a website that describes their services and their qualifications to provide such services. The URL provided may not contain links to possibly objectionable or offensive material or websites, and, if possible, the listing person's website should include a mutual link to the Mentor Directory at

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Yes, I have read and agree to the conditions as stated.
No, I do not agree to these conditions

Please make sure you have read the conditions listed in Section 3, and have checked the appropriate button at the end of that list before submitting your application.


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