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Qualified Peer Trainers

Persons whose names are listed here meet one or more of the following conditions: a) they are members of the Peer Resources Network PRN; b) they have been certified as peer trainers by the National Peer Certification Review Panel at Level I, Level II, or Level III (highest); c) they have been recommended by the National Peer Helpers Association as qualified peer trainers; or d) they have established a substantial professional reputation through publications and workshop participant evaluations. (Listings are provided in alphabetical order.)

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Peer Training, Consulting and Information Services

  • Peer Resources - Probably the leading organization in the world for peer helping resources, expertise, and training. Provides workshops across North America and its network of associates provide training workshops in various countries around the world. Publishes newsletters, internet publications and provides toll-free and in-person consultation on all types of peer programs. Tel: (250) 595-3503; Fax: (250) 595-3504; e-mail:

  • Inc. - Led by Level III National Certified Peer Trainer/Consultant Wayne Townsend, this organization focuses on mentoring, coaching, leadership training, emotional intelligence assessments and social innovation. Their website has considerable information and access to resources, most of which are fee-free. Additional contact: Peer, 24 Muskoka Court, Kitchener Ontario, Canada N2B 3M2; Tel: (519) 745-8654; email:

  • Peering Your PeersLed by Randy Verdone, this organization provides assistance to small, non-profits in the design and delivery of peer-to-peer and consumer/survivor initiatives, primarily in the Waterloo, Ontario region of Canada. They provide training workshops, curriuclum materials, and presentations. Contact: Randy Verdone, Peering Your Peers, Tel: (226) 988-2903; email:

  • North Star Youth Partnership - Provides a two-day training for peer assistance and leadership programs that address violence in schools, drug abuse, teen preganacy, gang participation, and school dropouts. The training covers the student training curriculum, grading and evaluation, helping projects, public relations, and other program issues. For more information contact Diane DeLong, North Star Program Director, 434 West Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301; Tel: (928-708-7214; email:; Twitter:!/NorthStarYP

  • Peer Mentoring - Led by Steve Trautman, this organization has brought peer mentoring to a variety of organizations including Microsoft, Nike, Boeing, Intel, Electronic Arts, Nordstrom, Phelps Dodge, the US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, Kodak, Food Services of America, and Southern Company. He has created a series of one-day peer mentoring workshops that provide a tools-based approach to communication and knowledge transfer and give internal experts a straightforward way to share what they know. Contact: Solution Strategies, 4302 Burke Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98103; Tel: (206) 547-1775

  • CRU Institute - Specializing in peer mediation in schools, this organization provides a number of programs and services as well as curriculum for school-wide conflict resolution for students, parents, and faculty in elementary, middle, and high schools. Contact: 2661 Bel-Red Road, Suite 200, Bellevue, Washington 98008; Tel: (800) 922-1988 or (425) 867-1720.

  • Center for Cognitive Coaching - This organization is a resource, clearinghouse, and training source for people who want to implement the Cognitive Coaching model which is a supervisory/peer approach developed by Art Costa and Bob Garmston. In this system the person being coached is the driver of the process and the coach provides tools for planning, reflecting, and problem-solving. Additional contact information: PO Box 260860, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80163; Tel: (303) 683-6146.

  • AADAC - The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission - Provides training in Alberta, Canada to businesses, employee assistance programs, and youth workers and others who want to initiate peer support programs. In addition to extensive peer training programs for youth, they also publish peer training manuals and a pamphlet about workplace peer support. Tel: (780) 297-4664; Fax: (780) 297-4668.

  • Pomona Peer Resources - This organization creates, trains, maintains and grows various kinds of peer intervention programs. They are school-based with over 20 programs in operation in the Southern California area. They also have extensive programs that are community-based, including Pomona Peer Theater and Pomona Teen Court. Their goal is to enhance school climate and safety through effective peer intervention. They typically use the term peer helpers, but they also provide programs called: Peer Counseling, Peer Tutoring, Conflict Mediation, CPeer [freshman academic advisement], "Freshman Friends". Enrollment is open, and all students are eligible for one semester of Peer Helping. Students who pass competencies continue. They use materials gathered from many sources and materials created through their own advisors and programs. Contact: Mike Russo, Counselor/Coordinator, Pomona Peer Resources, 800 South Garvey, Pomona, California 91766; Tel: (909) 397-5060, ext. 3723; E-mail for Mike.

  • Students Offering Support - This Northern California-based organization created by Maureen Campbell and Sharon Yoerg provides peer training for maximizing school transition and peer training for effective peer mediation. Their complete curriculum for both transition and mediation training includes training for adults, a customized program curriculum, and training for peer leaders. Tel: (650) 359-1317, ext. 2; Fax: (650) 355-3485; email:

  • Peer Support Training Institute - This organization provides specialized peer support training for police officers and other public safety personnel. Their site includes books on peer support for law enforcement, a free public forum, and an "Ask an Expert" service. The Institute is a division of Manhattan Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates. Contact: 61 West 9th Street, New York, NY 10011; Tel: (212) 477-8050; Fax: (212) 674-0476; Toll-Free: (877) 778-4692; e-mail:

  • California Peer Support Association (CPSA) - Based primarily in Southern California, the purpose of this organization is to create a network of peer supporters in law enforcement, fire and allied emergency service professions. This organization also provides a basis for the development and maintenance for statewide standards and procedures. Visit their website for the latest training dates, places and times. For more information contact CPSA, PO Box 172, Corona, CA 91718-0172; Tel: (909) 884-0133.

  • Peer Assistance and Leadership Services (PAL) - A professional service of the Workers Assistance Program, PAL provides help to build peer helping programs across the state of Texas. They provide training for students and teachers, networking opportunities through conferences, a variety of training materials, and technical assistance. While their mandate is directed towards substance abuse prevention, excessive school absences and unlawful activities, PAL places youth at the core of helping each other to resist negative influences of all kinds and to become healthy and productive within communities across Texas. Contact: PAL Services, 3410 Far West Blvd, Suite 250, Austin, Texas 78731-3272; Tel: (512) 343-9595 or (800) 522-0550; Fax: (512) 345-5366; e-mail:

  • Prevention Education Associates - Prevention Education Associates is a non-profit organization that provides school-based prevention programs in Peer Helping, Peer Mediation, Ropes Course, and Assembly Programs. The provide training for faculty/staff in these areas as well as Student Assistance Programs and Training of Trainers. For further information: Prevention Education Associates, 7101 Highway 71 West Suite 200, Austin, Texas, 78735; Tel: (512) 288-9760; Fax: (512) 292-8949; e-mail:

  • Leaders Circles Management Development Peer-Groups - In addition to providing a number of other services, including an extensive free online library, professional coaching service, and computer system and web-design seminars, the Management Assistance Program (MAP) guides both profit and non-profit organizations to develop their own peer-based Leaders Circle programs to help group members gain the results they want. Organizations can use their Leaders Circle programs to help leaders and managers develop specific and necessary tools and strategies such as an advertising plan, a career plan, the development of Boards of Directors, a plan for a computer system, a way to evaluate a program or product, how to establish an employee performance system, how to develop codes of ethics, the development of skills in leadership, how to conduct strategic planning, and the development of skills in management and supervision. The Leaders Circle uses an action learning model where each individual participant shares with their peers a particular challenge and members respond with ideas, resources, questions, and support. The individual develops an action plan to meet the challenge and then reports back at the next meeting. MAP provides training and manuals to help organizations develop, operate and evaluate their Leaders Circles programs. Their free library provides all the additional materials needed for successful use of the Circles.

  • Augsburg Youth and Family Institute - Information on current resources, training and services in peer ministry. On site and travelling, basic and advanced workshops in peer ministry. Tel: (612) 330-1624; Fax: (612) 330-1595; e-mail:

  • The Comprehensive Health Education Foundation (CHEF) - The pubishers of the Natural Helpers program. Way more than a publisher of one of the best peer leadership curricula, CHEF is a nonprofit organization that provides a number of services, curricula, and training oriented towards prevention. The mission of the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation is to promote health and the quality of life through education. Contact information: 22419 Pacific Hwy South, Seattle WA 98198; Tel: 800-323-2433; e-mail:

  • Advocates for Youth Peer Education Clearinghouse - An organization that specializes in helping start and support peer education and peer-led sexual health programs. Peer health education involves training young people to lead workshops for their peers with a focus on skill-building through interactive and experiential activities. The goals of such programs are usually to reduce high risk behavior and promote healthy behavioral choices. Advocates for Youth established the Peer Education Clearinghouse to serve as a national source of information and support. As well as the national database with descriptions and details about adolescent reproductive and sexual health peer education programs, it includes technical assistance, research articles, and referrals. For a fact sheet synthesizing the current research about peer education, or for more information about peer education, contact Jane Norman, Peer Education Coordinator, 1025 Vermont Ave, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005; Tel: (202) 347-5700; e-mail:

  • Re-evaluation Counseling - With strong historical roots, this organization, founded by Harvey Jackins, is one of the originators of peers helping peers. Their model is unique, community-based and can occur between pairs and in groups. Also known as Re-evaluation co-counseling. Located at 719 Second Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109; Tel (206) 284-0311; Fax: (206) 284-8429.

  • Justice Institute of British Columbia - This Vancouver, British Columbia-based organization provides a certificate program in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Peers. The Certificate requires a minimum of 63 hours of core courses (offered in different locations), a defusing or debriefing exercise or simulation, a case analysis, and written recommendations from peers. Located at 715 McBride Blvd., New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 5T4, Tel: (604) 528-5655; Fax: (604) 528-5653.

  • S.O.S.: Students for Other Students (Toledo, Ohio) - This organization raises funds for public elementary and high schools to help them implement peer tutoring programs. Peer tutors are typically paid $5.00 per hour for their services, of which S.O.S. pays half and the other 50% is paid by the local school district. The design of the peer tutoring program is left completely up to the schools themselves. S.O.S. has been in operation for eight years now, and is currently running programs in six Northwest Ohio school districts. They offer a number of resources to schools seeking to operate student-to-student tutoring programs, including sample documents, regulations and protocols. Their online bookstore features copies of studies that demonstrate the benefits of peer tutoring, books for sale, and bibliographic information. They also provide links to similar programs that involve peer tutoring and related ideas.Contact: James F. Trumm, President S.O.S., Inc.: Students for Other Students, 3171 North Republic Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43615, Fax 419-843-7229, Phone 419-843-5798, e-mail:

  • PeaceMakers - A non-profit organization established in 1989, PeaceMakers has helped over 2,000 schools reduce anti-social conflict and campus violence through training of educators, parents and children in mediation techniques. Programs include Peer Mediation training. Contact: PeaceMakers, 2095 North Collins, Suite 101, Richardson, TX 75080; Tel: (972) 671-9550; Fax: (972) 671-9549.

  • New Mexico Center for Dispute Resolution - Among the several mediation training programs provided, the Center trains student mediators to provide mediation services to other students in over 250 schools in New Mexico. In grades 4-6, selected students are trained as mediators and the program is managed by faculty coordinators. In secondary schools, a group of students and teachers are trained to mediate student-student and student-teacher disputes. Students are selected from both positive and negative leadership populations and receive 12-15 hours of training. Training and further professional development are also provided for trainers, and training manuals as well as resource materials are available. Contact: New Mexico Center for Dispute Resolution, 800 Park Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102; Tel: (505) 247-0571; Fax: (505) 242-5966.

  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children - Supports the development of peer schemes in schools in order to provide confidential opportunities for children to discuss their worries and concerns, including bullying, harassment, stresses at home and school, and problems with friendships and relationships. Contact: Sheila Davies, 42 Curtain Road, London SE5 7AZ, United Kingdom; e-mail:

  • The Peer Support Foundation Ltd. - An Australian, non-profit, community based organization which provides training and resources for teachers who wish to implement the Foundation program in schools for young people aged 5 to18 years. The Peer Support Foundation Limited, 2 Grosvenor Place, PO Box 498, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia; Phone: (02) 9905 3499 Fax: (02) 9905 5134.

  • Emergency Support Network - Based in Australia and also serving New Zealand this organization provides accredited training in Crisis Intervention at all levels plus information on the development of Peer Support Teams in emergency services and hospitals. Their site provides a number of downloadable articles about peer support. Contact: Michael Tunnecliffe, PO Box 106 Palmyra 6957, Western Australia; e-mail:

  • Western Australia Principals Association - Provides peer support and other services for principals. Located at 239 Cape Street, Tuart Hill, Western Australia, 6060; Tel: (08) 9345 5323/26; Fax: (08) 9345 5402; Email:

  • PAL® (Peer Assistance Leadership) - A peer to peer outreach program for elementary, intermediate, and high school students run by the Orange County Department of Education. Their programs have improved school attendance, reduced drug and alcohol abuse, created a positive school climate, increased academic success, responsible behavior, and involvement in community service. Its unique features include a wide network of schools, PAL® Advisors, parents, corporate, and business organizations linked with a common goal of providing prevention and intervention services to students. A manual and video are available. Contact: Vicki Walker, Coordinator, PAL® Peer Assistance Leadership Program, Orange County Department of Education, PO Box 9050, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050; Tel: (714) 966-4458; Fax: (714) 556-1045; e-mail:

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Other Peer Helping Information and Resources

  • Resiliency in Action - Resiliency is the ability to spring back from and successfully adapt to adversity. This organization provides research and facilitates the practical application of resiliency principles. They provide training, materials and networking. Contact: Craig Noonan, Ph.D., 5130 La Jolla Blvd. Suite 2K, San Diego, California 92109; Tel/Fax: (858) 488-5034; e-mail:

  • Conflict Resolution Peer Mediation Development Service - A service at the University of Florida that wants to improve the professional practice of educators by working collaboratively to design school-based conflict resolution/peer mediation programs with family and community linkages.

  • Conflict Resolution 2000+ - Based in New Jersey, this organization provides information on its website about conflict resolution and bullying and gang Intervention and prevention. (Not specifically peer-based, but does provide supportive information about conflict and bullying.)

  • Campaign Against Workplace Bullying - This non-profit organization provides resources, speakers, research, awareness and education information to prevent and reduce bullying in the workplace. They also scan and review current legal issues and cases as well as events and conferences appropriate to workplace harassment prevention.

  • American Self-Help Clearinghouse - Provides search engine for info on over 800 different national U.S., international, and model self-help peer support groups for wide range of stressful life problems (most have a hotlink). Also has listing of local self-help group clearinghouses worldwide, suggestions for starting peer support groups, and a comprehensive contact list of professional organizations and associations.

  • Conflict Research Consortium Online conflict resolution course, full-text copies of more than 100 working papers, more than 650 categorized links conflict related web resources, searchable abstracts of key books in the fields of conflict resolution, peace research, and environmental dispute resolution. Online course in transformative mediation program and an international training program in strategies for dealing with difficult conflict.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Center- Substantial content focused on alternative dispute resolution and mediation, includes mediation papers and the most comprehensive set of links on this topic.

  • Resources for Teachers on Conflict Resolution - Indiana University provides a variety of resources on conflict resolution and adolescent development.

  • The Bureau for At-Risk Youth - Products and services to teach conflict resolution through peer mediation. Creators of the Peace by Peace Program which includes a Facilitator's Guide: to be used by program administrators; a Peer Mediator's Guide: to be used to train student mediators; handouts for the student population to explain the program to all students/parents; and Peer Mediation Involvement Posters.

  • Resource Publications, Inc. - Publications for educators, counsellors, and students with some great peer helping resources that can be used in church-based programs. Or send e-mail to

  • Someone To Talk To - Peer Helping in High School - An excellent film on peer helping produced by the award-winning National film Board of Canada.

  • Educational Media Corporation - Publishers of some of the most popular peer training manuals, peer videos, and ice-breaker/warm-up activity books. Located in Minneapolis, MN, call toll-free: 1.800.966.3382 or fax: 1.612.781.7753.

  • Cross-Age Learning International Network (CALIN) - This non-profit web site provides free, reproducible teaching materials and world-wide supportive interactions among educators, parents, and others who are using or considering school-wide cross-age learning.

  • Child, Adolescent Psychological and Educational Resources (CAPER) - Located in South Australia CAPER is an interactive information and resource site dealing with children and family issues such as school bullying, stress, and coping. Located at Flinders University, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, SA 5001.

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