Faculty Peer Support Program Training

Faculty Peer Support is a voluntary, non-evaluative program designed to bring faculty together to explore teaching needs, encourage collegiality, and enhance teaching skills. This workshop provides opportunities for faculty members to become Peer Support Colleagues and be matched with one or more other colleagues based on common goals and interests in teaching. The workshop assists participants to establish a flexible program that will allow faculty to meet with peers for a variety of opportunities where times, frequency of meetings, discussion topics, and projects will be up to participant discretion. The workshop covers all key topics including:

Workshop Format
The workshop involves participants in group leadership activities with supervised feedback and coaching. Participants focus on the issues, skills, and practices associated with peer support and peer coaching.

While the content of the workshop focuses on specific skills and approaches, the leaders solicit participant concerns and interests in order to customize some agenda items to match participant goals.

Participants who attend a complete workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit is also available through the Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association.

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